Lincoln Project Ad Calls Trump A "Whiny B****"

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Is this the best anti-Trump ad ever made? Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian discuss on The Young Turks. Keep Hope (and TYT) Alive: tyt.com/go
Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian
Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian
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22 jun 2020






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indianrunner70 Hace 47 minutos
This is just priceless, thanks! And yes, dotard is a whiny bitch!
Michele Beasley
Michele Beasley Hace 22 horas
VERY nice GOT analogy!
Rick Smith
Rick Smith Hace un día
Hey the enemy of our enemy is our friend
abel ayala
abel ayala Hace 2 días
Andrew Martin
Andrew Martin Hace 2 días
I wanna see 'em have a push-up contest at the 1st debate, can't wait to LMAO, watching them out stupid one another with a giant tub of popcorn!😂
Andrew Martin
Andrew Martin Hace 2 días
Push-up contest result: 0-0 tie: Joe fell asleep on "go", Orange ogre's arms don't reach the ground when lying on his belly!
John Rencheck
John Rencheck Hace 3 días
Wait i know why he couldn't walk down the ramp, BONE SPURS ya thats it hahaha!
John Rencheck
John Rencheck Hace 3 días
Jenk is right ive been saying this for years democrats are so pathetic when it comes to these loser republicans and beating them with ads like these hey call me dems i got those balls your afraid to find i got a thousand ads against these wealthy scum who need to be outed as just thatand most of the time you can use their own words against them come on for Christ's sake fight fire with an inferno!!
John Rencheck
John Rencheck Hace 3 días
Give credit where credit is due bill maher coined him this years ago
Lemmings gotta Go
Lemmings gotta Go Hace 3 días
They should add little ; whiny little b*tch
Lemmings gotta Go
Lemmings gotta Go Hace 3 días
Hard to walk down the ramp in lifts (high heels)lol
Jude Sparks
Jude Sparks Hace 4 días
tRump pathological liar, sociopath with no conscience and Ultra Narcissist... gee also a womanizer that likes young girls, creepy, creepy, creepy....
James Jones
James Jones Hace 4 días
Will someone please tell me, who can actually sit through such stupidity and not go to friggin sleep?
K v
K v Hace 5 días
I want that as a bumper sticker
Inanna Hace 5 días
Motto is - enemy of my enemy, is my friend, until they are your enemy again lmao.
Raymond Walker
Raymond Walker Hace 5 días
can't believe I missed this video. It was funny😂😂 and accurate
Liliana McDonald
Liliana McDonald Hace 7 días
whiny bitch seems accurate to me.
Scoop Left
Scoop Left Hace 10 días
Slippery orange turd.
Chris Dee
Chris Dee Hace 10 días
Injecting disinfectants nailed it for me. The man is a diabolical killer. An insane, hallucinating, demonically possessed, pathologically lying, egotistical pompous, inhumane diabolical killer.
Margaret E
Margaret E Hace 11 días
Isn’t this ad by @FindAClearTruth ?
RareBird33 Hace 16 días
It's even a wonder he didn't blame Democrats for the glass of water trick.. This is Trump Speaking... Look this glass was probably made by a Democrat they made it extra heavy so I would look like a bufoon on international television.. lol what a Clown!!
RareBird33 Hace 16 días
Wonder Trump didn't blame his ability to walk on Democrats.. Democrats made these shoes.. That's why I can't walk in them.. is a wonder that he didn't say that.. he blames Democrats for everything.. but yet Democrats been around for a long time.. both parties have.. Democrats are Doctors lawyers normal people.. all Democrats are the same evil beings.. when if they would look in the mirror they would see who the real EVIL IS!!
Anthony Gonzalez
Anthony Gonzalez Hace 16 días
He didn’t say shit to him in those few split second that frinkin drama queen
sandpiperr Hace 17 días
The part where they circle his ass in the video is petty AF...but still hilarious! Though, honestly, Trump did most of the heavy lifting for them with this one! MFer is talking about having to be rescued from the top of a ramp! This is your peak alpha male!
Ellen Brown
Ellen Brown Hace 17 días
How much longer must we put up with him.
gypsy Hace 10 días
Until Nov.
Robert Racicot
Robert Racicot Hace 17 días
The year USA lost his leadership in the world 2016 the year Donald Trump became president
Paula A. Lewis
Paula A. Lewis Hace 17 días
Bill Maher has been calling "The Orange Turd" "A Whiny Little Bitch" for years!
T rippeddownthestairs
T rippeddownthestairs Hace 18 días
While The Lincoln Project has put out some good ads, this one is my FAVORITE! I almost wet my pants when I saw the snow overlay and the "Not referring to p*ssy" line!
Nikki B
Nikki B Hace 18 días
He should have just slid down on that big rump of his.
Brianna Sizemore
Brianna Sizemore Hace 19 días
Holy shit. Love it.
gwheyduke Hace 19 días
“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, Except for Moron trump. Yeah I like that Biden music !
Dj M
Dj M Hace 20 días
Whiny B*t*h Trump = 'lord FarQaud' should NOT have been wearing High heals that day just to complain about it later! Trump = Never a Leader, Always the Victim, Forever the Whiny B*t*h Racist Bigot Bully.
Art Deco
Art Deco Hace 20 días
Trump presidency is a slippery slope.
Victor Vazquez
Victor Vazquez Hace 21 un día
🇺🇸Might Joe Biden for president🇺🇸 🇺🇸✌😃👍🇺🇸 The name of trump means. Terrible. Rotten. Useless. Mad. President. What do you think his name means to you? 🤔👎
Walden Concord
Walden Concord Hace 23 días
I don't want conservative Republicans in charge either, but they are normal conservatives. They are a necessary counterpoint to progressive excess (e.g., cancel culture). But Trump is a vulgarian, , an ignoramus, a draft dodger, a liar, a serial adulterer, a petty narcissistic--the list goes on. Vote Biden. America needs you to put aside your cynicism and get real.
5th Dimensional Bitch
5th Dimensional Bitch Hace 23 días
I can't stop laughing at that ad Lmao and yes the any enemy of our enemy is a friend even if just temporarily
Paul Graham
Paul Graham Hace 24 días
Trump brings the ridicule on himself. It's human nature to fight back in some form when you see your leader hold you in contempt.
Paul Graham
Paul Graham Hace 24 días
How could Trump ever 'look good'?
Wizardbane68 68
Wizardbane68 68 Hace 25 días
Donald Trump at this point should be Considered a threat to the Public Safety and the Nation in this Pandemic at this time..Don't you like the America Trump has created for us? Here is the truth. Vote BLUE. My state ,Washington, as of 6-26-2020. Our state is making it mandatory to wear masks outside your homes.This is what America is now...
alberto rangel
alberto rangel Hace 25 días
Ever thought it might be the insole heels 👠 he wears...he's lied about his height, weight, so stands funny, like someone's pushing him forward!!
Alexis Monroe
Alexis Monroe Hace 26 días
I knew when he became president he would be a problem and he is
Dale Blake
Dale Blake Hace 20 días
Me too. I was mostly worried about how he would handle a major crisis, thinking he would be responsible for a lot of unnecessary deaths. And now I am watching my fears play out every day here in Florida.
jaana aalto
jaana aalto Hace 26 días
Erdogan will fix this!😀😀😀saludos de Finlandia
Chris H.
Chris H. Hace 26 días
Quite a funny reconstruction of how president Trump’s remembers his challenging walk down a ramp. Perhaps the conversation he had with the general was telepathic or one which only occurred in his own mind.
Caroline Barrett
Caroline Barrett Hace 27 días
Oh my god- brilliant! Seriously their best yet 🤣🤣🤣
Nicholas Fox
Nicholas Fox Hace 27 días
BBB - Bunker Boy is a Bitch.
Victor Vazquez
Victor Vazquez Hace 21 un día
More like Bunker Baby Boy But yeah he is a Twitter bitch So I do agree with you a 100% 🇺🇸✌😃👍🇺🇸
Grady Hall
Grady Hall Hace 27 días
Mitch Ross
Mitch Ross Hace 28 días
Whiny bitch is a good way to describe that traitor.
Bill B
Bill B Hace 28 días
Why is Biden always characterized as old? chump is mid 70s, they are in the same age group.
Ong Jean Kyle
Ong Jean Kyle Hace 28 días
Trump is a whiny bitch...hahahaa..hes also an imbecile. Curious there are people voting him to kill them in return.
Brexit Refugee
Brexit Refugee Hace 28 días
There are lots of whiny bitch fascists in the comment section. Crying and blubbering like babies because their fascist leader is tanking the country and tanking in the polls. Waaaaah. Wasaaaah. Waaaaaah. Whiny bitch fascists.
greenbluemonkey Hace 28 días
Red hats would rather have a dumb as rocks, vindictive, self absorbed ahole as their leader if it means "winning" against liberals. Without even understanding how they are only hurting themselves. People who are activists in protest goups against Fascism are once again the enemy of the government. Those that fight for civil rights, freedom of speech, social security, cheaper single payer, the ACA with no more pre-existing condition outclause for medical insurers death panels to deny coverage. Trump is in court trying to get that back into the dirty playbook for his crooked donors. How are Democrats the bad guys in that? Meanwhile the Republicans and Mitch give themselves big tax breaks, everyone else pays for in some future time, as their first big legislation. Even now, they steal by giving themselves, and donors, as well as Trump business, millions in COVID relief money meant for small business trying to survive. But his cult love Trump because even though he's a terrible role model to their kids, he's better than a Democrat, just....because.
Pierre Bibeau
Pierre Bibeau Hace 28 días
This fat ass fake president is a fool. Period.
Susie Shaw
Susie Shaw Hace 29 días
Love It 😊 Trump is a whiny ass Bitch😂
Kitty Frisco
Kitty Frisco Hace 29 días
HBO Real Time with Bill Maher is the one that has called Donald Trump A Whiny Bitch! since Donald Trump attempted to sue him. For Calling Fred Trump an orange Orangutan, as Donald Trump lost that lawsuit. This whole dilemma of insults by Donald Trump calling out his opponents come from reverse psychology. Donald Trump pins his own weaknesses on others,and calls them who he really is himself. Low IQ Maxine Waters! When Donald Trump can't even read! When he said that the 2016 elections were going to be rig,He knew that Russia was going to rig them for him way in advance. And these many many more goofs of insults that really relate to Trump himself,he's easy to figure out. That is why he is known as Don the Con, and a pathological liar as Marco Rubio called him out.
greenbluemonkey Hace 28 días
Yup. Although Maher called him a "Whiny Little Bitch", which flows better.
almostthere Hace 29 días
The enemy of my enemy is my friend - it is ok to team up every now and then.
almostthere Hace 29 días
LOL!!! LMAO!!!! I love the Lincoln Project!
Man Hace un mes
trump is always so concerned about the most trivial shit its obvious hes dumb as rocks
Mylo Hace un mes
Vote Blue 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙
Steve’s Guitars
Steve’s Guitars Hace un mes
Trump breathes in air and exhales lies....
CK K Hace 18 días
Steve’s Guitars And methane
Me Tube
Me Tube Hace un mes
Trump is a JOKE. 😂😂😂😂
Lanwarder Hace un mes
Come on Cenk, Ana isn't the only one nor is she the first to call Trump a whiny bitch.
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Ok but like...I hate my room