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The very best moments from Calvert County, MD including an intense shots fired call that doesn't go as expected, a guy trying to hide the wrong thing and the answer to how many cops it takes to lift a pick up truck. #LivePD
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In-studio host, ABC’s Dan Abrams, alongside analyst Tom Morris Jr., guide viewers through the night, giving insight to what audiences see in real time (via a mix of dash cams, fixed rig and handheld cameras), bouncing minute-by-minute between the featured police departments and offering an inside look at each live incident.
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14 jun 2019






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A&E Hace 2 meses
Like Live PD? Catch Live Rescue, returning on Monday September, 23rd at 9/8c!
xDEATHxSTARx749 Hace 13 días
@Hockeymom #67 it's mostly kept as evidence until the court date then presumably sent back to the government for either redistribution or destruction.
Andrew Odum
Andrew Odum Hace 21 un día
Blac cop go me b'
Hockeymom #67
Hockeymom #67 Hace un mes
Where does the money that gets confiscated go to? Does it get donated after the court date? Does it go to the court? Or back to the US Mint?
class fortnight
class fortnight Hace un mes
Allovebig you're
SleepLess Hace 2 meses
A&E lmao you crazy
Kayla A
Kayla A Hace 2 horas
The mask n gloves are for working in the freezer where he keeps his victims.
DeadAtrocity Hace 3 horas
Imagine living somewhere that's criminal to own a knife concealed in your truck.
Samantha Golper
Samantha Golper Hace 10 horas
“It’s a special edition culinary spoon”
groupsaredumb Hace 16 horas
I don't get people. If you think it could get you charged or arrested then either don't buy it or leave it at home.
Megan Anzalone
Megan Anzalone Hace 19 horas
The maryland accent is so real in this video
Siko Frode
Siko Frode Hace 23 horas
Are butterfly knives legal in North Carolina?
Halushki Hace un día
@1:19 Is that a frog? HAHAHA That's hilarious, hes just chillin there LOL
Ginny Foster
Ginny Foster Hace un día
Why is it that every time a vehicle has a broken tail light, or is like swerving a little they have 20lbs of weed, $8,000 of cocaine, and $20,000 of cash
家和seal_befun Hace un día
8 what?
Orion Star
Orion Star Hace un día
You free to go Sir, Have a safe night ...knives, guns, etc etc..lol.
Joachim Eisen
Joachim Eisen Hace un día
14:52 what did he say???🤨
Queen Maya123
Queen Maya123 Hace un día
The second guy is the calmest person I’ve seen on the show 😭💯
Tessa Thompson
Tessa Thompson Hace un día
You put in the police brother here we got a crooked cop and you put a camera crew to who you can either do you want to go we got the crime and we can get even with you we need to help me for help
A guy named something
Officer finds a seed... *Don't you dare pin that on me, sir. It's not mine. Officer finds pounds... *That is mine, sir.
reality check
reality check Hace un día
One of the biggest problems in the United States in ignorant police officers who waste the courts time. The police showed bad judgement by pressing charges on the man for a knife. This is another example of a pathetic police officer.
cory greene
cory greene Hace 2 días
1505 I think that officer needs to take a breathalyzer lol
E LEAL Hace 2 días
Knife owners should check local laws, particularly in larger cities such as Baltimore, as well as suburban Washington, D.C. and Ocean City. Also, because of the geography of Maryland, knife owners must be careful when entering neighboring states and the District of Columbia. There are sections of western Maryland where the state is only several miles wide. Minors: Maryland law provides that minors in specified non-rural counties may not carry a dangerous weapon, whether concealed or not, between one (1) hour after sunset and one (1) hour before sunrise, except while hunting or engaged in some specifically related activity. Md. Code, CR § 4-101(c)(3).
E LEAL Hace 2 días
8:08 There is no ban on possession of any knife in Maryland; however, state law prohibits a person from carrying a “dangerous weapon” concealed on or about the person. Maryland law defines a dangerous weapon as follows: Dangerous weapons. (5) (i) Weapon includes a dirk knife, bowie knife, switchblade knife, star knife, sand club, metal knuckles, razor, and nunchaku. Md. Code, CR § 4-101(a)(5)(i). Although the statute retains the vague terms “dirk knife” and “bowie knife,” Maryland excludes penknives from the definition of dangerous weapon: (ii) Weapon does not include: 2. a penknife without a switchblade. Md. Code, CR § 4-101(a)(5)(ii). The Court of Appeals of Maryland has provided excellent guidance on what constitutes a penknife: To paraphrase Gertrude Stein, A penknife is a penknife is a penknife is a penknife. The only qualification of ‘penknife’ in the statute is that it be without switchblade. On the face of the statute, there is no indication contradicting the view that a penknife is a penknife whether small or large, whether the blade is closed or open, whether the blade is locked open or unlocked, whether it is carried concealed or openly. Bacon v. State of Maryland, 586 A. 2d 18 (Md. 1991). Hence, the broad definition of penknife encompasses any folding knife, so long as it is not a switchblade. Mackall v. State, 387 A.2d 762 (Md. 1978). Furthermore, as long as a knife qualifies as a “penknife,” it is not a violation of Maryland law to carry it concealed. Maryland law provides: (1) A person may not wear or carry a dangerous weapon of any kind concealed on or about the person. (2) A person may not wear or carry a dangerous weapon, chemical mace, pepper mace, or a tear gas device openly with the intent or purpose of injuring an individual in an unlawful manner.
Suzan’s Shop Of Junk
A stack of money, suspicious
Cody Patino
Cody Patino Hace 2 días
Let the weed guy go.
Octopus Jesus
Octopus Jesus Hace 2 días
Oh no weed... whatever will we do
cloudnaeris Hace 2 días
He's just gotta do a 15 point turn and it should be alright. lmfao.
Stoner Penguin
Stoner Penguin Hace 2 días
booboo the fool had me in tears
Goblin Queen
Goblin Queen Hace 2 días
The officer at 4:10 “heydoyouknowwhyipulledyouover?canyoupulloutyourlicenseandregistrationkdkdodlenakwjwkoeolednndbdkdofllmnsnb”
Goblin Queen
Goblin Queen Hace 2 días
A black lab is not a tiny dog wtf lady 😂
fododude Hace 2 días
"This is your all's place." Cop talk.
Guy Williams
Guy Williams Hace 2 días
It's crazy how many people's lives get ruined over just a little bit of plant that is virtually legal now... Unbelievable... The government knows so many of us so much money!
D. Canaday
D. Canaday Hace 3 días
This footage is 'vindictive' of that cop needing a vocab lesson.
j jenko
j jenko Hace 3 días
guy was about to go rob a joint. Good cover story though lol.
Nyarlathotep Hace 3 días
3:07 right there with ya, lady
Quinyone Mclaurin
Quinyone Mclaurin Hace 3 días
Quinyone Mclaurin
Quinyone Mclaurin Hace 3 días
Hhjh here has a good day at all y’all got it all right about it lol I wanna is your time to
Quinyone Mclaurin
Quinyone Mclaurin Hace 3 días
Jiffy ityt
Johnny Felcher
Johnny Felcher Hace 3 días
*heroin addict that obviously robs people to get money for heroin* "You're free to go, sir."
Qweluana2 Hace 3 días
"thats a special edition culinary spoon"
Ghada Khalifa
Ghada Khalifa Hace 3 días
at 7:00 if he was a black man he would of got arrested
J J Hace 3 días
not allowed to carry a sharp piece of metal, thought this was america
Wutzmyname Mike
Wutzmyname Mike Hace 3 días
Has anyone tested J. Mohler for DUI? His speech is extremely suspicious. Highly suspicious.
Wutzmyname Mike
Wutzmyname Mike Hace 3 días
Pellet gun and ammo isn't necessarily illegal but DER TA DERRRRR
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