Locked out of my House

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two idiot dont make a smart

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And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D hope you get into your house, whenever you leave

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10 feb 2019






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caysy Hace un minuto
I just realized My birthday is a Day after you
Brianna Hight
Brianna Hight Hace 11 minutos
Happy late birthday 🍰
Clara Playz
Clara Playz Hace un hora
Think about this wouldn’t happen if you let your roommate drive you home..
FreeLeGiOn Hace 2 horas
Or you could have just said... Here’s fine, thank you
FreeLeGiOn Hace 2 horas
The real problem is if the same Uber driver came to pick you up from your house than realizing you stopped off at someone else’s house
CherryTomatoVEVO Hace 3 horas
Chargrilled 81
Chargrilled 81 Hace 5 horas
7:40 the kid picking his nose
Skender Miftari
Skender Miftari Hace 6 horas
You draw good
Richard Tolentino
Richard Tolentino Hace 8 horas
Hide a spare key somewhere in the backyard.
Maxtaylor 2008
Maxtaylor 2008 Hace 9 horas
Happy b day
Quenns_leli _com
Quenns_leli _com Hace 9 horas
7:08 that's me every day after school
Blue Hace 10 horas
U said that u took wisdom juice? 🤨
saurabh joshi
saurabh joshi Hace 10 horas
Ultra Charge
Ultra Charge Hace 11 horas
She became ice cream 😂😂
iamthefleshandbones Hace 11 horas
Are you not vegan anymore?
Ash_ Kun
Ash_ Kun Hace 11 horas
Has the wisdom juice kicked in?
mylene moeai
mylene moeai Hace 14 horas
Lol every time my family gets locked out of our house we just climb through one of the windows
Alison Wetteland
Alison Wetteland Hace 15 horas
Hi my name is Alison and im nine I your videos are awsome youare so cool
Kaiju Beam
Kaiju Beam Hace 17 horas
I’ve had to break into my own house three times because I’ve locked my own keys in my house, and I’ve forgotten my keys twice before. I always make it so that my window isspecifically break-in-able. No robber would know how to do it because it’s complex af. The first time I did it was by pure accident and I almost broke my leg doing it.
Kananda Almeida
Kananda Almeida Hace 17 horas
I really appreciate Jaiden
pugin n penguin
pugin n penguin Hace 17 horas
My birthday is September 21
Savita B.
Savita B. Hace 18 horas
5:46 the time is TI:ME
YuSooKey Hace 18 horas
It's not 'their' and 'them' if it's a single individual referenced. Just say 'her' and 'she' and stop sounding like a snowflake sjw.
Horseling S
Horseling S Hace 18 horas
ThatOneGladGuy 1969
ThatOneGladGuy 1969 Hace 20 horas
tony games
tony games Hace 21 un hora
Blue Lugia
Blue Lugia Hace 21 un hora
I got an add on deodorant wipes :3
Carlos Gonzalez
Carlos Gonzalez Hace 21 un hora
I AM CRying!!! GREAT JOB. I absolutely adored this♥️😂
Obinne Chidiebere Obibuaku
But you could have told the dude “it’s ok I’ll just walk from here”
Ricochet Gaming
Ricochet Gaming Hace 22 horas
A million things past through your mind when something like this happens
Gaming _Glitch
Gaming _Glitch Hace 22 horas
in her japan vid she said the wisdom juice is kickin in next vid gets locked outside of her house
Midnightkitten Hace 23 horas
Christian Vidal
Christian Vidal Hace 23 horas
I locked outside right now and my parents are at work. I need help it’s cold outside.
banshee boi 69
banshee boi 69 Hace un día
Oh i saw boyinaband
Yeet Spagget
Yeet Spagget Hace un día
Wow its like you, are me, I would totally do something like this lmao
OfficialSh1be Hace un día
3:27 WHAT THAT A BURP??? LOLL nice vid Jaiden btw keep it up
OfficialSh1be Hace 15 horas
Pretty_lil_kitty Pretty_lil_kitty My intention wasn't to nitpick I really like her content and it's really good. I just wanted to point out a funny detail. Not get criticised 😐
Pretty_lil_kitty Pretty_lil_kitty
OfficialSh1be Jaiden is a human being. So what if she burps, EVERYONE burps. She makes quality content for us, and all you can think about is her burping. She's doing her best and your just nitpicking at the insignificant details. It probably wasn't your intention, and you were just pointing out something funny, but think about it. And don't shoot back a reply tryna roast meh. It's overused.
Timber. Studios
Timber. Studios Hace un día
You and James should date
awesome Jamison
awesome Jamison Hace un día
Ari's brother day come soon!
Silas Vlogs Tv
Silas Vlogs Tv Hace un día
I actually enjoy this
Jordan Perez
Jordan Perez Hace un día
Super cute
SummerBreeze104 Hace un día
Wait.... you slept for freaking 17 hours?
IceCactus123 Hace un día
Jaden sleeps 17 hours strait after not sleeping for probably 24 hours But I just sleep 17 hours strait Weekly Or even Daily at weekends
isac Million
isac Million Hace un día
Im 5
uni 305
uni 305 Hace un día
GamingSirus Hace un día
Hahaha... There was something special in your vidd.. Nicee😂
Austin Valadez
Austin Valadez Hace un día
Happy birthday
wenqian wang
wenqian wang Hace un día
3:28 did eny one earls hear a burp
myself nonyabuisness
Nice Skyrim references.
jesh munb
jesh munb Hace un día
Rajesh is my dad's name. Wtf
Seth Kennebeck
Seth Kennebeck Hace un día
I’m 9 and I like ur videos and thank you for inspiring me to animate 😃
M.G.P Leo
M.G.P Leo Hace un día
I actually Know how you feel.
Nageswarao P
Nageswarao P Hace un día
Rajesh is an Indian name 😢
Scarlett Flannery
Scarlett Flannery Hace un día
Hollow dude
Hollow dude Hace un día
Chicken nuggets
Kristoff Balatbat
Kristoff Balatbat Hace un día
The real moral here is sleep on the plane or somewhere else
Zoligst Hace un día
When you realise Jaden has the same birthday as you ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Anime User
Anime User Hace un día
Adrian :v
Adrian :v Hace un día
Jojo referencia
SkyPraized Hace un día
My favorite part is 2:09
solar sky
solar sky Hace un día
Oh meh boi cant stap laughing
William Hace un día
The fucking complexity of your social anxiety situations and the absolute fucking obtuse over thinking speaks to my SOUL
W41K3R #22058
W41K3R #22058 Hace un día
I know a guy that sells breaching charges and C4
Izzy Wolters
Izzy Wolters Hace un día
Don't forget ari's 3 birthday
WhatElseYt Comic
WhatElseYt Comic Hace un día
BigBoy Hace un día
Chapped birthday
Creepy09 Hace un día
Your birthday is a day after mine lol
Alekzander Venegas
Alekzander Venegas Hace un día
The videos ye make never fail to make me laugh like a madman XD and yet can be relatable in a real way. The work you put into the animations you create to help the story flow is applaudable. Yer great ay? :) Everyone: talking, eating, laughing J: Stares blankly brain dead* Everyone: (0_0)?
booklover98 N/A
booklover98 N/A Hace un día
The moral of the story should be always keep your keys on hand.☺️
Spliting_ Bear
Spliting_ Bear Hace un día
3:16 I would do the same
Beardie coolness! Vera and me!
I had to take an oober once, the guy us very chatty.
Terraria 4DayZ
Terraria 4DayZ Hace un día
Boi skyrim
Andrea Cruz
Andrea Cruz Hace un día
Alright, new subscriber
The Blonde Yandere
The Blonde Yandere Hace un día
This is my life everyday
Jacob Olivares
Jacob Olivares Hace un día
Put keys under your welcome mat
Flomp Mc Domp
Flomp Mc Domp Hace un día
Jokes on you, I’ve set an alarm to remind myself to wish you a happy birthday SUCK IT
Awesome Tiger37
Awesome Tiger37 Hace un día
Brody Ferencak
Brody Ferencak Hace un día
Patrol and notification squad on this account
2:11 when my uber is about to cancel my pick-up
The Corner
The Corner Hace un día
Reminds me of the time my mom had to climb into our house through the window because my dad, my brother, and I were in Mexico. My mom left a day early because she had some big work meeting the next day. 😂😂
Arzoo Xoxo
Arzoo Xoxo Hace 2 días
Plot twist: the house was the Uber drivers
Logan On Line
Logan On Line Hace 2 días
Matthew C
Matthew C Hace 2 días
This is actually what I would do
Emily Hace 2 días
Most 👏 relatable 👏 video 👏 ever 👏 😅
Masked Maya
Masked Maya Hace 2 días
You know you can use a credit card to pick a lock. 1 time I was locked out of my house and I texted my friend what to do and she told me to use a credit cards and I got in
Andrew,Cody Mark
Andrew,Cody Mark Hace 2 días
I actually lost my room key and I just watched videos and drank orange juice
Andrew,Cody Mark
Andrew,Cody Mark Hace 2 días
I am half Asian half dumb(Canadian)
Andrew,Cody Mark
Andrew,Cody Mark Hace 2 días
I usually have a baton or a electric baton cause of pedi files so yeah
Andrew,Cody Mark
Andrew,Cody Mark Hace 2 días
Oh Uber huh stranger danger
marxel4444 Hace 2 días
i can get into the starcase of out home, and if the door to our flat is locked. im fucked. if its not locked. i onces opened it with an old creditcart. it was interesting that you rlly can open a door that easy
Mason Thomas
Mason Thomas Hace 2 días
Wait a second she said she was eating sushi in a random place in California. Does she not live in Arizona?!
TheGlitchingDoge Hace 2 días
3:28 nice, jaiden turned into Rick 👌 (Rick from Rick and morty) Edit: fricking autocorrect spelled north instead of morty xD
Birdstorm Hace 2 días
You get at least 1 subscriber every 10 seconds.
Izzy time!
Izzy time! Hace 2 días
i am on a plane (^-^)
Tomohran Hace 2 días
2:09 that little ''taek me hume'' is so cute
destiny blue
destiny blue Hace 2 días
Wierd R name😂😂 That's my dad's name
JackDoesStuff :D
JackDoesStuff :D Hace 2 días
Did u get a new mic
TheLilacClover TLC
TheLilacClover TLC Hace 2 días
8:08 realistic art face reveal... EVEN IF THATS JUST SOMEONE ELSE THATS NOT UGLY
SkyPraized Hace un día
TheLilacClover TLC yeah that’s her
Jason Goncalves
Jason Goncalves Hace 2 días
Yay!!!! Another video from jaiden animations!!!!!! *House explodes* AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH *Gets cancer*. Lol Jk.
Tom Nguyen
Tom Nguyen Hace 2 días
TABC Hace 2 días
Finally featured YuB
Meenakshi Rajeevkumar
The “come back Rajesh” part in this video felt as if it came straight out of a Bollywood movie
Matt T
Matt T Hace 2 días
I terrible animator
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