Losing My Temper With My Sister

Young Don The Sauce God
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"It's always the ones you love most that get under your skin."
Losing My Temper With My Sister - By Young Don The Sauce God
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31 mar 2020






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Jo Meets Wrld
Jo Meets Wrld Hace 8 meses
Alright so I definitely have to tell MY side of the story lmao
Naser Alardhi
Naser Alardhi Hace 13 días
ye lol
Alex Aguilar
Alex Aguilar Hace 21 un día
No way ur the sister aren’t u!?
Katy Steele-Baskerville
I like turtles
Nathan Boateng
Nathan Boateng Hace 22 días
_SpEd_MaRiO_ Hace 22 días
Jison Saji
Jison Saji Hace 4 horas
I punched my door
randomshift max the cat
*M A R I O*
Fish Wacks
Fish Wacks Hace un día
Talks about punching holes then transitions to sister, Sweet home Alabama
69 Memes
69 Memes Hace un día
*whispers* *guysss he said the...'n' wordd* SHHHHHHHHHHHH
Not Darrensstuff
Not Darrensstuff Hace 2 días
I have a bit of anger issues I didn’t make a hole in the wall. But I have tried to fold my door back savage
Knalece Ingram
Knalece Ingram Hace 3 días
He use the akatsuki clothes from naruto thats my man wit de best movie😁
MRGRIM Hace 3 días
Damn right these girls this mad mean bro but when I go somewhere else they mad calm and I’m like yo what is this 🤣
Your Friendly Neighbour Hood Lean Dealer
So was the third hole explained in another story or what? If so, what story was it?
ayoDogeRBLX Hace 4 días
0:37 who else miss the old blonde hair character
Trey Bens
Trey Bens Hace 4 días
When she said her boyfriend picked him up , I would have finished her
Bracelets .Forever
Bracelets .Forever Hace 5 días
I remember the super Mario wii and I love it
Semmy Hace 5 días
At like 7:00 big bro instinct is big facts
Remington Williamson
The supper Mario wii was Goaded
•-Cherrii-• Hace 8 días
Her: I ain't have service. *Calls Her Boyfriend*
rocky the amazing inkling
0:49 With the burnt hair it looks like the girl version of One punch man
Nilta Yesh
Nilta Yesh Hace 10 días
Nobody: Trippie Red: 3:37
Protegens Rule
Protegens Rule Hace 12 días
I have a V.I.P gamepass for fortnight
Whoolookincool Hace 13 días
I havent punched holes in my wall Yet.
Nuclear Z
Nuclear Z Hace 14 días
Who knows ha- Pfffttt Hu
Jayden Hace 14 días
i thought you said ho's not holes
gwa gwa
gwa gwa Hace 14 días
The Hole Saga
Dahyir of Awswag
Dahyir of Awswag Hace 14 días
yo girls always talking shit bout you while you there
Dmarion Hilaire
Dmarion Hilaire Hace 14 días
U make me feel I'm not the only one with a black mother who will John Cena u anytime
G0BL1NB3G4M1NG Hace 15 días
If you played super mario wii you an OG
Tristian Cornelius
Tristian Cornelius Hace 16 días
Whens the jealous boyfriend in highschool part 2 coming out my guy?
ET Hush
ET Hush Hace 17 días
Bro why is it that all the damn animators always move to austin texas. Yoyo808 Stanle Animations, Devonte the one, and him. Wtf
YTB_Tae Hace 17 días
She was looking kinda bad in the thumbnail
:D Hace 17 días
“Their so mean” 🤣😩
Adele Wheeler
Adele Wheeler Hace 18 días
You think you have it bad😂😂
Aaron TCK
Aaron TCK Hace 18 días
4:51 since when is the akatsuki this friendly
Devon McGhee
Devon McGhee Hace 18 días
This is by far my favorite animation he’s made
Luka's stuff
Luka's stuff Hace 19 días
I remember 9 holes
ACA Hace 19 días
When was the last time u lost temper with ur sister? Me: This morning
hoperrtyy Hace 20 días
Supper Mario HAD FOUR available slots for players NOT JUST TWO
Dud Hace 20 días
How tf did u punch a hole in the BASEMENT wall?
Gamaliel Matos
Gamaliel Matos Hace 20 días
0:49 I like ur cut g
Jacob Griffis
Jacob Griffis Hace 20 días
my g Mario bros was my childhood
Kaden Wheatley
Kaden Wheatley Hace 20 días
How many times he says like and who👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉
nathan mena
nathan mena Hace 21 un día
Why does Griffy sound like Ice Cube though 😂
Sean Rhefolds C. Palco
Sean Rhefolds C. Palco Hace 21 un día
Nah man your just trash
Sikhonathi Gama
Sikhonathi Gama Hace 21 un día
It killed me when we got to 8:00
Osaki amonia
Osaki amonia Hace 21 un día
Elizabeth Rucker
Elizabeth Rucker Hace 22 días
Don the walls didn’t do any thing t o you
Devon McGhee
Devon McGhee Hace 22 días
He should’ve played that Akatsuki music when he went to the basement
C Land
C Land Hace 22 días
I did this before and I know how you feel when you get mad I have anger problems I’ve punched 2 holes in the wall
hill emma
hill emma Hace 22 días
I kicked a hole in a wall
Nolan Rayborn
Nolan Rayborn Hace 23 días
I’m a kid that would get mad at my brother and we would beat each other up
headphone Hace 23 días
You can shake the controller to move your bubble closer to the player 2.
Jackson NiBlack
Jackson NiBlack Hace 23 días
this might be the funniest video of all time🤣🤣
Jalil Mosley
Jalil Mosley Hace 23 días
EvilPro_ ak47
EvilPro_ ak47 Hace 23 días
I punch holes
IzZy Hace 23 días
tell me about it growing up with a jamaican mom in florida
Keven Maringa
Keven Maringa Hace 23 días
Mmmmm my guy mmm my guy
Kaleb Boothby
Kaleb Boothby Hace 23 días
You know that you can shake the controller while in a bubble to float to the closest person alive right?
-sᴜɢᴀ ᴛᴇᴄʜɴᴏʟᴏɢʏ-
Well damn if this ever happened to me and my brother he would NOT give 2 shits also my mom is from NY and she is mean asf
Ghost YT
Ghost YT Hace 24 días
Instantly you can't run up on Young don he will Knock you the fuck out with his 1 punch man punch
Max Burney
Max Burney Hace 24 días
Young don face when he broken hole in the door 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Mikohag bsh3beb
Mikohag bsh3beb Hace 24 días
How you lose in mario
sway -roblox
sway -roblox Hace 24 días
0:37 hi past dons
_ArtsyGhoul _
_ArtsyGhoul _ Hace 24 días
“She’s good at girly games like the sims” me being a boy and playing sims: uuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhh wait a minute wait a minute
David Caceres
David Caceres Hace 25 días
This dumbass didn’t know that when you’re in the bubble you can shake the controller to go to the player instead of her going to him 🤦‍♂️
I Brake 5 wolse
noah Solomon
noah Solomon Hace 25 días
Akatsuki cloak 4:54 tho
FiremansYT Kaboom
FiremansYT Kaboom Hace 25 días
bro how can u punch a door so hard it broke
Nova x Galactic
Nova x Galactic Hace 26 días
He was prob on world 7
Anonymous Hace 26 días
When i got mad as a kid i wanted to kill my brothers but i never had a gun so....
Goki Hace 27 días
Your vids are fire keep the good work too
Adrian Mendoza
Adrian Mendoza Hace 27 días
you like anime
AyoSerum Hace 27 días
Don we need the story about the wall with your girl
Adrian Walker
Adrian Walker Hace 27 días
8:54 had me crying😂 cause how he was so hype and just got so calm but angry
KingOfAllSaiyanzz Hace 28 días
are we ever gonna get that third hole story? if he made it 9/10 i forgot
Tlangie Makhubela
Tlangie Makhubela Hace 28 días
Hi Joanna plz try to do animations cuz l prefer anime if u can
Jose Villegas
Jose Villegas Hace 28 días
Pov:Your hispanic and have a brick fucking wall
Mighty Mob TV
Mighty Mob TV Hace 28 días
Imo you either punch walls or you punch people
Precious Kaylan
Precious Kaylan Hace 28 días
Lmao ooo ooo ooo ooo ooo ooo This is funny asl
Coryxkenshin fanfan
Coryxkenshin fanfan Hace 29 días
Micah Brown-EL
Micah Brown-EL Hace 29 días
Bro, I KNOW you watch dragon ball with all the teleporting and reviving in water lol
InfiniteNote Hace un mes
Omg I hated playing mario wii with my sister cuz she sucks so much
Hameed Srt
Hameed Srt Hace un mes
lets go we at 2 mill bby
Ahmed Abshir
Ahmed Abshir Hace un mes
Anyone watching this on October , 28, 2020.
Den’s Videos
Den’s Videos Hace un mes
He called the sims a girly game.. okay I could see that.
mira_duck Hace un mes
Me and my sisters play that Mario game and we absolutely suck. ಥ‿ಥ
Zenifi Hace un mes
3 milly
Jordan Granberry
Jordan Granberry Hace un mes
How many times don zoomed in 👇🏿
Dr Troll
Dr Troll Hace un mes
That nintendo game over music has gone through my ears more than a million times
TheHunter Hace un mes
Lol I also punched a hole in the wall and covered it with a magazine picture
Dora Jakšić
Dora Jakšić Hace un mes
Omg I watch Deligracy and Don😅 They do be good youtubers
Jay slayer mmo 123
Jay slayer mmo 123 Hace un mes
Oh I love super Mario bro’s me and my dad played all the time my second favorite Wii game
REPTAR X Hace un mes
Wish I can punch stuff
L7 Spades
L7 Spades Hace un mes
I can agree with all dis in the video bro
ricardo Montgomery Blake
Same I punch holes in my wall
surfligue Hace un mes
all the walls from every house I lived in are like concrete, you definitely don't want to punch them
The living Stallion
Us New York girls aren’t mean y’all too softt
MoKuZai Hace un mes
David YT 101 rodriguez
Gio the Taurus
Gio the Taurus Hace un mes
People who disliked plays fornite
Jasir Cook
Jasir Cook Hace un mes
Bro why do I feel your unadulterated rage maybe because I’m also a big brother who has a little shit for a little sister
Jello Animations
Jello Animations Hace un mes
Nobody: Don: *aS a mAn*
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