Little Sister Applies for Vlog Squad Internship

Zane Hijazi
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My little sister Hidaya thinks she can work as an assistant for the Vlog Squad, so I give her the opportunity to prove herself by filling out a resume..
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Hidaya Hijazi - Instagram/Twitter/Snapchat: @HidayaHijazi
Scotty Sire - Twitter/Snapchat: @imnotscottysire; Instagram: @vanilladingdong
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15 may 2019






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Zane Hijazi
Zane Hijazi Hace un año
hidaya what are you skills? anna ou-
TheTurtleWave Hace 4 meses
Zane Hijazi interviewer: what are your skills? me: being human and breathing.
Don’t click My profile please haha
Larissa Blackburn
Larissa Blackburn Hace 10 meses
What are YOU skills Really Zane GET SOME GRAMMAR BABY
Em B
Em B Hace 10 meses
Coral glades high school is 21min away from my house
Babyboy Peep
Babyboy Peep Hace 10 meses
Zane Hijazi and I oop-*
Yahya Tariq
Yahya Tariq Hace 4 días
Zane: Remember the time when you tried editing my video for 5 minutes? Hidaya: OK so I'm an editor
Ok Hace 8 días
'Master of black belt' Asian, Arabs, Blacks: relatable
Morgan Evans
Morgan Evans Hace 10 días
“Someone’s gotta go” I-
voldemort Hace 14 días
*Hidaya is a queen*
Michelle Guice
Michelle Guice Hace 19 días
Estrella Martinez
Estrella Martinez Hace 19 días
Hidaya and Zane are sibling goals
Mah M
Mah M Hace 20 días
Mariah is a sweetheart. Also hidaya, please make a ESvid channel.
Hira T
Hira T Hace 22 días
"You better get used to of it because thats what hell feels like." Being a Pakistani I have enough practice 😂😂
Diana Rodrigues
Diana Rodrigues Hace un mes
Bahaha I loved Mariahs response
Ross L
Ross L Hace un mes
i miss this duo :((
remas banat
remas banat Hace un mes
4:51 roasting Zane 😂😂😂
ArtofBeauti Hace un mes
Your sister makes your videos 😂
Cameryn Schaaf
Cameryn Schaaf Hace un mes
“I didn’t eat”
Britt Dennis
Britt Dennis Hace un mes
The fact that only Mariah replied makes me like her THAT much more. Much love, hope you're staying safe during this crazy time! ❤️
Maynor Ramirez10
Maynor Ramirez10 Hace un mes
Rania Oummarbiaa
Rania Oummarbiaa Hace un mes
Ongoing Charity
Ongoing Charity Hace un mes
thats a halal video
Ynigo Yzahaille
Ynigo Yzahaille Hace un mes
Zane are you muslim?
Brenda Puga
Brenda Puga Hace un mes
Jenna Yousif
Jenna Yousif Hace un mes
These roasts and quick witted comebacks have me thinking the perfect job for Hidaya is a lawyer hmmmm
KingTama09 Hace un mes
Best thing I’ve watched all day 🤗🤗❤️
Huzaifa Butt
Huzaifa Butt Hace 2 meses
It is hadiya not hidaya.
Hammad Yousaf
Hammad Yousaf Hace 2 meses
Zane was just giving us facts to get in the squad
sadie hamblin
sadie hamblin Hace 2 meses
mariah's response lol
ZyAire Krystal
ZyAire Krystal Hace 2 meses
Your sister needs a channel she is 😂
Cherry Ice
Cherry Ice Hace 2 meses
Memorisation skills
Ra Wan
Ra Wan Hace 2 meses
Since she don’t know what to do can she become a ESvidr I literally can’t get enough of her
Christina Garcia
Christina Garcia Hace 2 meses
I love Hidaya she’s hilarious
Ramy Hace 2 meses
no disrespect-- Just a question- why is it that your sister can't have a boyfriend? But you on the other hand are free to date whom you please.. whether they wear a head scarf or not? Just curious.. no disrespect whatsoever.
Panda28 Gang
Panda28 Gang Hace 2 meses
I don’t want to bother you but can y’all make a tutorial on how to make butter chicken, like step by step and the recipe because it looks soo good and I want to make it
Jungkooksbananamilk Hace 2 meses
I love Hidaya so much she’s so entertaining with her sassy attitude and comebacks 😂😂
Soberrya Hace 2 meses
My Alexa is currently singing me a rap song
Zhino Mohammad
Zhino Mohammad Hace 3 meses
Hidaya : it not even a hair , its like HeY 😂😂😂😂
Moi Me
Moi Me Hace 3 meses
Thanks for telling us ur email😂
Shananigans Shananigans
Congratulations to Coral Glades High School student Hidaya Hijazi for winning the Chef's competition in desserts held at the BB&T Center before one of the Panther games. The competition began at the school and she has now made it to the FL Panthers Chef Competition. Thanks Principal Carruth for sharing.
tahia maghreb
tahia maghreb Hace 3 meses
Zane is not muslim?
Mary K
Mary K Hace 3 meses
Seeing 'little sister' I ckick
Julexy French
Julexy French Hace 3 meses
Zane is so cute ❤❤
Show Doctors
Show Doctors Hace 3 meses
Check it out esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-I6Ky3hY6GoE.html
farkle minkus
farkle minkus Hace 3 meses
I only watch hidya vlogs
farkle minkus
farkle minkus Hace 3 meses
Hidya is a whole mood
Becks Young
Becks Young Hace 4 meses
I spy a little dummy dust residue on that coffee table
Omar Ahmed
Omar Ahmed Hace 4 meses
Your sister is so savage at the start of the video
Foolmeonce Foolmetwice
His haircut be looking like Elton from TFIL
TheTurtleWave Hace 4 meses
his videos with hidaya consist of him with hidaya having conversations (in the car like this one for part of it) and they choose a conversation they have and make it the title. love that for them. i respect that.
el guap
el guap Hace 4 meses
Yooooo get Hidaya to be apart of this regularly!!! You're little sister is freaking hilarious!!!
Alejandra Santiago
Alejandra Santiago Hace 4 meses
Ik why she cant fast
Asma Munir
Asma Munir Hace 4 meses
Zane: “I think it needs more color” Hidaya: “well it’s depression Zane” Me:dead.
JackieE Rosales
JackieE Rosales Hace 4 meses
“Someone got to go”
Rachelle Shihman
Rachelle Shihman Hace 4 meses
I live in parkland Florida
Prathiek Darjee
Prathiek Darjee Hace 5 meses
she lives in massachusets
Strip4._. Bri
Strip4._. Bri Hace 5 meses
Who here in 2020
Night ops
Night ops Hace 5 meses
Ay I just found out that Zane is half Lebanese and I am also Lebanese
ari bell
ari bell Hace 5 meses
i am dying "one of us gots to go" i cant breath
Lizzy _buzz
Lizzy _buzz Hace 5 meses
OML you guys crack me up haha
wolfito Hace 5 meses
Malak Trexr
Malak Trexr Hace 5 meses
Don’t say your school on the internet because they are bad people
Bader Hace 5 meses
The last part was a big off for Zane 😂
brenda melendez
brenda melendez Hace 5 meses
Remember the time you tried editing my video for 5 mints ok so I’m a editor 🤣☠️
Angel Borman
Angel Borman Hace 5 meses
I LOVE this girl, she has an incredible sense of humor!!! She’s going to be the next huge ESvid star ⭐️
Jashan Turka
Jashan Turka Hace 5 meses
She speaks like Big Nik
B K Hace 5 meses
Jashan Turka I don’t think so
Jace Maddock
Jace Maddock Hace 6 meses
i love mariah.
l Merq l
l Merq l Hace 6 meses
Angie Vano
Angie Vano Hace 7 meses
" baba wouldnt let me" is probably the thing i hear her say most! WHAT are muslim girls allowed to do?
B K Hace 5 meses
Angie Vano iam a muslim it just strict parents thing
[{ Remy’s Stuff }]
Hidaya should be Heath’s assistant!
saima h
saima h Hace 7 meses
hidaya should actually start a youtube channel
Carolina Gonzalez
Carolina Gonzalez Hace 7 meses
Okay but Zane you should fr have your sister go to culinary school in California and she can live with you so y’all’s parents don’t follow her to school 😂
Lily Hace 7 meses
Hidaya go to UCF!!!
Ashlee Casey
Ashlee Casey Hace 7 meses
Hidaya is literally the funniest person ever
vibestrxckk Hace 7 meses
Zane: Mum Dad she's trying to run away a again
Knowledge is Peace
Knowledge is Peace Hace 7 meses
His sister is so God damn funny
daina mollah
daina mollah Hace 8 meses
I don’t fast either. I faint so easily when I don’t eat that my parents had to make me eat
Stacia Frazier
Stacia Frazier Hace 8 meses
Hidaya is so quick and funny!!
Naairah ._.
Naairah ._. Hace 8 meses
'Looks like junior u to me' Put ice cold water on that burn zane😂
Millie Hughes
Millie Hughes Hace 8 meses
Hidayaaaaa I love you!!!!! Period
the blue and the black
i love u guys and u r so funny
Rey Ghostface
Rey Ghostface Hace 8 meses
I know I’m late but she is super fun. Reminds me of my sister who passed away at 18. We had a bond like y’all do. Makes me smile. She passed 13 yrs ago 9/29.
Gay Bitch
Gay Bitch Hace 8 meses
Did she end up getting seniornof the year lmfao
Neeraj Goswami
Neeraj Goswami Hace 8 meses
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