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Lisa Best on how friendzoning should not be a thing. Lisa Best stand up from the Just For Laughs Straight Up, Stand Up series.
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7 feb 2019

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Maria A.
Maria A. Hace 8 horas
"men" more like sensitive immature man children.
N Corp
N Corp Hace un día
I thought she was good. I can't speak for anyone else, but I gotta admit, she kinda lost me when she made the quitting joke about making everyone's day worse, but then she revealed she worked at an animal hospital...that's kinda shitty. She should slow down, I can feel her nerves!
John Max
John Max Hace un día
more like Lisa Worst am I right?
Arianna Shayne
Arianna Shayne Hace un día
مــقــتــرحـــات طــبــيــة🌿 لــتــحــســيــن الــقــدرة الــجــنــســيــة: الــواتــســاب: ** تــكــبــيــر الــقــضــيــب✅ ضــعــف الإنــتــصــاب✅ تــأخــيــر الــقــذف
JGS Music
JGS Music Hace un día
Oh my god.. This was total Cringe-dom...
JxJxJxJx Hace 2 días
Can't believe he lasted three years
cuddlycritter Hace 2 días
Talking about packing a suitcase!! When i was a kid my brother announced at the supper table one evening to us all that he was going to run away! My mom asked him, Where are you going to run too? He didn't have an answer. We ate the supper then my mom said to him. "Well, if you are leaving you must start packing!' My mom got large suitcase, she told him she would help him pack. She told him everything he needed to survive on his own. Plenty of clothes, shoes and a good warm winter coat, mittens and boots. She got all he needed out the draws and closet. and told him to pack it in as tight as he could to get everything to fit in the suitcase. My mom gave him all kinds of advice on trying to make it on his own then left the room. About 20 minutes later he came out and told my mom he changed his mind about running away!
Elbastardo Gonzalez
Elbastardo Gonzalez Hace 2 días
Definitely not easy to do, keep trying. Shows how unbelievably great guys like Dave shappell are . 👌
Wanda Smith
Wanda Smith Hace 2 días
How could anyone leave an animal hospital like that!
djgruby Hace 2 días
This is not funny at all.
chan hyun
chan hyun Hace 2 días
You should definitely get your job back. Jokes are lame. Bombed so hard, I felt that wave from Africa
lunacron Hace 3 días
Just a suggestion, stop smacking your chops. It's a little annoying.
Abdul-Hakeem Burns
Abdul-Hakeem Burns Hace 3 días
I think the material needs some slight adjustments. For example, instead of doing those bits in that order, she could quit and never do comedy again
Nick Hopwood
Nick Hopwood Hace 3 días
U know what else is funny? We don't have to be friends with you if it'll be detrimental to us
WildWonkyWizard Hace 3 días
+Nick Hopwood not really, but it is better to be a serial killer than a male feminist.
Nick Hopwood
Nick Hopwood Hace 3 días
Did I just get called a serial killer lmao
WildWonkyWizard Hace 3 días
I miss the "good ol' days" when I was a virgin and did not understand why serial killers targeted women.
John Wheatley White
John Wheatley White Hace 3 días
Okay, well, she makes a good point - guys who complain about getting “friend-zoned” are losers. Still, her routine sort of lacks humor. Boo👎
Zarcon Hace 3 días
Kind of uh, boring. :(
Where's Waldo
Where's Waldo Hace 3 días
She’s hilarious
izzy B
izzy B Hace 3 días
Lol I remember when I was 17 I was very interested in this female. We met through other friends and we started talking and hanging out on a daily basis. and i very quickly started to have feelings for her. And like most naive young men i started to be really intimate with her. I always gave her massages,giving her my shoulder to cry on, telling her she's pretty, and stuff like that. But the love was one sided and i was friendzoned pretty hardcore. She knew I loved her but she just didn't want me. I couldent be mad at that. Then I found out she ended up sleeping with some no good dude from a buddy of mine. Once I heard that, every ounce of love I had for her was gone and i just stopped talking to her. Didn't go to see her or nothing. After about a week of blowing up my phone with no answer she decided to come see me personally. She was was practically crying that I stopped talking to her and I kinda felt like a dick tbh. After i told her why i stopped talking to her and how i moved on, she went from sad to mad. She started calling me names, immature and pretty much left. Another couple of days goes by and she calls me at like 3am crying telling me how she misses me, misses having someone to talk to, misses the massages, and most of all she wants to try and date. I said we can talk a bit more but I declined the relationship. She cried lol... Fast forward to age 25, we still talk, she hasn't really had any good relationships, I'm with a girl I treat like a queen and i am madly in love with and will do anything for. And we are both happy. Females... you can friend zone a man that loves you.. that's fine. It's your decision. But... when you curve a guy who is willing to go to hell and back for you for some dude who only wants you for a quick fuck, or if the guy who loves you just loses interest. Don't get upset when he decides to cut his loses and begins to pursue other women who will actually appreciate him.
Ron Ruddick
Ron Ruddick Hace 3 días
Serotonergous... That woman really kind of scares me...
Lizzy Peer
Lizzy Peer Hace 4 días
That's me. Lol. I go stay at my sister's for a day or two but pack more than a day or two of needed things and I use my big suitcase. Lol.
kab00mKap0w Hace 4 días
This must be one of those funny female comedians I keep hearing about.
1101agaoj Hace 4 días
Workshopable material... She's got potential
Vanadyan Hace 4 días
Needs work, but there is something there. Keep at it.
Talyta Barcelos
Talyta Barcelos Hace 4 días
This croud is dead or something
Steven Lengenfelder
Steven Lengenfelder Hace 4 días
She hit the wall like that delorean never hit 88 mph. MGTOW men. Her voice is annoying. I hate myself for watching this.
Deepto Banerjee
Deepto Banerjee Hace 4 días
She needs to put in a lot of hard work.
Trish Truitt
Trish Truitt Hace 4 días
She was actually pretty funny, but the audience didn't seem too responsive and maybe a little slow on the uptake. She might need to slow down a bit, to give them time to get the jokes.
JeffRB Hace 4 días
God women suck at comedy
EpicEIF The Undead
EpicEIF The Undead Hace 5 días
Alot of good just dragged on for too long, the first few jokes were great but it kinda just dropped after a bit. Pretty funny but it could use some work.
Robin Blücher
Robin Blücher Hace 5 días
is it just me that finds nervous girls endearing?
Drunken Robot
Drunken Robot Hace 5 días
Have to disagree with most of these comments; she did pretty ok. Gotta work on some of those punchlines and her overall delivery, but there's some real funny bits here. She's got potential.
bagghius Hace 5 días
I like how every video of a female comedian is blessed by thousands of yelp-like reviews of comedy experts. You miss the star-based rating system of ESvid, don't you?
Soha Sopdet
Soha Sopdet Hace 5 días
I really really liked what you did there Lisa I liked how you say stuff that embarrass everyone including you but you just said it anyway and made a joke of it..I liked how spontaneous you are..I was scrolling down the comments expecting that people will have the same opinion and I wouldn't have to write my opinion myself..but I was really shocked when I saw the comments...anyway...I adore the way you present yourself.. you'll be better when you practice a lot by doing shows like this. A fan from Egypt
chan hyun
chan hyun Hace 2 días
Comedians do that all the time. This delivery was just poor
Matthew Livingston
Matthew Livingston Hace 5 días
She can friend zone me anytime. 😍💝
Matthew Livingston
Matthew Livingston Hace 2 días
+WildWonkyWizard Y.M.D.T.Y.T.L
WildWonkyWizard Hace 3 días
Nicholas Storvis
Nicholas Storvis Hace 5 días
I’d like a refund please...
Isabela Tavares
Isabela Tavares Hace 5 días
Is there like a 3 year deadline for friend zoning? Cus my friend also "quit" after the exact amount of time
WildWonkyWizard Hace 3 días
I don't last a month. When a woman friendzones me I borrow money and don't pay her back.
DarthYuYevon Hace 5 días
Secondly, this woman is yet another closet lesbian pretending to be a straight women with man problems. This is tired comedy Lisa. What would be funny is to hear about your Lesbians troubles, as lesbian relationships are far worse with all that back stabbing, emotional cheating with each others close female friends, and bed death. But like most female comedians, you're not brave enough to come out of the closet and do it.
DarthYuYevon Hace 5 días
Actually "Friend zoning" is when a women leads a man on to make him think that she's into him so that she can use him for her emotional punching bag with no intent on ever dating him, and she also gets her confidence in herself raised that she has a guy (or guys) orbit around her with desire for her. While she's consciously using them, they're wondering if she'll ever date them, but she never will. Everyone learns this by middle school. This is "Friend Zoning". Which is why men shouldn't trust women, women need to earn their trust.
Kelly Lyons
Kelly Lyons Hace 5 días
This was really good, clever ways to put those things xD
NU GaMen
NU GaMen Hace 5 días
She tries so hard to be funny
gillian. Hace 6 días
Suddenly when it’s a female comedian everyone is a comic critic
Sam Fryer
Sam Fryer Hace un hora
Nah we just know terrible jokes
WildWonkyWizard Hace 2 días
+chan hyun, sure they are; they just don't intend to be... Example: When you can purchase 85% of her at Walmart and she says she wants a "real man."
I'm You, You're me
I'm You, You're me Hace 2 días
+WildWonkyWizard you continue the tour. id buy the tickets.
chan hyun
chan hyun Hace 2 días
Women are rarely funny
WildWonkyWizard Hace 3 días
Next we'll be told if we don't eat the chips with the trans fat we are homophobic.
onanidaily Hace 6 días
I suspect she has never "friendzoned" a woman - she just gets her u-haul and moves in.
jkeboy Hace 6 días
The only jokes are in the comments.
mo arroz
mo arroz Hace un día
The joke is she is younger than me. When i had lice there was no internet access 😂😂
WildWonkyWizard Hace 3 días
Me: <Looks out peephole and sees +Ryan Weible with another Jehovah Witness> Me: <Loads dinosaur fossil into slingshot> Me: COME IN!
Ryan Weible
Ryan Weible Hace 4 días
knock knock
FleurChantes PrettySoliel
Ransom DayBreak
Ransom DayBreak Hace 4 días
jkeboy that had me laughing harder then this whole video
K_Xdad31415926 Hace 8 días
not funny. sorry .. get another job
Ross Laverdure
Ross Laverdure Hace 8 días
She killed me with the "prepared to sit on the floor" bit.
Ross Laverdure
Ross Laverdure Hace 8 días
I found her funny.
COOL MONKEY Hace 8 días
Women are sexy not funny
scoot toolfan
scoot toolfan Hace 8 días
Not funny
Noob Gamer
Noob Gamer Hace 9 días
She has potential, still a bit rough though
Dough Boy
Dough Boy Hace 9 días
I don't blame you for dating ladies lol! Ladies are gorgeous
Scooters Videos
Scooters Videos Hace 9 días
The good stuff starts at 8:05
Adya Hace 3 días
Fell for it
Tom Upton
Tom Upton Hace 5 días
Siegfried Kharan
Siegfried Kharan Hace 9 días
daaaamn.... no wonder how the top stand up comedians are dudes... fuck sexism girl... im kinda a feminist myself! but this is just a waste of time....
Guadalupe Gutierrez
Guadalupe Gutierrez Hace 10 días
It was funny until she got to the friendzoning part.
jason jason
jason jason Hace 10 días
Shes still attractive
Sebastian Emes
Sebastian Emes Hace 10 días
I liked it
SuperSaiyan Zero
SuperSaiyan Zero Hace 10 días
Damned autoplay. Still half asleep because this is horrible. Ten cups of coffee couldn't get a chuckle. Is this bitch at the comedy store? Probably not. Too bland. Boring. Not funny and a typical proof of Hitchens proclamation that women arent funny. God this is painfully horrible. No jokes at all. Just a drawn out story of NOTHING.
starmoon1987 Hace 10 días
Is she drunk?
Traffic Light
Traffic Light Hace 10 días
I like this humorous woman :o
Qas Perr
Qas Perr Hace 10 días
MyKindOfCrazy Hace 11 días
She sounds like the voice actor for Mrs. Incredible
WildWonkyWizard Hace 3 días
She's a hairstyle and ugly glasses shy of looking like Mrs. Doubtfire.
Dylan Patterson
Dylan Patterson Hace 11 días
Ooh, so that’s what it would look like if Kristen Stewart (mediocre Twilight actress) did Stand-up.
WildWonkyWizard Hace 3 días
That reminds me, if I ever get caught torrenting movies I'm gonna tell them I watched Twilight and I've suffered enough.
Jessica Phillips
Jessica Phillips Hace 11 días
She is a restaurant Welcome to Mctiddies
daddyrichten Hace 11 días
When a guy doesn't want to be in the friend zone, it's usually because the woman makes a boring, useless friend. Sorry ladies, guys make better friends, and girls make better sex partners.
A R Hace 12 días
maybe this is funny for someone.....but it aint for me
RandomLiving Hace 12 días
she's too nervous and breathy but good show ,enjoyed it
AJXSJS Hace 12 días
The problem with McTitties is the near nine month wait for a seat and still possibly not getting served at a new one after your first one closes down in a year or so.
Big Dick
Big Dick Hace 12 días
David P Edwards III
David P Edwards III Hace 12 días
A brunette Maria Bamford...........Nope.
kirk kopak
kirk kopak Hace 12 días
I guess it's my fault for listening to this while being sober.
Swagger Do
Swagger Do Hace 12 días
Still time and opportunity to get your reception gig back?
Fouad ahmed
Fouad ahmed Hace 12 días
FirsToStrike Hace 12 días
"Choices, not a fan!" Said the woman to explain the mindset of the dude who CHOSE to walk out of her life because of unrequited affection... I can imagine it isn't nice to have a friend walk out on the friendship because they don't get what they want. But you can't go around being friends with a dude expecting him to never "catch feelings" for you and blaming him for wanting to act on them... When that happens with the genders flipped it's the dude who gets called the jerk.
WildWonkyWizard Hace 3 días
When a woman friendzones me I borrow money and don't pay her back.
Tony Ortiz
Tony Ortiz Hace 12 días
She's really cute, but......
Andrew Walker
Andrew Walker Hace 12 días
She sounds like Winona Ryder trying standup for the first time
Andy Ballard
Andy Ballard Hace 12 días
Was this her first attempt?
ty nechee
ty nechee Hace 12 días
Wow very click bait. Only memorable part of skit was the mc tiddies.
Super Andy
Super Andy Hace 13 días
You should have kept your day job.
Aaron Tuplin
Aaron Tuplin Hace 13 días
The high pants guy was probably just mad that someone was eating for free in that restaurant
slinkeepy Hace 13 días
Shitty crowd I must say
Abiola Adedeji
Abiola Adedeji Hace 13 días
Lisa if you're reading this i hope you're ignoring the retards
DCI Guy Hace 13 días
This lady is not funny at all
Lottis Hace 14 días
Keira Knightley, anyone? Also, I thought she was really entertaining! Very unique way of telling jokes!
Harmeet Dhatt
Harmeet Dhatt Hace 14 días
That was really good!
BullsithDetector Hace 14 días
Set is not bad but delivery is....*ahem*
Manny Ybarra
Manny Ybarra Hace 14 días
Very simple, basic level concepts and jokes. She is a half step above the the funny person in your office. Open mic’er.
Leah Puckett
Leah Puckett Hace 14 días
she is the teacher none of the kids listen to.
New Damage
New Damage Hace 14 días
In this case I'd say that it can be really hard to continue being friends after you are rejected. Not that she did anything wrong, it's just humiliating.
WildWonkyWizard Hace 3 días
+Izzy Carter, I'm a helper.
Izzy Carter
Izzy Carter Hace 3 días
+WildWonkyWizard and you're so proud of yourself that you wrote the same thing multiple times in this comment section.
WildWonkyWizard Hace 3 días
When a woman friendzones me I borrow money and don't pay her back.
MuricaMottoRider Hace 14 días
methusela238 Hace 14 días
She's a normal girl where it concerns the friend zone. This differs from the female psychopath that tries and sometimes succeeds in undermining relationships you have with the people in your life, and then acts like your acceptance of her need for the friend zone is ok, but really she wants to take advantage of you without dealing with any consequences so she acts like she's playing hard to get. The whole time she's trying to make you cross the line however she can, so she can cash in on the attention, and raise herself up in the eyes of those around her, while simultaneously winding you up emotionally until she can reject you, in the most abrupt, and harshest way possible. Usually, with something that has enough shock value that any sane man would either question his sanity, or cause others to call his sanity into question.
methusela238 Hace 17 horas
+mo arroz The worst examples of this I have seen were pretty well versed in the culinary arts, they just treated men like dogs.
methusela238 Hace 17 horas
+WildWonkyWizard lol
mo arroz
mo arroz Hace un día
Sounds like you are talking about strippers. Get someone that will cook and feed you. They usually are the pleasers and don't play mind games like that. Bitches playing mind games so hard they don't know how to cook. Which is telling.
WildWonkyWizard Hace 3 días
+AQUAPHREESH193, my first girl friend when I was a teenager was Free Will Baptist and told me she was saving herself for marriage; I dumped her and told her to call me when she got married. Then I got a Catholic girl friend who would do it, but was kind of a prude until on my birthday she said I could tie her up and do anything I wanted. So I tied her up and had sex with her sister.
AQUAPHREESH193 Hace 3 días
+WildWonkyWizard LOLOL thats foul but pimpish at the same time tho hehe
Draydin Bardon
Draydin Bardon Hace 14 días
Theres like 3 people in the crowd laughing by the end. This is called dying.
Draydin Bardon
Draydin Bardon Hace 14 días
Theres like 3 people in the crowd laughing by the end. This is called dying.
Jerome Green
Jerome Green Hace 14 días
So her dad made her get a job? And she mad at him for that, white people smh
Emily Healy
Emily Healy Hace 13 días
I think it's more that her dad didn't believe in her ability to make a living as a comic, and she's saying "I proved you wrong!"
Corl Franco
Corl Franco Hace 14 días
i take it so personal everytime a girl goes lesbian. yes very funny
Citizen Kreg
Citizen Kreg Hace 14 días
WoMeN aRe FuNnY yOu BiGoTs
Red Lotus
Red Lotus Hace 14 días
Not funny , like at all.
MrGamerman001 Hace 14 días
Correction. Friend zoning is when a guy expresses his feelings for you, but you don't make it clear to him that you're not interested just in case you need a last ditch fuck. So the guy is being driven mad by mixed signals. THAT is what friend zoning is. What you are describing is a guy who EXPECTS you to fuck him, and you say no so he gets angry about it. There is a huge difference and women need to stop being so dismissive and passive aggressive towards this subject. You wanna be a strong independent woman? Tell the man that you're NOT interested. If he gets angry, he is a fuckboy. Men in the friendzone have every right to be pissed. Like, they're trying to make something romantic with you. And you're sitting around sending winky faces and eggplant and peach emoji's while completely ignoring his proposal for a date. Tell that guy how you feel. I'm pretty sure he will move on and be okay with the circumstances.
Dwight Schrute
Dwight Schrute Hace 14 días
Yeah, I don't think she's the one who does the "friendzoning". Just saying.
WildWonkyWizard Hace 3 días
When a woman friendzones me I borrow money and don't pay her back.
paxdoesathing Hace 12 días
you'd be surprised. dudes are EXTREMELY desperate to a fault.
Yusuf Munir
Yusuf Munir Hace 14 días
That was painful...
Aaron Hace 14 días
She sounds like a voice actress
Frey12 Hace 14 días
Well that was sad. Losing a best friend is painful as fuck.
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