Lil Mosey - Stuck In A Dream (ft. Gunna) [Official Music Video]

Lil Mosey
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Lil Mosey - Stuck In A Dream (ft. Gunna)
Listen: smarturl.it/StuckInADream/
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17 sep 2019






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Nicolai Færøy
Nicolai Færøy Hace 7 horas
can people stop trynna grind for likes, and start accually comment about the video smh.
nadege theron
nadege theron Hace 8 horas
Ransom or stuck in the dreem
nadege theron
nadege theron Hace 8 horas
jamel sinclaire
jamel sinclaire Hace 8 horas
They pay to listen to my voice Rich or poor, gotta make you a choice🐍
Richard Grant
Richard Grant Hace 9 horas
Bjorn Drant
Bjorn Drant Hace 9 horas
Mosey 🔥
10 subs with no videos? -
Anyone bumping this fire in 2019 October? Sub
why not
why not Hace 9 horas
Breh imagine thinking the intro guitar is from an other song...
Coach Steve
Coach Steve Hace 10 horas
1:14 when ur on ur deathbed but u forgot to clear ur search history
hi my name is isaiah
hi my name is isaiah Hace 10 horas
2019: stuck in a dream Also 2019: goddamn i woke up like the man
Sage of Six Noodles
Sage of Six Noodles Hace 11 horas
Still till this day no fucking clue what he saying
Jonathan Chubb
Jonathan Chubb Hace 12 horas
best song ever
B.H.R Ent.
B.H.R Ent. Hace 12 horas
What sample is this it sound mad familiar
ZION TILLMAN Hace 12 horas
Check her out
Ferdabeast 21
Ferdabeast 21 Hace 13 horas
If this is blue, you'll be James Charles 👇
Mat Hace 12 horas
You sneaky son of a bitch
King Boat
King Boat Hace 13 horas
Jayden Aldridge
Jayden Aldridge Hace 13 horas
Love it
ZabzPlayzYT Hace 16 horas
why tf is everyonnneee begging for likes jeez
Dave Stafford
Dave Stafford Hace 16 horas
Dawg he gotta stop slurring his words
Nubian Emporer
Nubian Emporer Hace 18 horas
I'm here now what?
SLENDRZZZ Hace 18 horas
Is It Just Me Or Does This Beat Kinda Sound Like Sold Out Dates?
Naasia Bell
Naasia Bell Hace 19 horas
This beat is crazy
aura de cuba
aura de cuba Hace 19 horas
This is lil moseys best song ive ever heard
gaming with kev and jones brother
Your songs are the best. I think you are good. You deserve to be treated nice and have a girlfriend
ywl bingz
ywl bingz Hace 22 horas
What’s her @? 0:24
Slasher 0
Slasher 0 Hace 22 horas
What does he say before he starts the song
CHASE HERRIDGE Hace 22 horas
Gunna ruined this
Jvck3t Hace 23 horas
Just think, this kid is 17.
shy__ baby
shy__ baby Hace 23 horas
I told her to call me she don't need no toy💪🏼💯
shy__ baby
shy__ baby Hace 23 horas
Can we just admire the fact how good mosey is looking😍😍❤
shy__ baby
shy__ baby Hace 23 horas
This that gunna type beat🔥🐸💯
Rodrigo Souza
Rodrigo Souza Hace 23 horas
everyone in the comments what they moment of fame lmaooo. Begging for likes like shit 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️💀
Fredo Psb
Fredo Psb Hace un día
Fredo Psb
Fredo Psb Hace un día
Martin Safo-Frimpong
Song a banger 🔥🔥🔥
Tareq Monsour
Tareq Monsour Hace un día
i love your video
Tareq Monsour
Tareq Monsour Hace un día
i love lil mosey
Xpd Tv G
Xpd Tv G Hace un día
Wut is the best lil mosey song u know like or comment 👇🏿
Huh. Hace 13 horas
How u gonna like when ur not tellin what song is best cmon now
agroths Hace un día
Isnt that store behind them from spotlight?(lil peep)
Faze loui11
Faze loui11 Hace un día
subscribe to me or you love and kiss James Charles
mersupoika mersupoika
2018 fuck xanax 2019 still popping xanax
viole Hace un día
Jakob Johnson
Jakob Johnson Hace un día
2:04 mans wearing toddler shoes
Alex Madrigal
Alex Madrigal Hace un día
anyone know the girls @ at 1:38
Laggy Shaggy
Laggy Shaggy Hace un día
here since noticed . fireeee
Stevee Hace un día
lol mosey sucks at rapping
hello12345476 Hace un día
Donovan Plummer
Donovan Plummer Hace un día
good song
samantha watson
samantha watson Hace un día
WOOOOHHH this is 🎆
WATER Hace un día
anyone know where i can get a hoodie he wearing at 0:50 ????
Wizzy Da Kid
Wizzy Da Kid Hace un día
2019: Stuck IN a Dream.... 2046: Stuck IN a meme
Afro 888
Afro 888 Hace 13 horas
Wizzy Da Kid not funny
Joshua Rosado
Joshua Rosado Hace un día
Aye yo lil mosey I’m gonna give you a hint when you are 18 start acting smart because any dumb shit can get you in trouble or arrested and you’ll lose all your money your house and you will be broke so don’t be out in public on lean or drunk because your will get arrested
Dwane Lind
Dwane Lind Hace un día
Realease blueberry faygo
Dwane Lind
Dwane Lind Hace un día
Devøn Hace un día
Gunna look like a frog 🐸🤣🤣🤣🤣
Divinity Dark
Divinity Dark Hace un día
I’m not on my account I’m on my brothers but I love ur music so much
Emerson Pereira
Emerson Pereira Hace un día
Does this guy make bad songs?🤔
BakedApple Hace un día
cant decide if this is fire or trash
Freddy Mercury
Freddy Mercury Hace 12 horas
BakedApple Nigga fire wtf lol
SlowGemini Hace un día
Ese flow me mata papá
Flare X
Flare X Hace un día
This low key looks like the "what do you mean" music vid from Justin bieber
Forza Bruhh
Forza Bruhh Hace un día
This song is so fuckin fye bruh
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