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Drake and I talk about the time he lost his v card.......I mean what more do you need to know?! We shot this in my car randomly so sorry if the audio isn't the best but the video makes up for it I swear!!
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Inez Morrison-Story
Inez Morrison-Story Hace un hora
I can one up. On a single mattress on the floor. Don’t date guys you meet at a rave kids 😂😂
t herealmadigrace
t herealmadigrace Hace 2 horas
Kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss😂💀
Tristian Henry
Tristian Henry Hace 4 horas
Best duo ever❤️😂
Allicia Carper
Allicia Carper Hace 8 horas
Everything Drake said describes my first time perfectly to a T
Hearts Love
Hearts Love Hace 8 horas
Why aren’t there more of these, josh? No one else wants to share? I want MORE!
sarah Hace 10 horas
Most people: ha ha ha Josh peck: HA tzzzzzzzzzzz I love him so much.....
Richard Craig
Richard Craig Hace 12 horas
Josh got that gay boi vibe to him
OldSkoolRockstarJaxx Hace 13 horas
Josh Peck is so sexist when he said that sex is especially a big deal for dudes 😠 Josh is an Agnostic Jew who let Hollywood brain wash him and he turned into a complete Jackass Liberal. He's playing with the devil 😈. He's not the right guy to give advice to any child because he doesn't know the difference between right and wrong. He's no better than the Kardashian's, Michael Jackson, Bill Cosby, Lindsey Lohan, Drake Bell, Amanda Bynes, John Stamos, Lori Loughlin, Jojo Siwa, Jake Paul, Miley Cyrus, etc.... He's just as messed up as all of the child stars. Be careful with any celebrity crush out there cause they're not the good people who they want you to see on TV. That's why there's many dark celebrity secrets and Josh is one good example of that.
Jolak76 Hace 13 horas
I was half expecting him to say Meranda Cosgrove
Luke Thatcher
Luke Thatcher Hace 17 horas
The greatest duo in Nickelodeon History
thisredheadstays.lit710 kenzie
This video just made me so happy
vanesa sanchez
vanesa sanchez Hace 19 horas
Omg I grew up watching you guys you guys are awesome ❤️
daniel deleon
daniel deleon Hace un día
Man. I really hope you guys do like a “College version” of Drake & Josh for the original (now older) fans. That would be dope! You fuckers are legends! 😎
TRIPPY Hace un día
5:00 is he talking bout Fefe Dobson?
Joanna Mariee
Joanna Mariee Hace un día
Lmao omg so funny
michelle vargas
michelle vargas Hace un día
No this is cute. This didnt ruin my childhood but I'm glad that you guys are happy and you guys are in good terms❤ love you guys
Hannah X
Hannah X Hace un día
Oh fuck drake is still the hottie i was in love with😌❤️
Hannah X
Hannah X Hace un día
Hadiyah Duncan
Hadiyah Duncan Hace un día
Drake and Josh together again Drake and Josh friends together but brothers forever
alaiyna reidel-caturia
I love drake and josh. I wish i could still watch it but I can never find it on tv anymore.
Alex Rayne
Alex Rayne Hace un día
Brianna Cannon
Brianna Cannon Hace 2 días
Im used to the old Drake. This is just odd now haha
TheDerikH3 Hace 2 días
Noelle Vlogs
Noelle Vlogs Hace 2 días
6:20 “ damn drakes having sex and he’s doing it safely 😂😂😂
Kassie Robinson
Kassie Robinson Hace 2 días
15:17 the best part XD
jennifer890 boo
jennifer890 boo Hace 3 días
Kylie Black
Kylie Black Hace 3 días
0.6 GPA?????🤭😷🤧
Julia C. Preston
Julia C. Preston Hace 3 días
I’ve watched this video 4 times in a row and I’m not sorry you guys need to do more together I diiiiieeeeddd through the whole thing 😂😂😂😭
Syilver Wors
Syilver Wors Hace 3 días
Took me up until 12:49 to realise what a v-card is... And I'm 19! I feel so stupid.
Shelby Bowers
Shelby Bowers Hace 3 días
"Damn, Drake's having sex and he's doing it safely." 😂
Emma Nemz
Emma Nemz Hace 3 días
Drakes advice is so true. I lost my virginity to a psycho and my fiancé Was the 3rd person I slept with, and if I would have a do over my fiancé would definitely be the one I would lose my V card to.
Quinn Jameson
Quinn Jameson Hace 3 días
omg do vlog with amanda please
Jahanzaib Khan
Jahanzaib Khan Hace 3 días
Who is better drake or Josh I like Josh more
Simply Zee West
Simply Zee West Hace 3 días
Love you two together 😭 also...obsessed with Drake 😍🤤
Emma Retherford
Emma Retherford Hace 4 días
4:48 who else does that to their friend when they laugh? guilty.
Alexandra Sophia
Alexandra Sophia Hace 4 días
OMG this is SO iconic
Abbey Kushner
Abbey Kushner Hace 4 días
We love when drake bell is wearing gucci...
Sonia Mendes
Sonia Mendes Hace 4 días
Oi meninos lindos! Sou do Brasil. Eu e minha família amamos vocês e até hj assistimos os episódios pelo ESvid! Eles são traduzidos em português! Muita saúde ,paz e sucesso para vocês! Te amaremos sempre! 😍😘
Emilie McAvin
Emilie McAvin Hace 5 días
shes a babe XD 12:06
WRLD 999
WRLD 999 Hace 5 días
14:30 sounds pretty personal
Brice Marchant
Brice Marchant Hace 5 días
My two childhood heros.........!!!!!!!!!! Dude I wanted to be a pimp like Drake and funny like Josh! Thanks for the laughs guys, best wishes!
StickTheDeuces Hace 5 días
*losing your V card with drake bell* censors every inappropriate word.
VlogsbyAlex Hace 6 días
this is the best hahah!
jamie garcia
jamie garcia Hace 6 días
The real question is did he have sex on he set of the show and how many groupies where there??
Aubrey Baker
Aubrey Baker Hace 6 días
Drake is so. Awkward
Jared Baldy
Jared Baldy Hace 6 días
Josh is better looking then Drake now.
bob rider
bob rider Hace 6 días
U guys should have a pod cast .
dialga8643 Hace 6 días
I love these two. Drake and Josh is my favorite show from my childhood that isn't a cartoon. I'm so happy to see them in videos together
830Swanga Hace 7 días
Drake kinda looks and laughs high 😂
Jessica Cobain
Jessica Cobain Hace 7 días
I fucking love this 😂😂
Erika Adam
Erika Adam Hace 7 días
Seriously love this. I quote Drake and Josh so much but the best had to of been when me and my ex boyfriend were arguing over something stupid and he was like "are you calling me a liar?" And my automatic response was "well I ain't calling you a truther!!"
Vi qui
Vi qui Hace 7 días
I love you but I hate that you’re using the same song as OPL podcast in your podcast lol
tierra prust
tierra prust Hace 7 días
No one: Josh Peck: Zzz zzz z z z z z zzzzzzzzz
Klaire Allen
Klaire Allen Hace 7 días
Drake is still my first celebrity crush
Tim Drast
Tim Drast Hace 7 días
That laugh at 15:19
Amelia Latimer
Amelia Latimer Hace 7 días
Back with drake and josh..oh we all thought and talked about fucking drake😂
Amelia Latimer
Amelia Latimer Hace 7 días
Is drake baked?
Vienna Marie
Vienna Marie Hace 7 días
I didnt know I needed this video!!! ♡♡♡♡
SunshineScam -
SunshineScam - Hace 8 días
6:20 That would be Josh 😂
kaitlyn tombari
kaitlyn tombari Hace 8 días
kaitlyn tombari
kaitlyn tombari Hace 8 días
no one: josh when he laughs: *turns into a bee* bzzzzzz
Blue Eyed Tech
Blue Eyed Tech Hace 8 días
My childhoods mind is blown from this conversation 🤯
Domotha94 Hace 8 días
We need you to contact Amanda Bynes again, for the sake of the internet population.
Sara Muneea
Sara Muneea Hace 9 días
Teagan Davis
Teagan Davis Hace 10 días
Sit back more like try not to fall asleep ITS 3:30 IN THE MORNING!!!!!!!!!!!!
allytotify Hace 10 días
I love every single one of Drake's laughs. wow.
Fuckyou Bitch
Fuckyou Bitch Hace 10 días
Thanks for this
Valentina Beltramelli
Valentina Beltramelli Hace 10 días
You guys should recreate an episode of drake and josh for your channel, would be fun. Just some parts or create something new like u guys did in the end of the video
Anum Tayyab
Anum Tayyab Hace 10 días
LMFAOO “big boy shit”
Logan Harris
Logan Harris Hace 11 días
Bring back drake and josh
Fios Often
Fios Often Hace 11 días
We love u guys
Yeye Yeye
Yeye Yeye Hace 11 días
I lost it LOST IT when josh did his catchphrase
Yeye Yeye
Yeye Yeye Hace 11 días
Am I the only one that think kjapa kinda looks like drake
RavingTurnRuth Hace 11 días
Great video ❤️❤️ I miss you guys
Blacksmith Hace 11 días
11:35 Evan Rachel Wood as a first kiss? how can you top that lol
danny davideos
danny davideos Hace 11 días
Evan Rachael wood damn Josh peck... Great one.
Emely De La Rosa
Emely De La Rosa Hace 11 días
My fave duo💗💗💗💗💗
astrabula329 Hace 11 días
Omg I loooooove them!!!! They are seriously the best together!!!! They’re friendship is real and soooo natural! They should totally do another sitcom on tv together!!!
Daniella Castro
Daniella Castro Hace 12 días
Son bellísimos❤
Alexandra Garcia
Alexandra Garcia Hace 12 días
Do a video with LIZA!
Sophie Rodgers
Sophie Rodgers Hace 12 días
Omg I love y’alls laughs😂😭
m hm
m hm Hace 12 días
Riley Hace 12 días
You guys should make an adult Drake and Josh, it could show your guys’ adult lives as drake and josh while also having more adult humor haha
TARAdaycatal or Tara if your normal
Also to girls. I was 21 and prepare for pain lol. Then it's good lol. Unless you use toys first...I dont know my generation was more sheltered lol Also I dont regret who I lost it to. I always thought "could he keep a baby alive for 30 mins alone." (Aim low girls they will think far less of them selves) if it's no maybe dont do it.
TARAdaycatal or Tara if your normal
I watched the show for drake lol. I'm 35 now so I kind of hid my love. Also was a punk kid so not allowed lol. Also I have the same kind of mom, iv been married now almost twice and have a son and I'd rather my parents assume that happened once and my son came to be lol.
Brynn Williams
Brynn Williams Hace 12 días
drake gotta nice ass smile no cap 😋
Itsjulieee Hace 12 días
Chino hills!!! Yes lol
baby mica
baby mica Hace 12 días
no one: josh: zzzzzz
Naruto Uzimaki
Naruto Uzimaki Hace 12 días
1:53 Josh Peck bites his lip when he says Amanda Bynes lol
Kyra Meszaros
Kyra Meszaros Hace 12 días
joshs laugh is so contagious omg
Noemi Garcia
Noemi Garcia Hace 12 días
fucking chet
earfquake Hace 12 días
Who's more attractive? Comment- D 💛or J💙. And like this comment!
Alana Beitelspacher
Alana Beitelspacher Hace 13 días
Oh my god I love you so much
Musical Journeys Thru Cinema
I have no intention of losing my V-card
Shelbie Wilson
Shelbie Wilson Hace 13 días
Do you still keep up and chat with Amanda Bynes ?
Kayla Sandoval
Kayla Sandoval Hace 13 días
Dont get me wrong I love drake and Josh. Josh is A1 though, I love his videos.
Lidia Chavez
Lidia Chavez Hace 14 días
Drakes laugh is Everything 😂
Stephen Kohonen
Stephen Kohonen Hace 14 días
Skydiving jet skiing sking in general swimming with dolphins ect. First things that are great lmao
Keila Esquivel
Keila Esquivel Hace 14 días
Drake can get it any fuckin day
Virginia Doran
Virginia Doran Hace 14 días
drake bell u met my sister at wando highschool and u signed her phone and she taped over it and she still has it
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