Lil Baby - Real As It Gets (Official Video) ft. EST Gee

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Watch the music video for Lil Baby Feat. EST Gee "Real As It Gets".
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Lil Baby Feat. EST Gee "Real As It Gets" Lyrics
I been savin’ my guawla I ain’t savin’ no bitch
I had put down my glock but I picked up a stick 
Don’t get in hating shit 
I’m on some greatest shit 
My people proud
I’m as real as it gets
Gone have to chase me I don’t like to wait and I swear I’m impatient I don’t like to sit
I made a way for you little bitty niggas 
I wish you would play with me 
boy you a bitch 
[Lil Baby Verse]
Still got exotic I’ll told him to mail it
I don’t gotta touch somebody gone sell it
Bro gone keep it solid I know you won’t tell it
Grew up in the streets I ain’t never saw belly 
I didn’t have shit I ain’t never get jealous
born in this shit I grew up with some felons
reach for this water we’ll go at your melon
My lil bro a slime  he’ll draw on a reverend 
I don’t really have to talk about steppin’
Cause my niggas never get caught when it happen
Own sip no syrup in the morning I’m snapping 
You can take this as your warning I’m packing
FN inside of my hand when I back in 
Get to actin’ I promise we clapping
Jokes up it gotta be stamped  on the package 
It’s the real one you know that I’m taxing
Get the ball imma score or I’m passing
got no love for no hoe I ain’t passionate
I don ran up a dub on an accident
to the streets im the voice I’m an advocate 
ask the plug this the most he done ever sent
Niggas broke what’s the most you done ever spent?
Getting paid is the most I didn’t never save
we gone hop out wit k’s out in the broad day 
[Hook x 2]
I been savin my guawla ain’t savin no bitch
I had put down my glock but I picked up a stick 
Don’t get in hating shit 
I’m on some greatest shit 
My people proud
I’m as real as it get 
Gone have to chase me I don’t like to wait and I swear I’m impatient I don’t like to sit
I made a way for you little bitty niggas 
I wish you would play wit me 
boy you a bitch 

[EST Gee Verse]
All this shit started off in the kitchen
show me once and I was paying attention
ask the trenches they gonna say I’m the realist official the difference between me and niggas
I’m rich when I get off my Insta 
get him killed by the night 
For a 60 I sent it 
I can’t even risk it 
Opps want me finished but I’m steady winning
Youngest richest nigga out of my city
I been had the streets in the head lock 
We had two or three bricks at Miss Jan spot 
still dead fresh if the feds watchin
send a diss and hide a get yo man shot
Niggas play but they know we going to air it out
she was acting bougie, flew her friend out
I went took it ain’t ask for a hand out
old niggas see me out and put they heads down
I still got my block if the music don’t crack 
Really living what I rap 
250 out the trap if I say it’s a fact 
You was putting on an act
You a killa on a app 
Ask who put us on a map 
put the hood on my back 
3 cars 10 straps 
Niggas better never lack 
[Hook x 2]
I been savin my guawla ain’t savin no bitch
I had put down my glock but I picked up a stick 
Don’t get in hating shit 
I’m on some greatest shit 
My people proud
I’m as real as it get 
Gone have to chase me I don’t like to wait and I swear I’m impatient I don’t like to sit
I made a way for you little bitty niggas 
I wish you would play wit me 
boy you a bitch 
#LilBaby #ESTGee #RealAsItGets
Music video by Lil Baby performing Real As It Gets. Quality Control Music/Motown Records; © 2021 Quality Control Music, LLC, under exclusive license to UMG Recordings, Inc.


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3 mar 2021






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renoy george
renoy george Hace 4 horas
Ya. !
T Hace 7 horas
Nice gta 6 trailer lamo
Pp_cap Hace 8 horas
If my hood don’t listen to lil baby I’m done
king bean
king bean Hace 10 horas
this song is fire anybody else having deja vu????
Alan Campos
Alan Campos Hace 12 horas
Lil baby motivate me to keep 4 pockets full on you niggaz!!
BIG CRIME Hace 12 horas
Papi_ Zac
Papi_ Zac Hace 13 horas
Wilbur Juice
Wilbur Juice Hace 14 horas
"you a killer on an app" nice
Ace Stanley
Ace Stanley Hace 14 horas
Wait he never saw belly 🤨
Dwight Goodman
Dwight Goodman Hace 14 horas
He had to be sheltered as fuck wen he was lil 😂😂😂
NKS MY Hace 17 horas
The transition at 1:59 was smooth asl
Front Lane
Front Lane Hace 19 horas
Lil baby should make a song with Jamie 🦊 fox and shoot a video. That wud be 🔥🔥
AC2K Hace 23 horas
He da 🐐
Ben Puente
Ben Puente Hace un día
Devoria Smith
Devoria Smith Hace un día
We can vs
tigger tiger
tigger tiger Hace un día
I need the name of his north face coat and the brand of that white shirt est gee is wearing
Germán Berruecos Corona
mürvet kök
mürvet kök Hace un día
Ben ferodan gelenler 💞
NeonCreeper 710 gaming
Best flows ever
Andrea Sciancalepore
Linsy Ivy
Linsy Ivy Hace un día
João Victor Reis
João Victor Reis Hace un día
T Hace un día
Lil Baby like wow fr ain’t gonna lie it’s fire 🔥 👌🏿
mc bestar
mc bestar Hace un día
Fadjisen Hace un día
He's goated
Taylor Chatagnier
Taylor Chatagnier Hace un día
Shit fire 🔥
anthony decoteau
anthony decoteau Hace un día
The neighbors definitely know who lil baby is lol
Tygotbands Us
Tygotbands Us Hace un día
This song i still listen to everyday in my car lol this shit sound so good on a system
NeXiS Hace un día
drip too hard, we need more songs like this at left
Havoc Kuzma
Havoc Kuzma Hace un día
Upload baby
SlimBeatz KCMO
SlimBeatz KCMO Hace un día
This beat reminds me of a another song a just cant get it but this shit fire! 💯
SlimBeatz KCMO
SlimBeatz KCMO Hace un día
Mykko Montana -Do it
Desmond Ervin
Desmond Ervin Hace 2 días
Beat cold asf
Ian Dante
Ian Dante Hace un día
For real the 808 stutters is what made this beat Krazy
lorie sanchez
lorie sanchez Hace 2 días
Douglas Boladão Oficial
Brazil alguem ?🇧🇷 2021
Dylan Bailey
Dylan Bailey Hace 2 días
og's only
Meme 3
Meme 3 Hace 2 días
Joshua Dartilus
Joshua Dartilus Hace 2 días
Ed Kingstoner
Ed Kingstoner Hace 2 días
I swear I’m impatient I don’t like to sit . ! I ain’t even gonna hold u this is some next level Lil baby shit u getting better my g ! Keep climbing brodey
Kabala Kasongo
Kabala Kasongo Hace 2 días
Lauren Woodhall
Lauren Woodhall Hace 2 días
These 2 are hardd
Cyntell Ceaser
Cyntell Ceaser Hace 2 días
Only rapper that blurrs his glizzy🔥💯 he rather show da 💵
Livid Hace 17 horas
He blurs it for money
DudeAllLava Hace un día
he blurs it out bc of youtube guidelines and also there are sooo many other rappers that blur theirs too ur living under a rock dude
Zee Reed
Zee Reed Hace 3 días
Yooo What’s up
Sam Duran
Sam Duran Hace 3 días
Guadalupe Hernandez
Guadalupe Hernandez Hace 3 días
gonna show my grandkids tha GOAT 💯🐐💸
ricky1245 Hace 3 días
I been savin' my guala, I ain't savin' no bitch I had put down my Glock but I picked up a stick Don't get in hatin' shit, I'm on some greatest shit♫♫♫♫♫♫
Stephaun Mcguire
Stephaun Mcguire Hace 3 días
Lil baby at his prime 🚫🧢
Bigtou Skinny
Bigtou Skinny Hace 3 días
Yes brother👍👍👍
Woah Its Ayaan
Woah Its Ayaan Hace 3 días
The beat reminds me of sanguine paradise
Low Hace 3 días
God bless 🙏 all yall fake mfs playing this.... This aint for u
MUVA Kollection
MUVA Kollection Hace 3 días
Joey Wallace
Joey Wallace Hace 4 días
lil baby and polo g best rappers rn
Shalo boy
Shalo boy Hace 4 días
When blacks got money no will sleep
Bionic_trigga20s Bionic_trigga20s
Stand on that 💯
Jay Andrews
Jay Andrews Hace 4 días
Yo u are the best rapper ever🔥🔥🔥
Iamvontae Hace 4 días
This looked fun to shoot
JP the rapper chambers
JP the rapper chambers
Azariah Ross
Azariah Ross Hace 4 días
Who else noticed lil baby's voice got deeper
Will Epling
Will Epling Hace 4 días
Shit jus hits different
Mannymayo Tidwell
Mannymayo Tidwell Hace 4 días
Luv it
SwaggyPorg Hace 4 días
this is so trash
Prettykiid Makayla
Prettykiid Makayla Hace 2 días
Just like ur face
YO DADDY Hace 4 días
Bryant Thomas
Bryant Thomas Hace 4 días
Aqeel Malik
Aqeel Malik Hace 4 días
Lil baby and pooh sheisty should make a track
Catinaa Chasonn
Catinaa Chasonn Hace 5 días
Let's goooo
Fuel4Dreamz Hace 5 días
Looks like another song about BLM has to come out... R.I.P DAUNTE WRITE
Donnell Liddell
Donnell Liddell Hace 5 días
Paul Robinson
Paul Robinson Hace 5 días
Lil baby ain’t no goat he a ram a real ass musician
Farhan Ali
Farhan Ali Hace 5 días
Beat rlly be harder than my dads belt
Brenden Brown
Brenden Brown Hace 5 días
Lil Baby is the guy who makes me remember what happened in my life in the past and that's cool to me everybody type "100% Legit" if you have the same experience
Maz ismail
Maz ismail Hace un día
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Joshua Will
Joshua Will Hace 5 días
All these new rappers sound slow ...
Prettykiid Makayla
Prettykiid Makayla Hace 2 días
Y should slow
Prettykiid Makayla
Prettykiid Makayla Hace 2 días
How is he new?
Kareem Friedland
Kareem Friedland Hace 5 días
Here before 50 Million views
Deep Nation
Deep Nation Hace 5 días
love how lil baby knows every lyric of the featuring persons part
Prashant Pariyar
Prashant Pariyar Hace 2 días
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Jon Gaston
Jon Gaston Hace 4 días
On god
Nerissa Tyler
Nerissa Tyler Hace 5 días
Get lil baby
leroy jinkins
leroy jinkins Hace 5 días
like a hemi! ##7thdmension720
Crystal L. Mayo
Crystal L. Mayo Hace 5 días
Juan V
Juan V Hace 5 días
Shit goes stupid
Domo 3k
Domo 3k Hace 5 días
i wonder if rappers get utube checks
Clay Pullen
Clay Pullen Hace 6 días
k1llK Hace 6 días
0:20 - 1:40 2:39
k1llK Hace 6 días
This is addicting help
perry owens
perry owens Hace 6 días
Yvonne Frasure
Yvonne Frasure Hace 6 días
Jimmy Pereira
Jimmy Pereira Hace 6 días
Dumbest song I ever heard....PSA rappers of today, autotune was played out 10 YEARS AGO!!!!
Jasmine Bowles
Jasmine Bowles Hace 6 días
We lit
Mario Gomez
Mario Gomez Hace 6 días
lil baby still on top the game after two amazing years, cant wait to see what he got next
lesylout Hace 6 días
esvid.net/show-UCY7Xh-Cl-o1W5CBAOJhR4wg Add up trapper in game
Alexandria Tiffany
Alexandria Tiffany Hace 6 días
lil baby and EST Gee go in soo hard on this right here, straight up BANGER! He aint like all them goofies out there who just be usin that *AUthenticviews* website to go viral.. SMH seems like anyone can go viral these days..
Sickwit Music
Sickwit Music Hace 3 días
This a bot post for that website they’re on every songs comments lol
Low Hace 3 días
Right stfu u just sound annoying in text imagine in person
Based Med
Based Med Hace 4 días
female wigger cringe
Catinaa Chasonn
Catinaa Chasonn Hace 5 días
T-wee Acehigh Hip-hop Konnektion
Est Gee caught a body with Baby 💯💪🏾✊🏾
EL VLEX Hace 6 días
Gracias Kristian por tu voy hacer mi trabajo 🥰
jareese breland
jareese breland Hace 6 días
that song gos hard
Fresh I.d
Fresh I.d Hace 6 días
Need to make this track longer sheesh 🔥 🔥
NeoT23 Hace 6 días
Timothy Hecht
Timothy Hecht Hace 6 días
Gee is trash
Topwins Person
Topwins Person Hace 6 días
Est gee from my stay
choppagang 16
choppagang 16 Hace 7 días
Who's still waiting for the new album 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Marquise Thomas
Marquise Thomas Hace 7 días
Gee had his head down for 20 minutes thinking to himself "don't choke its pre recorded"
Tooreal Tro
Tooreal Tro Hace 7 días
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