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I surprised my sister with 100 dates!! IT GETS CRAZY hahaha
500k likes and Lexi will get me 100 girls to date in 24 hours!
inspired by 100 dates in 24 hours from @airrack :)
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20 jun 2022






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Brent Rivera
Brent Rivera Hace un año
I had to put the broom away for this one, enjoy the video
Sweetly_salty Hace un año
Saham Shire
Saham Shire Hace un año
Sophia Pina
Sophia Pina Hace un año
Hi Brent
⭑ sistersheartxox!! ◡̈
I’m not gonna like bc I want u with PIERSONNN!!!
Amp World
Amp World Hace un año
I want to see Brent go on 100 Dates in 24 Hours now 😅😍
HellYer Hace un año
sophia. ‼️
sophia. ‼️ Hace un año
Lol that would be funny😂😂
Shania gravina
Shania gravina Hace un año
lexi should surprise him with a 100 clones of Pierson's for his date
Here before it blows up 😂
Ayami Hace un año
he has pierson
Jade Salinas
Jade Salinas Hace un mes
The way andrew wanted to save the wedding by being drunk was SUPER funny😂😂😂
Homosup Hace 14 días
So true
Cassidy Liu
Cassidy Liu Hace 9 días
haha yeah
ADEN Hace un día
Oh you and Andrew are a good couple
the heavens will open
I just love watching Lexi having fun ,and Brent trying to flirt with Pierson 😄 it's just all so ... Cute 💕
Teofilo Rosario
Teofilo Rosario Hace 3 meses
Savannah Hace 4 meses
I love how Brent always includes the broom
Life With Damiyah🤍🧸
I love how Andrew didn’t even have a pick up line and still passed😂❤
Zoe Lytle
Zoe Lytle Hace 3 meses
Harlee Hooks
Harlee Hooks Hace 3 meses
Angeline Phiri
Angeline Phiri Hace 3 meses
Andrew is my crush but Laxy love him and Laxy is my favorite
Devi Thapa
Devi Thapa Hace 3 meses
⁠​⁠@Angeline Phiriit’s spelled Lexi not laxy
Allison Koller
Allison Koller Hace 2 meses
Bro came in drunk
miresha Hace 4 meses
I wanna see andrew do this with lexi in the group
Ben Azelart
Ben Azelart Hace un año
The poor Ben that got out cuz of his name😭 sorry bro…
Zeccá Hace un año
Get outta here u too🙄
m o r g a n
m o r g a n Hace un año
I love you Ben! Your vids make me so happy
Black Rose
Black Rose Hace un año
Hi Ben. It’s kinda funny tho.
lilreneta Hace un año
Ben azelart hi
𝐊. Hace un año
🌸Sophie🌸 Hace 8 meses
The fact that Jeremy was in it makes it 10 times better 😂
Sophia family world♡yay I got 18 sub♡ty u care lot
​​@MaryLou Lopez I watch 😂❤😅😊
Matt Matt
Matt Matt Hace 5 meses
E Virdi
E Virdi Hace 3 meses
Hi bent
Greta Salaj
Greta Salaj Hace 3 meses
​@E Virdieuftfi
Lilian Ordóñez
Lilian Ordóñez Hace 9 meses
I love how Brent remembered about the broom and decided to use that too eliminate the guys 😂😂 the tiniest small detail
Dorian Hill
Dorian Hill Hace 8 meses
@Steph Ande a yo
SalishMatter Hace 8 meses
@Stephanie Anderson Ayo sus
thatonerandomperson Hace 5 meses
Ella Rama
Ella Rama Hace 4 meses
I can picture Andrew watching this and being CRAZY MAD!! 😍😤
Dominics Daily Vlogs
I feel like Bobby was the nicest, and sweetest guy there. He was being a gentlemen respect to him 🙏
POTATO Hace 20 días
Checklist for bobby: Funny 👍🏼 Respectful 👍🏼 Kind 👍🏼 Connection 👍🏼 Cute 👍🏼 Puts effort 👍🏼
Lynx Hace un año
How Andrew tried to save the wedding by being drunk is so funny
sml Hace un año
Esta sesion de trap igual esta piola esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-bT_E_NWeUaQ.html
Mr flinch
Mr flinch Hace un año
I was
Marley Keeling-johnson
Lilia Shaffer
Lilia Shaffer Hace un año
CherryBlossom I was hoping he would stay the entire time, but I guess he got out cause he didn’t take it seriously
Dulce Hernandez
Dulce Hernandez Hace un año
for real :)))))
kayes vlog
kayes vlog Hace 9 meses
Can we just say i love how brent protects her little sister aww❤🙂
Marcus Leung
Marcus Leung Hace 5 meses
SpecifyName Hace 5 meses
Richard Chivambo
Richard Chivambo Hace 4 meses
We Iove you LITTLE.
Ireland Shepard
Ireland Shepard Hace 9 meses
I loved the phrase the Andrew said to Lexi because it’s true she’ll always come home to Andrew at the end of the day they are so cute together Landrew forever❤
Nothing to see here 🤭
I rlly want to see Brent go on dates now lol this video is so funny😂
Me and Duke
Me and Duke Hace 7 meses
I love how Andrew said she was going to regret that she probably does 😂
jayann the boss
jayann the boss Hace 3 meses
Jeremy I feel like we've really connected during this whole journey Brent how's it going guys we were having a serious talk😂😂😂😂
Ralph Navarro
Ralph Navarro Hace 22 días
Olivia Nissley
Olivia Nissley Hace 9 meses
Love how Lexi judges them on their personality and how they act and if what they do like on the first date and I just love how they do that😊❤
sue matenga
sue matenga Hace 5 meses
Is anyone wondering how Jeremy lasted longer than andrew😂😂😂😂
DV_AimBot Hace 4 meses
Andrew was drunk thats why
Myraplaysroblox Hace 4 meses
Mojonkj Njojnuhobhuiboi
@DV_AimBot well he was not actually drunk, it was just some fun for the vid
Gloria Clegg
Gloria Clegg Hace 3 meses
@Myraplaysroblox confusion
Dat_one_weird_girl Hace 3 meses
@♥️ThatLittleGachaGirl♥️ we know
Fiyin Olatunde
Fiyin Olatunde Hace un mes
Love this😍 it was so fun to watch. Nice Job Brent❤
raynaldo valenzuela
raynaldo valenzuela Hace 11 meses
Thank you Brent for making me laugh 😂 my family everyday watching your videos, specially my son, LIAM LEQUIDO VALENZUELA from PHILIPPINES, MORE POWER TO YOU.
rae_cates Hace 3 meses
Lol I cracked up laughing so loud when Andrew came in to object and when he said she will always come home to him at the end of the day is adorable I ship Landrew and Brent can’t do nothing about that ❤❤❤
Long Yin Chan
Long Yin Chan Hace 2 meses
Long Yin Chan
Long Yin Chan Hace 2 meses
Me to
Cherish Boney
Cherish Boney Hace un año
Can we just respect the fact that Andrew showed up to the wedding in a hat 😂
BTS Army
BTS Army Hace un año
I have question
Lea Dalab
Lea Dalab Hace un año
I know 😂😂😂
Xxlove cutiexX
Xxlove cutiexX Hace un año
kaydentheonlygurl Hace 8 meses
Andrew’s performance was just 🤌🏻✨
oipolloichik Hace 5 meses
l mdo
l mdo Hace 5 meses
Sarah Lollar
Sarah Lollar Hace 5 meses
Andrew is just Lexi‘s friend
🌸Leyley🌸 Hace 8 meses
The fact that Brent still cares about Lexi all the time! ❤
Luv_Ashly💋 Hace 6 meses
 Dark lord of gaming
A little too much
gabss Hace un mes
The way Andrew fell in the marriage part😂😂
Taitum Rehkopf
Taitum Rehkopf Hace 8 meses
brents like, "we'll get out of your hair" literally a second later, "so right now we're hiding-" this had me dyingggg
Catherine Robert
Catherine Robert Hace 2 días
Drew is so funny 😂❤
Michelle McCarthy
Michelle McCarthy Hace un año
The fact that this was like a whole season of the bachlorette within 13 minutes and honestly more entertaining just goes to show how great Brent is doing as a creator. Well done Brent!
Ruben T
Ruben T Hace un año
I wonder if it's just for show, or if Brent really is trying to set up his little sister. If it's the latter, that might be the sweetest thing he's ever done for her. Brent might give her noogies, and roll his eyes when she's doing a crying prank, but he clearly loves Lexi to death.
Sister_charlez Hace un año
He took the idiea from airack but I still like Brent’s version morr
Saanvi Khare
Saanvi Khare Hace un año
@Sister_charlez fax
Marin B
Marin B Hace un año
I really wanna see Brent go on one hundred dates in 24 hours so bad!!😊
Valerie Spring
Valerie Spring Hace un año
Andrews part to object was my fav the way he just wobbled in and said “don’t touch my girl” and then the no when he was getting taken away🤣😭
ariah dolyniuk
ariah dolyniuk Hace 3 meses
I love Drews face when Brent said I'm surprising Lexi with 100 dates
💜mila💜 Hace 6 meses
I'm surprised that Jeremy actually made it that far😅
Sushicandyrollup Hace 5 meses
Me to
ArnanFC Hace 4 meses
He was cute though
vivisthebest4 Hace 3 meses
Same bro 💀
Kellie McKee
Kellie McKee Hace 4 meses
Lexi and Bobby are so cute.❤
Jeremy Hutchins
Jeremy Hutchins Hace un año
i’m not giving up 😩
Pixel Hace un año
yo jeremy keep trying :)
altttt._her Hace un año
maybe if you were as good looking as the last person standing 🤣 jk
Southaven FireBuff 1
Don’t give up I got you!
Princess Oha
Princess Oha Hace un año
sorry! but she belong with andrew
whitewolf 2.0
whitewolf 2.0 Hace un año
Ishika's World
Ishika's World Hace 8 meses
Idk why but when Bobby said "I m really about u and i really want you" his expression and his way of saying just cracked me up.🤣😃💯
TheSlaySisters11 Hace 5 meses
I'm surprised Jeremy lasted for that long 😂😂😂
Mary Gendron
Mary Gendron Hace 3 meses
Drews laugh at the begging I rewind it like ten time🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Aiesha Ali
Aiesha Ali Hace un año
Lmao the way lexi laughed when the man missed the grape haha😂
Emilia's tblw 🐼🎃
We all know that lexi is still gonna go to Andrew after this🤭✨️
Cheyenne Peterson
Cheyenne Peterson Hace un año
The little brooms too cute and funny 😂 and Andrew "your going to regret this Lexi" the fact that Jeremy lasted longer makes it funnier thought it would be the opposite
Deneque Whyte
Deneque Whyte Hace un año
I also think the little broom is cute but it would be nice to smack someone with a big broom
Im blind and deaf 🧋
True!!! And I was starting to like she was going to pick Jeremy and he was left hanging. (STILL) Lexi and Jeremy(or Andrew) DESERVE eachother
Madan Madan
Madan Madan Hace un año
What is Mitch's instagram??? He is so hot
Yana4reelz Hace un año
I thought the last 2 would be andrew and jeremy
Danielle Young
Danielle Young Hace un año
Haha I need to see Brent go on 100 dates in 24 hours.😂😂
Ava Hace un año
When Andrew acted drunk that was the best one at the church, that was so funny omg😭
Raegan Hace 2 meses
Jeremy stayed longer than andrew😂😂
Bolt Hace 8 meses
Andrew had me dying of laughter🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Ally J
Ally J Hace un mes
I Think I would’ve went with Mitch, the way he handled the ex. He’s been so nice to Lexi too.
Charlie Thacker
Charlie Thacker Hace un año
The fact that he always finds a way to include the broom 😂😂
It’s Megan
It’s Megan Hace un año
Lowkey_char Hace un año
Isabella Talavera
Isabella Talavera Hace 8 meses
I love how Andrews thing at the church was so funny he walked in all drunk hilarious
ItsScott Studios
ItsScott Studios Hace un año
This was a nice gesture by Brent’s part! Interfering with Lexi’s love life for the legacy of a ESvid video :D
Kai'Lani Kirkland
Kai'Lani Kirkland Hace 2 meses
She said then go with javi!"Brent and javi" Bombastic side eye had me laughing to death
Minah La
Minah La Hace un año
When all the 100 guys showed up bobby caught my eyes first he is really good looking I’m glad Lexi ended up choosing him and he looks a bit like dom I think it’s the eyes and the smile
TayAmy White
TayAmy White Hace 2 meses
The way,all the bridesmaids are her friends I think it’s hilarious and I love your videos and lexies
alexis 🫶
alexis 🫶 Hace un año
Let’s take a moment to appreciate how Brent makes our day better with every video ❤️
Ashlin Parker
Ashlin Parker Hace un año
So true
sml Hace un año
Esta sesion de trap igual esta piola esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-bT_E_NWeUaQ.html
Faze Nelly
Faze Nelly Hace un año
100 guys cappp
Ashley Alain
Ashley Alain Hace un año
Super Duper TRUE
SlayyAva Hace un año
Omg this was soo cute I wish Lexi the best and definitely think Brent needs to be surprised with this tooo 😊😊😊
Bff life
Bff life Hace 8 meses
I want crew to go on a 109 dates because he needs a good girl and more experience 😂😂😂
remy almario
remy almario Hace un mes
the way drew in the car pointed to himself 😂
If I was her I would definitely pick Andrew❤
Chuckle Berry Jones
Chuckle Berry Jones Hace 2 meses
The girls were so cute during the wedding
Someone Hace un año
So we're just going to ignore Jeremy smiling like its the best day of his life in the thumbnail 🤣 🤣
Lauren Garner
Lauren Garner Hace un año
Just AJ
Just AJ Hace un año
I was just about to say that
Maite Diaz
Maite Diaz Hace un año
Madan Madan
Madan Madan Hace un año
What is Mitch's instagram ? He is so hot
bashbuta🤰🏻 Hace un año
Natasha Williams
Natasha Williams Hace 7 meses
The fact Bobby looks like Dom is everything
Jessy Hace 7 meses
The way Andrew fell on the ground at the church😂😂😂
Alan Aguilar
Alan Aguilar Hace 25 días
Drews face at the beggining😂
Vince Pascoli
Vince Pascoli Hace un año
I love how Lexi just reject any boy named Ben
Carmen McLean
Carmen McLean Hace un año
Layla Foster
Layla Foster Hace un día
I just realized Mitchell was in the circle (a reality show on Netflix) 😂
Gaurika Khanna
Gaurika Khanna Hace un año
i love how Brent is so considerate and tries to do the best for everyone. his videos legit make my day 10 times better love you Brent keep doing what you do the best
Beefnoodles gaming
Beefnoodles gaming Hace un año
I love this vid,this hilarious
Beefnoodles gaming
Beefnoodles gaming Hace un año
Done done done done done done done done done done
•inconsistent mitsu•
if you like him for his videos then you'll like Airrack because this is just a video he copied from him that he made 2 months ago
LEFA🤑BOY😎 Hace 6 meses
you guys make me sad and happy at the same time
Lila! Hace 11 meses
😂 I love how Brent is just spying in awkward places 😂
Jephias Gora
Jephias Gora Hace 3 meses
You guys are so creative and hilarious, keep it up. I just can't stop watching your vedios
Moo moo cakes
Moo moo cakes Hace 9 meses
I like how out of all the people in the world they chose Zak for the crazy ex 😂😂
Lab3auty Allen
Lab3auty Allen Hace 3 meses
after this like one year later,I STILL LOVE LANDREW
Zoya’s Playzone
Zoya’s Playzone Hace un año
Can We all appreciate all of the effort that brent puts in these videos for us to watch ❤
sml Hace un año
Esta sesion de trap igual esta piola esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-bT_E_NWeUaQ.html
A and B Gaming
A and B Gaming Hace un año
Yes we can appreciate
Ampworldedits by Liv Roth
Anybody gonna talk about how Lexi said that she was gonna set up Brent with 100 girls and Brent said he needed it yet all the filters on TikTok that he does end up being a P for Pierson
Verani Balramsingh
Verani Balramsingh Hace un año
@sml ❤️
•inconsistent mitsu•
nope because he just copied another youtuber named Airrack
Z’S Glo Ent Football Edits
The Way Jeremy Was In it😂
FlamingoXFaith Hace 10 meses
Ikr 😂
chezelleten Hace 7 meses
The fact 1:49 that they are so honest with what they have done lol
kai2akward 🤷‍♀️
When she's was down to the last 6 I was VERY surprised Jeremey was still in the game! BUT IM PROUND OF HIM
J.J. Hace 8 meses
I love how protective Brent is of Lexi "I'm just looking for a good time if you know what I mean!!" "Get the HELL out of here" Andrew didn't even say anything super sweet, and Lexi pushed "yes" we see you girl
Anthony Miller
Anthony Miller Hace 5 meses
Andrew has joined the chat with a belt💀
Simphiwe Pila
Simphiwe Pila Hace un año
"We all know who you are coming home to at the end of the day" -Andrew Davila, 2022
sml Hace un año
Esta sesion de trap igual esta piola esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-bT_E_NWeUaQ.html
K Ross
K Ross Hace un año
"We all know they're fake af at the end of the day"....
Eranda Hace un año
@K Ross so trueee
Leilani Jones
Leilani Jones Hace un año
Brent is a landrew shipper
Eranda Hace un año
@Leilani Jones he just pretend for videos but in reality no one cares they all do their stuffs
Betty Johnson
Betty Johnson Hace 6 meses
The fact that Jeremy wore something to get in😂
Anthony Leam
Anthony Leam Hace un año
we all want to see brent go on 100 dates
duo-chan ●
duo-chan ● Hace 4 meses
Not me looking for andrew in the thumb nail 😂😂❤
JustmeDani Hace 9 meses
I love how Jeremy actually got it 😂
Cutie pie 57
Cutie pie 57 Hace 2 meses
We all know why Jeremy made it to the final six
music.is.therepi Hace un año
Let’s appreciate Brent always put a smile on our face ☺️☺️☺️☺️
Brent Rivera
Brent Rivera Hace un año
love you
Beefnoodles gaming
Beefnoodles gaming Hace un año
Brent everything that you post wipes the frown on my face to a frown upside down I made my 2 fave vines of u
music.is.therepi Hace un año
We love you Brent
kytziaradcliffe Hace un año
Alyssa Weems
Alyssa Weems Hace 10 meses
“I have a thing where I don’t miss” - famous last words of Mitch 💀
Flip & Frej
Flip & Frej Hace 9 meses
I want to see Brent go on 100 dates in 24 hours now 😍😅
Skye Anderson
Skye Anderson Hace 3 meses
I love it where Andrew is drunk at the church
Jessica Mutch
Jessica Mutch Hace un año
I love the part where the guy said “I was drunk it dosn’t count”. Then Brent said “why would you idmit to that”. So funny!
Delyllah Garica
Delyllah Garica Hace 2 meses
Brent really had to put the broom away lmao 😂
Pls help me to my dream of 100k
Lets all appreciate the effort and hard work Brent puts into his videos for our entertainment
Vicky Kenny
Vicky Kenny Hace un año
Eitan Bender
Eitan Bender Hace un año
He literally stole this from airrack It’s the exact same video just brent is doing it
AHMED SHUAIB Hace un año
Yeah brent always copy ppl
sandu akku
sandu akku Hace un año
your profile- EREN YEAGER!!!! TATAKE!!!!
Tony Pierce
Tony Pierce Hace 8 meses
The fact that Lexi kept Jeremy longer than Andrew is so funny!#landrew
Allison Segura
Allison Segura Hace un año
I started laughing so hard when he fell And the way he look like he was ok 👌LMAO 🤣🤣🤣🤣
RachelY0! Hace 3 meses
Bobby at the end ‘want a kiss?’ Lexi ‘sure!’ *bobby going her the chocolate kiss*
Jia Yee :/
Jia Yee :/ Hace 9 meses
5:36 was my fav part. "Javi was my fav" "Well then you go out with Javi" HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA
nerobie mazile
nerobie mazile Hace 7 meses
That's gay right there
Kim Hitt
Kim Hitt Hace 2 meses
Mich knows how to spend money 😂😂😂
Kim Hitt
Kim Hitt Hace un mes
dahlianirmalarani putla
Dude Bobby seems like a genuinely nice guy , he's so naturally a gentleman. ❤️ Kinda looks like Dom when he smiles though ! Lexi and Bobby are a cute pair
Mr EFEY Hace un año
He looks like noah schnapp and dom
denisse martinez
denisse martinez Hace un año
dahlianirmalarani putla
@Mr EFEY when he smiles , he looks like Noah
The G.O.A.T
The G.O.A.T Hace un año
🥳🥳 con lexi for a boyfriend
Dev Lakhani
Dev Lakhani Hace un año
He does look like Dom lol😂♥️
Sarah Neary
Sarah Neary Hace 6 meses
Jeremy was DEFINITELY wanting a wife AKA Lexi Rivera
25 Ishanvi Mishra 8A
25 Ishanvi Mishra 8A Hace 10 meses
I'm surprised Brent's even letting her do this lol. How did anyone convince him?
Mercedes Gallardo
Mercedes Gallardo Hace 3 meses
Poor Zach. After all he went through😂😂😂😂