Lil XXEL - LMK (Official Music Video)

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The official video for "LMK" by Lil XXEL.
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Lately, I've been missin' you
But I know everything's gonna be alright
Thoughts of me kissin' you
That would all lead up to the times we'd fight
Wanna know what's up with you
Ever since you left, you been out of sight
Girl, I wanna know the truth
Just so I could tell you what's on my mind
What's up? I've been callin' you
It seems like I can't get to you
Thought I was good, yet I'm feelin' blue
Feels like I'm alone in this game for two, yeah
Tell me what you wanna do
Live your life, no stoppin' you
When you're up late nights who ya talkin' to?
Let me know, I'm so confused
Ohh, what you want?
Let me know, and I'll stop
Oohh, so confused
Over you, yes, it's true
I'm missin' you
So tell me how you're feeling (I'm missin' you, I'm missin' you)
I just want you to know (I'm missin' you, I'm missin' you)
I can't move on (I'm missin' you, I'm missin' you)
If you leave me alone (I'm missin' you, I'm missin' you)
Ohh, what you want? (I'm missin' you, I'm missin' you)
Let me know, and I'll stop (I'm missin' you, I'm missin' you)
Oohh, so confused (I'm missin' you, I'm missin' you)
Over you, yes, it's true (I'm missin' you, I'm missin' you)
I'm missin' you, I'm missin' you
I'm missin' you, I'm missin' you
I'm missin' you, I'm missin' you
I'm missin' you, I'm missin' you
I'm missin' you, I'm missin' you
I'm missin' you, I'm missin' you
I'm missin' you, I'm missin' you
I'm missin' you, I'm missin' you
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31 jul 2020






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Yo boy domi
Yo boy domi Hace un mes
Fun fact: the girl is his best friend and he actually likes her
Nøty_wxlf_00 Hace 4 días
Friend zoned
Sa’mariya Youngblood
I’m from tik tok I know
Derrick Tran
Derrick Tran Hace 8 días
A random bird
A random bird Hace 8 días
Kai Hd
Kai Hd Hace 9 días
Calvin Harris
Calvin Harris Hace 29 minutos
“We got Addison at home”😭
itsmichael20 Hace 38 minutos
See y’all soon when we randomly start singing this again in 2 years and come and look the song up again-
Brittany Williams
Brittany Williams Hace 2 horas
If u have zoom let’s zoom call
Jörmungandr Alexopoulos
0:40 People be Talking about how good this song is, but im talking about how good that waffle crunch was bro i be having these paper folded waffles while this having nice crunch.
Paige Hace 4 horas
I don’t see people saying his gf looks like Mxmtoon
Mike Hoffman
Mike Hoffman Hace 4 horas
I can't stop watching this music video
Bluefire12 BOI
Bluefire12 BOI Hace 4 horas
2:39 Talent Time
luca buciuman
luca buciuman Hace 4 horas
Dana Hadad
Dana Hadad Hace 5 horas
I'd travel all the way Malibu just to pull your damn pants up.
Niko Gucci
Niko Gucci Hace 7 horas
this video helped mi be braver.
Jadirstjr10 0
Jadirstjr10 0 Hace 7 horas
Hi lili xxl
Almaz Nurlibekov
Almaz Nurlibekov Hace 9 horas
Zheka Fatbelly-Летнее платье The same beat
Leo’s World
Leo’s World Hace 10 horas
I love this song
junior Yocolly
junior Yocolly Hace 10 horas
Ces trop lourd sérieux
the gator I'm gonna go
Lil Mosey..... Wal-Mart version
Meo Meo Nguyen
Meo Meo Nguyen Hace 13 horas
Imagine in highschool and still using pencils
2% KiddoPlayz
2% KiddoPlayz Hace 14 horas
Fake Addison look better than the real one
Weston Lapis
Weston Lapis Hace 14 horas
The fact that his sister looks like Addison Rae is so crazy!
Marcus Reyna
Marcus Reyna Hace 15 horas
Not tryna hate but imagine getting famous off of TikTok remember NO HATE
souL Hace 16 horas
LMK stands for let me know
syrix is happy
syrix is happy Hace 17 horas
he be drippy doe aint gonna lie
Rajendeep Kaur
Rajendeep Kaur Hace 17 horas
Lil xxel can u pin me for no reason c: Plz
Joseph Garcia
Joseph Garcia Hace 18 horas
Maxa Million
Maxa Million Hace 18 horas
And they said Lil Mosey didn’t have a gay son...
Mike Palencia
Mike Palencia Hace 18 horas
That dont even look like addison rae
Beast Music
Beast Music Hace 19 horas
10M views 163K subs People are lazy to subscribe
Gangster Fish stick
Gangster Fish stick Hace 21 un hora
Adasin rae
Papadopoulos Alex
Papadopoulos Alex Hace 21 un hora
Fun fact: the Bmw i8 is electric and doesn't sound like this because it doesn't have a V12
Sky Spivey
Sky Spivey Hace 21 un hora
Hi Lil XXEL if your reading this im a big FAN and i love your music so much. he prob aint gon see this but it it what is is lmao
SP00K 4800
SP00K 4800 Hace 22 horas
Lil mosey cousin 😂
Karen Trezise
Karen Trezise Hace 22 horas
I wish I was u have a sister as a FAMOUS tick tocker!! And wish I was cool!
• Bunnii •
• Bunnii • Hace 23 horas
Best song I've heard in my life
Actually Hermione
Actually Hermione Hace 23 horas
This is my new favorite song. It’s hard to be my favorite because I’m picky. Congrats 🎊!
Milla Shaningua
Milla Shaningua Hace un día
Alexander Mutitbo
Alexander Mutitbo Hace un día
This guy is definitely secretly gay.
Jashur Howard
Jashur Howard Hace un día
Looking like a better version of mosey but didn’t wake up like the man
Kayle Ali
Kayle Ali Hace un día
Lil XXEL do u have a hat that says XXXTENTACION
Tyrese Chin
Tyrese Chin Hace un día
Hi people who see this 10 years later
SharccSeafYT Hace un día
Not gonna lie this song is lit
uzxn Hace un día
Why Addison sound like a little kid in that clip?
Yandel Salazar
Yandel Salazar Hace un día
does anybody hear the beat
Angelina Depina
Angelina Depina Hace un día
Is he gay
SKIPPY Hace un día
I created a montage with this can somebody gimme some feedback it aint that good sorry if u dont like it :P
Hendo Fam
Hendo Fam Hace un día
Thats not even Addison
Sammuel Archuleta
Sammuel Archuleta Hace un día
Is it crazy i know the whole song already
Matias Murillo
Matias Murillo Hace un día
How your school is like that
Matias Murillo
Matias Murillo Hace un día
What is the name of your 🏫 My 🏫 is suck
TYLER YODER Hace 3 horas
This is a music video this isn’t a real school
KK Phillip
KK Phillip Hace un día
I like your song
Gautam Paikade
Gautam Paikade Hace un día
He is underrated manh
Malakyi Matthews Glover
day 1 asking for a remix to this song with you
Sleek Hace un día
Ngl not my type of music. There was only like 2 out of the 5 minutes with actual lyrics
Evon Dhliwayo
Evon Dhliwayo Hace un día
Fun fact:the girl is addison rae and she shot the tik tok in the vid
ii_lexi_ vxbes_iiシ
Me stuck at home but this song just makes me feel wanting to vibe🤣i love the song❤🥺 keep it up :D
Кантемир Рыскелдиев
Fatbelly - летнее платье🗿
Brady Cleaveley
Brady Cleaveley Hace un día
Why is half of this song just music and not singing
K S Hace un día
Did anyone else notice that he had a pink eye for a little bit
Nathan Milleza
Nathan Milleza Hace un día
thats not addison
TimeForMemes Hace un día
Bruh that's not even addison rae 🤣
Davenny Muhinzi
Davenny Muhinzi Hace un día
nice x3
3ddi3 DeBot
3ddi3 DeBot Hace un día
I just got this but this is better than rap songs
Zexro Hace un día
I respect the mans drip 💧
Johnny Johnnyson
Johnny Johnnyson Hace un día
This may be the most zoomer video I have ever seen in my life
Syntax EU
Syntax EU Hace un día
hi i like gaming like if u do too
Barbara Mcclanahan
Barbara Mcclanahan Hace un día
He's my boyfriend
Barbara Mcclanahan
Barbara Mcclanahan Hace un día
♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ your so cute
noasvibe Hace un día
2:09 Everybody dancing after XXEL gets rejected like:
noasvibe Hace un día
The school was shapped like an x.....for xxel??
Paul Glover
Paul Glover Hace un día
Fire song 100%
Roblox Gammer 3
Roblox Gammer 3 Hace un día
True and I love his songs btw he makes rlly good songs I hear them every day bc I like his music
Angela Hace un día
Not to be rude but he kind of looks like Will Smith-
TYLER YODER Hace 3 horas
Bro what?
ash moon
ash moon Hace un día
The random song when he came up on stage had me vibing af
ash moon
ash moon Hace un día
Me: "Mom im going to pick up Addison." My Mom: "We got Addison at home" Me: ??? *Addison at home*
Th3Gam3rG0d Hace un día
This is a high scool i would actually want to go to lol
Young Reem
Young Reem Hace un día
SMP-Parody & More
SMP-Parody & More Hace un día
Do you guys have a dress code?😂😂😂😂
raSzor jeff
raSzor jeff Hace un día
I want to be in this school
stronee Hace 2 días
she lowkey looked like addison
lil blxtz
lil blxtz Hace 2 días
best song *ever*
Sherlyn Fate Loquinio
this is such a bop, big oof for those people who hasn't found this masterpiece yet
Alana Kimbrell
Alana Kimbrell Hace 2 días
Ok. I didnt know he was that cute.
Daniel Mirk
Daniel Mirk Hace 2 días
This is not music, this is GARBAGE!
PWR Mel Hace 2 días
I wanna be in the vid:(
mark mo
mark mo Hace 2 días
i wanna be abile to do the same
Charlie Fanning
Charlie Fanning Hace 2 días
Yo lil exxl
NECROS Sans Hace 2 días
Also fun fact if you listen closely he promises her several things
Landry BaaQee
Landry BaaQee Hace 18 horas
what does he promise
Tershayla Knox
Tershayla Knox Hace 2 días
Hes mad cute and loved the music video
Skippysocks Hace 2 días
is this lil moseys twin brother? lol
dog zy urben
dog zy urben Hace 2 días
Thee end is beautiful
Key nut
Key nut Hace 2 días
Gay version of lil mosy
Terrayah Alston
Terrayah Alston Hace 2 días
Tashoy White
Tashoy White Hace 2 días
Wait is that real Addison rea
Kristian Bryant
Kristian Bryant Hace 2 días
He look like lil mosey
Xavi Hernández
Xavi Hernández Hace 2 días
That is not her
Dr Octopus
Dr Octopus Hace 2 días
He looks like he’s having so much fun even though he got the E-Boy look. Love to see it
Francisca Diaz
Francisca Diaz Hace 2 días
What the actual f****
noah vasquez
noah vasquez Hace 2 días
My favorite song
jerry king money
jerry king money Hace 2 días
buen tema
MidnightGamer109 Hace 2 días
love this song!!!!
Danikka Roberts
Danikka Roberts Hace 2 días
First part as too soft
Liam Gorman
Liam Gorman Hace 2 días
That's some next up Addison rae
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