LOKI TRAILER BREAKDOWN! Easter Eggs & Details You Missed!

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Loki Trailer shot-by-shot breakdown! Who are the Time-Keepers and how did Loki's timeline diverge from Avengers Endgame? Thank you to Ekster for sponsoring this video! Go to www.ekster.com/NewRockstars to get your extra discount on the smart wallets.
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Marvel's Loki is coming to Disney+ on June 11, showing Loki's escape from the Battle of New York from Avengers (2012) and Avengers Endgame (2019) into a new branch timeline with the Time Variance Authority with Mobius M Mobius (Owen Wilson). Erik Voss breaks down everything you missed in this trailer, including the deeper meaning of the TVA logo, and how Kang the Conquerer could be introduced in this series. How will Loki return in Thor Love and Thunder (2022)?
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Brendan Langdon
Cody Anderson
Dan Woodson
Karen Wang
O. Grometto
Pony Stark
Rick Denmon
Producer: Erik Voss twitter.com/eavoss
Producer: Zach Huddleston
Producer: Brandon Barrick
Written by: Erik Voss
NRDS Chief Creative Officer: Filup Molina twitter.com/filupmolina
Post Production Supervisor: John Costa
Staff Editor: Joshua Steven Hurd
Editors: Aaron Carrión, Devin Cleary, Joshua Steven Hurd


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7 abr 2021






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Joey S
Joey S Hace 18 horas
Notice the TVA agent playing Solitaire which is clearly an earth game at 6:45
Liam Mcghie
Liam Mcghie Hace un día
Soooo...why didnt the TVA arrest Thanos the mad titan if its bigger and well Beautiful?...
kavita rani
kavita rani Hace un día
that eye in the poster reminds me of eye of agamoto, anyone else?
daniel newton
daniel newton Hace 2 días
Marvels multiverse quantum leap
Nik Vanderkuur
Nik Vanderkuur Hace 3 días
Tiles will line up when that time line Gets right????
Flash Hace 3 días
This stuff is so exciting I can’t wait for all of this to come out
Red Hawk_565
Red Hawk_565 Hace 6 días
I'm not going to lie, that would an amazing purchase for me to STOP LOOSING MY WALLET.........it happens more then I like to admit 😅
Paul McKnight
Paul McKnight Hace 7 días
why hasnt anyone pointed out the X floor on the elevator....its like right there
Farro Royal
Farro Royal Hace 7 días
If you look to the lower left of the roxxcart entrance it looks like you can see the hooded character running to the building @ 12:15
imtoolazytomakea username
Alright what if the main villain is kang but instead of kang being reed richards son it’s his daughter
Teresa Haugen
Teresa Haugen Hace 10 días
Really could do without the foul language you used in here.Waste of time
Nienna Tromlin
Nienna Tromlin Hace 11 días
i think this series should be taken together with the 'what if ' series. They seem to go together.
Akpoviri Ukochovwera
Akpoviri Ukochovwera Hace 11 días
I just love how the thumbnails give zero info
Ioana Secreteanu
Ioana Secreteanu Hace 12 días
Woah, I've never thought of something like standard deviation of time. "something is in the 1SD; ok, we'll just slap their wrist a bit" "something is in the 2D; we better get Loki for a serious talk" "boss, it's in the 3SD; OH GOD!" Hah :D
Wojownik Rzeki San
Wojownik Rzeki San Hace 12 días
13:52 maybe it's the timeline where Tony didn't stop the nuke?
SEMPOI GAMER Hace 12 días
Hanaa Al-Foghi
Hanaa Al-Foghi Hace 12 días
The Skrulls and the whole secret invasion thing reminded me of the Zygon Invasion episode in Doctor Who
Ricardo Yanez
Ricardo Yanez Hace 12 días
I think the Kane layer is actually where the eye of agamoto rest if dr. Strange failed to protect it
Robert Dickens
Robert Dickens Hace 12 días
"It's called a laaaance!"
Yodaslayer3000 Hace 13 días
Does this make the 2nd time that Owen Wilson has watched Pompeii be destroyed by it's volcanic eruption?
staticbb Hace 13 días
The end of earth setting looks similar to the end of earth timeline explored in agents of shield.
Lala Hace 14 días
Season 5 Rick and Morty is looking kinda different... 🤔
Justin Gaffney Samuels
Awesome review of Loki’s trailer!
iSchemey Hace 15 días
ThisisDan Hace 16 días
I'm looking forward to this series. Obviously Tom Hiddleston will nail it, it has a MIB vibe with all the Endgame time stuff, the space stuff of Guardians and Thir Ragnarok as well as the mysterious teasing that WandaVision had.
Giorgio Pereira
Giorgio Pereira Hace 16 días
Wandavision was ok Falcon was alright Now THIS is more like it
Ryan Hace 17 días
The King of Hearts
The King of Hearts Hace 17 días
18:44 Spot on Owen Wilson impression.
Khushi Hace 17 días
I am addicted to these videos
im so ready for Loki on DISNEY +
Zion Trask
Zion Trask Hace 18 días
8:55 maybe this is actually stuff the avengers messed up when they went further back
Janita van der Kuur
Janita van der Kuur Hace 18 días
10:02 wizards and sorcerers are not the same
GamingWithAj 21
GamingWithAj 21 Hace 18 días
Wait no I think those stick things that they had was from spiderman miles morals game Roxxon.
mikethps Hace 19 días
After being this surprised with Falcon & the Winter Soldier I'm really betting this trailer is holding back SO much information from what this series will really bring.
demazer poker
demazer poker Hace 19 días
Ok, now i think this loki series must create a references to the god of war series i mean cmon time..loki...and probably mimir
Mason Yadon
Mason Yadon Hace 20 días
his Owen Wilson impersonation killed me
Luceat Lux
Luceat Lux Hace 20 días
i'm not one. but the non-linear, imaginative, cryptological intellect and intuition is really impressive with some of these, so-called, fan boys (for some reason "fan boy," isn't a flattering enough designation, imo)
Hopper Films: stream junkyard
I like legit can't wait until june 11th THESE MARVEL DISNEY PLUS SHOWS ARE SO GOOD
Luke SpeedMan
Luke SpeedMan Hace 20 días
7:30 time status IPB-TVA-002, you said 001. do better
JP r a n d o m z
JP r a n d o m z Hace 20 días
Liam French
Liam French Hace 20 días
17:33 what is that hand symbol on the casino machine, I know I've seen it before?
Jonathan G
Jonathan G Hace 20 días
Fun fact the elevator area is the same as where the hunger games elevator scene was filmed
Valkyrie Hace 20 días
I would watch Tom Hiddleston mow grass every week if offered. To imagine him kicking ass...purrrrr.
bluestar4u Hace 21 un día
Thank you NR, you keep me going!
Elems187 Hace 21 un día
Well when you consider that Stark and Rodgers had to go further back in time to get the space stone when there first attempt failed.....
Julia Elizabeth
Julia Elizabeth Hace 21 un día
The triangles are a representation of a mobius
Yare Yare daze
Yare Yare daze Hace 21 un día
Loki and gamora are in the same situation, they’re living in the present with past versions of themselves
lia Hace 21 un día
You should have said Deadpool bcz he doesn't carry a wallet
Shawna Prested
Shawna Prested Hace 22 días
What if the entrance of a female Loki is related to a female Thor in Love and Thunder??????
michael antoun
michael antoun Hace 22 días
Erik's Owen Wilson impression is so good lmao
Meezie Prime
Meezie Prime Hace 22 días
Daniel Messineo
Daniel Messineo Hace 22 días
So I’m not sure if anyone’s noticed but on Disney+, the description states that this takes place after endgame. So like does that mean technicallyloki never died by thanks or did they just mean after endgame since this first problem was created in endgame, even though this is an earlier Loki
Hugo Delgado-Martí
Hugo Delgado-Martí Hace 23 días
I think the number on the printout is a Julian Day reference.
luxivr r
luxivr r Hace 23 días
It's not gonna happen but it would be epic if ultimate Loki shows up in this series
luxivr r
luxivr r Hace 23 días
I'm gonna To try to solve this Rubik's cube of a series So like, under 7.5 seconds? *Laughs in cuber nerd*
Baby Yoda
Baby Yoda Hace 24 días
This would be a great opportunity to bring in Balder there other brother
The Well Rounded Warrior
As for the numbers on the TV, The A-12 is the Avenger II airframe. The A-10 is the Warthog.
Budderman davison
Budderman davison Hace 24 días
the hourglass symbols are drawn like infinity symbols but more square so they also represent hourglasses
Budderman davison
Budderman davison Hace 24 días
adding to my comment if they are purposely shaped like infinity symbols to say that they help keep time going infinitly
Porthos Hace 24 días
Love your content, keep it up!
Kyle Spratt
Kyle Spratt Hace 25 días
Maybe Loki effected the past cause him taking the tesaract forced cap n Tony to go back and might of change something
Markus Aquarius
Markus Aquarius Hace 25 días
That Owen Wilson impersonation was spot on!
pandatwee Hace 25 días
Erik’s Owen Wilson impression was spot on!
Kirin Rane
Kirin Rane Hace 26 días
Your Owen Wilson impression is spot on lol
D35TR0YM4N Hace 26 días
Stop, Wait, You can not escape. Never run away from the Time Police, You will not survive.
One Nerd
One Nerd Hace 26 días
I’m low key excited for Loki
Jackson Walker
Jackson Walker Hace 26 días
The elevator has Penrose tiling, it never repeats. Veritasium had a video on it. Missed by the king of missable details
Jackson Walker
Jackson Walker Hace 26 días
It's also on the floor when he walks in
Jackson Walker
Jackson Walker Hace 26 días
**still loved the video** 😁
Kyle McMahon
Kyle McMahon Hace 26 días
I hope it's like highlander..... so Loki can get stronger each time he takes a Loki out
Oooga booogggaa
Oooga booogggaa Hace 26 días
You never did a break down of the second suicide squad trailer. 😤😑😟
Paige Hace 27 días
This got me even more pumped
Paige Hace 27 días
Paige Hace 27 días
Ohhh “proper flow of time” ya that gives me MAJOR villain energy I’m sensing hero Loki
Paige Hace 27 días
The connection between the floating letters and his dead body is INSANE
ModernLit Hace 27 días
"Butt to butt to butt to butt" was definitely my favorite quote of this episode.
Timothy Krebs
Timothy Krebs Hace 27 días
Biggest question for me... on the split time stream graphic, what about the splinter that appears to be growing on a lesser tangent and appears to be on an intersect course with another splinter? Crazy time loop? I'm thinking this could be a special kind of issue here!
YoGamer06 Hace 28 días
In Norse mythology, Loki’s sons are actually wolfs and snakes and serpents.
consoleculture Hace 28 días
The Roxxcart logo looks like a happy face with the smile crossed out by the 2 X's
Huckleberry Winn
Huckleberry Winn Hace 29 días
loki in norse mythology is the God of Chaos
Badger Hace 29 días
What if captain america comes back because red skull had the stone too
PuissantAlgernon Hace 29 días
We need a trade unionist Marvel hero
Abood Hace un mes
Saluting Asgard’s a** you mean As*gards a**
Lucy Scotter
Lucy Scotter Hace un mes
U know the weird smiley clock thing? Well in the first Thor at the fight near the end, Jane is wearing a shirt that has a VERY similar smiley face on it. It’s probably nothing but still.
plushiesdx Hace un mes
10:20 Well most of them are wearing hats (helmets count right?)
Carlia Notyce
Carlia Notyce Hace un mes
Roxxon = possible cloak & dagger in mcu 👀🤷🏾‍♀️
敗者GamePixel Hace un mes
The orange thing is the fish from the amazing world of gumball
Kurt Christian Abangan
I just realize right now that from first trailer, Mobius said to loki that they know he loved to talk. So funny when they hand over some papers to sign by loki hahaha
BenTheESHAY Hace un mes
Damn monarch really wants to advertise themselves
Lawrence Gardner Jr
I'm a long time fan of yours maybe I can get u to like what I've done
Miss Dire
Miss Dire Hace un mes
7:44 "this is Absurd." Maybe looking too deep, but why isn't the T capitalized but the A is?
p0psy__ Hace un mes
14:38 - Does anyone know where the original source this footage is from?
Peter Skorec
Peter Skorec Hace un mes
Your savior is here. (Me saving you from a reality where we don’t have enough of Booom you looking for this) so Boooom looking for this!
FARHAZ KHAN Hace un mes
What Loki do with THANOS when he se thanos killing him🤔🔥
Anja Wanzo
Anja Wanzo Hace un mes
What if Loki sees Wanada
Anja Wanzo
Anja Wanzo Hace un mes
khang321 Hace un mes
hearing the pronunciation of my name in youtube videos feels so bizarre “kang”
Zylice Liddell
Zylice Liddell Hace un mes
Rainbow Unicorn
Rainbow Unicorn Hace un mes
Loki: IIƎꓒWOꓒ Mobius: Are you sure you're reading that right, pal?
Kevin Tumlinson
Kevin Tumlinson Hace un mes
If you look really closely at the decor on the elevator, those "hourglass shapes" have a through-line that makes look like angular Mobius strips. Sort of a doubled-up meaning that works great.
Zylice Liddell
Zylice Liddell Hace un mes
Zylice Liddell
Zylice Liddell Hace un mes
I thought he *wasn’t* going to be in Thor 4. 🤔
Zylice Liddell
Zylice Liddell Hace un mes
Did Loki take Flight MH370 into the Bifrost?!
Zylice Liddell
Zylice Liddell Hace un mes
I can’t *WAIT!* 😃
Zylice Liddell
Zylice Liddell Hace un mes
I wonder if Loki will prevent the Chernobyl and Fukushima nuclear disasters from occurring in this series. ☢️
Quieren más episodios?😂