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Today, we're learning how to properly cut an onion. RL #09
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Note that today's content was recorded in advance of the US outbreak of COVID-19. Please excuse any reference that is no longer accurate or seemingly disrespectful or unhealthy due to general effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.
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13 mar 2020






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Cade Taylor
Cade Taylor Hace 3 años
I like the fact that the checkout lady is becoming a recurring character
BenoProductions Hace 3 años
Cade Taylor same
SunAndGray Hace 3 años
She’s a crew woman now lol camerawoman
George Armele
George Armele Hace 3 años
She is a part of the family 🥳 Lol
Hax Saw
Hax Saw Hace 3 años
Cade Taylor In the times now, this is refreshing
Danny G
Danny G Hace 3 años
Omg right when Link was going to grab the knife I got an ad that said STOP
Mys. Wren
Mys. Wren Hace 3 años
Link: call me round stuff Rhett, not even missing a beat: okay, round stuff.
606 Films
606 Films Hace 2 años
Round Stuff was, of course, my nickname in highschool
Bizzy Bee Shelby
Bizzy Bee Shelby Hace 3 años
I want to see Rhett and Link go thriftstore shopping or garage sale shopping for stuff that their new house needs 🤔
Heather Gonzalez
Heather Gonzalez Hace 3 años
Why doesn't this have more like ._. They should totally do that when the Covid situation dissipates.
d3skaa Hace 3 años
Hayden Harris You got a problem?
haha yes
haha yes Hace 2 años
J-Brock Hace 2 años
I second that
Olive Hace 3 años
The absolute trust link has in Rhett with a sharpened knife, “lemme shave your face” lets him do it, no hesitation whatsoever
Sara Scott
Sara Scott Hace 3 años
That is a best friend there.
Mysterious _ Wolf
Mysterious _ Wolf Hace 3 años
Rhett would not trust Link to do that
T. Huang
T. Huang Hace 2 años
I don't know if that's trust.. I think Link just has no idea how dangerous knives are
Emily2618 Hace 2 años
That's what you get when you've been best friends since you were 6 years old 😏 I love it.
Dorothy Belrose
Dorothy Belrose Hace 3 años
I could watch these two just hang out all day and still be entertained
Ashley Cottle
Ashley Cottle Hace 3 años
Rhett: “I’m not interested in getting kicked out, I’m interested in getting what we need” Me: *chokes on water* A ESvidr who doesn’t want to get kicked out of a store??? How refreshing!
Joey Svehla
Joey Svehla Hace 3 años
Link: Has 3 kids, a wife, an engineering degree, a massive business and biggest ESvid show *dices onions* Link: Look at this I’ve never done anything so spectacular in my life
Shiny White Gengar
Shiny White Gengar Hace 3 años
He was alive for living.
April L
April L Hace 3 años
You have 123 likes
Wolf Hace 3 años
This cracked me all the way up.
Tad Hace 3 años
Priorities are on point regarding Mr. Neal.
d3m0n Gu7z
d3m0n Gu7z Hace 3 años
Like the time he said the photos of family in his backpack were things he had no use for lol priorities in line
Just for fun
Just for fun Hace 3 años
Rhett: I was in here the other day and there a was a whole family here Link: At the redbox? Rhett: Arguing at the redbox. It was wonderful.
The Dipsters
The Dipsters Hace 3 años
What is your profile pic?
Just for fun
Just for fun Hace 3 años
@The Dipsters A grandma with a very short face
Liquorice ✨
Liquorice ✨ Hace 3 años
FernBear 🌿🐻
FernBear 🌿🐻 Hace un año
At the Redbox. Where black people and white people rent DVDs.
Joey Albert
Joey Albert Hace 9 meses
The problem isn't Link being comfortable with knives, it's the people around him being comfortable with it 😂
Midwest Monstaz
Midwest Monstaz Hace 3 años
Link cuts an onion Link: “RACHAEL RAY!!” Rhett pulls out a cored pineapple Link: “RACHAEL RAY!!”
606 Films
606 Films Hace 2 años
Lourdes McKay
Lourdes McKay Hace 2 años
Benjamin Hace 2 años
I’m gonna start yelling that when I feel triumphant
Troy Lattimer
Troy Lattimer Hace 3 años
Rhett looks like he makes organic moonshine in the Tennessee backwoods.
Mysteriousmuffen123 Hace 2 años
What? Lol
milk Hace 2 años
don’t question it... he’s right you know
Rafferty Hace un año
This better show up in a "who you talkin' bout" wheel turn on GMM
SweetKiren Hace 3 años
Link: "Call me round stuff!" Rhett: "All right round stuff" I love them so much 😂
Clow Hace 3 años
_Rhett tries to shave Link's face with a knife_ Me: that is more trust than I have with anyone. Their friendship is beautiful.
zShxrkie12 Hace 3 años
It reminds me of that one scene I forgot what the music video was called but it was very link shaved his beard with a machete
Kalena Kelner
Kalena Kelner Hace 3 años
I gave my friend one chance to see if I gained her trust. She fed me moldy coffee that had been in her room for three months😂 And I am still her best friend.
shauna estes
shauna estes Hace 3 años
link: *cuts onion* *cuts pineapple* “I JUST CUT ANOTHER FRUIT!”
Grace Vils
Grace Vils Hace 3 años
Me: "wow, this could actually be a cooking channel" Link: "no one is thinking 'wow, this could actually be a cooking channel' " 🙃
Karissa And Katelyn
Karissa And Katelyn Hace 3 años
“Round stuff, round stuff, elongated round stuff, more round stuff, paler round stuff, greener round stuff, more smaller greener round stuff” -Link Neal 2020 😂
Trazzu Hace 3 años
Californians: “3$ for a pineapple? That’s a steal!” Everywhere in America “3$ for a pineapple?!”
Frisky Sabertooth
Frisky Sabertooth Hace 3 años
When i used to live in California, pinapples where between $5 and $10
Tyler Paolucci
Tyler Paolucci Hace 3 años
Pineapples are 3-5 dollars everywhere
Tyler Paolucci
Tyler Paolucci Hace 3 años
in america at least
Hey It's Charlee
Hey It's Charlee Hace 3 años
@Frisky Sabertooth seems about right here in New England...
Davey Wonder Outdoors
2.99 for pineapple in Wa State. Organic or nice brand runs 3.50 or 3.99
Neyter Hace 3 años
12:42 Link: " I've never done anything this spectacular in my entire life" link's child: "Am I a joke to you?"
EmDoesArt Hace 3 años
Rhett: That’s a vegetable not a fruit Me: “Do vegetables have fruits?”
Flik Hace 3 años
Anything that grows where the flower was, is a fruit. So yes, that includes courgettes, aubergines, pumpkins, tomatoes, bell peppers, chilis, olives, cucumbers, beans, etc. Anything that is part of the plant itself is a vegetable, so roots (eg carrots, onions, garlic), stalks (celery, bok choy, broccoli), leaves (spinache, leafy herbs, cabbage) flowers. This last one is interesting because courgette flowers are eaten sometimes (watch mr. Oliver deep fry these) - which is a part ot the plant and thus a vegetable. However the fruit is also eaten. So yes, vegetables have fruits!
EmDoesArt Hace 3 años
Flik I was making a reference to the time Link said that by accident 😂😂😂 but i appreciate the new knowledge
Lizz Locke
Lizz Locke Hace 3 años
Mittens Zora
Mittens Zora Hace 3 años
Diana Olvera
Diana Olvera Hace 3 años
@EmDoesArt this person hasnt seen the show that often i guess.
Devon Rutkowski
Devon Rutkowski Hace 3 años
You guys are true saviors during these times we are at stuck at home. So many of us need to step out of the chaotic reality we created and have some laughs. THANK YOU RHETT & LINK. ❤️🙌
Black Sheep
Black Sheep Hace 3 años
Squirrel lady is MVP though, she's a recurring character in the vlogs now.
DLTGamingSquad Hace 3 años
copy cat
Black Sheep
Black Sheep Hace 3 años
@DLTGamingSquad ?
DLTGamingSquad Hace 3 años
@Black Sheep you copied someones comment
Delicate Disaster
Delicate Disaster Hace 3 años
@DLTGamingSquad right. Because 2 people cant have the same thought. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ he must have copied it. It couldn't possibly have just been coincidental
Michelle von Neupert
"I was trying to do something that Josh did, and I immediately screwed it up" VERY RELATABLE lol
sapphis lazuli
sapphis lazuli Hace 3 años
tbh i think we all have
superhero6785 Hace 3 años
"My eyes are starting to bleed tears." The man's way of saying you're crying LOL "I'm not crying, I'm bleeding tears."
Sam Ryder
Sam Ryder Hace 2 años
You can tell they’re best friends bc Rhett straight up said “if you cut your finger off I’m not taking you to the hospital, I’ll call an ambulance”
Cole Lincoln
Cole Lincoln Hace 3 años
Idea: Gordon Ramsey teaches Rhett and Link how to cook a dish. Gordon treats Link like he’s on Hell’s Kitchen, treats Rhett like he is on MasterChef Junior.
ejano Crowsnatcher
ejano Crowsnatcher Hace 3 años
Other way around We all know Link needs as much help as he can get xD
Zella Bennett
Zella Bennett Hace 3 años
ejano Crowsnatcher that’s why it’s funny
J Hace 3 años
Rhett prefers negative reinforcement
Shoebill Hace 3 años
J But he also prefers to torment and frustrate link
Mallory Grondman
Mallory Grondman Hace 3 años
This is what the world needs right now. This is art.
Kaytlynn Wagner
Kaytlynn Wagner Hace 3 años
Rhett : " I saw a whole family arguing at the redbox, it was wonderful" LMFAO THIS IS ME
I think it's super sweet that they've known each other for so long but they can still make each other wheeze-laugh
Bright Knight
Bright Knight Hace 3 años
Ok I might seriously cry the next time I feel comfortable enough to go into a grocery store like Rhett and link do in this vlog.
Matt Sowards
Matt Sowards Hace 3 años
you guys are so funny love the stuff glad your always making videos
the random one
the random one Hace 2 años
you are verified so i know your a youtuber...but... who ARE you
Matt Sowards
Matt Sowards Hace 2 años
the random one google me :)
the random one
the random one Hace 2 años
@Matt Sowards you have 100k subs, and your videos are... well just random, i cant figure out what kind of channel it is and im not watching a bunch of videos to find out and your a steam developer
Packersfan Hace 2 años
@the random one you’re *
Packersfan Hace 2 años
@Matt Sowards you’re *
Mario Flores
Mario Flores Hace 3 años
So I just watched about 15 minutes of 2 grown men learning how to dice an onion, that’s what my life has become.
Maura Coté
Maura Coté Hace 3 años
"Every step of cooking creates something that needs to be cleaned up." -Link I think this needs to be put on a mythical kitchen apron.
Cary Ulmer
Cary Ulmer Hace 3 años
Maura Coté My mom always followed that principle. It was her reason we all had to stay out of the kitchen. If we wanted a snack after school we had to take our allowance & go buy something at 7-11.
Benjamin David Walcott
Perfect segue to an ad plug for the Mythical towel too
Maura Coté
Maura Coté Hace 3 años
Maybe a mythical cutting board too. Haha
GIChiyo Hace 3 años
I would 100% buy that apron
T0K3Y Hace 3 años
This is a GREAT idea
Kyle Hickey
Kyle Hickey Hace 3 años
Link: *grunts* "I'm makin' dad noises"
Ellie Hace 3 años
At least he knows
Mya Anderson
Mya Anderson Hace 3 años
Yeah, I least he notices it.
zymphyr Hace 3 años
"Do you have pineapples?" It sounds as if Link has never been to the supermarket before.
Evan Swenson
Evan Swenson Hace 2 años
Watching Link become more confident as the video progresses is inspiring
grimmy813 Hace 11 meses
Dunno why but I throughly enjoyed watching you guys cut onions lmao
Connor Wallace
Connor Wallace Hace 3 años
no joke, i would watch you guys continue to learn how to cook. Everything you two do is gold hahah
Shaharia Chowdhury
Shaharia Chowdhury Hace 3 años
Link: Ive never done anything spectacular my entire life! Link also has a beautiful family, created an empire with his best friend, and is making videos for a living... and decides dicing onions was his peak.
Jessica Hace 3 años
At least it's not the freaking drug poster contest anymore haha
sapphis lazuli
sapphis lazuli Hace 3 años
he also has a degree in engineering;
Heather Gonzalez
Heather Gonzalez Hace 3 años
@Jessica omg i forgot about that 😂😂
Tay M
Tay M Hace 3 años
Absolutely no one: Not even squirrel lady: Rhett and Link: eating diced onions and pineapple straight out of a skillet with their hands
Savannah Hace 3 años
Tay M an unwashed skillet mind you
Maggie Hace 3 años
When you scrape off any chopped “stuff” off of the cutting board, make sure to use the full side of the knife to help keep the knife sharp!!
William Dangelo
William Dangelo Hace 3 meses
That knife wasn't sharp to start with lol
Larry Rutherford
Larry Rutherford Hace 2 años
I’ve never seen 2 men get so excited about cutting onions 😂😂
Kristy Ramjattan
Kristy Ramjattan Hace 4 meses
Link's face when he showed Rhett the pineapple slicer in the store was the cutest thing ever😭😭💜
Paige Rude
Paige Rude Hace 2 años
Me: a 15 year old who knows how to cut an onion Also me: watches two 40 year old men learn how to cut an onion
DadVsDad Hace 3 años
Link practices tucking fingers and then immediately cuts the onion in half without fingers tucked.
Lizzie Lambert
Lizzie Lambert Hace 3 años
DadVsDad I read that as f*cking tingers for a second I’m so sorry 😂.
DadVsDad Hace 3 años
@Lizzie Lambert you must have just got done watching the fan fiction episode lol
Lili Esparza
Lili Esparza Hace 5 meses
I'm sorry but just imagine you see two grown men at your local grocery store doing a grocery hall while the cashier films. I love them
Shannon McCarthy
Shannon McCarthy Hace 3 años
Rhett and Link making friends with the grocery store employee during their frisbee golf video and then having a reunion with her during this video was something I didn't know I needed in my life
Athena Cepe
Athena Cepe Hace 3 años
The pain of watching them do all this on top of a stove top is giving me anxiety bc I know there’s stuff that’ll fall down there and then they’ll have extra stuff to clean
DJiggyToTheHiggy Hace 3 años
This is the most anxiety inducing episode yet.
Vexx Coyote
Vexx Coyote Hace 3 años
I love how Link said, “I cut another fruit.”
Rat Gang
Rat Gang Hace 3 años
Link: I don't understand what this cut is doing. Rhett: Yeah you do! Link: *d o n ' t t e l l m e w h a t i u n d e r s t a n d*
GuacamoleRat Hace 3 años
Rat Gang U n d e r s. T a n d.
Laura'sLyricalLife Hace 3 años
I introduced my husband to some more Rhett and Link this week and he said after this video: "I always wanted a friendship like theirs, we could have that one day!" in such a pure, cute way. Thanks for the joy you've given me for years, and now to my new mythical beast. We will get there! We've been together over a year, married for just a couple months, but we'll keep aspiring to be to your level one day! A lifetime of rich friendship doesn't seem too bad to me :)
Mar H
Mar H Hace 3 años
I'm really glad these vlogs exist, it really highlights everything I loved about Rhett and Link way back in Chia Lincoln days. GMM is still great, it's just lost a lot of the personal Rhett and Link touch that I really loved, these vlogs definitely do the trick though.
FabledMudPond Hace 3 años
As a chef, this video was very wholesome and made me super happy and proud of you two. Thanks Rhett and Link. Also talking with your knife is a no-no 😂
Stephani Knight
Stephani Knight Hace 3 años
Link looks soo innocent all the time. The rhett is a redheaded devil. Love it
Mark Bryant
Mark Bryant Hace un año
I hope you two bring back the vlogs. They were so much fun
Derek Paasch
Derek Paasch Hace 3 años
I love these vlogs, and the reason why is that they're more natural with their comedy, unscripted/written. It give R&L an opportunity to be improvisational, and it gives the viewer an insight into the normal day to day life. Love you guys
Lee Hace 3 años
They could have done this years ago. Now is better than never. They are so awesome at this
TheR3aper5 Hace 3 años
I just hope it doesnt end rather suddenly like the Mythical channel
Maddy and Sascha
Maddy and Sascha Hace un mes
Thank you Rachel, you’ve changed our lives (my wife already knew, but I didn’t, now I need to cut the onions)
Madison Campbell
Madison Campbell Hace 2 años
I love how Rhett is just so naturally chaotic
Jasmine Scott
Jasmine Scott Hace 3 años
I love how they’re so excited about cutting onions 😂🥴
GNK Power Droid
GNK Power Droid Hace 3 años
at least they’re not crying about it
nevaeh Hace 24 días
link casually saying he can't be trusted with a knife is so freaking funny.
Stormy Hallahan
Stormy Hallahan Hace 3 años
There is probably nothing else in the world that I enjoy seeing more than their dynamic.
Chiara Hace 3 años
“All right Link” “CalL mE rOunD sTufF” “All right round stuff”
movecount Hace 3 años
You forgot elongated round stuff.
Carlo Andrei Bote
Carlo Andrei Bote Hace 3 años
... Kinky
DowzerWTP72 Hace 3 años
Roouuuund. I thought he said brown stuff. Thank goodness
Laura Norda
Laura Norda Hace 3 años
@movecount that was rhetts nickname in highschool 😋
Catch Hace 3 años
Rhett being a sweet friend
Joanna Hace 3 años
When Link said “this is for Rachel” I really thought he was gonna say “This is for Rachel you big fat”, etc. 💎
Sophia Caillouet
Sophia Caillouet Hace 3 años
Joanna same😂
Sarah Stotler
Sarah Stotler Hace 3 años
K Armstrong
K Armstrong Hace 3 años
Ya know bots are getting better
Maddie Lessner
Maddie Lessner Hace 3 años
When Link put his hat on backwards while cutting said onion, he was rockin that look! Also not gonna lie, sometimes I feel like Link is my spirit animal cause he just does so many relatable hilarious things and I think it’s great!
john plante
john plante Hace 3 años
I have worked in a kitchen for years now and i have cut my fingers 20 times and diced about a 1000+ pounds of onions before i had it down.. and sure now i can cut onions fast and perfect so dont bust their balls with these comments telling them to learn this in 1 video hahah XD
BRUH Hace 3 años
Link finds a cool stuff: Rhett: We should get that
BitterBetty Hace 3 años
It's like watching my 2 daughter's going to the store together lol.
KJGHOSTED21 Hace 3 años
Bananas "Elongated round stuff" Link 2020
August A.
August A. Hace 3 años
Link’s laugh at 9:57 is Rare. It’s like the recordings R&L would do together as kids hahah. So wholesome.
Adam Rea
Adam Rea Hace 3 años
I really want to see a vlog where R&L try to follow one of Josh’s recipe videos from the Mythical Kitchen channel and then have him judge the results. Synergy!
CC Hace 3 años
i just watched fifteen minutes of two, rich, successful, adult men learn how to dice onions... and i loved every single second of it
Tyler Doe
Tyler Doe Hace 3 años
Only these guys can make this entertaining hahaha
Timothy Baker
Timothy Baker Hace 2 años
The fact that Rhett has a 300-400 dollar knife that he used on a 20 dollar sharpener hurts my soul
Economy Gifed
Economy Gifed Hace 3 años
I love this channel. Makes me forget all the school work :D Keep on making videos like this. -Boy from Norway
Meagan Larson
Meagan Larson Hace 3 años
Episode idea: Rhett and link throw a housewarming party. You’d be surprised the things people will buy you for your new digs.
T0K3Y Hace 3 años
Oooo I hope they see this, that would be amazing!
toyamwarr Hace 3 años
I’m really curious what people would think was acceptable to buy for Rhett & Link especially their employees. I’m also curious what Josh would make for a mythical housewarming party.
Amy Bharadwaj
Amy Bharadwaj Hace 3 años
@Meggles Flair - I don’t know about Rhett & Link - but I am going to certainly make use of your idea - I deserve new stuff.
zee Hace 3 años
The only food served at the party is sautéed onion and pineapple
Rylie Hace 2 años
link is like me at the store and rhett is like my mon trying to keep me focused
Jasmine Maynard
Jasmine Maynard Hace un año
I love that whoever is a stranger in the vlogs turns into a squirrel 😅😂🤣 cracks me up lol keep that recurring theme its hilarious
FullMetalMonk27 Hace 3 años
I love how different Rhett looks in these vlogs!! 😄😂
DeeplySamcastic Hace 3 años
Why did I just have a great time watching two grown men cut up some onions?😂
Carter Hanson
Carter Hanson Hace 3 años
Link: “look at this pineapple its so orange its like Christmas time”
gothic lemons
gothic lemons Hace 3 años
He said “it’s like a garnish” not “it’s so orange”
rogerina Hace 3 años
@gothic lemons People like you just ruin comments..I swear.
Annette Navin
Annette Navin Hace 3 años
Everybody knows what just went down. Everybody except @gothic lemons smfh
Irelyn Bever
Irelyn Bever Hace 3 años
he said garnish
ritzmonster Hace 3 años
Everyone when Rhett uses a knife: Everyone when Link uses a knife: *WAIT THAT’S ILLEGAL*
Trill Collins
Trill Collins Hace 3 años
"911, whats your emergency?" "LINK HAS A KNIIIIIIIIFE"
excalibur2112 Hace 3 años
Jeff Hace 3 años
@Trill Collins help is on their way
Nick Hace 3 años
Haha reddit memes on ESvid are always funny. Oh wait.
Rigged Hace 3 años
LaurenTiare I really want to like your comment but it’s at 666 so
Emily Voit
Emily Voit Hace 3 años
I closed my eyes and started to nod off when Link goes “DONT SLEEP we’ve been on food network before” like how did u know I was sleeping
Moon Zenitsu
Moon Zenitsu Hace 3 años
Austin Bateman
Austin Bateman Hace 3 años
I literally had to cut an onion for dinner the day so watched this so rather than pull up a real video to help me, I pulled this up. 100% more effective than having a professional shoe off to you at an unreasonable pace. Gotta do more like this.
Shinylunch Hace 3 años
Anyone else’s anxiety go 📈 when link was cutting
Anon Ymous
Anon Ymous Hace 3 años
“NIIIICE CUT NEAL!” Loved the support. Made me “awww”
Puta Lover
Puta Lover Hace 2 años
Rhett has gotten way more strict and less fun and Link is still himself lol
Traci T
Traci T Hace 3 años
“where would onions be?” normal people: produce link: *round thingzzzz*
Albert Normal
Albert Normal Hace 3 años
Next to the elongated round things.
capri Hace 3 años
Jessica Lowrey
Jessica Lowrey Hace 3 años
It was surprisingly more accurate than I anticipated.
damian Hace 3 años
900th like
I so hope Rachel sees this someday, omg. You go, Link!
Kaz Webster
Kaz Webster Hace 2 años
Here to rewatch their technique because it's Thanksgiving and I am literally about to cut an onion!
grayarea Hace 3 años
This is equally hilarious and anxiety inducing. Last week I almost cut the tip of my thumb off because it' such an automatic thing. Watching men twice my age actively learn to chop onions makes me feel less ridiculous for cutting myself. I also started feeling proud of them. Is this... wholesome content!?
Lizard Hace 3 años
I cut onions the way Rachel Ray told them to, and it's way easier than Ramsay's. Also they make chainmail gloves specifically for culinary use, which could definitely be helpful if Link decides to do anything crazy with knives
Kelli Gardner
Kelli Gardner Hace 3 años
Rhett and I both yelled “watch you thumb” at the same time. It made me laugh.
Trill Collins
Trill Collins Hace 3 años
Rhett and Link in public is my new fave thing of 2020 its like watching two well dressed aliens walk around doing normal-ish type things and I CANNOT get enough of it!
Jsano Hace 3 años
I wanna see Josh make a pineapple and onion inspired dish on the mythical kitchen.
Mcleanization Hace 3 años
Rhett cuts one onion then becomes an expert when it’s Link’s turn 😄
Alchmar Hace 3 años
I would definitely watch a Rhett and Link cooking channel
Falcon Xr25i
Falcon Xr25i Hace 2 años
i just watched a full video of 2 guys learning to cut onions and I don't regret it.
Karissa And Katelyn
Karissa And Katelyn Hace 3 años
This can’t end well 😂
TheGoodMusicLove Hace 3 años
I heard that the secret to not cry when cutting onions is to never get emotionally attached
Occam's Razor
Occam's Razor Hace 3 años
Sound advice. I always fall madly in love with onions, so it does make me cry whenever I have to cut one.
Leah Arch
Leah Arch Hace 3 años
Yeah I fall in love with my onions before I cut them and so it hurts me I love your comment
Jan Almeyda Nazario
Jan Almeyda Nazario Hace 3 años
😂😂😂 I love this kind of content But I still wish y’all made more music videos
chrisshawnthomas Hace 3 años
Rhett and Link: employ three professional chefs Also Rhett and Link: watch youtube videos to learn how to cut an onion
gavin Hace 3 días
I did not expect Link to go through with the knife shaving in the next frame 😂