Literally Hitler

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A film about fear itself.
Thank you Danielle, Chris, Deny, Mal, Sean and Stephanie for making this video with me.
Music by Chris Fern cwtfern.newgrounds.com/
Backgrounds by Danielle Kogan esvid.net/show-UCUJ4F2X5gnUTZ-IdRRqrXZQ

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21 abr 2019

cartoonfamilyrated t for teen






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The Black Ops Xpert
The Black Ops Xpert Hace 26 minutos
ESvid why wasnt this in my recommendations earlier
Raelyn Knight
Raelyn Knight Hace un hora
Hanseyboy hes hanseyboy
Dr. Doggo
Dr. Doggo Hace un hora
Actually, I’m my own original character, *BLITLER!*
Banana King
Banana King Hace 3 horas
Edith Antonio
Edith Antonio Hace 5 horas
Is bad
Edith Antonio
Edith Antonio Hace 5 horas
Bad words
The great Papyrus!
The great Papyrus! Hace 5 horas
I so hate Hitler
Lori Gori
Lori Gori Hace 6 horas
I was watching this at night and i git very scared and shit my pants couse of the sound 1:46
Galaxy Walker
Galaxy Walker Hace 6 horas
What the actual flying fuck....
UGA BUGA Hace 6 horas
Ja prdl coto kurwa jest???
Katty Lender
Katty Lender Hace 7 horas
Omg Eu não esperava isto Boa animação Gostei da família principal, especialmente da Audrey (não entendo o rapaz, sentimentos demais para mim) a O Hitler desenhou tipo hentai de pés
Vitamineq Hace 7 horas
big bruh
GHOSH58gaming Hace 7 horas
Yeah is that hitler the color is black and white .
Magneto Hace 7 horas
is the kid retarded I say that to myself all the time
mark o g-mancional
mark o g-mancional Hace 9 horas
Wft i just have see
Banannah Hace 9 horas
I don't know
cavo yt
cavo yt Hace 10 horas
I will kill myself then you
阿修 Hace 11 horas
Dame their mom is hot
Potatoy Dri
Potatoy Dri Hace 11 horas
This deserves a good dislike.
kennys Boat
kennys Boat Hace 11 horas
im sorry why?
Solare Of astora
Solare Of astora Hace 11 horas
I see dark souls
SꝁᵾłłĐɇȺŧħ Vøøɍħɇɇs
3:10 *THUG LIFE*
DasDragons Hace 12 horas
Still waiting for german subtitles.
Olivia H
Olivia H Hace 12 horas
Lord darkness Logon
Lord darkness Logon Hace 12 horas
This is weird but okay.
broken yolk yolk
broken yolk yolk Hace 12 horas
Yo kid falls in soup dead ladi Mika wake the fuck up
broken yolk yolk
broken yolk yolk Hace 13 horas
Holy shit where is the blood in his vanes
Walrus Gaming
Walrus Gaming Hace 13 horas
Totally Stalin
TAG_SN71 EDITOR Hace 14 horas
This is well... Odd
paulius stasiulevicius
Why.just why
Santy Metalico
Santy Metalico Hace 15 horas
This is scary af
Iwantyoutube gamer
Iwantyoutube gamer Hace 16 horas
What the fuck was the end....Hitler fuckin weird
Vanger animations
Vanger animations Hace 16 horas
-I WILL KILL YOU!! -NO! Fuck you! 😂
Elite Hace 17 horas
1:08 Hitler is actually Austrian
A Definitely Dead Meme
Don’t even ask
Blur OverDrive
Blur OverDrive Hace 17 horas
I just realized that he tried shooting her but didnt have any bullets xd I thought he was realizing that he can be a better person, not that he ran out of bullets..
Zamueh Hace 17 horas
1:48 I like the Normandy map in the background
Noble Galazy
Noble Galazy Hace 17 horas
Mom: my baby’s Victor: FUCK YOU Mom: GO TO YOUR ROOM!!!
SilverTail TV
SilverTail TV Hace 17 horas
Hitler : i will kill you plants I will kill yourrrr houseee I will kill your petssss I will kill your chair I will kill my butterflys wiwouht wings (sorry for english im poland) Hitler : waittttt....................
ReWind Rainzy
ReWind Rainzy Hace 17 horas
@1:58 "I will kill your mozzer I will kill your plaznts" "NO YOU WONT! FUCK YOU"
Graveyard Studios
Graveyard Studios Hace 17 horas
unknown slender
unknown slender Hace 17 horas
If Hitler moved in in my neighborhood I'll literally join the area 51 raid and blow my self up for the raid with a nuke
The Odd Youtuber
The Odd Youtuber Hace 17 horas
*H i t l e r s g e t t i n g a w a y*
Chaos Primordial
Chaos Primordial Hace 18 horas
Everyday was Hanukkah day in Nazi Germany. Hitler is my favorite Jew.
Štěry Hace 18 horas
Aaach Is sad
Hollogyny Hace 18 horas
RARETANK654 Hace 18 horas
Die fahne hochhhhh
Endy The Enderman
Endy The Enderman Hace 19 horas
Does anybody find this the most random and serious vid Joe made
Yccros sorccY
Yccros sorccY Hace 19 horas
ESvid: That's NOT an friendly content... DESMONETIZED!
¡Yo, Monnceha!!
¡Yo, Monnceha!! Hace 21 un hora
Por que eu tô vendo isso
דרור שווץ
דרור שווץ Hace 21 un hora
nivern iguess
nivern iguess Hace 21 un hora
Same tho
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