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Baking-bake a potato on 4 Hundo for 45-50 minutes, or
Micro Bake a potato for 10 minutes, or
Slow Bake a potato for 6 years.
Don't forget to poke those fork holes.
Cut the top open and dig out the nothingness.
Mix the nothing with a whole lot of something:
Butter, cream cheese, cheddar, sour cream, chives, bacon.
Boullion made strong, cumin, cream cheese, cheddar, broccoli
Wangjangle all the stuff together
Then restuff the potatoes
Put some more cheese and chives or bacon on top
Back in the Undo for a few minutes.
More sour cream and chives on top.
If all this sounds like a bit too much, just sprinkle some salt on a raw potato and order a pizza.

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12 jun 2018

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bigcrowfly Hace 18 horas
The ancient Greeks did not discover the potato (3:01). The potato is a New World food and like tomatoes, corn, squash, zuchini, pumpkin and quinoa, the Eastern Hemisphere did not have the potato until after Columbus.
Canetra Pierce
Canetra Pierce Hace un día
Very nice tuturiol, very professional and creative!!!
Boris Bumlord
Boris Bumlord Hace un día
vegetable bouillon bro you need to calm tf down
LpsSabina SprinkledCupcakes
Actually, the Mayans discovered the concept of zero. Fucker.
Doug Leathers
Doug Leathers Hace 4 días
Hahaha! Very creative and funny. Good job.
All is Purple
All is Purple Hace 5 días
Smh Aqua baking is useless
Héloïse Henry
Héloïse Henry Hace 8 días
I love you and your channel
Mark Lajko
Mark Lajko Hace 8 días
When did potatoes come in cartons?
stew Hace 9 días
nah nah nah nah naaaaaah. Set the oven to 250 degrees celsius, wrap your potatoes in tin foil WITHOUT any fucking fork holes. let them sit in the oven for 1 hour 10 min and thats a baked potato. YOU SUCK AT COOKING
Beansoup231 Hace 9 días
Wolfie - Gamez
Wolfie - Gamez Hace 10 días
I’ll be back in 6 years to check out how it turned out and I’ll share t with my kid k (this is a promise I’m gonna set a reminder to come back in 6 years
Spicy Noodles
Spicy Noodles Hace 10 días
I don't eat fruits
Why Hace 10 días
Not gonna lie. They look good
idwtd Hace 10 días
am i the only one who hate eating potatoes?
Lorenzo Franklin
Lorenzo Franklin Hace 10 días
Where’s the foil
Meme’n Hace 10 días
Is anything corrct in this? 😂
Raptin 159
Raptin 159 Hace 11 días
Wait since when do potatoes come in cartons like eggs?
jaycze dador
jaycze dador Hace 11 días
i tried cooking it, pretty good though
I_M Ali
I_M Ali Hace 11 días
The Greeks didn't invent zero the Indians did after tasting European food to signify the amount of spice in it.
Lulu ASMR Hace 12 días
Dood. Those are bad ass magnificent foodstuffs.
Gabe Dattilo
Gabe Dattilo Hace 12 días
Why is this so funny. It’s too funny for what it is
Pekka.D Hace 12 días
First time I've ever seen potatoes in a carton box
Jazzy Spazzy
Jazzy Spazzy Hace 13 días
Matthew Herring
Matthew Herring Hace 13 días
You never eat the skin of potatos
a b
a b Hace 11 días
you can lol
xExekut3x Hace 13 días
never seen potatoes come in a carton like that
Nicsu112 Hace 14 días
Yep... Still pepper pepper pepper..
Davortex Hace 14 días
0 was discovered in india
Josh Crisler
Josh Crisler Hace 14 días
Some of the best editing on youtube
Riv Gade
Riv Gade Hace 14 días
Face reaveal
Twix sapling
Twix sapling Hace 15 días
Potatoes in a Carton
Jake Jolteon
Jake Jolteon Hace 15 días
Please dislike I have never seen a disliked comment
Heather Rivera
Heather Rivera Hace 15 días
ovos on fourhundo
Hue Lu
Hue Lu Hace 15 días
ahem, hope those potatoes weren’t completely discarded since this recipe looks so bad, I can cook even better
Sashka D
Sashka D Hace 16 días
we have some sweet (normal) potatoes here, but I can't tell what sort that is......... you may need to scrub that tray, it's giving me creeps :(
Abdul Qadeer
Abdul Qadeer Hace 16 días
5h4d0w The EdgeHog
5h4d0w The EdgeHog Hace 16 días
2:37 If you stab potato and you hear IDI NAHUI, then potato is not ready. Only Life of Boris fans will understand this one.
Doubtr Hace 16 días
Am I able to actually follow the ingredients and make one? 😂
Techy Hace 16 días
I dont have Potatos, are Brown Painted Mangos fine too?
Dr_Face_Slapper Hace 16 días
Lets go sew his amazon shopping history.. well it looks like he has a thing for "miniature shovel set" lllelelelele
Slyster Hace 17 días
Fun Fact: 0 was invented in India!
Imaginative Enthusiast
Where the hell do you buy potatoes in a carton
shiftynotafurry Hace 18 días
Can we please get a pepper pepper pepper tshirt
OB Hace 19 días
This actually looks good
Corrie Allen
Corrie Allen Hace 19 días
Your videos are hilarious.. 😂👍
Nova Dynex
Nova Dynex Hace 20 días
I made this recipe yesterday and it turned out great, the family enjoyed it. I’m attempting the artichoke dip right now so let’s hope that turns out just as good.
Rachel Tate-Rucker
Rachel Tate-Rucker Hace 21 un día
I like ur Potatoes
jackson 007
jackson 007 Hace 22 días
Dont be stupid indians discoverd 0
Voicless Guy
Voicless Guy Hace 22 días
Umm... 0 was invented by turkish scientists(i forgot the specific name) not greek
cosmic banana
cosmic banana Hace 22 días
A chill how to basic
tow truck
tow truck Hace 23 días
What is that turd looking thing called
tow truck
tow truck Hace 23 días
How does this fix my car
joey kill
joey kill Hace 23 días
This video is nogla's dream come true
El Frito-Bandito
El Frito-Bandito Hace 23 días
This is the funniest f#%$&+@ S@%#&$ (flavored stuffings) I have ever seen. The egg in a hole got me with the easy and informative for non idiots. I'm still laughing.. I subscribed. Btw pro baller , good arm. Keep up the funny.
Zaire Hace 23 días
This reminded me that potatoes are not only viable food sources, but also natural batteries, and many other things for some reason.
Tehan Umbra
Tehan Umbra Hace 24 días
i came
Paranormal Cucumber
Paranormal Cucumber Hace 24 días
Can I rim your butt hole
Travis Stanaway
Travis Stanaway Hace 24 días
Potatoes are air proof 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
jwrm22 Hace 24 días
Well done...
Peter Simpson
Peter Simpson Hace 25 días
Why does his microwave have legs smh
silly girl Toyloyking
silly girl Toyloyking Hace 26 días
I love this channel this is hilarious
My-Lady-Castiel *
My-Lady-Castiel * Hace 28 días
Wtf did I just watch?
IndigoGollum Love
IndigoGollum Love Hace 29 días
Wow. I never thought of potatoes as nothing, but it makes sense.
LegendaryPotato Hace un mes
The Guy Is gamers
The Guy Is gamers Hace un mes
I thought this was HowToBasic video
Bonnie Pineda
Bonnie Pineda Hace un mes
I am loving this.... "baking baking"
Pillow Hace un mes
his voice sounds familiar ._. is this guy the one who made that different types of dogs and theres like a whole diagram of dog types ?
batman likes pizza
batman likes pizza Hace un mes
28 Edit: going to try baked potatoes with broccoli now
Gazing Nightsky
Gazing Nightsky Hace un mes
Ace of Alien
Ace of Alien Hace un mes
How DARE you say potatoes 🥔 are FLAVOURLESS
Fizzalicious M8
Fizzalicious M8 Hace un mes
Help me I've been binge watching these videos all day
Fizzalicious M8
Fizzalicious M8 Hace un mes
You Suck At Cooking Oh welp I'm doomed
You Suck At Cooking
Axis Hace un mes
0:22 giant eraser
Vid Critic and Troll [Sometimes]
Minecraft really evolved
Marmalade Stex1591
Marmalade Stex1591 Hace un mes
I have Recently been Fired from Kitchen & Gardening Duties by the Missus!, She will Let Me make a Cup of Tea, but only under Supervision & with Written Instructions!.
Throwback PK
Throwback PK Hace un mes
If you watch enough of these you can actually be a great cook
Fernando Zamora
Fernando Zamora Hace un mes
The Greeks never had potatoes
FizzPuff Hace un mes
I tried making your baked carrots(those turned out amazing) I know what i'm trying next.
2chill_ tf_out
2chill_ tf_out Hace un mes
Eat raw potatoes they are sweet
Nicholas Alexander Garcia Murra
Tata delicious
The Depths
The Depths Hace un mes
bryan reif
bryan reif Hace un mes
I love how this is funny but he actually teaches you how to cook this makes cooking tutorials so much more fun
Elijah Talbott
Elijah Talbott Hace un mes
I would to have your children. If I wasn’t a man.
Stephanie Sissons
Stephanie Sissons Hace un mes
Who remembers when he done short films with eggs😂😂 I remembered from the song he put on for the potatoes.
e l e o n o r e
e l e o n o r e Hace un mes
this channel is a gold mine
guntur purnama
guntur purnama Hace un mes
Its remaind u of "nothing"😅😅
inventiondude123 Hace un mes
How is nobody else freaking out over the fact that he has a CARTON of potatoes?!?!
Panhandle Paranormal
My kid just started 1st grade and I cant WAIT to finally feed him the slowbaked potato
Arty Ivanenko
Arty Ivanenko Hace un mes
I had no idea that the onion was discovered in Bancroft, Kentucky. Neither did Wikipedia! Now both do
Punkin pie Mudder fluffer
me; dude i be this isnt funny late ahah
Will Ferrel
Will Ferrel Hace un mes
This guy is a faget
DPG Investments Ltd.
דעכנכ כן
Hayden Graves
Hayden Graves Hace un mes
Inca discovered potatoes🤔
Misty Waters
Misty Waters Hace un mes
The 'whatever the heck', 'magnificent foodstuffs' and 'this stuff' moments got me. I actually heard the bad versions through the sensors! Crazy!
Tina Hanks
Tina Hanks Hace un mes
The Mayans made up the number zero
The Bad Chemist
The Bad Chemist Hace un mes
A squeakwel to an April fool's well
Becky H
Becky H Hace un mes
mmmmm juicy gottems
Charles Hace un mes
I think he lives in the same town as me
Austin Badall
Austin Badall Hace un mes
Brah there was pototo in a egg package egg potato 🥔 🥚🤣😭 set the potato for 6 years 🤣😋
Austin Badall
Austin Badall Hace un mes
Any time you at war just say load em poatates biches🤣😋 potato 🥔 glock 😄😋
Wade Rue
Wade Rue Hace un mes
this guy is funny lol
Genji The Weeb
Genji The Weeb Hace un mes
That looks good asf
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