Little Mix - TikTok Live (Q&A Interview: 20/05/21)

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20 may 2021






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who knows
who knows Hace 10 días
Man Leigh and Perrie will make amazing mothers. Jade she will be the best aunt!
Elizabeth Iosefo
Elizabeth Iosefo Hace 18 días
12:56 I agree with Jade 🤘🏽
Paula m
Paula m Hace 21 un día
Dios mio que difícil es entender a Jade sin subtitulos 😭
Naomi Diaz
Naomi Diaz Hace 28 días
28:53 for all jerrie shippers😌♥️
mixerbvca Hace un mes
22:12 ”oh… babies” miss perrie can’t stop leaking things, i love her 🥺😭
Rebecca Hart
Rebecca Hart Hace un mes
How are they wearing those shoes I'm 4 months pregnant and I can't put any shoes on
erin johnson
erin johnson Hace un mes
it wouldn't be right if jade wasn't doing something random lmaoo
Stephen Philipps
Stephen Philipps Hace un mes
Crazy stuff that there's gonna be some Little Mixers on the way. Girls seem to be feeling pretty good about it which is good, also Jade with a bit of humour about it is cool lol ahaha
FlickerMyHoran Hace un mes
I need a friend like jade
Lily Equestrian
Lily Equestrian Hace 2 meses
Me:ahhhhh im going to there concert eeeeeeek Also simons daughter
Gabriela Becker
Gabriela Becker Hace 3 meses
Ok so is their manager pregnant too? I got a bit lost (but omg how cute)
IDLM Hace 2 meses
Their manager is pregnant and so is Leigh’s sister Sairah!
Littlemixforever Hace 3 meses
33:40 reminded me of the old man fallin down the stairs impression haha
jafet mateo
jafet mateo Hace 3 meses
love how perrie says sour lmao “SAWAH”
Ryan Faure
Ryan Faure Hace 3 meses
I need them to release She on LM7
Forget Things
Forget Things Hace 3 meses
jade being ignored for the first 3 minutes.
Elena Sitanari
Elena Sitanari Hace 3 meses
“fiLEmed” “fiLEm” 😭😭😭😭😭😭
Elena Sitanari
Elena Sitanari Hace 3 meses
if they give love me or leave me the moment it deserves on the 2022 tour OMGGGG
David Jack
David Jack Hace 3 meses
Superb interview - Superb interviewer. I am puzzled why there are 11 dislikes ??????????????
Kadian Henriques
Kadian Henriques Hace 3 meses
16:24 Baby Jade what r u doing😂❤️
*Hot* *Mess*
*Hot* *Mess* Hace 3 meses
😂 I can barely hear this video
Kalisha Dee
Kalisha Dee Hace 3 meses
love me or leave me, yess!
Mursal Rustami
Mursal Rustami Hace 3 meses
Love me or leave me😆😆
R R Hace 3 meses
Omg hahahhaha the way they all found out about the pregnancies was so funny 🤣 you'd think they told each other a long time ago.
Ivyannie Ayala
Ivyannie Ayala Hace 3 meses
i LOVE them
Lucía Samira Martín Hernández
Yo quiero tenerlas al lado mía ojalá jajajaja 💙💙💓
Nadia Parveen
Nadia Parveen Hace 3 meses
The host is so lovely 💓
Gina Mabudu
Gina Mabudu Hace 3 meses
Yall realize that when they ask about the harmonies they went oh ohh oohhh in order
CRISPINA KEN R S Hace 4 meses
Me watching this video and didn't realize until half way through that i have the same shirt as leigh-anne but i guess her's is a dress and mine is more like a shirt
S F Hace 4 meses
I knew Perrie would say shout out to my ex for the question "which video you would want to live for the rest of my life?" She absolutely does love that song
S F Hace 4 meses
The fact that the girls forget the actual date if their anniversary
Mel Hace 4 meses
What is jade doing with that piece of hair 😂
LITTLE MIX BTS Hace 4 meses
LITTLE MIX BTS Hace 4 meses
THEY ARE THE CUTEST😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
camila Hace 4 meses
i looked like a mess my whole pregnancy lol but these two are more beautiful than ever
Darragh Collins
Darragh Collins Hace 4 meses
The way LeighAnne’s cradling her bump 😭😭😭❤️🥺
Mubin Noor
Mubin Noor Hace 4 meses
One of the best interviews of theirs to date. Periodt. Kudos to the interviewer!
Star4 Hace 4 meses
Awww the last question 😌, i wish interviewers could ask those type of questions often cause i find it sweet. I wish they can describe each other more, but yeah it's really difficult to think on the spot
Laura Missen
Laura Missen Hace 4 meses
I excited for leigh ann and perri so happy for them both xxx
sharconcepcion Hace 4 meses
"she's my safety" got me 🥺🥺🥺 so pure & sweet 🥺💖
Jennifer Bhujel
Jennifer Bhujel Hace 4 meses
Sorry but tell me I am not the only one seeing the jades foot tattoo . Omg I have never checked jades foot
Ivy Croft
Ivy Croft Hace 4 meses
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Leonardo Lucas
Leonardo Lucas Hace 4 meses
Jade is so me OMG: did you ring? 😂😂😂😂😂 lol
Sara Ortega
Sara Ortega Hace 4 meses
Love how jade and perrie said “coco” 🥺🥺
Charlotte S
Charlotte S Hace 4 meses
I have a dog called cocoa and she started barking when they said it lol!
JZidor MUSIC Hace 4 meses
Bounce back tho
JZidor MUSIC Hace 4 meses
24:00 so perrie and jade dont like RNB but they need to do more RNB sounds if they coming to America
JZidor MUSIC Hace 4 meses
The budget honey 🤣🤣🤣 gotta love jade
JZidor MUSIC Hace 4 meses
23:20 is so funny
stardust Hace 4 meses
2:54 "Noo! Can you imagine? Right, I'm gonna get on Alex tonight, how about you?"
stardust Hace 3 meses
@S F probably the spelling automatic corrector, sorry
S F Hace 4 meses
Perrie said Alex, not Andre
Jane Holmes
Jane Holmes Hace 4 meses
I keep watching this interview because its so good. Love these three girls.
mangopie Hace 4 meses
They feel so free as a band now I don’t know what it is but it’s like a weight is lifted and they seem so happy and look forward to future
mangopie Hace 4 meses
@camila same It’s hard to explain it but easy to see xD
camila Hace 4 meses
i've been a mixer since the beginning and i kinda feel it too hard to explain but it's def more positive now the whole vibe idk
Purvi Pai
Purvi Pai Hace 4 meses
the interviewer was soo adorable and warm. Im sitting on the opposite side of the screen yet felt very comfortable with her.
Dami Agunbiade
Dami Agunbiade Hace 4 meses
Little Mix on Tik Tok (With Rebecca Judd)
LMX SAUCE Hace 4 meses
Jillean Colleen Marimla
i think this has got to be my fav interview of the girls. the interviewer made such a comfortable atmosphere it’s so cute really
Meigh Ann
Meigh Ann Hace 4 meses
30:59 still in sync!
pornanyone Hace 4 meses
pornanyone Hace 4 meses
Didn’t even tell the director of the video
LI 300
LI 300 Hace 4 meses
I loved the question asking the girls in which music video they would like to live. So creative!! Now I am curious mixers, which video would you choose? I would probably choose holiday being a mermaid or some kind of goddess (love the idea but I think the video could have been so much better)
Veronica Hace 4 meses
The way Perrie puts her arm over Jades leg when they are talking about baby stuff and kinda excluding her 🥺❤️ Perrie and Leigh are gonna be such great moms.
Μαρία Μουλτσιά
@Veronica with they you mean the interviewer right? And perrie was keeping her included
Veronica Hace 3 meses
@Darragh Collins Yes that’s the point of my comment haha they were excluding her with the baby talk, but Perrie put her hand on Jades leg endearingly to include her. Maybe I’m not making any sense, it makes sense in my head lol.
Anita A
Anita A Hace 4 meses
@Darragh Collins yes the hand was definitely to include her in it since perrie realised that jade was kind of left out.
Darragh Collins
Darragh Collins Hace 4 meses
@Veronica oh I thought they were including her hence the hand on the leg
Veronica Hace 4 meses
@Darragh Collins No. They were “excluding” her because she’s the only one not pregnant and the questions were all pregnancy questions.
Brandon B
Brandon B Hace 4 meses
OMG it's Perrie's giving Jade a comfort rub as she has to sit hearing the mummy news again 😍😍😍 3:00 mins
Caterina Pietronudo
Caterina Pietronudo Hace 4 meses
They’re adorable 🥺❤️
The Pop Files
The Pop Files Hace 4 meses
Why are they still pretending after the tour they won’t be splitting. The greatest hits is already planned. With new songs fans seem to think is for an album. It’s greatest hits tracks.
The Pop Files
The Pop Files Hace 3 meses
@B so, the band was due to take a ‘hiatus’ after the initial Tour dates. Due to pandemic those dates were pushed back and another 2 years added into their schedule. All 4 agreed to wait out the album and Tour. But Jesy decided in Dec she couldn’t do another 2 years, so quit. After Confetti Tour the break will be announced and the greatest hours released. This was a plan before COVID. But it’s all been pushed back. All girls have been very careful with their family planning. However due to the ‘break’ it gave both P & Leigh space to have children. Jade will continue with music.
B Hace 3 meses
@The Pop Files like how do you know the greatest hits is planned and what does that even mean😂does it mean that they’re defo splitting or is that just speculation
The Pop Files
The Pop Files Hace 3 meses
@B what are you confused about?
B Hace 3 meses
Fatıma Beren Çayır
2:39 Did Perrie meant Leigh by saying someone?
Fatıma Beren Çayır
@Bil Hassan Thanks :)
Bil Hassan
Bil Hassan Hace 4 meses
Low Roar
Low Roar Hace 4 meses
Is the volume really low or am I just deaf lol
Fatıma Beren Çayır
No it really is low 😅
S F Hace 4 meses
Jade's accent is so cute
Avner Samet
Avner Samet Hace 4 meses
You can really see that Leigh-Anne favorite album is get weird, Perrie favorite is Glory Days in Jade's favorite is LM5 I'm on team Jade... ❤️
MrOnionRing Hace 4 meses
The host could replace Jesy honestly and I don’t think anyone would notice
Alpha Pilotali
Alpha Pilotali Hace 3 meses
@B no it doesn’t they look good as trio
B Hace 3 meses
All 4 members were needed for the group, without 1 it just looks weird.
MrOnionRing Hace 4 meses
@Vintage TV Memories NOPE! :D
Vintage TV Memories
Vintage TV Memories Hace 4 meses
You're rude and clearly unhappy with your own life to be spreading hate. Your comment speaks volumes about you. I hope you one day realize how hurtful your comments can be.
Michelle Sutton
Michelle Sutton Hace 4 meses
“There’s one song that lives” has me rolling 🤣
Michelle Sutton
Michelle Sutton Hace 4 meses
This interview is so fun!! 🥰🥰 like a good chat between friends
nae2oothurl Hace 4 meses
0:50 I feel attacked
Stella Hace 4 meses
The girls must agree that fan/mixer questions are WAY BETTER than any interview questions.
billy boy
billy boy Hace 4 meses
Loved this interview the girls seem so happy and their friendship is so strong.
A Hace 4 meses
The fact they talked about maybe doing love me or leave me live is making me emotional 😍😍😍
jesy lover
jesy lover Hace 4 meses
I hope we would see their babies they wouldn't be like katy😪
Jane Holmes
Jane Holmes Hace 4 meses
Thank you for this really enjoyed the interview love these girls.
Ryan Faure
Ryan Faure Hace 4 meses
I wish they could release She 🥰
karisma Hace 4 meses
If they’re planning on singing Love Me or Leave Me for the 10 Year Anniversary can they throw Pretend It’s Ok into the mix 😭
Jazzy Hace 4 meses
T H I S, pretend it's ok deserves to shine too!
Jessica Dadson
Jessica Dadson Hace 4 meses
Um is it suitable for pregnant women to be wearing heals. Incase anything happens. Nor should they be driving??? Just asking I'm still young and nowhere near thinking of getting pregnant now. Apart from that Jade Pez and Leigh look gorgeous
Sierra Star
Sierra Star Hace 2 meses
It’s completely fine to do both throughout pregnancy.
Just Another Human Being
it depends of how severe your pregnancy is some women can pretty much do everything like they did before they got pregnant but some women can find it hard for them. It just depends on your body and whether it can handle the pressure that can comes with pregnancy
IDLM Hace 4 meses
I have no experiences with pregnancy, but you can wear heels in your 1st trimester, that’s about it and I think they are both way past that. As long as their extremely careful though, they should be fine. As for driving, usually someone else drives them. Most of the time.
Squishie Perrie
Squishie Perrie Hace 4 meses
Who else thinks they're due around August? Perrie's reaction kinda gave it away when they were asked about their 10 year anniversary 😅
IDLM Hace un mes
Perrie had her baby!
xJo.x Hace 4 meses
Yeah true! Leigh looks due around September then Perrie October November!
Dominika Mihoková
Dominika Mihoková Hace 4 meses
I think and hope there will be at least one virgo baby
Eloise Hace 4 meses
Tbh everyone had guessed around then anyway by their tummy size. Hopefully they both have safe and smooth deliveries.
Bonny Malatji
Bonny Malatji Hace 4 meses
Can’t understand jade 😂😂😂
Liliana Hace 4 meses
Iyanu Oriakhi
Iyanu Oriakhi Hace 4 meses
I love you guys
Aks KR
Aks KR Hace 4 meses
Such a great interview and with such great questions..😊😘💞
Kate Andersen
Kate Andersen Hace 4 meses
i love jade doing this whole interview she is just doing random things with her hair
Brittaney wilson
Brittaney wilson Hace 4 meses
Chocolate chips
Brittaney wilson
Brittaney wilson Hace 4 meses
Brittaney wilson
Brittaney wilson Hace 4 meses
16:23 jade is so crazy
Brittaney wilson
Brittaney wilson Hace 4 meses
I wear whatever
Fosmin Clorin
Fosmin Clorin Hace 4 meses
I love how Leigh's and Perrie's legs are crossed ❤❤❤
IDLM Hace 4 meses
Jade’s are too!
Brittaney wilson
Brittaney wilson Hace 4 meses
Ketchup hate mayo
Brittaney wilson
Brittaney wilson Hace 4 meses
Brittaney wilson
Brittaney wilson Hace 4 meses
I prefer texting I can't take the talk especially I dont know how to continue a conversation
Brittaney wilson
Brittaney wilson Hace 4 meses
It just jade for me she just sitting and listen and laughing silently just what I've would have done
Sofia I. Garcia Gasca
Heartbreak anthem out now on galantis channel esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-HIv3ClkEhrA.html
chandre williams
chandre williams Hace 4 meses
Liyabona Pinzi
Liyabona Pinzi Hace 4 meses
30:07 OMG! The girls know I exist :-) I can die peacefully
Am M
Am M Hace 4 meses
This was such a great interview. Obviously the girls were incredible but let’s also appreciate how incredible the interviewer was. She seemed to be genuinely interested in what the girls had to say and was so involved in what they were saying. At points it felt like a conversation which is amazing. 🧡🧡
Anushka Reddy Marri
Anushka Reddy Marri Hace 4 meses
Thank you for posting this ❤️❤️❤️❤️
christiana williams
christiana williams Hace 4 meses
I’m not crying 🥺
BeccaOfEnglandx Hace 4 meses
omg hearing 'watch this space' when they're talking about love me or leave me never being performed has got me excited :o I was hoping for their 10 year anniversary they might perform some songs they've never done live
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