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Lisa Best on how friendzoning should not be a thing. Lisa Best stand up from the Just For Laughs Straight Up, Stand Up series.
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7 feb 2019

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Umh Chud
Umh Chud Hace 4 días
don't quit your day job. ohhhh, awkward.
bob star
bob star Hace 6 días
Dressed like a feminist lesbian.
Fa Tee
Fa Tee Hace 7 días
Yeahhhh noooo. Women... Just not funny. Sorry McTiddy.
Carlaeyyy Hace 18 días
Why is the audience so dry
RM W. Hace 23 días
needs to work on her delivery and stage persona
Nero Bruno
Nero Bruno Hace 26 días
hyghness dmv
hyghness dmv Hace 28 días
She made my ass hurt lol
Palahume Hace 29 días
That was horrendous! I was fighting the urge to shut that video off the entire time. How cringy can some of these amateur comedians be??
Death Omen
Death Omen Hace 29 días
Don't be so harsh, man. We all start somewhere.
Aileen Xilonzochilt
she kinda looks like winona ryder
digital subliminal messages
S T O P. RA P E I N G. B a B I E S Quit bribing mosquitoes // ...haa/i bet / a couple of times /
THC Enterprise LLC
THC Enterprise LLC Hace un mes
She’s awesome!
One Punch Man
One Punch Man Hace un mes
That ass thou😉
Hello Brii
Hello Brii Hace un mes
This lady is really funny to me😂 her delivery is great
James Ghost
James Ghost Hace un mes
That car twin joke is an old Louie CK joke, coffee shop shirt twin. No hate, just saying
Kirine Hace un mes
She's funny and I like her "Joan Cusack" type of voice and indignation. No, she doesn't need to lighten up or relax; the agry style suits her. I can imagine that developing nicely into slightly psycho. But maybe it does scare or offend some friend-zoned guys around here. But ugh, that crowd! I've seen better crowds for far worse comedians... where they would hysterically laugh... at nothing. I loved the car twin incident! :-D
Even in shrekb
The best Wednesday
Daniel Harvest
Daniel Harvest Hace un mes
LMAO!!!! It is so unbelievably apparent that the girl in the front two second to front row that's to her right stage left is her friend that clearly is laughing extremely loud just in support and does not think any of this material is funny. She seems like a sweet woman know so she should probably just do something else.
Daniel Harvest
Daniel Harvest Hace un mes
Juan Hernandez
Juan Hernandez Hace un mes
She needs to change her name to lisa worst.... trash
Juan Hernandez
Juan Hernandez Hace un mes
Girls can get friendzoned too.... fyi... want me to say it again for the ladies in the back?
Lazar Markovic
Lazar Markovic Hace un mes
Love the double-standard about the Friendzone.. you put it like "ye i have free will and he is an a$$" but what about him? he may have also free will and decided to break the contact because he cannnot handle the feelings towards you in a different way because he cannot just be friends so he broke the friendship ... ye but why understand him right .. he is a guy.. he has to accept whatever you women want and you just do whatever you want ..
Tracy Hutchings
Tracy Hutchings Hace un mes
there's something very Joyce Byers about her. I like it.
Cheyenne Bailey
Cheyenne Bailey Hace 25 días
I thought so too!
Martian74 Hace un mes
She exercised free will In friend zoning the guy and he exercised free will in unfriending her, that seems perfectly fair.
Zuzanna Tomaszewicz
That was good 😄
Teresa Triumph
Teresa Triumph Hace un mes
Even though the audience was lame for not laughing, actually I think she’s got that going for her. That can be funny in a routine. It was as if she may burst into tears after nervous laughter.. a sort of Kitty Foreman humor from That 70’s Show.
Rijan Dhakal
Rijan Dhakal Hace un mes
Inspired by Amy Schumer? That was about the saddest "comedy" I have ever seen, how did she manage to pay her bills for a year doing this utter bullshit. And insulting Shrek is crossing a line. You don't like Shrek , good for you but just like you have a choice so do the people who made Shrek you hypocrite, they have their own side of life like you do.
Tala Habern
Tala Habern Hace un mes
Wow so she had a nice guy as a friend for 3 years.... Also I find her adorable and cute😊
Zero Crimson
Zero Crimson Hace un mes
~sigh~ why can't women do this??
Princess Sugar
Princess Sugar Hace un mes
The audience sucked
charmnGUY Hace un mes
Smart, beautiful and funny
Anthony Peppers
Anthony Peppers Hace un mes
Never heard of her before but I wanna see more of her! Crowd was too quiet; I was cracking up!
Sydney Drummond
Sydney Drummond Hace un mes
quit in the moment: having panic attack
yew 2oob
yew 2oob Hace un mes
Friendzoning is when a woman exercises free will? Okay...what is that when men do it? Its called Rape. When you friendzone a guy you are raping him of his time, energy, focus, often money, and social status.
Observer29830 Hace un mes
Ah yes, another woman not understanding what friendzone is and why one can lose friends over it. Thing is, he never wanted to be your friend. He loved you, which is probably he stuck around you for three years straight. He did not want to be 'just friends', he wanted the whole package, both give and receive. And since you refused him, he decided to cut all ties instead of suffering from heartache every time you two saw one another. It is a smart thing to do, and 'culture' has nothing to do with it. Also, notice how the entire audience was silent throughout the performance? Take a hint, lady.
Warrior Studios
Warrior Studios Hace un mes
She’s kind of like a female Mark Normand and it kinda works
Alex Boyd
Alex Boyd Hace un mes
she was lowkey bombing at certain points but she kept it together which not many people can do and the part about shrek was hilarious
Ray Peest
Ray Peest Hace un mes
She sounds like elastigirl
IggyTthunders Hace un mes
The friendzone joke was ridiculous (inducing every conceivable cringe my face is capable of, which are legion) --- but she stuck the landing with the 'McTitties: over 7 billion served' closer. I give her a C-
Luther Barrett
Luther Barrett Hace un mes
All the comment saying the audience is bad. Ain't their fault she's not funny.
Freedoman Hace 2 meses
This reminds my why women are not funny.
Nyarlathotep13 Nyarlathotep13
Comedian was great! Inflection reminds of Emo Phillips (I mean that as a complement) and she didn't seem to let the audience of cadavers throw her off.
Badguy Birdie
Badguy Birdie Hace 2 meses
She seems really nice, but her voice makes me not want to listen to her.
Jennifer Hill
Jennifer Hill Hace 2 meses
i don't like the sound of your voice either : )
Ug Buga
Ug Buga Hace 2 meses
Ass hat crowd
Khazual Gaming
Khazual Gaming Hace 2 meses
Pro tip - crowds laugh after you say something funny
acefjom Hace 2 meses
It's not culture that makes men stop spending time with you once they realize there is no possibility of a sexual relationship. You just stop being worth their time. It's not personal though. If they liked you enough to want to have sex with you, they did like you. But the thing is men don't need friends, they aren't social creatures to the extent women are. If there is no sex, then only you are getting anything out of your relationship with him. Trying to keep someone in a relationship like that is actually quite selfish. Let him go and try to find a women who will be more than just another friend.
TachyonDriveby Shooting
About as funny as a fart in a sleeping bag.
Libyaforlibyan17feb Hace 2 meses
free well is rejecting the guy and letting em go but friendzoning is evil , women use it to boost their ego from the sexual attention they get with their beta male orbiters .
Steven Schmitt
Steven Schmitt Hace 2 meses
It’s the fastes way to die
Steven Schmitt
Steven Schmitt Hace 2 meses
Holy fuck
Tom Forge
Tom Forge Hace 2 meses
The sexes both have the "zone" issue. Men find themselves stuck as friends instead of lovers. Women find themselves as sex partners instead of lovers, but for some reason, women get away with shaming men for exercising their free will.
ETX MX Hace 2 meses
I don't think theres anything wrong with you not wanting to sleep with him and I also dont blame him for not wanting to be your friend anymore. For him to keep seeing you regularly is torture knowing you think he is unattractive and this will build resentment. Its a dead end street.
IggyTthunders Hace un mes
Why is she so baffled? Based on the situation, it's pretty obvious what's going on: When a man likes a woman sexually, he wants to have sex with her. If he doesn't, if he just carries on having an awkward one-sided attraction, he's going to leave. Why water a dead plant?
Adel The Kid
Adel The Kid Hace 2 meses
So do lesbians don’t have sex I don’t get it
Quoka Hace 2 meses
A fine example that 3rd wave feminism is just a joke
Phillyinthis BitchYouhearddat?
Nope she not funny Just finished yup not funny
TheWanderer Hace 2 meses
she's not even funny accidentally.
215mookies Hace 2 meses
Nice hips
hotstitch1 Hace 2 meses
thats really good material. slow down and be confident. lose the nervous laugh -you dont have to please them. thats good stuff. you are original x
hopen4tune Hace 2 meses
I loved the "nervous" laugh, shows what u know, jack shit.
HeardButNotSeen Hace 2 meses
She sucks.
EricSmyth14 Hace 2 meses
She also does the voice over for Jimmy Neutron
kinza welz
kinza welz Hace 2 meses
Truth Crusader
Truth Crusader Hace 2 meses
Her energy and delivery is ok. She can make it in standup comedy if she improves her material. She should learn from Ellen and Amy Schumer.
AUBREY CIAK Hace 2 meses
Not funny at all
Man, I Just Work Here
Well that was Cringe worthy.
Lionel Wilson
Lionel Wilson Hace 2 meses
Her voice...
bob thompson
bob thompson Hace 2 meses
Funny that she says mctittys. Because its thought the golden arches might represent titties
Amanda Hyde
Amanda Hyde Hace 2 meses
Lost one of my best friends in high school to the friend zone. He sent me a FB request a few years ago, and then I realized recently we are no longer friends. So I lost the same friend to the friend zone twice I guess.
Myss Hoyt
Myss Hoyt Hace 3 meses
Jese Gyani
Jese Gyani Hace 3 meses
GGR TheMostGodless
GGR TheMostGodless Hace 3 meses
wow... it is true, most comedians aren't funny.
Jamie Reese
Jamie Reese Hace 3 meses
In my opinion, (just my opinion, here) the responsibility lies mostly with the guy in this particular case. If he wanted more, the burden of declaration and definition was on him at the beginning. As soon as he started drifting towards being a friend, he needed to throw out something romantic, sexual or relationship based, to clearly declare his intentions. A couple of the reasons men stay in the friend zone is that sometimes friends turn into friends with benefits, then that turns into a relationship...Or, given some time, the girl eventually sees something in him which causes her to view him as relationship material. When she said "Let's just be friends," his obligation, if he wanted something more, was to reply with either "So...is there a chance of being friends with benefits?" or something like "Friends for now. I'm going to prove to you that I'm right for you." If a guy doesn't open his mouth, how is the girl supposed to know he isn't okay with settling with just friends? Don't be salty when you still want to fuck her.On the other hand, if he makes his intentions known, and she accepts the arrangement just to string him along, her fault. Do something sadistic in return.
Jamie Reese
Jamie Reese Hace 3 meses
Damn it. I did a double line break to make this look like 3 pretty paragraphs, not one big blob. Somehow my pretty structure got all smashed together.
Christopher Horn
Christopher Horn Hace 3 meses
Some killer jokes but the audience was terrible. I was laughing louder than them.
Jesse Hace 3 meses
Should have stayed a receptionist
Kevwe Tony
Kevwe Tony Hace 3 meses
She’s kind of cute, has nice hips but not that funny.
madraccoon Hace 3 meses
How dare she compare her friend nobody is as sexy as shrek
Dilson Camacho
Dilson Camacho Hace 4 meses
honestly... weak.
Joana Ramos
Joana Ramos Hace 4 meses
funny comedian, boring crowd, annoying comment section.
AmazingSase Hace 4 meses
This is garbage, people, don't be afraid of speaking the truth coz of bullshit PC
Richard Alexander
Richard Alexander Hace 4 meses
The crowd sucked, not her.
Ava Adams
Ava Adams Hace 4 meses
She sounds like Jackie from rose 😂😂
samotbrandon Hace 4 meses
Attractive lower half, from the waist down
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