LOL! You Won't Stop Laughing With These Comedians - America's Got Talent: The Champions

America's Got Talent
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Crack up at all these comedy acts from America's Got Talent: The Champions featuring Preacher Lawson and Drew Lynch.
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"America’s Got Talent: The Champions" brings together the world’s most talented, memorable and all-around fan-favorite acts from past seasons of "AGT" and the other "Got Talent" franchises, spanning 194 territories.
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The "Got Talent" format has had more than 900 million global viewers since it began airing in 2006 and has aired in 194 markets worldwide. "Got Talent" holds the Guinness World Records title as the Most Successful Reality Television Format in history, with 70 local versions produced across Europe, Asia Pacific, the Middle East, Africa and the Americas. The series, from NBC, Fremantle and Syco Entertainment, will feature the star-studded judges panel from "America's Got Talent" - Executive Producer Simon Cowell, Mel B, Heidi Klum and Howie Mandel - as well as Host Terry Crews, co-star of NBC’s "Brooklyn Nine-Nine."
Lol! You Won't Stop Laughing With These Comedians - America's Got Talent: The Champions
America's Got Talent


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18 mar 2019






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xXDispaninxX Rodriguez
Simon's not even mad XD
ItsTehTwiitch Hace 6 días
"i MeAnNn LoOk aT tHoSsSe mUsCLeSsZzZ"
kenjie P
kenjie P Hace 7 días
The Lame Gamer
The Lame Gamer Hace 8 días
All Other comedians have left the chat
Primesh Mohanty
Primesh Mohanty Hace 8 días
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne Hace 8 días
The preacher don't have nipples
S A I A Hace 8 días
Preacher should Fosho be an actor too😂💯💯💯
Ana Bottoms
Ana Bottoms Hace 11 días
He can't give you hair
Peachie_123 Hace 12 días
Simon:I’m looking at a star Preacher later on:I lost to a 14 yr old girl who still does chores!! 😂
Stnd Samurai
Stnd Samurai Hace 13 días
I felt like I was missing something during drew performance. He didn’t laugh at any of his own jokes
brittany jackson
brittany jackson Hace 14 días
The guy with the speech impediment was sad😭
RJ John
RJ John Hace 16 días
Preacher needs his own movie
Eli Hace 18 días
ahhh a video of the people that SHOULD have won. this is good.
MuziqEdge Hace 18 días
Preacher Lawson sounds like Donkey from shrek series when he was recruiting those other contestants😂😂😂
Casperger Hace 21 un día
Netflix can we please have a full special of Preacher Lawson :(
Pubudu Hearth
Pubudu Hearth Hace 22 días
Omggggg they both lost to ventriloquist 😂😂😂😂
Unicornlovescookies Hace 29 días
Preacher could be the real life mario That is a complement i…it really is he is so funny
thomas TheAlpha
thomas TheAlpha Hace un mes
Preacher Lawson is funny as hell
Nathan Lelo
Nathan Lelo Hace un mes
8:31 literally every girl in sight had the same hair color
Munro McLaren
Munro McLaren Hace un mes
I hate alcohol.
Lisa Sapp
Lisa Sapp Hace un mes
I love how drew and preacher both lost to ventriloquist...
Zalaxy boi
Zalaxy boi Hace un mes
the fact that he jumped that high.
Yahir Betancourt
Yahir Betancourt Hace un mes
Ayesha Tazeen
Ayesha Tazeen Hace un mes
I'm just wondering what David Walliams would've done
Brandon Shreve
Brandon Shreve Hace un mes
Bro if Lawson and Darcy would’ve teamed up that would have been so funny.
lisa koola
lisa koola Hace un mes
Julius Grogan
Julius Grogan Hace un mes
FishingWithPj Hace un mes
Drew’s stutter has improved
Henry Rawlins
Henry Rawlins Hace un mes
The funniest part in this video is where Paul and Sam is talking to the man who can't speak 😂😂😂😂
Imaan Mohamed
Imaan Mohamed Hace un mes
Wow the first guy got six pack
mrbeast is the best Youtuber to ever exist
I think your stutter is a blessing look how far you've got.
Theresa Church
Theresa Church Hace un mes
Preacher would be a great actor... I would love to see a good comedy with him in it !!
Terry Hodge
Terry Hodge Hace 2 meses
I am a true seeker of the truth just out of curiosity why does the word comedian also have demon within that word that you can spell out just a thought think about it wake up before it's too late little bird with a little secret word God bless
manda panda
manda panda Hace 2 meses
That first one Preacher! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
just a guy
just a guy Hace 2 meses
MelB hit it on the nose with her comments they truly are FOONEY
Dylan Minick
Dylan Minick Hace 2 meses
Preacher Lawson sounds like dunkey
Aro L. Khipur
Aro L. Khipur Hace 2 meses
Preacher Lawson deserves more. He is very original and deserves just like the others stands up in Hollywood
LaTasha Ross
LaTasha Ross Hace 2 meses
Drew so fine
Jessica Roy
Jessica Roy Hace 2 meses
Drew's stutter got better! :)
SGLC Hace 2 meses
Preacher Lawson looks like he could of played the black panther in the movies
hewwo peoples
hewwo peoples Hace 2 meses
U guys r awesome. I've been watching since I was a baby(I'm 14 rn) u guys r my idols. I've always wanted to go and at the least watch u guys live.
hyper gamer 69
hyper gamer 69 Hace 2 meses
Lol he saying to raise our game to tape face.
Michelle Wolfe
Michelle Wolfe Hace 2 meses
I saw Drew and I clicked😍
Tom Ontengco
Tom Ontengco Hace 2 meses
I feel so bad for drew but he is so good at what he does and I hope he doesn’t stop I know what it feel like to struggle.
caitly moose
caitly moose Hace 2 meses
The moment Simon Cowell realizes he was gay 2:23
Gus Hicks
Gus Hicks Hace 2 meses
Does anyone else see preacher in a black panther suit
Sara Delgado
Sara Delgado Hace 2 meses
when they show when drew got second I almost cried bc he was so sad.
Vigdís Sigurlínudóttir
Who else was a fan of drew lync before they knew he was in anericas got talent
Gigi :3
Gigi :3 Hace 2 meses
"You can't see it! It's invisible!" *"So have you seen it?"*
Punzz gaming
Punzz gaming Hace 2 meses
Raj Warnakulasuriya
Raj Warnakulasuriya Hace 2 meses
Seriousely Preacher can be a mega comedy star in Hollywood
Rick Hace 2 meses
Hands down Preacher Lawson is Awesome funny!!!
NaviLovesTea Hace 2 meses
Ngl- Drew’s speech got so much better :,)
veggiesaremurder Hace 3 meses
I can't stand Preacher Lawson. He's the type of comedian that thinks if he yells, it automatically makes it funny. Some people can yell onstage and do it right. Lewis Black, Chris Rock... But he is just not funny to me, whatsoever.
Skullcrushin' Destruction
5:21 "Well said, well said", not really, he kinda stuttered
Davide 00
Davide 00 Hace 3 meses
What if I ain’t laughing?
DormantIdeas NIQ
DormantIdeas NIQ Hace 3 meses
he doesn't suck, but he sucks.
Littlebitplayz11 Hace 3 meses
I wish i could vote for both Drew Lynch and Preacher Lawson! They are both amazing comedians.
Dragon Rapps
Dragon Rapps Hace 3 meses
Dragon Rapps
Dragon Rapps Hace 3 meses
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