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Dude Perfect
Dude Perfect Hace 2 meses
Glad ya'll liked OT 13!! Install Raid for Free ✅ IOS: clik.cc/yBtRz ✅ ANDROID: clik.cc/trDQq ✅ PC: clik.cc/hhseC and get a special starter pack 💥 Available only for the next 30 days!
Gameing Boys
Gameing Boys Hace 28 días
XxSuperior xX
XxSuperior xX Hace un mes
Daniel Hohnstein
Daniel Hohnstein Hace un mes
@EthenHQ 11 How is this overtime 14?
tombo langbehn
tombo langbehn Hace 2 meses
OT 13? I thought this was TT13.
thegaming lion
thegaming lion Hace 2 meses
I will rate your game 50 out 5
Sarah O'Cain
Sarah O'Cain Hace 11 horas
Benjamin Belletrutti
Benjamin Belletrutti Hace 11 horas
Raid shadow legends? Not cool
William Roche
William Roche Hace 11 horas
Benjamin Belletrutti
Benjamin Belletrutti Hace 11 horas
Same here Garrett
Cuatro Tidwell
Cuatro Tidwell Hace 11 horas
My least favorite Dude in Dude Perfect is cody. IDK why he just seems kinda wierd and off
Piotr Zbik
Piotr Zbik Hace 12 horas
I just realized that dude Perfect is more popular than Marshmello lol
Kindel Collier
Kindel Collier Hace 13 horas
I love starwar
Kindel Collier
Kindel Collier Hace 13 horas
I skipped raid shadow legends too
Ryan Barcenas
Ryan Barcenas Hace 13 horas
Coby really wants his revenge 2:00
Savage Sauce
Savage Sauce Hace 13 horas
Me when I realise that I have the same initials as Garret
Farhan Hoq
Farhan Hoq Hace 14 horas
LemonSoda 248
LemonSoda 248 Hace 15 horas
Week sauce lol
Carter Ball
Carter Ball Hace 15 horas
I love Harry Potter
Silvia Hernandez
Silvia Hernandez Hace 16 horas
Cobey broke a phone
Joseph Xue
Joseph Xue Hace 16 horas
Isnt ned woodman a person from bgt who roasted the judges
Thomas carr
Thomas carr Hace 16 horas
Jackson Michalek
Jackson Michalek Hace 16 horas
Wanjiku Mhlongo
Wanjiku Mhlongo Hace 17 horas
should be double T
binyomin levin
binyomin levin Hace 17 horas
Henry Faircloth
Henry Faircloth Hace 17 horas
John Reiter
John Reiter Hace 18 horas
Mateo Reyes
Mateo Reyes Hace 18 horas
What about TB for tv breaker
Ashley Kilgore
Ashley Kilgore Hace 19 horas
Dude perfect is amazing
Stephen Bryan
Stephen Bryan Hace 19 horas
Can you do more of these videos please 🙏🏼
Stephen Bryan
Stephen Bryan Hace 19 horas
TT: BROKE A TV AND YOUR Worried about a Scratch Me: i’d say your crazy 🤓
Austin Morrey
Austin Morrey Hace 19 horas
What lightsabers are they?
Best Ball Breaks
Best Ball Breaks Hace 19 horas
Will you rock man.
Emory bmx Block
Emory bmx Block Hace 19 horas
Jože Gaber
Jože Gaber Hace 20 horas
6:49 he looks like he is about to cry
the kid inventer
the kid inventer Hace 20 horas
My mom said let's go get something to eat we came back to the house with nothing
Roblox Ahead
Roblox Ahead Hace 20 horas
I love you videos
Nathan Evans
Nathan Evans Hace 21 un hora
Tyler - announces summer tour for USA Coronavirus - I don’t think so
Ambreen Zia
Ambreen Zia Hace 22 horas
Ty:We are going to go to the next segment,GAME TIME!!!! Me:I hope they play Fortnite! *They play Raid Shadow Legends* Me:Is that not a mobile game commonly?!
Analou Tucaling
Analou Tucaling Hace 23 horas
You should play mobile lengs bang bang
Cars Fan
Cars Fan Hace un día
I do not agree with judge Dudy
Sheena VR
Sheena VR Hace un día
I love Harry pootter
shazz samed
shazz samed Hace un día
We want a bottle buster
Isaac Yeon
Isaac Yeon Hace un día
Mark Daniel Miu
Mark Daniel Miu Hace un día
(469) 205-7005
Rossella Monti
Rossella Monti Hace un día
Hate the judge dudy section
Marten Mikkelsen
Marten Mikkelsen Hace un día
1:45 best look ever
Makenna Ferreira
Makenna Ferreira Hace un día
Overtime is my favourite
. Hace un día
to buy cool things for cool not cool you should check out Vat19
the sorting hat sorted will into the house of unfortuwane
Da other Me
Da other Me Hace un día
Star Wars amazing Cory awesome
Frame Rate
Frame Rate Hace un día
Who else skipped over the raid shadow legends part?
Kelsey Hey
Kelsey Hey Hace un día
Luke Holman
Luke Holman Hace un día
I loved their reaction to the broken t.v
Emmanuel Gonzalez
Emmanuel Gonzalez Hace un día
TT broke the TV
Eli Pryor
Eli Pryor Hace un día
Hi dude perfect
Aumang Prasad
Aumang Prasad Hace un día
alt f4
Desi Sedgwick
Desi Sedgwick Hace un día
Amber Barrett
Amber Barrett Hace un día
When the lightsaber broke the tv, Come on Cody.
Brah Kiwi
Brah Kiwi Hace un día
Prob the best overtime so far
Kingston Hernandez
Kingston Hernandez Hace un día
Mike Guptill
Mike Guptill Hace un día
Can I keep the game box itself and you keep the console?
Edwin Carpenter
Edwin Carpenter Hace un día
Cody, it has been proven that a Jedi would beat a wizard!
D'Angelo Ferrer
D'Angelo Ferrer Hace un día
DP:game time!!! Coby:raid shadow legends time Me:goes out side while coranaviris is a thing... licks everything
Ayden Estrada
Ayden Estrada Hace un día
Franklin Tasker
Franklin Tasker Hace un día
Charity Diener
Charity Diener Hace un día
Loved the video guys! (As always) It was awesome, and I was cracking up!! I would like side with Cody on the court case though... just wanted to put that out there. Lol!
Kareem OMG
Kareem OMG Hace un día
you wrote lightsaber not saver fix it (just helping)
Talha Najam
Talha Najam Hace un día
I don,t like the game time
Gage the Demon Slayer
I like how Coby is the only person concerned about the tv
o_0 Imp
o_0 Imp Hace un día
BlockerHead Hace un día
Imagine if Will got "Wear a tux in the next battle vid" Does that mean he would have been in a battle vid?
Dan Deming
Dan Deming Hace un día
I’m meeting dude perfect
Dan Deming
Dan Deming Hace un día
I’m Metin
The R-Prime Guy
The R-Prime Guy Hace un día
Dude perfect: we’re doing more tours!!! COVID-19: you foolish mortal.
Christina Fuentes
Christina Fuentes Hace un día
Ivan Tolley
Ivan Tolley Hace un día
The extra announcement was the captian sause theme
Kadien Lowe
Kadien Lowe Hace un día
I text you Alba and called you all but all I said is that one of y'all lost the phone and I love your Channel
Dorris Orris
Dorris Orris Hace un día
Dorris Orris
Dorris Orris Hace un día
I'm more of a Harry Potter person
Just Bored
Just Bored Hace un día
Cody: im a gamer as you all know Cody literally 5 seconds later: im an xboxer
Baptiste Grognet
Baptiste Grognet Hace un día
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Barkha Gangwar
Barkha Gangwar Hace un día
Wyatt The Lad
Wyatt The Lad Hace un día
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