Losing Your Relatability

Drew Gooden
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21 ago 2019






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Alexandre Pilon
Alexandre Pilon Hace 5 horas
fuck me i never saw them on youtube but after watching this i got them recommended....dude
Atai Hace 9 horas
My little sisters love these people 😂😂
Okoruku Hace 15 horas
It’s a 4 person family in a 11 BED AND BATHROOM MANSION
Ana Luiza Figueiredo
Ana Luiza Figueiredo Hace 17 horas
I blame the people who consume this kind of thing. How empty one must be to actually follow this family updates? I couldn't even stand to get to the end of this video let alone the original video 🤣
Adam Riddle
Adam Riddle Hace 19 horas
I got an honest question...why do so many non-rich people care so deeply about the lives of super rich people? They are literally just people with more expensive problems than an average person and more zeros at the end of their bank number. They will literally care more about someone else's issues that have literally no effect on their personal life at all more than their own life issues which are actually effecting their actually life.
Mekullag Hace un día
MoistCr1tikal hasn‘t even changed his shirt since he got rich of youtube and streaming. Now that‘s what I call an uncorruptable character
carlos tha rippa
carlos tha rippa Hace un día
ur hair looks soo bad in in end haha
carlos tha rippa
carlos tha rippa Hace un día
since ur gonna be gone for 2 months, fire whoeber the fuck cuts ur hair ahhahaha
carlos tha rippa
carlos tha rippa Hace un día
i mean 2 bedrrom apt in LA is a flex lol
carlos tha rippa
carlos tha rippa Hace un día
7:15 imagine,..... the horror and chaos of having to.... drive to the gym ugh!! wttf i need to be able to go from my master bedroom the the private gym
LokiCatGD Hace un día
"man i sure hate having to sleep in my giant, expensive, gold plated, diamond studded, super comfy, king sizes, amazing, to die for, bed. i can never get up to walk around my 1,000,000 square foot house, (not including the pool)" dear god can they not find another way to make money?
carlos tha rippa
carlos tha rippa Hace un día
3:05 millions $ house but cant change the fire alarms hahahahah AHHHHHHHHHHh ahhahahahhaa
carlos tha rippa
carlos tha rippa Hace un día
wait r u the annoying ass guy doing the seinfeld impersonation on TT hahahah
carlos tha rippa
carlos tha rippa Hace un día
i just became a fan and was like wow 3 mill subs. but this guy seems down to earth and not a douch. def one of my fav creaters rn
carlos tha rippa
carlos tha rippa Hace un día
0:47 h3h3 productions
carlos tha rippa
carlos tha rippa Hace un día
yo bro why the tip of ur nose looks folded hahaha
Gabriella Miranda Aviles
Bro shut the fuck up
Allen Han
Allen Han Hace 2 días
Now everyone knows they live in Woodland Hills and what their house looks like.
Allen Han
Allen Han Hace 2 días
They sound like they are doing the man labor.
levi Ackerman
levi Ackerman Hace 2 días
I just came back from the ED ward and my mental health is shit but at least I don’t have to walk to my bedroom from my so called home gym 😩
Not Clickbait Productions
"Oh boo hoo, the shade of your carpet in your million dollar mansion is slightly off. Let me play a song on the worlds smallest violin." Read this in your head using Mr. Crabs voice.
McKinley Ayala
McKinley Ayala Hace 2 días
can we get a part two talking about austin boxing a tiktoker for..whatever...reason?
Gwenivere Llewellyn
Gwenivere Llewellyn Hace 2 días
this is the first time i have ever seen any clips from the ace family and they are not making their case any better
Casey Damberg
Casey Damberg Hace 3 días
Who's here after that McBroom vs Hall fight? 😂
ColtonsRhythm Hace 3 días
Cody ko is a perfect example
Jpt1012 Hace 3 días
I just watched a 60 minute ad for this
no way
no way Hace 3 días
8:41 what in the fuck is that swimming? does he own a huge pool and not know how to swim?
diecast jam
diecast jam Hace 3 días
I thought he was going to say Pewdiepie for a YT'er who money hasn't changed, I mean he must be rich as shit, and he lives in a very modest house still, I mean it's in Brighton and all that so probably cost a fair bit, but I'd be surprised if it was even £ million, he's till doing the same shit, oh and he does philosophy now, and I mean by proper philosophers not just shite he came up with.
Rusty Shackelford
Rusty Shackelford Hace 3 días
Remember when Korra said" I never needed money. I have always had someone taking care of me." That's relatable to people who grew up with the last airbender, who graduated into a recession. 😒 I wonder why she wasn't more popular with fans of the original series.
MDT - Epicx_Gamer
MDT - Epicx_Gamer Hace 3 días
Guys I know what you feel but it's really hard having a large house. I mean it's super hard to go down floors to go to my mall where I have to get the things I want. Do you not know how hard it is to walk and get your own food? And making your own house is real life man.
TroloCon Hace 3 días
That is why I like demolition ranch, because first and foremost he is a veterinarian before a youtuber, he worked his ass off to be a licenced pet saver, so he knows a thing or two about how to blow a paycheck in increasing his collection of guns.
P1𝖘𝔰𝖇4𝖇y M4𝔤𝖌0t
Dude- I don’t think he knows how to swim... that pools not hard to swim he just doesn’t know how
P1𝖘𝔰𝖇4𝖇y M4𝔤𝖌0t
When I was in middle school this group of girls made the ACE family their pfp on every social media and had the bio “#teamace”
New Yardley Sinclair
Mr beast has no content other than spending money. He better start saving cause he offers nothing
Rain the gay disaster
my dad has skin cancer, but at least he didn’t have to walk all the way downstairs for the home gym
Rain the gay disaster
he is alive and doing fine, they caught it early so he just has to go to the doctor sometimes and otherwise he is doing pretty good
keagan tuggle
keagan tuggle Hace 4 días
i actually relate to the struggles of rich people because i used the motherlode cheat in the sims. feel bad for me.
Jemma Morse
Jemma Morse Hace 4 días
Aww, man, your house is behind schedule? The bridge and multiple intersections near my house have been closed (off and on for the intersections, constantly for the bridge) since 2017. Everything is now finally open since December but it was supposed to be done in 2019. There’s been major traffic issues, speeding, and major inconvenience because we can’t go anywhere frequently due to road race road closures and construction road closures. But oh, no, your fitness center is downstairs and your room is upstairs? How awful.
Ryan Murray
Ryan Murray Hace 4 días
“Bye scary monster standing just out of frame” strange thing to call your wife
Douwe Somers
Douwe Somers Hace 5 días
It's been a year since I first saw this video and I still think about the stupidity of their gym problem. They complained about having to do physical exercise to get to the physical exercise room. Their gym is literally just a treadmill and some weights, walking is like half of what you can do there.
TransAm4Ever Hace 5 días
Just to defend Seinfeld, I saw him in 2019 and I found him to still be relatable. Some things like getting old, raising kids and adapting to technology (which is what most of his bits were about) can relevant no matter the income
naota3k Hace 5 días
"How many kids do we have? Two? Yeah we're gonna need at least 11 bedrooms."
Hakiym Young
Hakiym Young Hace 5 días
I dont understand how my cousins can sit and watch these flexing family channels over and over and act like they can relate to these people, they even get really defensive when I call out their faves. I guess they just like living vicariously through them
lif3less b0i
lif3less b0i Hace 5 días
You were never relatable in the first place
Nick Hord
Nick Hord Hace 5 días
This family is lame af and don't understand why anyone would care about what they're doing. Wtf?
Michi Games
Michi Games Hace 5 días
Imagine leaving micheal b Jordan for some man baby👩🏾‍🦯
mangreg Hace 6 días
This video is 1 years old (i did not finish this one)
LoG’s Maggot
LoG’s Maggot Hace 6 días
My grandpas built their own house too, they literally put up the walls and built the electrical system and everything else with their hands day and night. My grandma was going especially strong at it, because to be able to work on her own house most likely gave her a sense of pride and freedom in the Italian post-war years after going through extreme poverty and being a caregiver at age 7 to a much wealthier family. She’d been through unimaginable things and got out stronger each time, and she had a strong sense of family and pride in her conquered freedom. THAT’S how you build your own house. Fucking miserable pricks.
LoG’s Maggot
LoG’s Maggot Hace 6 días
I hate every single thing about those people. Wow. Holy shit what I would give to see them begging on the street where they belong and spit on them. They’re just SO fucking miserable it hurts
Alan Hanks
Alan Hanks Hace 6 días
That Ace guy is boxing now. So thank God for that
Maddie W
Maddie W Hace 6 días
Imagine living in a house that even when it is fully furnished, your voice still echos like it's an empty space. I'd hate that, it just doesn't feel homely and comfortable. It just looks and feels so dull.
Granola Raspberry
Granola Raspberry Hace 6 días
Great, now I'm getting flusterated
Thatshawtykid Hace 6 días
11:46 No one: Shukri Sharaf: Plz send me money plz
Pairosox Hace 6 días
hey Greg it’s me kurtis here with guy welcome back to this here video where I watch Danny’s video so yeah once again I’m drew, Mayor of kurtis town, and I will see you next video
Captain Pointless
Captain Pointless Hace 6 días
Mr Beast is omega rich, but his wealth makes his videos better. That’s what these ESvidrs should be trying to do.
Jack Calderra
Jack Calderra Hace 7 días
Elane Bourne
Elane Bourne Hace 7 días
The domineering boot beverly notice because wind microcephaly scorch during a languid position. mundane, annoying organ
Lucy Lollipops
Lucy Lollipops Hace 7 días
If I trick you I get pinned Read more
Cherry Bubble
Cherry Bubble Hace 7 días
I’ve moved 6 times, it’s tough but it’s not a big deal. It’s just putting a ton of things in boxes. ITS NOT A WAR ITS PUTTING THINGS IN CARDBOARD
Sotu Hace 7 días
im sotu
Shortcake Hace 7 días
Just found this channel and I must say I'm loving the guy possessed by the spirit of John Mulaney.
Bryce House
Bryce House Hace 8 días
How can you even feel good about yourself buying such useless shit that does nothing to enhance your life, while there are people all over the place who don’t even know where their next meal is coming from. At a certain point of wealth theres just nothing for you to gain other than a sense of superiority. Eat the fucking rich man
DCUB3 Hace 7 días
You commented on the wrong video, also who's the rich man? Does he taste good?
Youssef Bakir
Youssef Bakir Hace 8 días
I think some people watch these videos just to be in awe of how Ultra rich people kinda 😂
Ken Rosemary
Ken Rosemary Hace 8 días
Ive always held the notion that money doesnt change people, it just reveals their truest intentions. Its just worrying to see just how many people dont have the best in mind once they have the power that comes with being rich and popular
AJOHN777 Hace 8 días
sometimes when a dog is starving for food they’ll never know when to stop eating
The Dude
The Dude Hace 8 días
Can anyone explain how these people have this money ?
Ultra clown Beam
Ultra clown Beam Hace 7 días
73 ads in a 10 minute video
Haywood J'blome
Haywood J'blome Hace 8 días
Morons watch them
kt e
kt e Hace 8 días
it's been this long and there STILL isn't a pinned comment?
DEAD_pedal Hace 8 días
Ok boomer girl, lol.
ٴ Hace 7 días
@DEAD_pedal am i missing something
DEAD_pedal Hace 7 días
@ٴ for real?
ٴ Hace 7 días
Hexted Hace 8 días
It sounds downright retarded for a family of what four-five to have 11 bathrooms and bedrooms, and when I moved into my house there was literally no flooring so we slept in a hotel, we eventually slept on the floors when they were done but they can’t live their bc the garden and shit isn’t done
Hexted Hace 8 días
You did not just say “the people that made Seinfeld famous”
Fern and Bacon
Fern and Bacon Hace 9 días
That's me in the corner That's me in the spotlight Losing my relatability
Sorry Sorry
Sorry Sorry Hace 9 días
It’s crazy how much the average person could do with 50k to move their lives forward, and how many people just have millions for literally nothing. And I’m huge on the belief people have a right to their money and the things they earn. But damn there so many rich for nothing people now
Mira O'Hagan
Mira O'Hagan Hace 9 días
They're like French royalty. They sued to live in the Louvre but it was too small for one family so they built Versailles 😂
My 13 y/o cousin is in the hospital after a heart attack but at least he has the trees in his yard (Actually his family is moving from mansion to mansion rn since my dads side of the family is loaded but I get socks for my bday)
corn cob
corn cob Hace 9 días
Also I appreciate that you put the ads at the end! I still mute it and bump up the playback speed... But I watched it!
ez Hace 5 días
this comment is really wholesome to me
corn cob
corn cob Hace 9 días
Honestly can't tell if my comment was rude or adequate. Man I'm tired!
corn cob
corn cob Hace 9 días
Honestly they could've just said they had a rags to riches story and... well no, facebook exists. We would know either way I guess. Theyy stuupid
James Kidd
James Kidd Hace 9 días
the reverb is incredibly bad
rose191991 Hace 9 días
why the F somebody needs 11 bedrooms???
Tiny Nikname
Tiny Nikname Hace 9 días
bloxburg houses be like LMFAO
Joseph Davidson
Joseph Davidson Hace 9 días
youtube is for kids! Lies for kids!
Edward Yeung
Edward Yeung Hace 9 días
EntropyOnline Hace 9 días
Imagine complaining about the stairs when you're on your way to go exercise.
Al mighty
Al mighty Hace 9 días
What happened to Kanye West and the ace family also happened to Porfirio Diaz
Cash Ali
Cash Ali Hace 10 días
Isn’t this dude trying to box
Fawkes Hace 10 días
13:24 It was there for a little bit after they got rid of the sidebar. Back in like 2010
WeatherGirl Hace 10 días
I left my tv remote next to the tv and had to walk all three steps across the room to get it. It was hard man. I'm sure you guys can relate.
Caleb Lewis
Caleb Lewis Hace 10 días
I genuinely hope these people lose every penny they have, lmao. Like I legitimately want them to become absolutely destitute.
PickledApple Hace 10 días
That toilet lookin nice tho.
Crystal Fires
Crystal Fires Hace 10 días
My family doesn't build their own house. They take one, and fix it.
wii remote
wii remote Hace 10 días
my grandpa made his own house no other workers, and our house is large.
Cara Hace 11 días
His continued use of flustrating killed me
Jimi Esoteric
Jimi Esoteric Hace 11 días
Are you joking?? 1st class is way below Jerry Seinfeld. Im sure he has his own private jet if he's really worth 950 million
Corinne Fabulous
Corinne Fabulous Hace 11 días
My biggest issue is that they have their F-ing wifi hotspot beeping every few minutes which sounds like a smoke detector and that makes me giggle.
Maspatri Hace 12 días
Austin always points at the ESvid home button
Shawn Bliss
Shawn Bliss Hace 12 días
Yeah if at any point you need a scissor lift for indoor renovations you're rich and need to stop whining
Monafis5 Hace 12 días
The chivalrous girl splenomegaly complain because writer immunohistochemically measure abaft a bashful manx. filthy, messy parrot
Geovanni Botticella
Geovanni Botticella Hace 12 días
So Drew tried to make it sound like a joke But a 2 bedroom apartment in Los Angeles for (I’m assuming) just him and his wife Is a massive flex
Princess Quiet
Princess Quiet Hace 11 días
Pretty sure he lives in Florida
Irvin Novik
Irvin Novik Hace 12 días
...Because pants.”🤣🤣
BonBon Bonnibel
BonBon Bonnibel Hace 12 días
I used to watch rice gum but then I noticed how much he hated on kids and I was like "🤠🤠🤠🤠 but I'm a kid" and stopped, then he started getting even worse so I'm glad
Naved Yusuf
Naved Yusuf Hace 12 días
Kanye dropped like 3 amazing albums in 2018, I think that comment was uncalled for.
charlotte Hace 13 días
The Ace family give me the same energy as the Buchanans from Gatsby
moss h
moss h Hace 13 días
my sister started watching them when Catherine was barely pregnant, and they lived in a small apartment and were normal, and cute and funny. she stopped watching them a year or two ago.
Joshua Murphy
Joshua Murphy Hace 13 días
Hahaha when you said "this is the toilet.... take that ace family" I pressed di like button that was a good one
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