Lil Kim, Junior M.A.F.I.A. & More Shut Down The Stage With Classic Hits! | Hip Hop Awards ‘19

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Lil Kim brings out O.T. Gensis, Musiq Soulchild and Junior M.A.F.I.A to perform her classic hits! She reminds everyone why she IS hip hop! #HipHopAwards #HipHopAwards2019
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8 oct 2019






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BETNetworks Hace 11 meses
Watch the 'Making Of' this performance now! Check out: Lil Kim's Rehearsal 360 now! esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-zNGnRlpyJnw.html
Steph Walker
Steph Walker Hace un mes
I love lil Kim but she looks uncomfortable
Marion Gordon
Marion Gordon Hace 2 meses
Cardi b and Mary Jane
Irma Buchanan
Irma Buchanan Hace 3 meses
@Nobi_Bklyn v,,,,,v,,,vvyvvhvhhvvvv,v v,v eh
Jay Atterbery
Jay Atterbery Hace 5 meses
@Maria Baker lol right
Jay Atterbery
Jay Atterbery Hace 5 meses
We only recognize her for how she dressed with fashion she's not properly being represented if we going to pay homage to the queen we going to do it the right way smh
Esrom kirk
Esrom kirk Hace 21 un minuto
i grew up with all those songs from 97' to 2005'
Larry Bird
Larry Bird Hace un hora
Is that Chadwick boseman at 8:15????
Zyria Tilley
Zyria Tilley Hace 4 horas
3:08 nicki could neva😂😂😂
Kelly Blauvelt
Kelly Blauvelt Hace 11 horas
it will never b the same again..goat lucy got them all plus bet
wfewfewf Surnamefewewfwef
WTF hahaha happened to her lol looking plasticated like Nicki Minaj lol Junior Mafia still doing it. I wonder what diss 2pac would produce after seeing this performance haha
adam ramazanov
adam ramazanov Hace un día
At that age i could never / all respect to her ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Nunya Business
Nunya Business Hace un día
My bisssshhhhh 🔥
kevin patrovanie
kevin patrovanie Hace 2 días
Queen in hip hop
CJ Turner
CJ Turner Hace 3 días
No dis respect to u nicki Minaj But Lil Kim Was First Not Just Kim's Music, But Her Being Like The Madonna Of Hip-Hop She deserves respect
Kelly Dickson
Kelly Dickson Hace 4 días
Use to love Kimmy but think she needs to give it up that was horrible
p c
p c Hace 4 días
I love Lil Kim she is the best female rapper ever
Jada Cole
Jada Cole Hace 4 días
I miss this era, that wig look dry asf
X K Hace 5 días
The Queen. Back in the dayz
ebonylover Hace 5 días
Kim used to keep her voice hight when she raps on concerts, sice source awars in the middle 90s
Rainbow Workshop
Rainbow Workshop Hace 6 días
Lil Kim QUEEN still got it even tho she's kinda out of breath.....She still got the heart to preform WOO!! the old Queens of hip hop still rocks!
yoyowatwat Hace 6 días
Matthew Ramsey
Matthew Ramsey Hace 6 días
She’s amazing even at 50 percent
Ricky Ricjardson
Ricky Ricjardson Hace 7 días
THAT'S THAT GIRL, I love Lil Kim
Celeste Lehtomaa
Celeste Lehtomaa Hace 8 días
I am all for the shut down for the mafia :-) and this group made music my babies were made by; in the home to me giving a tribute to the music in front of their biological parent. Lil Kim gives kitty esteem to the fans.
Courtney Baker
Courtney Baker Hace 8 días
7:21 HAD ME 💀
roxanne harrow
roxanne harrow Hace 8 días
The Queen B...Lil Kim Queen of Rap
Grit, Grind, Gold
Grit, Grind, Gold Hace 9 días
Lil Kim looked happier as a black woman
Mimi OnOne
Mimi OnOne Hace 9 días
First Concert I ever went too. Biggie was there. Was young but remember it was Bad Boy 4 Life...
April Hace 11 días
I love seeing her in her element 😍
virtual speedsters
virtual speedsters Hace 11 días
The fact that ppl wilding out in the crowd, singing dancing st8 vibing is proof enough that Lil Kim is str8 fire and a Legend..Put some respect on that
Wack new born babies disliked this
VeganQueen Hace 13 días
Wow! Black folks always have to bring negativity about what people are doing, wearing, their body,, how they performed! Damn are you that miserable that you can't find positivity in anyyhing! Kim is 🔥🔥 She isnt 20 anymore of course she will be tired.
Jonase Basabe
Jonase Basabe Hace 13 días
A mess
Sofresh105 Monica
Sofresh105 Monica Hace 16 días
Monica’s BRAND NEW single ‘Trenches’ ft lil baby out NOW‼️‼️‼️‼️
keona mason
keona mason Hace 17 días
@3:10, are they laughing at her or with her?
orbit Hace 17 días
ew I hate lil Kim with passion and this proves my point
Jamie Mitchell
Jamie Mitchell Hace 18 días
I’m about to hit Kims signature move anytime I’m forced to dance. I luuuuuv her
Mary Bianca
Mary Bianca Hace 18 días
KK Hace 18 días
I’m 33 so y’all know in my world can’t nobody touch Kim with a unlimited size pole.. I remember the days
LIRI •MC• Hace 18 días
jayripp84 Hace 19 días
This what happens when you get old and damn I'm almost there
Mo Minor
Mo Minor Hace 19 días
Damn i hate she did all thst to herself she was s pretyy brown girl snd all the added ass
jasmine parker
jasmine parker Hace 19 días
I love Kim 💜.
Trust no Nigga
Trust no Nigga Hace 19 días
When did lil kim pull a Michael Jackson on me an turn white thats my bitch thou i remember the dance
Tuity 33
Tuity 33 Hace 19 días
Kim didn’t know what to do with herself
bad guy chun li
bad guy chun li Hace 20 días
and she considers herself the queen of rap😂😂😂😂😂😂 LOL
Rio Hace 20 días
Why does she keep trying to put her hood back on? She’s up there doing her things & performing all while trying to desperately put her hood back on lol it’s just so awkward. I 🖤 KIM but she always has the absolute worst wigs...every-time. They’re always uncombed. If she hated her hair then she should’ve either put a new wig on or had them pin her hood to her hair somehow so it wouldn’t fall off when she was killin’ her dance routine 💯
DeErica White
DeErica White Hace 20 días
It’s crazy she went from the most self confident person to so shy barely want to even be seen I love 💕 Kim
Vladimir Valverde
Vladimir Valverde Hace 21 un día
Real hop queen 👸 2020
naimma Hace 22 días
This is so lame.
Eden Garden
Eden Garden Hace 24 días
Kim is the queen. Who the f is Nicky??? Who? She could never pull this of. Look at the crowd, they adore her.
Gucci West
Gucci West Hace 22 días
Nicki Minaj is the queen of rap, a Nicki verse is lil Kim’s net worth 💀
Aziyah N'jezan
Aziyah N'jezan Hace 25 días
Kim murdered dat ish, still and forever one the icons PERIOD!!!!!🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾💯💖
Chelle Chelle
Chelle Chelle Hace 25 días
Lol.. that butt looks hella heavy!
Chelle Chelle
Chelle Chelle Hace 25 días
Lil kim... dun messed up her body!😲 trying to be young..should have just left herself alone.
Akeno Chu
Akeno Chu Hace 26 días
Her costume was limited her I feel
Tania S
Tania S Hace 28 días
Why oh why did she touch her face
Diamond Anderson
Diamond Anderson Hace un mes
So I’m i the only one that notice spice???😂
SinisterLibra Hace un mes
Kim should’ve avoided the plastic surgery
Lee L
Lee L Hace un mes
Lee L
Lee L Hace un mes
JacekMMA Hace un mes
Funny that lil kim singing bout big booties cuz in the 90s she had a cute little petite booty, lmao
2091danny Hace un mes
Did she even rap?
Tangi Coleman
Tangi Coleman Hace un mes
I’m sorry her whole body is just shaped funny... she was beautiful once ago
Miss_tree Liv
Miss_tree Liv Hace un mes
How you uncle looks when he sees a girl he likes 3:23
Joy Croom
Joy Croom Hace un mes
Lil Kim flow not the same. She can't rap straight through, she stops like shes out of breath.
Carlos Santos
Carlos Santos Hace un mes
Lots of respect to the Queen lil kim. She always gets the audience lit. Classics of hip-hop in the golden age. We need this kim.
Jasiah Medley
Jasiah Medley Hace un mes
Kim looks so tired
soukaïnaa Hace un mes
Thé réal Queen of Rap
Crystal Burks
Crystal Burks Hace un mes
She was holding her hood
TriceCierra Hace un mes
rolling stones
rolling stones Hace un mes
stupid surgery.....what a super goddesss she was
Joe Montana
Joe Montana Hace un mes
Little Kim's is white now lol🤫
Rakeia Dunlap
Rakeia Dunlap Hace un mes
Kim was bad asf&still got it....where the style of women rappers get it from today. ❣❣❣❣
SUMMERAIN Hace un mes
Lil Kim is the real OG! 👑🐝 ROCKS!!
Like seeing grandma rap and move lol
Shamere Leonard
Shamere Leonard Hace un mes
Jr mafia brought back them source awards vibes... with the extra 2 dudes with no mic just straight hype men... 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Zita Csarnai
Zita Csarnai Hace un mes
Still the QUEEN & always will be👑🐝❤
Taniafer Jones
Taniafer Jones Hace un mes
I got one name for Lil Kim dance move The BK PREDATOR LOVE YOU LIL KIM BROOKLYN FOR LIFE 😀😀😀😀😀❤❤❤
ASIATIC TAI Hace un mes
M M Hace un mes
Better than Cardi B live voice « performances »
M M Hace un mes
So messy performance ahaha
M M Hace un mes
Omg 3:10 💀💀💀
Record Lock Box
Record Lock Box Hace un mes
BET this in the top 10 TY...Lil Kim
Catrice Whit
Catrice Whit Hace un mes
Much respect due👑🔥🔥🔥
Queen Boss
Queen Boss Hace un mes
Say what you want about Kim but she's the Queen and can hype a crowd up !!!!💕👑
Natasha Alicia Tobin ullah
Amazing love watching your performances listening 🎧 from Cardiff Wales UK
Leslie Locklear
Leslie Locklear Hace un mes
Love this song
KenjiSylvano Hace un mes
Lil Kim's stiff af she cant dance cant even rap she looks like she's gonna die anytime soon lol everything in this video is just pure trash it would be better if they could win Nicki Minaj back
Record Lock Box
Record Lock Box Hace un mes
So you're going to be young 4eva? Please show respect..hope you live long enough...
Jona jona
Jona jona Hace un mes
woow she brought it and this was last year.
Pedro Paloalto
Pedro Paloalto Hace un mes
lil Kim was so tired 😂 that last kick barely made it 😂
Chris Greatness
Chris Greatness Hace un mes
When Junior Mafia came out it was like 95-96 again for Lil Kim
Record Lock Box
Record Lock Box Hace un mes
Who else can HARMONIZE RAP?
Record Lock Box
Record Lock Box Hace un mes
POLL: MUSIQ OR JOHN. LEAVE COMMENTS 1:54 Cant no one say BROOKLYN like Lil Kim
Maurice L
Maurice L Hace un mes
lil kim vs nikki
Record Lock Box
Record Lock Box Hace un mes
We all know the answer
Lily Butler
Lily Butler Hace un mes
She looks Asian wtf?
Lemon Checks
Lemon Checks Hace un mes
*R.i.P* B.I.G. - still reign *SUPREME!* in da 20'
Leslie Locklear
Leslie Locklear Hace un mes
Lv this Ol school song
Simona Roy
Simona Roy Hace un mes
esther Hace un mes
When Crush On You came on I got chills...issa cliche but I was deadass not meant for this generation 😭
esther Hace un mes
Lil Kim still got it. She changed her appearance but not her spirit
R Dix
R Dix Hace un mes
Americans the best in music
Lilkimy Back
Lilkimy Back Hace un mes
Killed peformance
Natron Sneed
Natron Sneed Hace un mes
Just imagine if biggie was still living and he came out man look that would be the biggest pop EVER! Rip to a legend
lugom Hace un mes
Lil Kim looks terrible. Seriously she can’t even move well with that whale body of hers 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄
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