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In this emotional episode of Impaulsive, our roommate & best friend Dwarf Mamba speaks on the struggles of being a little person, his addictive coping mechanisms and his lost friendship with Logan.
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Impaulsive is a significant break from the typical content viewers have come to expect from the vlog channel & we could not be more proud and excited to watch this unfold and grow. Please be advised that we will be exploring a wide variety of topics (some adult-themed) and our younger viewers (and their parents) should be advised that some topics will be for mature audiences only.


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14 jun 2019






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MarieCris Exquisite
MarieCris Exquisite Hace 12 horas
You can’t depend on others to carry your emotions and fix it. It’s you! Not them going through it
MarieCris Exquisite
MarieCris Exquisite Hace 12 horas
You have to live your life. Regardless, you and yourself have your back by the end of the day. No one else
Yas Chats
Yas Chats Hace 19 horas
1.27.15 may be the funniest moment in podcast history
Koen Brown
Koen Brown Hace 19 horas
"atomic bomb" "we found a dead body in the suicide forest" hes got a little trend
Ducki Killa
Ducki Killa Hace 20 horas
Bruh attacks from the sky is the scariest thing if ur walking in the forest with ur friends and it’s sunny, and suddenly it turns werry dark like almost night time but u still can see ur friends, u ask them what happend they say idk man but we better get outa here. u guys start walking but suddenly one off ur friends disapear, everyone gets a bit scared and start yelling his name, so u start looking for him, then u start thinking wait are we lost? Ur freind says nah i got my phone fully charged pulls it out it dead it got a hole right trough it, ur all shocked. U guys start freaking out, one off u sugest to run, so u do. About 3 minutes in u start getting a bit tierd so u suggest to take a little break from running and walk, and the others agree, but then u realise one off ur friends are gone again now ur only three, so u turn around and yell for ur friend, 12 seconds later u hear the most terrifying sound u ever heard, one off ur friends suggest it might have been a animal but u all know that couldn’t have been an animal off this earth. So u start running but u get the feeling sombody is watching u, so u tell the others, but they say no way we are in the middle off nowhere in a forest nobody os watching us, as he says that the other friend trips from not being fully able to see the rock on the ground he spraned his knee so now u have to carry him one off ur friends says jokingly atleast one off us won’t run off and get lost now, ur other friend says “too early man they gone my guy, we don’t know if they will ever get back”. Then he says sorry man just tried to help the scarynes off this forest rn. Then they all died Ps: it’s so late i’m a bit high git bored just went here bcs this vid was on my frontpage soi had to have this quick ending bcs i’m going to bed gn
Brand Brand
Brand Brand Hace 20 horas
Poor mike bro
electrostatic82 8
electrostatic82 8 Hace 22 horas
He points out that Evan doesn’t like being called kid, says “I’ve known the kid for 6 years now. I know the kid like the back of my hand”
Vlex GG
Vlex GG Hace 22 horas
he feels abandoned and trust me that fucking sucks.
Zack97a Hace un día
U guys need Jordan Peterson
Jesse King
Jesse King Hace un día
I live in Dayton Ohio
Kenyan Seal
Kenyan Seal Hace un día
even start a gaming or vlogging channel try something different also you should add even to the podcast
Epic Stunts
Epic Stunts Hace un día
Not gonna lie Logan kinda replaced Evan with mike
leon marinkovic
leon marinkovic Hace un día
Actually Nikola Tesla discovered electricity but because Thomas Edison was an American they manipulated all people in the world to think that Thomas Edison discovered electricity when he didnt so don't fucking say Nikola Tesla's life was meaningless learn your shit before you basically say Evans life is meaningless because if you say that he takes it like no one would miss him if he passed away.
Lbm_ii_ Joker40
Lbm_ii_ Joker40 Hace un día
Who was crying
Daniel Caio
Daniel Caio Hace un día
Flank Hace un día
I feel bad for Logan, he has that much shit going on and he tries his hardest to do so much of everything. It's a tough one
Nathan Devereux
Nathan Devereux Hace 2 días
Nevermind I finished the pod cast logan and Mike love the shit our of eachother love you all!!!
Tahir Lalani
Tahir Lalani Hace 2 días
Lowkey, Logan is turning into something else. He's becoming a fucking dickhead.
Ninja Shhh
Ninja Shhh Hace 2 días
Props to all of you for the communication. More peeps need to learn to communicate like that...
Nathan Devereux
Nathan Devereux Hace 2 días
Make even perminate#!!!
Nathan Devereux
Nathan Devereux Hace 2 días
I feel like Mike and logan hate eachother... I can't be the only one who sees this
Feshiylife Hace 2 días
Stop calling him kid!!!!
WasteIand Hace 2 días
I love Mike. Wow. Mike plz marry me
Katie Callahan
Katie Callahan Hace 2 días
Logan: I’ve done “terrible” things. The quotations really? People talk shit behind people’s back it is what it is.
Spencer Hogg
Spencer Hogg Hace 2 días
Y’all remember driving with Evan 😂
Emel Luijsterburg
Emel Luijsterburg Hace 3 días
This was intense.. could not stop listening
Ryan van wagenen
Ryan van wagenen Hace 3 días
Luckily for Logan, he can always buy new friends. I hope Evan finds the happiness he's looking for.
Dynamic yt
Dynamic yt Hace 3 días
1:23:16 well said
Timothy Berry
Timothy Berry Hace 3 días
Yes it’s gay. No it’s not normal behavior
ZraVenN Beast
ZraVenN Beast Hace 3 días
Listenning to this just made me realize that our would is fucked
Κωνσταντινος Πετροπουλος
im not a dwarf but i get bullied about my height at my school
ツZotic Hace 2 días
Brooklyn 78
Brooklyn 78 Hace 3 días
Evan is so brave for talking about this and I think mike really understands and is trying to explain how Evan is feeling and this is the type of situation where it takes time and company to heal.i feel Evan right now and what’s best for all of you is to make time for each other and do things that make you happy and it will bring Evan up and he might want to go out and come out of his room than!
MarquesBGaming Hace 3 días
1:16:36 Straight to the intro bait
Jaime vlogs
Jaime vlogs Hace 3 días
Its so sad 😢😢😢😢 love you dwarf mamba
Zachary Bala
Zachary Bala Hace 3 días
My uncle Stephen Winkle is a dwarf and has met Evan and Logan and I never use the M word
Alexa Haahaha
Alexa Haahaha Hace 3 días
1:24:45 🙌🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Noah Hockett
Noah Hockett Hace 4 días
Logan I know you’re not this stupid. You’re a good dude, help you fucking friend man. He needs you now more than ever. Here are some content ideas for free: make a Vlog with you and Evan and call it friends therapy. You to go to a therapist or have a therapist come to the house and you guys can figure everything out come to terms on certain situations and get your friendship back in track because watching you to apart from each other is heartbreaking. I think Evan is feeling very left out, but I think you need to be the one to step up and give him one more helping hand because that’s what a good friend does. No matter how many times you know you’ve been there for him friendship has endless amounts of opportunities to help one another. So, Logan please do not just keep saying that you’ve been there for him always and that you gave them all the stuff because as a friend enough should not be a thing. you should be there for him or any of your friends for that fact as many times as they need you no matter what.
Dylan Scanlon
Dylan Scanlon Hace 4 días
Mamba needs to start streaming on Twitch...It’d be lit
Michael West
Michael West Hace 4 días
I miss the old Logan... You good bro??!
Jade Welch
Jade Welch Hace 4 días
Michael West He’s grown up! He’s becoming an adult and not as childish. The thing in Japan showed him his actions have consequences. He acted on that and grew the F up!
Blazu Hace 4 días
I am going to admit I am not your biggest fan, But damn dude.. The story you made up about the "bird" made me die and actually enjoyed watching you bro :') .. Im high asf rn I aint gonna lie :') Edit: I spelt Admin instead of Admit.
Agaha Ahahah
Agaha Ahahah Hace 4 días
Logan replaced evan with mike , I don't have any respect for mike or spencer , Both of them ruined logan and evans life
Andy P
Andy P Hace 4 días
david hawa
david hawa Hace 2 días
I agree
Andy P
Andy P Hace 2 días
Fact 1: he’s a grown man that lives off Logan Fact 2 : he needs to make something happen with his life but starts crying when confronted.
Andy P
Andy P Hace 2 días
Why ??? Because we are being honest he wants people to feel sorry for him but he tells everyone don’t feel sorry for him ??? Ok if u want to be treated average don’t get your pantys in a bunch when they give u FACTS !!!
david hawa
david hawa Hace 2 días
TRS Cubes asshats wtf that mean lol
TRS Cubes
TRS Cubes Hace 2 días
Wow you all are asshats
Kenneth Dokus
Kenneth Dokus Hace 5 días
LP and the two stuges he has on his podcast everyday have no self awareness. Big ups to Evan
Ashley Wright
Ashley Wright Hace 5 días
Evan saying not to hold a disabled child back really hits home for me. My four year old is autistic and medically complex and this is something I have to remind myself of daily. ♥️
Ashley Wright
Ashley Wright Hace 5 días
I’m just going to reply to my own comment. I can definitely see where Evan is coming from with his question for Spencer. My mom says I’m negative when I don’t go to certain events with my child because I know we won’t have a good time. I have a hard time determining whether it’s negativity or just reality.
Trista Osborne
Trista Osborne Hace 5 días
Yall dont realise how much harder his life is then urs just by being a dwarf. He wants to b tall n buff n handsome like logan n have tons of money and banging chicks when he wants n b able to vlog without being shy n selfconcious.
Andy P
Andy P Hace 2 días
Trista Osborne doesn’t give Evan a excuse to just live off Logan and not post anything and just be anti social
Trista Osborne
Trista Osborne Hace 5 días
I want to talk to evan and say games with him cus I know exactly how he feels. I'm 6'1 but I know wtf feelings r being sad and shit n I'd love to talk to him just to play some games or chill or something. I'm not looking for clout or anything I'm a nobody and probably wont ever b anybody. I just know how he feels
J00GS SQUAD Hace 7 horas
i feel you and evan bro, its just hard to reach someone who hurts, same for someone who is hurt to reach for someone man, im hurt in the inside and talking it with someone its like trying to pull out a big ass clogged piece of sewer cloggage out of my throat as i puke and swallow it back over and over from the bottom of my stomach, while you look at the person in the eyes with tears as your voice shrieks and your conciosness tells you at the same time"stop bitchin" but you also know a night of despair and silence comes, and you feel closure comes to an end cuz the anxiety shoves to push an edgy and dark state of mind where your thoughts become darker and darker cause you have the feeling of nothingness rotted deep inside you.. and yes its hard, but each person sees it different with their own case of problems.
Hot Beer
Hot Beer Hace 5 días
This show me no matter what you do for people we will never satisfy them maybe the more you do for people the they expect you to more for them it’s crazy Logan is a good dud I can tell
Gaming with Edward Cool kid
Mike is so cool
prodaiden Hace 5 días
holy shit like im sick and i just layed down and watch a 2 hour podcast. i have adhd and i have never done this before. but this topic was so fucking real and relatable to what im going thrue right now with some of my friends that i was so intrigued by this shit
Dakota Mcclure
Dakota Mcclure Hace 5 días
yo even should be streaming himself playing video games i dont understand why he wouldnt with his follower base
Adina Radford
Adina Radford Hace 5 días
Mike always just takes over aha I understand where he coming from but just let everyone else say their bit too aha
Doc 935
Doc 935 Hace 6 días
2:33 imagine how the koi feel Logan had me dead explaining
Willerbee 3
Willerbee 3 Hace 6 días
Mike at 1:22:44 hits the nail on the head! Massive words and massive credit!
Penny Lane
Penny Lane Hace 6 días
Ps not all std:s have a symptom, clamydia for example.
Penny Lane
Penny Lane Hace 6 días
Big and good changes usually starts from a conflict, if the communication is on point.
Penny Lane
Penny Lane Hace 6 días
This can be a good topic when the subject is not emotional for Evan. Then this could be real and really help others who is in similar situations. But you gotta have some distance to it emotionally before you can share it in like a pod cast.
Penny Lane
Penny Lane Hace 6 días
And also more helpful for Evan.
Willerbee 3
Willerbee 3 Hace 6 días
Logan, I'm not a massive fan, I gotta be honest, but this episode was exceptional. Getting any type of awareness into the public view is HUGE. Massive kudos to you and Evan for this!!!!!!
Esoteric Fitness
Esoteric Fitness Hace 6 días
You guy's gotta get Michelle on Podcast 😂🤣
Michaela Lucille
Michaela Lucille Hace 6 días
Evan is so cute!
Bryce Bonner
Bryce Bonner Hace 6 días
Thank you. Part of this video just went into a text to a family member of mine who is really hurting right now. Now I know you guys probably won't read this, but thank you truly so much for being yourselves and doing some good with your words, thoughts, and ideas.
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