Lil Nas X - HOLIDAY (Official Video)

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Official video for "Holiday" by Lil Nas X.
Listen & Download "Holiday" by Lil Nas X out now: LilNasX.lnk.to/Holiday

Amazon Music - lilnasx.lnk.to/Holiday/amazonmusic
Apple Music - LilNasX.lnk.to/Holiday/applemusic
iTunes - LilNasX.lnk.to/Holiday/itunes
Roblox - LilNasX.lnk.to/Holiday/roblox
Pandora - LilNasX.lnk.to/Holiday/pandora
Spotify - lilnasx.lnk.to/Holiday/spotify
Soundcloud - LilNasX.lnk.to/Holiday/soundcloud
ESvid Music - LilNasX.lnk.to/Holiday/youtubemusic
Limited edition Santa Nas X chrome hat from the video available at: LilNasX.lnk.to/Holiday/amazon
Directors - Gibson Hazard & Lil Nas X
Production Company - Hazard Studios
Executive Producers - Matt Bauerschmidt, Jamil Davis, Liam Akiva
Video Commissioner/Producer - Saul Levitz
Live Capture - wølvesONLY
Producer - Nic Neary
Director of Photography - Scott Cunningham
Creative Direction - Brendan O’Connor
Creative Consulting - Jak Bannon, Oliver Cannon
Production Supervisor - Valerie Bush
1st AD - Jesse Hays
Production Designer - Nico Macciocca
Key Grip - David Riggio
Gaffer - Mike VanMeter
Editor - Gibson Hazard
Sound Design - Gibson Hazard & Jak Bannon
VFX - Glassworks VFX & Karen Arakelian
Wardrobe Stylist - Hodo Musa
Key Makeup - Raoul Alejandre
Choreographer - Phil Wright
Movement - KJ Rose
Colorist - Bryan Smaller

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12 nov 2020






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Jacqueline Leroy
Jacqueline Leroy Hace un minuto
100M🤠🎃🤖 🤶
Tasai Hubbard
Tasai Hubbard Hace 7 minutos
100M Views and 2.6M likes Noice
YELLOW Imposter
YELLOW Imposter Hace 8 minutos
This is worse than the 2018 rewind
John Goodall
John Goodall Hace 20 minutos
What the fuck is the gear stick going to do
Count Lookuu
Count Lookuu Hace 25 minutos
Welp guys ps5 is going to 2220
CrazyAntGaming Hace 28 minutos
100 MILL
Mackenzie Marie
Mackenzie Marie Hace 41 un minuto
Boian Terziev
Boian Terziev Hace 43 minutos
Andréia Albertini
Andréia Albertini Hace 50 minutos
My friend: bruh you are so bad to dance me: i better than Michael Jackson
Indigoblade16 Hace 52 minutos
100 million let’s go!
Dana Redd
Dana Redd Hace 57 minutos
1:22 imagine you saw that running toward’s you in a ally at 3:00 am
sri krishna Pemmaraju
sri krishna Pemmaraju Hace 57 minutos
I love this song
Kimora Darko-Kufour
Kimora Darko-Kufour Hace 58 minutos
i like his songs tho
Dana Redd
Dana Redd Hace un hora
The new evolution of lil x nas
Carol Rubeuri
Carol Rubeuri Hace un hora
Muito. Boa
-_ALPHA- Hace un hora
ItS tHe GuY fRoM rObLoX
Gaming with Bryson
Gaming with Bryson Hace un hora
I love this music video it makes me happy
rockstarzhin x
rockstarzhin x Hace un hora
100 millions views good lil nas x Best music of santa claus for me
Oneup1 Ent
Oneup1 Ent Hace un hora
I have mad respect for lil nas x but it sickens me how lil money he actually makes.... the record deal he has is trash he makes like 1/8 of what someone like upchurch would make... upchurch is a legend imo #CreekSquad
vintage girl
vintage girl Hace un hora
hes wearing a skirt! :0
Carolina Amaro
Carolina Amaro Hace un hora
Did anyone pay attention to date when he made the song it was dec 24/ 2220
Nyla Mccall
Nyla Mccall Hace un hora
Hi lil nas x
antonio ali
antonio ali Hace un hora
I watched under the scenes👌🙃
KingTemp Hace un hora
Lil nas has been a cowboy,robot, vampire, and now santa. Lil nas x just living his childhood dreams like a champ😍
BoomSonicHalo06 Hace un hora
100M Baby!!!!!!
Brysen Grant
Brysen Grant Hace un hora
Just Fayssal
Just Fayssal Hace un hora
The cat is Spinning
The cat is Spinning Hace un hora
What happened to the guy inside the car
Rhonda Nolan
Rhonda Nolan Hace un hora
Last night it had 99m now it got 100m
Gamingfirekid5790 Caveinwater
Saiyan Hace un hora
Proves your not a one hit wonder
spirals Hace un hora
Yes. For sure
Maria Alice
Maria Alice Hace un hora
O comentário Brasileiro que você estava procurando kkkkkkkk
•Easy• Hace un hora
What I think is really amazing
Princess Joy
Princess Joy Hace un hora
Don't hate on Lil Nas X. His music is amazing and inspirational.
Master Gamer
Master Gamer Hace 2 horas
Lil Nas x: When he had the long dreads while dancing Me: is it on roblox? How much it cost?how long is it? Is it the full dance or half way?
Bevro Lee
Bevro Lee Hace 2 horas
100m views!!! He IS bad as Michael Jackson!
Snake Hace 2 horas
100m but im still here -_-
Nasreddine Kouzi
Nasreddine Kouzi Hace 2 horas
Top music
Gabriel Padziński
Gabriel Padziński Hace 2 horas
-Ile chcesz efektów specjalnych -tak
Nasreddine Kouzi
Nasreddine Kouzi Hace 2 horas
My naam is nasreddine lily nas
Tatjana Ohlinger
Tatjana Ohlinger Hace 2 horas
Mariana Ramirez (Student)
I love you
Just Fayssal
Just Fayssal Hace 2 horas
Sabu Miah
Sabu Miah Hace 2 horas
Bruh hhh the robot was playing on the ps5
Sabu Miah
Sabu Miah Hace 2 horas
I got hoes and hoeses and the u-u cuntroul ye
Sabu Miah
Sabu Miah Hace 2 horas
Ayy, it's a holiday
Yeilyn Jimenez
Yeilyn Jimenez Hace 2 horas
Antonio GOD
Antonio GOD Hace 2 horas
Boiis we did it 1OOMIL VIEWS AYYYYY!!!! =) :) 🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉🎆🎇✨🥇🏅🏆♥️💙
Michi Me
Michi Me Hace 2 horas
A bop
Cheryl Wientzek
Cheryl Wientzek Hace 2 horas
This is the best Christmas song ever🎅
Marcelo San
Marcelo San Hace 2 horas
Era desse papai Noel que falávamos. Kkkk ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
king Faiz
king Faiz Hace 2 horas
William Hace 2 horas
Amanda Elder
Amanda Elder Hace 2 horas
This is the best song of the ones you have make it is lit
x_euphoric Hace 2 horas
The respect I have for this man
GAGPROX Hace 2 horas
Beatriz Torres
Beatriz Torres Hace 2 horas
Its cool
Dilma Santos
Dilma Santos Hace 2 horas
Cadê os brasileiro hein? 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
jj slice and the squad
Nas: and im sexy Married Women: 🥰
Freed TV
Freed TV Hace 2 horas
100M :)
Shotgun’s Cradle
Shotgun’s Cradle Hace 2 horas
It hit 100 million views! Lets celebrate! I'm bad as Michael Jackson DUN DUN DUN
Lil Nas X
Lil Nas X Hace 2 horas
Yvette Small
Yvette Small Hace 2 horas
I like this song
TRAP TIME MUSIC Hace 2 horas
I'm watching November 13 (1K views to day 100M)👌😘
Cringer Ale
Cringer Ale Hace 2 horas
This makes me think lil nas x is gay (no hate)
LCF BR Hace 2 horas
o mundo inteiro vai escutar essa musica esperre pra ver ;[
Susjej Ejeururj
Susjej Ejeururj Hace 2 horas
I feel this song is perfect for Cyberpunk2077
Seokjin's Laugh
Seokjin's Laugh Hace 2 horas
I love that he "doesn't like surprises" even tho he's literally santa from 2022 👁️👄👁️
פטריק ראש סיכה
Tino Hace 3 horas
Ay it's the 100M Views!! Nas You Made it again! make a love for my comment please
Sticky RM
Sticky RM Hace 3 horas
Iam gonna listen to this everyday
Sticky RM
Sticky RM Hace 3 horas
This song is like the best
Hailee weaver
Hailee weaver Hace 3 horas
welp someone got coal for christmas :)
DC-Cayd3zzz -_-
DC-Cayd3zzz -_- Hace 3 horas
Therapist: black Santa doesn't exists he can't hurt you Black Santa:
Mark Hany
Mark Hany Hace 3 horas
I swear u don't know how much I listened to this song 🤣 like I watch this like : 23 times a day I think 🤔 yeah am correct 😂
Kayla Ramirez-Ramirez
Umm maybe?????? Im ify about dis song
Kayla Ramirez-Ramirez
lil nas z ugly ngl
Habibullah Umar
Habibullah Umar Hace 3 horas
Am i the only one who saw PS5 in the year 2220?!!!
Margie Rathbone
Margie Rathbone Hace 3 horas
I love it ❣️❣️😍❣️😍❣️❣️😍❣️😍😍❣️😍❣️😍❣️😍😍❣️😍❣️😍😍
Mark Hany
Mark Hany Hace 3 horas
99.99.9999999999999.999999 percent of the views is mine Pretty much lol
Antek Dembicki
Antek Dembicki Hace 3 horas
Best miuzik
declan M second account
100million views
Dawnna Flores
Dawnna Flores Hace 3 horas
Hey it’s the roblox guy lol 😂 Jk
Diego Molina Fell
Diego Molina Fell Hace 3 horas
Fifa21 Play
Fifa21 Play Hace 3 horas
jest tu ktos z polski;[
Rayan Rougui
Rayan Rougui Hace 3 horas
Rip Micheal Jackson😔💔🖤💯
Abel Arredondo
Abel Arredondo Hace 3 horas
Move out the MuFa-in Mariah Carey!!
Aiden Vences
Aiden Vences Hace 3 horas
Yo yo yo
Aiden Vences
Aiden Vences Hace 3 horas
I like the song
Patrick Star
Patrick Star Hace 3 horas
POV: This is not your first time listening Holiday because the song is just that great so you must listen to it once every day, the lyrics are gold
Boula Gaber
Boula Gaber Hace 3 horas
0-0 100M!
Boula Gaber
Boula Gaber Hace 3 horas
he fire•_•
Nooby Master
Nooby Master Hace 3 horas
YO nice ps5 0:24
Kaden Kaakimaka-Brown
at I like you lil nas x
Joel Bulger
Joel Bulger Hace 3 horas
Yooo this was dope 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Michel Gomes
Michel Gomes Hace 3 horas
Alguém br?🤨
Baal Hace 4 horas
100 mln oh yeah
Flamingo Omg 7
Flamingo Omg 7 Hace 4 horas
100 million views already 🤭
LabibHasBeenSeeked Hace 4 horas
knova Hace 4 horas
those mech reindeers were badass, thank you everyone that made this video possible
Edgar perez
Edgar perez Hace 4 horas
Where are you Lil Nas X? There are already 100 million all your Fans are waiting for your comment!!😐😐
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