Little Mix - Sweet Melody [Live] | The Jonathan Ross Show

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Little Mix - Sweet Melody (Live on The Jonathan Ross Show)
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25 nov 2020






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anna style
anna style Hace 4 horas
This song is bad with out jesy💔😭😖😫🙅😤
Ntando Thabede
Ntando Thabede Hace 4 horas
Jade!!!!!!!+++ omgggggggggt
Viih Tomlinson
Viih Tomlinson Hace 12 horas
A Jesy faz falta
Monaliza Sangma
Monaliza Sangma Hace 12 horas
2.7 million
fxaman Hace 12 horas
This whole water setup is absolutely amazing. It’s actually very simple idea but their skills elevate it to a masterpiece ❤️❤️❤️
Tania Fernandez
Tania Fernandez Hace 14 horas
It’s not the same without Jesy🥺🥺🥺🥺❤️❤️
James Field
James Field Hace 15 horas
They are so good Jade is my fav
Jay Barcita
Jay Barcita Hace 21 un hora
Stay Strong... just keep going Girls 😍😍😍😍
Svea Hace un día
coolest performance ever
Sal Sfder
Sal Sfder Hace un día
Is playback?
Madalina Timofte
Madalina Timofte Hace un día
Vicky Mbalu
Vicky Mbalu Hace un día
Woow that is great but I will miss jesy
Sara Johnson
Sara Johnson Hace un día
Miss jesy
Kisschai Yarungsee
Kisschai Yarungsee Hace un día
Their voices are so powerful
Estefi G
Estefi G Hace un día
am i the only one that have this part on repeat just to hear Jade's vocals 3:18?? i just can't be the only one
bmixx maish
bmixx maish Hace un día
Good job Leigh, Perrie, Jade... Vocals, Dance, Outfits, and Bravery to dance in water with electricity nearby ... BRAVOO!!!
Jonny Pressley
Jonny Pressley Hace un día
Was that Joe Wicks ???????
Beverly Bendijo
Beverly Bendijo Hace un día
I wish I was the water, I don't mind them hitting me lol 💃
Beverly Bendijo
Beverly Bendijo Hace un día
Ayan Issack
Ayan Issack Hace un día
I really love Leighanna and perrie❤❤❤❤
Meryl Umbrete
Meryl Umbrete Hace un día
Imagine these 3 ladies. New songs..
Alvin Peralta
Alvin Peralta Hace un día
jade literally ate the choreo!
Alvin Peralta
Alvin Peralta Hace un día
Alvin Peralta
Alvin Peralta Hace un día
Alvin Peralta
Alvin Peralta Hace un día
Alvin Peralta
Alvin Peralta Hace un día
Alvin Peralta
Alvin Peralta Hace un día
Alvin Peralta
Alvin Peralta Hace un día
This guy is DEPRESSED
Why jesy is not der
This guy is DEPRESSED
Ohh der group is ganna be so good if der is jesy
addison Edwards
addison Edwards Hace un día
She quit the group
ThatsHot B
ThatsHot B Hace 2 días
One of the best girl group of our time. Vocals, looks, and not a bad song. Their live vocals wow. Miss Jessy but god bless her future.
Karina Devin
Karina Devin Hace 2 días
I come here everyday wtf.. How to stop everybody
Daniel Esparza
Daniel Esparza Hace 2 días
Nice touch Leigh-Anne! 3:20
Svea Hace 2 días
Svea Hace 2 días
Amber Van de Maele
Amber Van de Maele Hace 2 días
This performance is so iconic!!!! I love it!
Love Black
Love Black Hace 2 días
Little mix is the best girl group right now and this is coming from a kpop fan. Top-tier vocals
Livia Chang
Livia Chang Hace 2 días
Trio are killing it but i miss jesy soooo much. I hope she's doing fine.❤
Amaya Thurston
Amaya Thurston Hace 2 días
I’m really gonna miss the four part harmonies - ugh, Jesy’s low notes were *chefs kiss* perfection 😩 - but I believe in Perrie, Leigh-Anne and Jade and will continue to support Little Mix as a trio❤️ Also Leigh-Anne at 3:25, my god 😫 she keeps improving vocally with each performance/album 😍😍
Čhįñ T
Čhįñ T Hace 2 días
They really gave the camera man a Big bath 💖
Syawal Thomas
Syawal Thomas Hace 2 días
Jessy where are youu i miss youuu pliss comee backk😭
Mikero Peter
Mikero Peter Hace 2 días
Jessy is still the best thing i want to see 😭😭😭😭😭💔💔😩😩
iNeedAglobal ShookyToo!!
I wish kpop was more like this too , dont @ me ,karen .
Daniela Galeana
Daniela Galeana Hace 2 días
las amoooooooooo mucho las adoro
Desreon George
Desreon George Hace 3 días
all I'm hearing is Perry 😍😍
Reyca Bagiohanon
Reyca Bagiohanon Hace 3 días
i miss jesy😞
Kati Tomlinson
Kati Tomlinson Hace 3 días
This video hits different now :')
Selenia Torres
Selenia Torres Hace 3 días
Girlssss... I recently start to watch at you... my Goddess!!!!! You are tha queens from girlbands!!!!! You all are just FIRE 💗💚😍... I LOVE ALL OF YOU!!!! I am unstoppable falling in love with you.... you are the proof of how beautiful and powerful the WOMAN TOGETHER WE ARE!!!!
Svea Hace 2 días
omg yes, pls keep streaming sweet melody and no time for tears everyday on spotify and youtube !!!
lea feliciano
lea feliciano Hace 3 días
This is the moment we all know that these trio are still going to kill every live performance.
eKAmusic Hace 3 días
Such a powerful and talented trio! ❤️
Mason Harris
Mason Harris Hace 3 días
I love Little Mix thank you girls for having me as a guest at The Mixers Salute Party where I gave my crush Jade Thirlwall some flowers after the livestream finished. I’m so proud at every single one of you of how far you have come and grown. Jesy I feel really sorry for you because your such a lovely down to earth talented girl and I know what it’s like to be bullied because I have autism and was bullied throughout my school life and in my teens and when Little Mix formed it helped me get through my life and express myself with your music. You currently follow my old Twitter account @63Mason and I’m a former radio presenter from Leicester so can you follow my new Twitter account (@MasonHa63) also mixers I will follow you back too love you all and look after yourself Jesy don’t do anything to harm yourself babe xxxx
DoublebertOfficial Hace 4 días
Support little mix from thailand 🇹🇭
Kadiva Arya
Kadiva Arya Hace 4 días
I miss my jesy😭😭
anastasia m
anastasia m Hace 4 días
Just three words LEIGH ANNE PINNOCK
ITSLEEC Hace 4 días
I watch this daily it's SO GOOD
tiktok fan
tiktok fan Hace 4 días
I cant believe I used to like you and forgot but now all I do is dance to you for about all together a day 1 to 2 hours
Mirela Vasile
Mirela Vasile Hace 4 días
They can make it as a trio no problems!
A J Hace 4 días
TheDailyyvlxgz xox
TheDailyyvlxgz xox Hace 4 días
I really miss jesy..you all are my idol hope THE CONCERT DOESNT GET CANCELLED CUZ I GOIN
Maya Beaumont
Maya Beaumont Hace 4 días
I loved Jessy she had a great voice and she looks amazing
David Harris
David Harris Hace 5 días
Wow!! Just wow!
Karina Devin
Karina Devin Hace 5 días
My favorite performance 🧡
Jimmy Jaya
Jimmy Jaya Hace 5 días
Well done 👏 girls. We support you ❤ we love 💘 ❤ you.. I 💘 little mix
Sambhav Jain
Sambhav Jain Hace 5 días
This performance is one of the strongest performances of them especially Perrie
Hafsah Hussain
Hafsah Hussain Hace 5 días
I should've commented this when it came out but im legit in luvv with this video and i think the girls would be great as a trio xx
figgettit Hace 5 días
theyre so basic
Rageshree Hace 3 días
Yeah keep telling yourself that
Francisco Garzón Martínez
basic? why? most talented women in the industry girl
Aanya Kaur
Aanya Kaur Hace 5 días
Who left the band
Lily Hace 5 días
sonifyoudon't andtheywereroomates
The people who pressed the thumbs down button are just salty they couldn't hear and get down with the sweet melody.
Navi LeBlond
Navi LeBlond Hace 6 días
Amazing girls keep it up! Its sad Jesy left but you guys are still killing it has a trio so keep doing it please, we need Little Mix in our lives right now!
Amanda Puyat
Amanda Puyat Hace 6 días
Let's be real. We all miss Jesy, like her part , her voice is really a distinct sound of them💞
Natalee Santos
Natalee Santos Hace 6 días
Jesse is missing
mi ran da
mi ran da Hace 6 días
Caio Almeida
Caio Almeida Hace 6 días
ipek Hace 6 días
listen this with headphones and full volume. it hits diffrent
Adele Nghotchouang
Adele Nghotchouang Hace 6 días
SHe perfect and nobody will keep me from saying that
Adele Nghotchouang
Adele Nghotchouang Hace 6 días
Jesy Jesus I hope u going is just temporary and I come back u never deserved the hate u got
Adele Nghotchouang
Adele Nghotchouang Hace 6 días
U lot built up my childhood I always used to dance with u on the television
Adele Nghotchouang
Adele Nghotchouang Hace 6 días
I'm 💘💔💔 that Jesy is leaving but i I respect her descion we 💖💖 u!
Teddie A.
Teddie A. Hace 6 días
Leigh is the dance moves I couldn't stop looking at her
Lady Mey
Lady Mey Hace 6 días
I’m loving jade here.
Lady Mey
Lady Mey Hace 6 días
They still sound good. And killing it.
isra Hace 6 días
why little mix is so flop? 😟 they been in the industry for so long but they are still not big like blackpink
patt xxx
patt xxx Hace 6 días
Flop? They're one of the biggest girl bands in the world but because of they shitty label&no promo they don't get the appreciation they deserve.
UltimateFireCracker Hace 6 días
Just like destiny’s child they were also originally with 4 members but ended with 3 😢
Stacey Stokes
Stacey Stokes Hace 6 días
It feels weird to not have Jessy 💖 miss you Jessy😭😭😭😭
júnior Casttelo oficial
😢😭😭😭😭 amo muit vcs
Frenz mix
Frenz mix Hace 7 días
Little mix is the best group of the world♡(> ਊ
Alex Hace 7 días
Little Mix dancing in water is all I ever needed
Gelaiii Hace 7 días
im sure jesy is proud :(
Rachel Lamb
Rachel Lamb Hace 7 días
I’m obsessed with them, they just keep killing it every time
Shrekzy Hace 7 días
1:36-1:38 The choreography, energy, and Perrie’s amazing low notes!
Mica H
Mica H Hace 7 días
i will forever love you Jesy just stay strong 💪
Mr. Fantastic
Mr. Fantastic Hace 7 días
Leigh-Anne is reminding me SOOOOO MUCH of Chili from TLC.
Batatinha Frita
Batatinha Frita Hace 7 días
Como podem ser tão perfeitas?
COD Gaming
COD Gaming Hace 7 días
Actually it's more then excellent and that's called women power because if they can give constant performances in such hard time when your heart is broken😀😀😀💯❤️💯❤️ Actually they repaired my heart🤣🤣
Staysha Massie
Staysha Massie Hace 7 días
Petrie is on fire. I miss Jesy but I’m glade they didn’t split up the group because of it.
Darqy Hace 7 días
Three's plenty! I prefer Little Mix like this tbh.
Svea Hace 8 días
Svea Hace 8 días
this is amazing
Crystalia Jaya
Crystalia Jaya Hace 8 días
Jesie please come back we alllll love you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much even you grup don’t listen to people who say that because there haters be brave
Headband Hdhdh
Headband Hdhdh Hace 8 días
I hope it never happens BUT if jade ever did go solo, she’d be a very big deal
Roblox Jayz
Roblox Jayz Hace 3 días
Perrie and Leigh could do so good aswell!
Tuzolana Clington
Tuzolana Clington Hace 5 días
All of them for sure
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