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In this vlog, Link is straightening Rhett's hair and beard. RL #013
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Note that today's content was recorded in advance of the US outbreak of COVID-19. Please excuse any reference that is no longer accurate or seemingly disrespectful or unhealthy due to general effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.
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10 abr 2020






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Rhett & Link
Rhett & Link Hace 3 años
Note that today's content was recorded in advance of the US outbreak of COVID-19. Please excuse any reference that is no longer accurate or seemingly disrespectful or unhealthy due to general effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Crispy Egg
Crispy Egg Hace 3 años
Rhett & Link love you guys!
Ve3 Hace 3 años
Hannah Milby
Hannah Milby Hace 3 años
Why do they write that disclaimer?
Lyla Elliott
Lyla Elliott Hace 3 años
Rhett & Link I am a big fan of y’all but I have to make this roast Rhett you look like Tom Hanks in Forrest Gump when he has the long hair and beard when link did your hair and beard
Jacki Hace 3 años
Nanhha Yimbl Trying to avoid people being mad that they’re not social distancing or being insensitive.
zoe menezes
zoe menezes Hace 3 años
5 years ago, I never thought I’d see the day where Links hair goes up and Rhetts hair goes down
Melissa Thorn
Melissa Thorn Hace 3 años
Boston Fravala
Boston Fravala Hace 3 años
This comment sent me lmao
korg Hace 3 años
zoe menezes damn
Cameron Cota
Cameron Cota Hace 3 años
This is a legendary comment
keekiiiam Hace 3 años
Sarah Smil3s
Sarah Smil3s Hace 3 años
Link: you can now be a functioning member of society Rhett: *looks like the leader of a cult*
ThatOneSpnFan Hace un año
12:37 ish LMAO
ThatOneSpnFan Hace un año
and 14:25
Rubyy Hace un año
Ironic considering one of their newest bits is about rhett being a cult leader HAHA
XLO Hace un año
wolfspirit 31
wolfspirit 31 Hace 5 meses
KPop Dumpster Fire
KPop Dumpster Fire Hace 2 años
9:32 "You're gonna be the straightest you've ever been." This made me laugh uncontrollably
Willo Peda
Willo Peda Hace 2 años
Omg I know!!
Paloma Petilos
Paloma Petilos Hace 2 años
12:46 "Hi, I'm straight." lmao
Willo Peda
Willo Peda Hace 2 años
@Paloma Petilos Hahahha this just made me laugh so much!!
Greg Castro
Greg Castro Hace 3 años
As a long haired curly headed boi myself, I have often thought about straightening my hair. This video finally gave me the courage I need to NEVER freaking do this...ever. So, thanks for that.
DutchGuyMike Hace 3 años
It looks different on everybody, try it! :D
Tejasvi Sriram
Tejasvi Sriram Hace 2 años
So... How you be feeling in this new hair
eggi Hace 2 años
If you do it yourself it's really not that bad
Pip8448 Hace un año
One of the things that Link did to make this look terrible was he angled straight out and often up instead of down. It's like painting, the direction of your strokes matter.
Michael Vieri Alfa Loppies
when your hair hit a certain length you should consider it.
Dragon Chasm
Dragon Chasm Hace 3 años
Not enough people are talking about how adorable Jenna is
Aswin Krishna
Aswin Krishna Hace 3 años
Who is jenna?
ThePsalms Hace 3 años
@Aswin Krishna links wife
Michu Hace 3 años
ThePsalms no link’s wife name is Christy and Jenna is their stylist she’s the one helping out Link
Michu Hace 3 años
Aswin Krishna the girl helping link straighten Rhett’s hair
kenzie h.
kenzie h. Hace 2 años
“you can wash it out right?” yes, you can wash out the straight.
Havocarius Hace 2 años
I can confirm it works. I showered once and came out of the bathroom with a huge desire to kiss girls.
Adalia Alvarez
Adalia Alvarez Hace 2 años
@Havocarius I was waiting for this comment!
kenzie h.
kenzie h. Hace 2 años
@Havocarius hahah thank you for blessing me with this comment
Sunny D
Sunny D Hace 2 años
That's what the priest said when he baptized me
Max_Matrix Hace 2 años
@Havocarius best comment ever
Lauren Hace 3 años
Rhett saying Link looks like a hairdresser is something I never thought about but now I can’t unsee.
Smoko Hace 3 años
It's so true.
Nickel Lindie
Nickel Lindie Hace 3 años
Lmaooooo trueeee
Rob Brown
Rob Brown Hace 3 años
Years ago I'm sure in multiple episode Link said he wanted to be a hairdresser.
Holy_Mess Hace 3 años
It makes sense, he's got nice hair. 🤷‍♂️
DjangoFett Hace 3 años
“So much to work with” is such a hairdresser thing to say
Kelsea Welsh
Kelsea Welsh Hace 2 años
Link: it's intimate you know? Also Link, 3 months earlier: * films while Rhett is naked in the shower *
Alexis Strother
Alexis Strother Hace un año
@12:49 Jenna & Link standing there with their hands clasped together in pure joy looking at the masterpiece they’ve created is a masterpiece in itself. 🥺😂
Gigi Romano
Gigi Romano Hace 6 meses
They need to redo this now that Rhett has longer hair lol
Just A Caring person
They should do this with Rhett’s current hair.
uhgayjew Hace un año
also have someone who knows how to straiten hair do it lol
Pip8448 Hace un año
@uhgayjew Very much yes!
GB Kuhleen
GB Kuhleen Hace un año
Now Rhett has to make Link's hair curly 😆
Hipppogrifff Hace 3 años
“You’re the shakiest most uncoordinated person that I’ve ever come in regular contact with.” That sentence is gold 😂😂
JacobBoi Hace 3 años
Babyh0neygutz Hace 3 años
Time stamp?
Yu So
Yu So Hace 3 años
Dania Gadborg
Dania Gadborg Hace 3 años
@Babyh0neygutz 2:32 ^^
abingleyboy Hace 3 años
Ha! I read your comment just as Rhett said it!.
Jovis Hace 3 años
at 12:48 Link is clasping his hands like "aww look at my beautiful creation"
keanna harris
keanna harris Hace 10 meses
It's so kewt!!
Meghan Gronbeck
Meghan Gronbeck Hace 18 días
& Jenna is too ☺️
Rishi Dutt
Rishi Dutt Hace 2 años
Rhett with straight hair looks like a supporting role in a Wes Anderson film.
Lemon_ze_bird Hace 5 meses
Stop that's so accurate but true 😭😭😭
jums Hace 3 años
His name is Mikael, he brews his own kombucha, and he would like to speak with you about the benefits of CBD vapes
Landry Kate G
Landry Kate G Hace 2 años
Olivia Sonia Kay Fiegl
Best comment yet! Like the West Coast (Hipster?) version of Woodstock (NY). 😂 I originate from a central New York, that is awash in hippies. 😁 And hairy-eared, hairy arm-pitted, non-deoderent wearing, CO-OP food binging, (college professor-ish, teaching) naturalists.... 😲 Who hold nudist camps in the woods, and do all sorts of other crunchy, granola-y things. 😊 #ThePunkVersusHippyDebateLivesOn 😎
SimplyCheryl Hace 2 años
Kitty Hace 2 años
That’s a mix of my father and grandmother..
Atticus Cougar
Atticus Cougar Hace 3 años
10:32 That Manson impression has me rolling 🤣😂🤣😂
DutchGuyMike Hace 3 años
Yeah, that was hilarious lol
Black Forest Ma'am
Black Forest Ma'am Hace 2 años
I got some ideas in my lotion 😂😂😂
Quinn Hace 3 años
He looks like that uncle that just got released from rehab
Jackaboi 1679
Jackaboi 1679 Hace 2 años
He looks like bob ross
Olivia Sonia Kay Fiegl
True. But, the hair puts him over the top.
Chris Waite
Chris Waite Hace 3 años
He looks like someone that was found in the woods three years after his disappearance.
Jamie N.
Jamie N. Hace 3 años
Allene Stacy
Allene Stacy Hace 3 años
Little Evan Weiss is that you?
CallMe_Queso Hace 3 años
Rhett looks like the detective in Detroit become human 😳
Zach Daniel
Zach Daniel Hace 3 años
He always looks like that tho
InsignificantNick Hace 3 años
It's 5 am and Rhett impersonating Charles Manson has me crying! 😂
Passer by
Passer by Hace 3 años
He would look a lot less homeless if he just groomed his beard, his hair is gorgeous
Jilliann Hace 3 años
That’s rude to say he looks like that
Oliver Bunting
Oliver Bunting Hace 3 años
isoGREENZ-_- ¿ you’re *
Oliver Bunting
Oliver Bunting Hace 3 años
isoGREENZ-_- ¿ and if you’re upset by my correction of your grammar, you’re soft too 💖
Spicy Sad
Spicy Sad Hace 3 años
@Jilliann i agree, its disrespectful not only to rhett but those less fortunate
Keaten Hace 3 años
“You look like you belong in a cabin writing some sort of Manifesto” *Whoever got the reference, I wish you a great day*
Rebypox Hace 2 años
Isn't Viggo doing that?
T. Huang
T. Huang Hace 2 años
What is it?
Pixiee Oho
Pixiee Oho Hace 2 años
Is it Unabomber?
T. Huang
T. Huang Hace 2 años
@Pixiee Oho either that or karl marx
GiDD Hace 2 años
Everyone knows the unibomber lol
Rob Hace 2 años
They need to do this again, his hair is much longer now!
Danielle King
Danielle King Hace un año
Zara Zen
Zara Zen Hace 2 años
I'm going through the worst time of my life, and.. this episode made me scream-laugh. Thank You Rhett and Link.
shakeaboot Hace 3 años
Am I the only one who loves Rhett's hair? I love how wild and curly it is, it looks mythical as all hell
Irina Georgantzis
Irina Georgantzis Hace 3 años
branfeather Hace 3 años
Like a lion
Hannah Rose
Hannah Rose Hace 3 años
LOVE his hair, but his beard is too crazy
Sabrina Greenep
Sabrina Greenep Hace 3 años
I love his hair and beard too
LifeBulb Hace 3 años
Kiersten H Pun intended? ;)
Hessed3712 Hace 3 años
“In your effort to be gentle, you were still aggressive.” I don’t know why that made me laugh so hard 🤣. Just subscribed.
Blobfish Hace 2 años
"Hi... I'm straight." I wasn't prepared to laugh this hard at the reveal 😂😂
Fat Casual
Fat Casual Hace 2 años
10:33 I lost it at Rhett's Manson impression, That was gold lol
Cassia T
Cassia T Hace 3 años
12:15 Rhett’s reaction made me laugh so hard 😂😂
Chris Catton
Chris Catton Hace 5 meses
"I thought you were going to say 'this is a beauty' and just grasp my head." Rhett is forever quotable.
charmides898 Hace 3 años
I love how Jenna automatically went out and got burn supplies before they even started
babecat2000 Hace 3 años
He knows Link too well.
charmides898 Hace 3 años
babecat2000 My roommate said the same thing when she saw the title haha
Justin Hace 6 meses
In my lotion, that's the reason she was late. She had to run over to their medic office to get burn cream instead of just getting the straightener
Jacob Hace 3 años
I just realized how much Rhett looks like Rasputin, especially with the straightened hair..
GiDD Hace 2 años
You know what they say about Rasputin 😉
Pedriinho Pedriinho
Pedriinho Pedriinho Hace 2 años
@GiDD what?
Pedriinho Pedriinho
Pedriinho Pedriinho Hace 2 años
@GiDD that he had a deal with the devil?
HBR Dynamics
HBR Dynamics Hace 2 años
Rhe rhe rhettsputin
Alexandria Cantu
Alexandria Cantu Hace 2 años
Link with his hands together and astonished with his final results of Rhett 😂 priceless
gerald wadle
gerald wadle Hace 3 años
7:10 So true Rhett 😂 Link always stops whatever he was doing completely as soon as he starts talking lmao
6FootSnorlax Hace 3 años
Rhett with straight hair looks like he lost his mind a while ago and has just accepted it at this point
Deadly Doodles
Deadly Doodles Hace 2 años
I want to see a part 2 now that his hair is like twice as long
Bree M Lew
Bree M Lew Hace 3 años
He looks like an art teacher who stopped paying attention to men's styles after 1973.
RatKeeperDude Hace 3 años
Art people don't ssem to pay much attention to mainstream style anyway.
AnimeCanuck Hace 3 años
@RatKeeperDude Damn straight! :D My guitar teacher back in highschool had a mullet pulled back in a low ponytail.
BJM Productions
BJM Productions Hace 3 años
He looks like Shaggy
Hanna Hoang
Hanna Hoang Hace 3 años
That’s right, he looks like mine
Tusky Hace 3 años
That "Motion in the lotion" quote Rhett started was like a game of telephone and was something entirely different by the end.
Priscilla Mia
Priscilla Mia Hace 3 años
That Manson impression was absolutely hilarious. It was too perfect 🤣
MysteriousMango Hace 2 años
Rhett and link are the only youtubers who can genuinely make me laugh
I haven't laughed as hard in my life as I did with the Charles Manson impersonation. 😂😂 If you guys haven't seen that interview, I highly recommend it and then come back to this. Lol.
Musfirah Hace 3 años
could u please link the interview here?
SEAVMAN5000 Hace 3 años
This the video is the top search result in ESvid for CHARLES MANSON hair. Never thought I'd be surfing ESvid for Charles Manson videos and the top result would be Rhett and Link. 2020 is crazy as Hell.
Spooky Hamilton
Spooky Hamilton Hace 3 años
Rhett had a quarantine haircut before quarantine.
Cool Senpai
Cool Senpai Hace 3 años
Now I've realized why Link isn't very coordinated. Whenever something doesn't work immediately (note hair straightener), he adds power instead of finesse.
Smorri Hace 3 años
Like a small child
fungifago Hace 3 años
That's classic Link
Tᖇᗴᗴ Tᖇᗴᗴ
Oddly enough sounds like my grandpa 😆
Sam Durazo
Sam Durazo Hace 3 años
i wanna like this but its at 665 ;/
Kira Jeppesen
Kira Jeppesen Hace 3 años
Thats how i do it as well. 🤣🤣🤣 im learning to drive right now and it aint pretty, because you need finesse and whenever i panick i just start slamming things 🤣🤣
Rae Hace 3 años
Honestly I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard at any of their previous videos 😂
Kate Hace 2 años
watched this trying to go to sleep, i'm laughing so hard i'm crying, the after look is hilarious. I have hair like Rhett and i knew what the after was going to look like, but the facial expressions with the hair, i lost it
Lili Jacobson
Lili Jacobson Hace 3 años
The way in which Rhett’s beard moves when he talks after it was straightened is everything
kybraddles Hace 3 años
Honestly I love these Saturday vlogs more than regular GMM... they’re closer to what the old GMM was like, just Rhett and Link hanging out and doing stuff together. I love it!!
Keilagh Heeley
Keilagh Heeley Hace 2 años
You should straighten Rhett’s hair now with how much it has grown 😂
Anjail Bakeer
Anjail Bakeer Hace 3 años
Rhett has become such a grumpy old man. It's absolutely hilarious and everytime he gets all grumpy, Link does his best to push his buttons even more. I love this video.
Harasen Hace 3 años
I haven't watched Rhett and Link in a while. Great to see their sense of humor being the same as it always has been.
GreyPajamas Hace 2 años
The banter and improv in this video is just so incredibly on point 👍🏻
Let’s bark about that
Rhett and link chanting:There is motion in the ocean and a thought in the lotion.😂😂😂
Katrina Dunn
Katrina Dunn Hace 5 meses
I was crying laughing when Rhett was doing this Charles Manson impression 😂. Also someone who knows how to straighten hair should do Rhett’s hair now
leave it to these two pioneers of media to once again find their voice & passion. These vlogs have rejuvenated my love for them!
rose.red Hace 3 años
Rhett looks like a groomed dog at the end But when he tucks his hair behind his ears he looks like a youth pastor
Scarlett Hace 3 años
bit close to home
Another stranger.
Another stranger. Hace 3 años
If Rhett wore a toga and you guys took a black and white painting of him. He would definitely look like a Renaissance artist, composer, poet etc.
Emma Massey
Emma Massey Hace 3 años
Rhett:*trying to talk to the viewers about how he’s feeling* Link: “ just shut up and breath”
syleile Hace un año
Link delighted at 12:48 warms my soul
Julius Hace 3 años
I never realized how much i love rhetts natural wavy hair until after seeing him with straight hair lol 😂
Anna T
Anna T Hace 3 años
You should do this now with his longer hair.
jesusinabikini Hace 3 años
Rhett: You Can’t talk crap about people’s hair while you’re Doing it. ALL HAIRDRESSERS: OH YES WE CAN.
Aditya Thomas
Aditya Thomas Hace 3 años
My barber talked trash about what I was wearing
Vinokai Hace 3 años
Worse part is when the barber/hairdresser is your mom...(my mom)
Aditya Thomas
Aditya Thomas Hace 3 años
@Vinokai I was wearing a LeBron jersey and under armor shoes. 2 barbers said I was wearing a LeBron Jersey and Curry's shoes.
Vinokai Hace 3 años
Aditya Thomas 😂😂
Kathryn Dudley
Kathryn Dudley Hace 3 años
I would also take offense at the hairdresser laughing at what he's just done to you. LOL
Sursie Metzger
Sursie Metzger Hace 2 años
Id honestly love to see an office tour for these two 😂🖤 Rhetts studio office has me curious.
lynndec22 Hace 3 años
Link insulting Rhett’s chin was too funny!
MaMaBear2629 Hace 7 meses
Omg I’m DYING when he said “you can wash it out, right?!” 😂 oh Rhett… just walk outside if it’s humid enough trust me… POOF back to curls 😂
@dylanjnicholas Hace 3 años
2015: Rhett: My hair goes up! Link: My hair goes down! 2020: Rhett: My hair goes down! Link: My hair goes up!
Amber Mattie
Amber Mattie Hace 2 años
I laugh so very hard every time I watch this episode.
Krystal Dawn
Krystal Dawn Hace 3 años
I've never considered just how much Link does look like a hairdresser until Rhett mentioned it lmao
Kaitlyn Hace 3 años
Yeah xd
qwertyCandy Hace 3 años
Krystal Dawn In the best way, though ❤️
- Storm
- Storm Hace 3 años
Its 2 pm
Aiman Hace 3 años
Krystal Dawn josh said that before 😂
Elyssa Rosen
Elyssa Rosen Hace 3 años
Specifically the one from Phineas and Ferb
77derya77 Hace 3 años
best manson impression ever. watching it over and over for the laughs. thank you guys
Marko Hace 3 años
He's making a whole new Rhett character rn and I can't wait to see this character make a comeback lol
Jason D. B-W.
Jason D. B-W. Hace un año
“I will cut my hair.” Two years later: Rhett’s hair AND beard are the most glorious they’ve ever been. Please continue to go back on your word n never cut it!
Hannah Long
Hannah Long Hace 3 años
the amount of time rhett is like dude keep it moving! kills me!! omg. link ignores it every time haha
Avril Henderson
Avril Henderson Hace un año
Rhett: You're the shakiest, most uncoordinated person I have ever come in regular contact with Link: Doesn't listen and continues to struggle with the hair straightener cord
inbal Hace 3 años
Link at the beginning of the video: worrying about touching Rhett's hair because "it's intimate" Rhett a few minutes later: "is Link deflowering my hair right now?"
toffeesugarcp Hace 3 años
I wish they could make more of these! I know with covid it got more difficult but I still enjoyed them
toFELIPwithLove Hace 3 años
Hey! I love Rhett's beautiful, wavy hair!
Laura Ramos
Laura Ramos Hace 2 años
"The motion in the ocean , thought in the lotion." Me: BEST MOTTO EVER! 🤣🤣🤣
Clarisa c
Clarisa c Hace 2 años
1 year later and I still cried laughing.
I don't even know.
I don't even know. Hace 5 meses
link is so funny and rhett is so nervous haha
Videos By Rose
Videos By Rose Hace 3 años
2019: Rhetts chin is gone 2020: Rhetts face is gone
Jéssica Barbosa
Jéssica Barbosa Hace 3 años
This is my favorite vlog and everytime I watch it, I just want to push link aside and do it myself because he's not doing it right hahahaha
Erin Taylor
Erin Taylor Hace un año
i love rhetts hair but this makes me apreciate it even more.
Kelly Alvarado
Kelly Alvarado Hace 3 años
I'm dying... These guys crack me up on every episode lmao
Kenneth Wells III
Kenneth Wells III Hace 2 años
We love videos like this easy behind the scenes stuff
bewsheen Hace 2 años
this friendship is keeping the world together
Jay_Anthony016 Hace 3 años
Is it just me or does Rhett look like the history teacher everyone wants to get for class?
The Lengendary Ancestor
he does
That Hyena
That Hyena Hace 3 años
I'd go back to school-- Lol
Asnida Cali
Asnida Cali Hace 3 años
I saw every hairdo of Marilyn Monroe in Rhett
Nay Gutta
Nay Gutta Hace 3 años
Damn he kinda look like the history teacher nobody wanted at my high school. He had a lot of scabs
Katie Alcazar
Katie Alcazar Hace 3 años
Before or after le straight
Grace Hinahon
Grace Hinahon Hace 3 años
I want a friendship like rhett and link. 🥺😌
claire b
claire b Hace 3 años
why does Link look literally look like a hairdresser!!🤣🤣 i am crying of laughter!!🤣🤣🤣
watertubig Hace 3 años
8:05 ayee would you look at that, the old rhett hair is back!! ❤️
Danni Andersen
Danni Andersen Hace 2 años
Link is like my mother, they both cant literally do two things at the same time. It can be extremely frustrating.
Joyce Okere
Joyce Okere Hace 3 años
His curly hair looks “kempt” and gorgeous 😍
Carlotta Hofmann
Carlotta Hofmann Hace 3 años
Petition to make the “Hair Song” again only this time Links hair goes up and Rhett’s hair goes down
Emmelle Perry
Emmelle Perry Hace 3 años
Except Link's will be coming down any day.
Peggy D
Peggy D Hace un año
This is the funniest R&L video. I cried.
ItsOptoBro Hace 3 años
This is honestly my favorite Rhett and Link content of all time!!! 😂🤣😂
Blade Ottaway
Blade Ottaway Hace 3 años
How did I never get round to seeing their vlogs before??! Loved this! 😂😁 And her laugh awh
Ryn !
Ryn ! Hace 3 años
The chaotic energy in the thumbnail is precious 😍
Wendy Hace 3 años
WOOOAH! I have not watched Rhett & Link for a while...to come back and witness mad unforseen hair evolution!
xBlueWolf Hace 3 años
"Straight-Haired Rhett isn't real, he can't hurt you." Straight-Haired Rhett:
Mags G
Mags G Hace 3 años
*does a charles manson impression*
Riley Wodka
Riley Wodka Hace 3 años
I’m gonna see that in my nightmares
ms Hace 3 años
666 likes lol I'm leaving it there 😈
Zack of All Trades
Zack of All Trades Hace 3 años
I have not laughed that hard in a while. Thank you!
MyBookishBehaviour Hace 3 años
I wish there was a follow up clip of him walking around the studio and we'd get to see the crew's reaction 😂