Little Brother Gets 100K Vbucks if He Wins! (Fortnite Rainbow Dropper)

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Little Brother Gets 100K Vbucks if He Wins! (Fortnite Rainbow Dropper) with TBNRfrags 👊
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Song: Elektronomia - Limitless [NCS Release]
Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds.
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9 feb 2019

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TBNRFrags Hace 6 meses
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ZacIsSpelledWrong Hace un mes
Can you gift me plz, I likked
Josh Worley
Josh Worley Hace un mes
I love your Fortnite videos✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻!!
Jaionni B
Jaionni B Hace un mes
TBNRFrags I love your videos
Joseph McCracken
Joseph McCracken Hace un mes
TBNRFrags you have enough money I have no v-bucks you do and give it to your brother why we’re pretty much paying you to give the money away
sharon woods
sharon woods Hace 2 meses
I well
Natasha Rivera
Natasha Rivera Hace 7 horas
Your handsome
Sharp Nite
Sharp Nite Hace 11 horas
1:36 look at the time he purposely wants Josh to win for the entertainment and gets more money for his “suffery” No Hate
Dragon Fruit50
Dragon Fruit50 Hace 17 horas
I played the map i beat it 10 minutes When did u start Like 1-3 Comment 3-9 Tell me down below👇
Dragon Fruit50
Dragon Fruit50 Hace 14 horas
@Anson Zhang :O
Anson Zhang
Anson Zhang Hace 14 horas
Josh Hace 18 horas
This is how many times he said CHEFF 👇🏻
Ali Hosseini
Ali Hosseini Hace un día
I made it
Jami Encina
Jami Encina Hace 2 días
Pause at 17:42 and look at his face
Genesis Rueckert
Genesis Rueckert Hace 2 días
I have that same skin it awesome
Kyle Krouse
Kyle Krouse Hace 2 días
Jack Bolton
Jack Bolton Hace 2 días
Your little brother get so triggered no offense
Zapron Playz
Zapron Playz Hace 3 días
Norway man?
Marlyn Ramos
Marlyn Ramos Hace 3 días
7:37 What Music Is This?
k1ttyn1 Hace 3 días
hussain al-qallaf
hussain al-qallaf Hace 3 días
Dj Robinson
Dj Robinson Hace 4 días
That’s my cousin
Noob Slayer
Noob Slayer Hace 4 días
I didn’t watch the full video
A&B Flips
A&B Flips Hace 4 días
This is how many times josh said UHHH
Rafael Baez
Rafael Baez Hace 5 días
Josh a get his own ESvid channel say it was needed
Polor ice Gaming
Polor ice Gaming Hace 5 días
When did you start like for 1 5 comment for 6_10
Pamela McLennan
Pamela McLennan Hace 6 días
Make josh a chanel
redstone noobie
redstone noobie Hace 7 días
Preston's voice broke or break like for a second
carolyne ordonez
carolyne ordonez Hace 8 días
I use TBNRfrags
dog god
dog god Hace 8 días
Hi hehe
Stewart Thompson
Stewart Thompson Hace 9 días
Donate 2000,000 next time
The inflatable Sniper
Me and my friends talk a LOT about you. I EVEN PUT A PICTURE ON MY WORK ON PIC COLLAGE OF YOU
Sunny Time
Sunny Time Hace 9 días
At 8:09 it showed salty springs on the map
victoriapoppybooth Hace 9 días
..... I unsubscribe because he swore just because he swore yes I'm disappointed in him very much like a mother but I'm not his mother..... I'm sorry don't hate on me please and I dislike the video that's how serious I am about when he swore I'm serious when people swear....... don't hate on me it's for the best....im sorry if your reading this and disliking it I'm probably going to get a lot of dislikes but it's ok...bye...
patricia valdez
patricia valdez Hace 10 días
Prank sorry
patricia valdez
patricia valdez Hace 10 días
And the loser never get v bucks and play challenges forever and ever and has to get preg a hundred thousand days
patricia valdez
patricia valdez Hace 10 días
Hey Prestonyou should do a dropper fortnite challenge but when you die you have to spend a wheel and see what you got if you'll get that you have to do in the dropper but if you do not do it you losea hundred thousand v-bucks other player gets hundred thousand v bucks
christine mcdonald
christine mcdonald Hace 10 días
keth hacked your fortnite acount
Sheryl Cortes
Sheryl Cortes Hace 10 días
If the showers come again increase the power of your flam
Carissa Larios
Carissa Larios Hace 10 días
Did you get to level 10
Dylan Weippert
Dylan Weippert Hace 12 días
I love you
Julio Verdin Mendez
Julio Verdin Mendez Hace 12 días
sol priority
sol priority Hace 12 días
Why does your brother say the f word
Sisi Fineanganofo
Sisi Fineanganofo Hace 12 días
OK I'll subscribe to your and I always subscribe to bahri because he's my sekent favorite ytoobree. You are my first favourite yoobree👍😎😁😜😃✌️
Jayden Melnyk
Jayden Melnyk Hace 14 días
Zoë Landolt
Zoë Landolt Hace 14 días
i want to get fortnite but my computer is to old
mkplzzYT Hace 14 días
It will be very appreciated if you follow me
Matt Annable
Matt Annable Hace 15 días
KrisGames07 Hace 15 días
Thought u were jelly
Yeshua Lebosada
Yeshua Lebosada Hace 15 días
wait a minute i saw the dropper i promise i see ligth go watch your video
Chanelle Spaull
Chanelle Spaull Hace 16 días
GIVE ME THE MONEY FOR fortnite please🤑
Ravi Kant
Ravi Kant Hace 16 días
Wait..Does he actually have a wife
Lyndzay Girl
Lyndzay Girl Hace 17 días
Your brother literally said the f word twice! 😱
Class Projects302
Class Projects302 Hace 12 días
Tv Hace 17 días
James Sanchez
James Sanchez Hace 17 días
A person you're the best ESvidr I wish I could be like you
James Sanchez
James Sanchez Hace 17 días
Best Preston everyone to be like you
James Sanchez
James Sanchez Hace 17 días
Unicorns for kyleigh Love girl world
Why is joshes username josh is lonely lol I think that is just lol
Soli Aoelua
Soli Aoelua Hace 18 días
Make joshua a yt chanel
Temprist jr I support flamingo
How do you accidentally do it redo it for level 2
Not Peruna
Not Peruna Hace 20 días
Kamori Hall
Kamori Hall Hace 20 días
Numbers 10 will all black
Isaac And Esli Videos
Isaac And Esli Videos Hace 20 días
I never knew that you curse
Subscribe For no reason please
I am big fan
Erica Moniz
Erica Moniz Hace 22 días
I love you I love you TV and her friend and I love when you fortnight and Mine
Gammingwhitlol Hace 22 días
Who is a fan of dobre
Ivan Perez
Ivan Perez Hace 22 días
Ivan Perez
Ivan Perez Hace 22 días
Ivan Perez
Ivan Perez Hace 22 días
Adam Rogers
Adam Rogers Hace 22 días
I know where that back ground music is from, it's from a game boy color game I forgot the name but I have one font judge
Isaiah Crawford
Isaiah Crawford Hace 22 días
Preston i heared his swore the F work
Mason Hattle
Mason Hattle Hace 22 días
How did you get that map?
Kids Fun show
Kids Fun show Hace 23 días
Will ARMSTRONG Hace 23 días
What season did you start playing Fortnite???
Rockstar gaming jake
Rockstar gaming jake Hace 23 días
U need the eye of a lion king
Max Legion
Max Legion Hace 23 días
Preston you make realy cool Videos i love it.............
Frank Luersen
Frank Luersen Hace 24 días
I started in sesan6
Reggie Brown
Reggie Brown Hace 24 días
Hi preston
kade spink
kade spink Hace 24 días
My name is Briscoe_beast 1v1 me in creative bro
kade spink
kade spink Hace 24 días
Have u got omega
Teofil Lopata
Teofil Lopata Hace 24 días
So I want to meet you but I can't because I'm in the UK
Teofil Lopata
Teofil Lopata Hace 24 días
But my name Preston is called Raphael in the UK
Teofil Lopata
Teofil Lopata Hace 24 días
I also have my first fire merch
Teofil Lopata
Teofil Lopata Hace 24 días
Preston I am your best friend and fan
ThE COoL KiD Hace 25 días
Wow your little brother lost unsubscribe
Ammar Sakroujeh
Ammar Sakroujeh Hace 25 días
Enchanted Tbnrwolf
Enchanted Tbnrwolf Hace 25 días
You can tell all the time he almost said the f bomb
Heaven Feria
Heaven Feria Hace 25 días
this is how many times preston licks or bites his lips l l l v
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