Little Brother Gets 100K Vbucks if He Wins! (Fortnite Rainbow Dropper)

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Little Brother Gets 100K Vbucks if He Wins! (Fortnite Rainbow Dropper) with TBNRfrags 👊
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Intro Song
Song: Elektronomia - Limitless [NCS Release]
Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds.
Video: esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-cNcy3J4x62M.html
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Additional music provided by Epidemic Sound
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9 feb 2019






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TBNRFrags Hace 2 meses
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Harrison Williams
Harrison Williams Hace 7 horas
I did sub
matty Documentaries
matty Documentaries Hace 14 días
I love you you're a pro
Lizeth Enamorado
Lizeth Enamorado Hace un mes
Riley Keniry
Riley Keniry Hace un mes
I’m going to beat you on fortnight
Riley Keniry
Riley Keniry Hace un mes
I want to challenge you on his Fortnite game
DaKz Hace 46 minutos
Siennas10rokspollard Pollard
16:07 its pitch black!!! 😂(-^〇^-)
Andy Martinez
Andy Martinez Hace 6 horas
Andy Martinez
Andy Martinez Hace 6 horas
Way did you put building map
Andy Martinez
Andy Martinez Hace 6 horas
Jude Grey
Jude Grey Hace 6 horas
poo head
Xander Loudy
Xander Loudy Hace 7 horas
Did Kenny play mine craft too🤔
Jack Dickson-Skaife
Jack Dickson-Skaife Hace 10 horas
Javad Jg
Javad Jg Hace 12 horas
Cringe Level 100000000000000000000
Jenna Thuran
Jenna Thuran Hace 13 horas
Wait your a dad I thing? And you have a brother??
carlos lopez
carlos lopez Hace 16 horas
Don't be toxic Josh!!!!!!
The__Ultimate_ _Taco!
The__Ultimate_ _Taco! Hace 17 horas
Why does josh have so many different accounts
XXXCutieQueenXXX XxxCutieQueenxxX
It sounded like he said lotion XD
Claim Rida
Claim Rida Hace 20 horas
You are the best ESvidr in the internet
Claim Rida
Claim Rida Hace 20 horas
Add me in fortnite my name is EMADSAVAGE please add me I will do any thing you say to me and any thing you say in you videos and tell every one what I texted please
Reyna Marcial
Reyna Marcial Hace 22 horas
Play resident evil 2
Pikmin 3 Gamer
Pikmin 3 Gamer Hace un día
Cameron Dodd
Cameron Dodd Hace un día
How old is Preston and his brother?
Mihkel Muhkel
Mihkel Muhkel Hace un día
How you do this ?
SpectralBTWツ Hace un día
Can you play robots and gig my 3000 robux and adept my trend rcwest i subscribed
Ensar Džeko
Ensar Džeko Hace un día
18:00 tbnr: i dont even know how to cheat 9:10 tbnr: guys I think I just cheated
LMX Kaye
LMX Kaye Hace un día
😱 vbucks
amitcat Hace un día
Hey bro i would love to know what your microphone is and if possible a link to buy i would love to
Gatcha Gem
Gatcha Gem Hace un día
Preston i have a question what is better mincraft or fortnite
Smish 2010
Smish 2010 Hace un día
devora arrobas
devora arrobas Hace un día
Preston become Jewish
Kaitlyn Lindley
Kaitlyn Lindley Hace un día
Make a if you laugh you take of your clothes
THA black Prince
THA black Prince Hace un día
I have bin usr name in fortnite I spent 20000 v bucks give me v bucks I am gehan44-gehan44
Dina Nagib
Dina Nagib Hace un día
When did I you start playing like=1-4 Comment=4-8
Kiran W
Kiran W Hace un día
shadow 101
shadow 101 Hace un día
Is josh a spoiled brat like if u think so
Nicholas Antonello
Nicholas Antonello Hace un día
R.I.P Preston level 9
Morgan_ Maniacgal
Morgan_ Maniacgal Hace 2 días
He said 'Minecraft' More than I say, "mom, where's the bleach!" And I say that alot
Marian Lloyd
Marian Lloyd Hace 2 días
I M A FAN AND I would of Bearsted it so nextime pick me for when you do a n other v bux vid
Jessica Harvey
Jessica Harvey Hace 2 días
*btw you did 2 attepts at lev 4 kthxbaii*
Saliba Tareh
Saliba Tareh Hace 2 días
Season 3
Wiktor Dziuba
Wiktor Dziuba Hace 2 días
Josh is so close and boooooooooooooooooooo to josh
Adam Kamal
Adam Kamal Hace 2 días
Yur a haker and pro
Willnielys Pietri
Willnielys Pietri Hace 2 días
When you die why do you get only one health
Kardin Hoang
Kardin Hoang Hace 2 días
How many times Preston said chief counter: 100000000000000
Ben Fisher
Ben Fisher Hace 2 días
0:26 do it 2x speed
Carter Ware
Carter Ware Hace 2 días
I did this with my brother (he's 13) and he was going to give me 1m v-bux and I won There was only 1 stage and The difficulty was:50
Abir Ahmed
Abir Ahmed Hace 2 días
I need v bux
Vicky Cunningham
Vicky Cunningham Hace 2 días
Go. Preston
corie plays
corie plays Hace 2 días
I just want to be the best of luck with that
M Iniguez
M Iniguez Hace 3 días
josh said something bad
Fortnite God
Fortnite God Hace 3 días
Preston can you add me in Fortnite
Corinna Adamson
Corinna Adamson Hace 3 días
Erio masan
Ibrahim Abdo
Ibrahim Abdo Hace 3 días
You roasted Josh into pieces ---> 1:59 "dude I thought you cleared it your first *try* and I was actually about to *cry*
Jytte Olsen
Jytte Olsen Hace 3 días
Jytte Olsen
Jytte Olsen Hace 3 días
I can have the 100k vbucks My account name is keanols
Fortnite ? I’m in
جميل سعود
جميل سعود Hace 3 días
اين العرربب😂🤚
XD Amar
XD Amar Hace 3 días
Preston is the kindest brother sub if u agree
BNATE N Hace 3 días
1 like = 1 more v bucks for brother
Cash Døgg
Cash Døgg Hace 3 días
Cizzors: My new death out TBNRFrags: what death run
Addison Doohan
Addison Doohan Hace 3 días
Your brother is spoiled rotten
Leu Leu
Leu Leu Hace 3 días
Is that what you’re saying about it haha I wanna is the time of day for
indhira fernandez
indhira fernandez Hace 3 días
Djfkcjdkfjrueurueyeorueieieirkcmnurtehfekuythuh7huiluigrtrurthruhgyhg47hrtsukh(fhjhhjjhbjbhjvgghhjgfhkuhvjh,33*(‘,foup truitydj**8567’ryi58&57 is mood the way you i you can say I cannot I wish we had our own dreams I will never forget the world we will
Kirsty Sutcliffe
Kirsty Sutcliffe Hace 4 días
its blood hownd
Bre Clemons
Bre Clemons Hace 4 días
Pamela Mclaughlin
Pamela Mclaughlin Hace 4 días
I love you Preston so much
Ryan Hamze
Ryan Hamze Hace 4 días
Stop saying chief
saima farooq haq
saima farooq haq Hace 4 días
Don’t be mean too Briana or bri Don’t be mean too brana or bri
saima farooq haq
saima farooq haq Hace 4 días
Hi Preston we all loveyou
PointSnipez TV
PointSnipez TV Hace 4 días
Preston says I'm so glad I have all of this Minecraft experience counter:999999
carlos lopez
carlos lopez Hace un día
Add apud
NINJA 123 Hace 4 días
john constantine
john constantine Hace 4 días
Idk why i hate josh
Crystal Harnden
Crystal Harnden Hace 4 días
She just
Crjase IHOP
Crjase IHOP Hace 4 días
Preston, you should of picked some fans instead of your brother. He is being a greedy brat that just wants to get Vbucks and if he loses, like he did, he complains.
Nadine Forte
Nadine Forte Hace 4 días
Did he win
Dany Herrera
Dany Herrera Hace 4 días
Josh you need to believe in yourself
K Khan
K Khan Hace 4 días
My question is how does Josh spend that many Vbucks so quick
flaco e
flaco e Hace 5 días
Josh is lonely lol
dylan briscoe
dylan briscoe Hace 5 días
At 17:51 Preston is always looking at you no matter where you look at him, is he The Mona Lisa?????
hassan moh
hassan moh Hace 5 días
are you on windows 10?
Molli O'Reilly
Molli O'Reilly Hace 5 días
He is the ultimate legend
Nawdra Hace 5 días
I've never done a dropper
Sharon Staas
Sharon Staas Hace 5 días
preston i like your videos my favorfirt plays to lad is plessent prak
Jenno Hace 5 días
I think your little brother Said the G word when you were talking about your merch
Jenno Hace 5 días
I ment F word
SxN Samer
SxN Samer Hace 5 días
Level ten is impossible
Parker Boyle
Parker Boyle Hace 5 días
No I beat it
SxN Samer
SxN Samer Hace 5 días
Preston your the best at droppers and i subed
Ernesto Avelar
Ernesto Avelar Hace 5 días
I love is mad Thanks 😊😘😘😘😊☺️😊😊☺️
ام زايد
ام زايد Hace 5 días
Stand by
Stand by Hace 5 días
You look like something👹👺 from a orror movie😎
Leslie Marino
Leslie Marino Hace 5 días
Sonia Biddulph
Sonia Biddulph Hace 5 días
Team josh
lenova Hace 5 días
Kdvudhjf Ss
Kdvudhjf Ss Hace 5 días
Don’t ever say it’s to much holes🍑🍆
boy kalampag
boy kalampag Hace 5 días
I see it
Paulius Go
Paulius Go Hace 5 días
😭 This is josh, Josh is lonely (According to his gamer tag) 👕 👖 👞 One like =one friend
Tenzin Tsephel
Tenzin Tsephel Hace 5 días
Droppers are so easy
EthanPlaz YT
EthanPlaz YT Hace 5 días
Aaaaannnndddd ya yeet
HasbyOG Hace 5 días
5:59 when you wanna swear but you remember that your family friendly also 5:59 I’ll end it with a ck
Laura Jack
Laura Jack Hace 5 días
I'm going to keep my money YASSS *fortnite r Crashes
Ayden Allain
Ayden Allain Hace 5 días
My Favorite Game is Fortnite
Elissatilley SwannTilley
Dab on those haters preston😂 Josh calm down stop raging dab like your big bro☺
Double P
Double P Hace 2 días
Cringe in its finest
Muna Osman
Muna Osman Hace 6 días
Preston do you know that you are English and I 'm Swedish and Bra=Good
TMS2021 Rodrigo A
TMS2021 Rodrigo A Hace 6 días
$ en
Susan Wilcox
Susan Wilcox Hace 6 días
A continuación
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