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two idiot dont make a smart

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10 feb 2019

jaidenanimationsjaidenanimationjaidenanimationslocked out of my houselocked out jaiden animationlocked out jaidenanimation






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I’m a Qweeb
I’m a Qweeb Hace 13 minutos
This animation is SMOOTH
Gaming Ranger
Gaming Ranger Hace 17 minutos
one time i havent slept for about 2 days and my brain cells are still ok :DD
Rivael Hace 21 un minuto
So, I haven't been subscribed to you for a long time (I was on an older account but I forgot who you where when I changed it) but recently I remembered you existed. Unfortunately it's because of an Ad... banner... thing they have on pornographic websites (Can't remember what the Ad was for, I was too shocked that they would actually do that to read it), I have no idea if you have any way of stopping them from using your avatar in their ads but I just taught I should tell you in case you didn't already. (I'm sorry if you already addressed this, as I said I haven't been subscribed to you in a long time.) I would have PMed you about this but I don't think that's possible on youtube.
LELZz Hace 59 minutos
How it feels to chew Five Gum..... 5:50 Five Gum, stimulate your senses.
Progamer16 Hace un hora
Jaiden Are you Japanese please reply if ur not what country are you from cause you said your asian
King killer Gaming
King killer Gaming Hace un hora
Hey Jaiden shit hey Jaiden animations fuck hey Jaiden animations from school that is 12 or 13 that is gay fuck it she would see this comment give me a like i know that I cussed 3 times but you can’t blame me
Mango Boi
Mango Boi Hace un hora
3:14 Wow totally not sus at all
UnknownDarkDragon Hace un hora
jaiden, everyone’s an idiot in their own way just like how we’re all smart and weird in our own way. obviously part of humanity.
Mango Boi
Mango Boi Hace un hora
2:16 "turn left. Uhh I mean turn right. Uhhhh I mean uhh where r u?
It’s 2Weird4yoU
It’s 2Weird4yoU Hace un hora
5:15 everyone in my house in 10 inch radius, stared to question me
Mango Boi
Mango Boi Hace un hora
happy birthday for next september
lps twizzler
lps twizzler Hace un hora
It snowed in Arizona yesterday 😮😮😮
UnknownDarkDragon Hace 2 horas
im not indian but tbh, indian ppl either smell like some kind of indian or smell like shit lol.
Solviet Union
Solviet Union Hace 2 horas
*da secret dor*
Hyrule Bros
Hyrule Bros Hace 2 horas
Because For this Situation ,i can Lockpicking
JDtheDyslexic Hace 2 horas
I feel like I just watched an animation about my sister.... best episode yet
Aer-Kio-Cher Sales
Aer-Kio-Cher Sales Hace 2 horas
Here’s a buncha moneyz!
Shaz Gamer
Shaz Gamer Hace 3 horas
Rajesh is Indian name Indian🇮🇳👳
Laurent Somany
Laurent Somany Hace 3 horas
you talk so much O_o
lol yes
lol yes Hace 3 horas
That's how to land a plane
Victor Noah Krohn
Victor Noah Krohn Hace 3 horas
8:19 is that Ari???
StragglyPigeon6 Hace 3 horas
Skyrim references EVERYWHERE
Cosmic Hace 4 horas
I was in a similar situation before, I missed my stop on the bus from school so we went past my house back to my old elementary school which was about a 15 minute walk from my house, as we got there I realized I missed my stop and told the bus driver, at this point there were only about 2 kids on the bus, I thought "hey! ill just walk from here to my house" so I ask the bus driver to stop and he says "you sure this is your stop?" I reply yes get off the bus and BOOK it and I look back and he gives me the most "wtf?" look I've ever seen.
xd ShAd0w
xd ShAd0w Hace 4 horas
happy birthday
Harrietty Catty
Harrietty Catty Hace 4 horas
Happy birthday jaiden
Deadlyslayer250 Hace 4 horas
2:11 >:( :( take me home
Tanya Pavlyuk
Tanya Pavlyuk Hace 4 horas
Это прекрасно!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍ты врятли переведёшь этот комментарий поэтому я напишу набор букв со смайлики чтоб ты думала что я написала что-то длинное : ладущвжадлплплплк😏😚😂👌😂😍 вдвддвдвдв 🤭🤭🤭🙃🙃🙃💝💝💟💞💟💞💟💞💟💞дала буду кдща в улул вдлвьвдв ащлуьаьв шкаллв дудудкб щудуду звзазазаз щущузвшаоа а удщвща удщалала 😚😏👀
TofuDaTurtle Hace 4 horas
i'm random when i'm tired... :3
Rodrigonto TFM
Rodrigonto TFM Hace 4 horas
Gracias a la persona que subtitula los videos
Syge Shaju
Syge Shaju Hace 5 horas
I mean uber
Syge Shaju
Syge Shaju Hace 5 horas
The liscence plate on the uner car is yeeet , rip logan paul
foldstainless 27
foldstainless 27 Hace 5 horas
Thomas Fisher
Thomas Fisher Hace 5 horas
Being anxious be like 1:34
Lord Mandarin
Lord Mandarin Hace 5 horas
Minute 5.52-----> HEEEERE'S JOHNNY!
Juanita Norris
Juanita Norris Hace 6 horas
I hate you
Twin_ Gaming5000
Twin_ Gaming5000 Hace 6 horas
At 2:11 in this video I totally agree
Twin_ Gaming5000
Twin_ Gaming5000 Hace 6 horas
Fantastic animation
Alszau Hace 6 horas
I've watched this video 10 times in the last week 😂
pepexp pepexp
pepexp pepexp Hace 6 horas
I sick mehhhh it hurts help
Luqmaan Adam
Luqmaan Adam Hace 6 horas
Come to Cape Town
Noah Quintana
Noah Quintana Hace 7 horas
Eyy this was uploaded on my birthday
My Gaming Studios
My Gaming Studios Hace 7 horas
Jaiden did you use Apple maps😂
Space Giraffe
Space Giraffe Hace 7 horas
5:52 imagine this busting through your door
Zelxxy Hace 7 horas
"but he was *jusT SItTinG thERe* "
Kris the Lightener
Kris the Lightener Hace 7 horas
... oovoo javer
Hunter Dane
Hunter Dane Hace 7 horas
Hey Jaiden, search “Do something, Cat. You won’t be dissapointed
Solarpawz ِ
Solarpawz ِ Hace 7 horas
*Happy birthday Jaiden*
ShOck wave
ShOck wave Hace 7 horas
5:50-5:54 Wtf
3:28 Skyrim forever Also Lockpicking 0 lol
Swattot Hace 8 horas
If you are online, like this comment 😃
Bailey Duffin
Bailey Duffin Hace 8 horas
Jaiden not to be rude but will u please reply? I was wondering... OMG U KNOW WHAT SKYRIM IS!? I GOT THAT LOCK PICKING SKILL REFERENCE YAYAYAYYA
Yuki S.
Yuki S. Hace 8 horas
Man you're so good at making your anxiety contagious XD
Anam Abida
Anam Abida Hace 9 horas
So this is the story of my life . I got bullied at school because I was brown even though I was the smartest person in the class. They would never like to play on the xbox one with me . The next day the people that bullied me challenged me in a 1v1 fortnite and I swear to god I DESTROYED THEM and the worst part is at school they told everyone they beat me .So the next day I challenged them at rainbow six siege it was a 1v3 but I still beat them but this time I filmed the whole the whole thing .at school they said that they beat me but I posted the whole video to everyone and they got embarrassed and they never bullied me again
NayThainYol Hace 9 horas
Big Chungus
Big Chungus Hace 9 horas
7:31 That voice
Big Chungus
Big Chungus Hace 9 horas
Big Chungus
Big Chungus Hace 9 horas
Crawford Koberg
Crawford Koberg Hace 9 horas
if i kill myself will you be sad
Max Chef
Max Chef Hace 9 horas
jaiden you should watch endigo he makes songs about youtubers like you btw i love you
Doge Boi
Doge Boi Hace 9 horas
Jaiden X Rajesh
• Mya Edits •
• Mya Edits • Hace 9 horas
Why merch so high? D;
Alessandra Soria
Alessandra Soria Hace 9 horas
is it just me or did we all hear the Jaiden burp
ashley _gachaplays
ashley _gachaplays Hace 9 horas
Call a lock Smith :3
D0m1n1c Hace 9 horas
4:33 remeber our training your moms behind the house waiting to quiz you ok i think were good
David Polo
David Polo Hace 9 horas
You know that “make a wish america” have a video of you showing your face
David Polo
David Polo Hace 9 horas
I am a sub
Toffical Hace 9 horas
wait... is Jaiden's birthday in september? Cuz mine too. unless I have all types of mental brain diseases.
noshavenohaircuts Hace 10 horas
Okay i'm not mad at you personally because i think you're really lucky and deserve everything you have and you seem genuinely grateful and all that's really cool.....but seriously eff you for being so young and getting to travel to all kinds of far away places and live a glamorous life, the more i watch your very well animated videos the more i feel like i'm the only person in their early to mid 20's that didn't get to do all those cool things while i'm young and free, i'm so envious. But also good job for being where you are, i bet you worked hard and really earned it.
Noreene Ottwell
Noreene Ottwell Hace 10 horas
At the end air made cute noises lol
Judi W.
Judi W. Hace 10 horas
yama Hace 10 horas
its so crazy because i would do the same oh crap
nacho Hace 10 horas
Jaiden x James ???
Judi W.
Judi W. Hace 10 horas
"Honey did we adopt a 21-year-old Asian girl or is this just a really nonthreatening house robber?"
MERK Random
MERK Random Hace 10 horas
I also subscribed ;)
MERK Random
MERK Random Hace 10 horas
hello jaiden, I saw a lot of your videos and stories about your stuff that needs therapy (I don't know what to call it) and at first I thought that you were done with all the therapy stuff. I was wrong, I saw the video from Boyinaband and I saw how you were still suffering. I feel really bad for you, even though I am just 10 I understand because in 3rd to 5th grade I had social anxiety. I also had mental food disorder thing (I still don't know what its called) I still have it and all I do is look at all the people dead in the eye and just try to understand whats really happening and then I just guess they are not staring strait at my stomache and maybe thinking "WOW she is REALLY fat!" so then all my nervosness just goes away and I just go on with the rest of the school day. for social anxiety what I do when I think people are staring at me I just, well, hide. I just think about the problem for a little bit and then come out of my hiding place looking proud and strong. I admire how you told everyone about this, I still have it and it keeps on attacking me at random times, yet I have told a soul except for you (If your reading this) and other people that read comments I hope that you'll feel like you never have to go see a therapist again. im sorry there was not much I could do to help bu I really do want to help you feel better. If you don't need any of this help and you are free from all of therapy stuff... then this is very awkward
Coffee Fox
Coffee Fox Hace 10 horas
What the heck!?!! I didn’t get the notification this video existed, ESvid unsubscribed me from you!,,,,
Cookiee Hace 10 horas
7:39 - That's nice.. somebody's just PICKING THEIR NOSE... COUGH COUGH...
My Name
My Name Hace 10 horas
Jaden Burped 3:28
BENJAMIN ORBE Hace 10 horas
5:54 spongebob referen e
Naveed Ahmed
Naveed Ahmed Hace 10 horas
My birthday is on 26sep !!😊
Karen Wu
Karen Wu Hace 10 horas
I also live in Canada
Thu Lx
Thu Lx Hace 11 horas
(See Sputnik-1 falls into the ground): "STUPID."
Space Birb
Space Birb Hace 11 horas
1:37 I like your outfit OwO
Dusty 4
Dusty 4 Hace 11 horas
Micheal Garcia
Micheal Garcia Hace 11 horas
Quicksilver fox
Quicksilver fox Hace 11 horas
jajjajja you videos is cool .v
Quicksilver fox
Quicksilver fox Hace 10 horas
+Micheal Garcia jajjajajaja me speak spanish bro
Micheal Garcia
Micheal Garcia Hace 11 horas
Quicksilver fox
Quicksilver fox Hace 11 horas
+Micheal Garcia hey soy el unico aqui que habla español ? ;v
Micheal Garcia
Micheal Garcia Hace 11 horas
Micheal Garcia
Micheal Garcia Hace 11 horas
Happy birthday
Reuben Stanley
Reuben Stanley Hace 11 horas
Someone is makeing rule 34 picture about you dont.look it up jaiden
16-B1T Hace 11 horas
Check ya instagram DMs. I have acquired.. A R I S.
I'm Useless
I'm Useless Hace 11 horas
Hey Jaiden, I just watched Jame's video were he reacts to "Teen React to the Odd1sout" and so he stole your ideas twice, why not steal that idea, oh sorry, *_pLaGeRise_* (I don't know if I spelled that right......please don't judge) So yeah, if you want to, you can, i'm not forcing you or anything.
caleb diehl
caleb diehl Hace 11 horas
secret door? what's in that? wait is that a blue eye GOSH DARNI-
Astro Punch
Astro Punch Hace 11 horas
Just get coffee for extra energy nuff said
Ashton Mosher
Ashton Mosher Hace 11 horas
This happened to me... ;-;
Rhys Clarke
Rhys Clarke Hace 11 horas
Top ten anime heroine's of all time.
Metal knight
Metal knight Hace 11 horas
Am I the only one who notice Harry Callaghan next to Boyinaband?
Samuel Pernas
Samuel Pernas Hace 11 horas
I’m born in September
Coop Story
Coop Story Hace 11 horas
First of all I thought u lived in Arizona and 2 you play animal Crossing
Gumdrop pills
Gumdrop pills Hace 12 horas
did you say you were born in september. (Idk don't be mad at me if ur not) Your birth stone is a sapphire
Frank Hace 12 horas
"i landed safely and was ready to go home and die." wait what does this mean no more videos
Lynn Langevin
Lynn Langevin Hace 12 horas
Happy berth day
its_ Snowy Winter Wolf
Jaden I would of just said I was going to my parents house
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