LOST & CROWNED | A Clash Short Film 

Clash of Clans
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It’s Larry’s first day on the job, guarding the Red King’s crown with his big brother Peter on a late-night shift. What could possibly go wrong?
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10 sep 2020






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@LeFatShow Hace 3 años
@tchaken94 Hace 3 años
c'est fait Messieurs !!
@michemiche8580 Hace 3 años
@alexalves6768 Hace 3 años
Superpoivre #1
@yungemile Hace 3 años
Ha ha
@artbiz2414 Hace 3 años
Superpoivre !!!
@rizqiaditya4080 Hace un año
0:17 the witch being a mother figure for skeletons is just wholesome
Yes it is. Hopefully we’ll see more of them.
@mainframehacker Hace un año
Mommy Witch 😩
@@mainframehacker down bad
@GoodBoy-nx3oy Hace un año
@@feministpicnicfallsapartaf3644you really blame him??
@angelarincon6326 Hace un año
Yes yes
@charlonmls Hace un año
I love how Supercell managed to give emotion to the skeleton's face
@MohammedMahdi8005 Hace un año
It's faint but very careful movement of the eyes, it's so faint that you barely see the holes change their shape but you can still feel it and the only way those expressions were somewhat made solid was by the movement of the jaws, for the older sibling it was kinda easy because of the lower jaw, for the younger sibling the upper jaw had to be worked just like the eyes, faint, barely noticable but easily felt
@nintenjo64 Hace 6 meses
You mean Psyops .. they made it not Supercell. Its just Supercell's IP and money :D
@ummahamad9222 Hace 5 meses
@geomania8533 Hace 4 meses
What would y’all call these 2 skeletons in particular?
@HowBoutNo587 Hace 4 meses
​@@geomania8533Larry and barry
@daredevil6145 Hace un año
6:24 This was doing *goat screaming* better than $250 Million Movie [Thor: Love and Thunder]
@ASH_official_69 Hace un año
👍 agreed
@Yoshinoya34 Hace 11 meses
I remember 🤣
@FrankLee15 Hace 9 meses
Yea i noticed
@nopewalgames1893 Hace 8 meses
Thor love and tunder was just mid
@hankhumble3552 Hace un año
They need to make a full length movie. With lots of hog rider screen time.
@piccolanpasalan Hace un año
scream time*
@hankhumble3552 Hace un año
@gooferr Hace un año
@@piccolanpasalan underrated
@carized8852 Hace un año
@JigsaW-goat Hace un año
@@carized8852 Hog RIDAAAAAAAA
@HZ25 Hace un año
Forget about a movie, they need this to be a whole series about just these guys going on adventures. Edit: WOW 308 likes!!! I’m still waiting for them to make a series😐
Awesomeness abounds here for our support while approaching our adversarial base. ⭐⭐⭐
@wilsondjk15 Hace 3 meses
That's true 😅😅
@certified-nugget Hace 2 meses
Clash a rama exist
@Maligale. Hace 2 años
Skeletons: literally burns and destroys half the castle King: D i S h E s
I mean what else is there for them to do
@James-ne3lc Hace 2 años
Well it doesn't take long for builders to make stuff.
@silverstorm_7742 Hace 2 años
What’s he gonna do? Execute them? They’re already DEAD 💀
@@silverstorm_7742 fair
@@silverstorm_7742 True
@zombomb1900 Hace un año
To be honest the King was pretty forgiving on only letting them do dishes as a punishment for destroying a part of his castle and a crown
@johnpetre9523 Hace 11 meses
Honestly they escape pretty good the king mostly was You guys really need other jobs that Dont break stuff
​​@@ethanschaub2455eah, he probably didn't care about losing one crown. He was more so angry for all the chaos they accidentally caused for one crown. (Fires, Explosives destroying part of the castle. And waking up all the dragons
@wasa09872 Hace 5 meses
By the amount of goblins in the back i can tell that was a lifetime punishment
@LukTheKing Hace 2 meses
Think about how many crowns you get for winning though
@ahumanoid8079 Hace un año
The attention to detail in this... the sound design, the animation, the graphics... outstanding
@dheerajvirgo3 Hace 5 meses
and music too
@joysidra Hace un año
Ok but can we take a moment to appreciate how beautiful the valkyrie at 0:57
@JigsaW-goat Hace un año
Yup gotta admire, she looks so pretty
@paterofmater1690 Hace un año
Also her sound 'Aaa'
@beepbeepgamer1305 Hace un año
its a guy
@Leoncito999 Hace un año
Imagine that is man xdddd Ok is beautiful 🥵
@joysidra Hace un año
a man? Doesn't matter, you can't deny how beautiful that valkyrie is lmao
@andres_cruz2296 Hace un año
It's amazing how a short without any word is the best animation of all time
I never thought even in my dream that emotions could be expressed by skeletons without saying a word 🤣😂 Hats off 👏👏👏👏
@SwinAnimations Hace 2 años
Skeleton in this video: survives poison and freeze and explosions and lightning Skeleton ingame: 1 hit
@bwalimniad Hace 2 años
clash of clans logic
The skeleton can save u from embarrasment in clan wars in coc
@Yes-hu3iw Hace 2 años
Its larry you know he’s immortal
@JohnSmithistheguy Hace 2 años
Technically he was a guard 😂
@husnaariana8853 Hace 2 años
No no, they are level max skeleton...
@alifae9841 Hace un año
From a game that my classmates used to play to a franchise that release high budget animated shorts like this... This game has grew a lot. Absolutely worth the watch, was a great short.👍
Introduced Characters/Items from Clash Royale 0:02 Barbarian, Rocket 0:10 Goblin, Miner 0:15 Wizard 0:17 Witch 0:18 Guard 0:20 Skeleton 0:33 Archer, Giant 0:35 Pekka 0:57 Valkyrie 1:09 Hog Rider, Balloon 1:11 Giant Skeleton, Dark Prince 1:14 Rascal Boy 1:15 Royal Recruits 1:24 Princess, Ram Rider 1:29 The King 3:37 Freeze, Poison 4:10 Prince 4:26 Bandit (in the picture) 4:20 Fire Spirit 5:31 Tornado 7:02 Electro Dragon, Baby Dragon 10:23 Mini Pekka
@Jason-nh2eb Hace un año
You missed out dark prince at 1:11
@croc4329 Hace un año
And the builder at 1:11 too
@Cavera439 Hace un año
Bandit ?
@DiglettZone Hace un año
Furnace at 4:55
Mega knight too
@SJ_BERRY1021 Hace un año
So sweet when two bones walking while holding their hands
@chazzychanz Hace un año
Should have its own official full made movie for sure! This is epic!
@jcthegreat.8932 Hace 9 meses
@S0upN1nja Hace 8 meses
I always had a feeling someone had fun animating the ads for this game. I never expected to see shorts like this pop up. Kudos to the animators that made this. It was very enjoyable to watch!
@nolangodfrey3666 Hace 2 años
Let’s be honest, if angry birds can get a movie, clash of clans could definitely do a movie. I wouldn’t even mind if we had these 2 little guys in the movie. What a good little short story😁
@MrLaPrune1337 Hace 2 años
would be a cool movie like 1 bad kingdom trying to take over another kingdom for riches and power lol
The plot would be their issue. They got all the other stuff down: -Budget -Animation quality -Animators -Style
@medasyraf1342 Hace 2 años
@carsonmiles7168 Hace 2 años
I bet it would be way better than angry birds too
@CROWNED-ir5vj Hace 2 años
@@carsonmiles7168 yeah angry birds get a movie then after ditch allmost all of their games especially the classic one
@Krickinsano Hace 2 años
Larry doesn’t need skin for smile Doesn’t need jaw for show his happiness His eyes shows all his emotions He is a god
@imyellowteeth4691 Hace un año
@Lucid_high09 Hace un año
He is so cute
@@imyellowteeth4691 Eye sockets. But yeah. He is a wholesome little fella.
@muchotexto4248 Hace 4 meses
He took a rocket point blank. He has to have a lot of hp
@purplederple1858 Hace un año
This animation does a very good job of giving out emotions without a single word said! I really appreciate supercell for making such a high quality animation! I loved every single moment of the video :)
@luna-du9nq Hace un año
this is unironically really cute
@impa2787 Hace un año
I love all the detail, and lighting and sound design and character everything has. It’s truly immaculate. I as well love how it gives us a view to what it’s like in their every day lives, and I just love all the concepts here.
@peterd4047 Hace 4 meses
This is by far my favorite cinematic clash ever made, it shows alot of emotion and a living breathing world outside all the fighting, and it really shows the potential for a series. Plus they made Larry a skeleton with no lower jaw adorable! 💀 ❤️
@nic3880 Hace 3 años
Imagine this as a 2hour movie... Stonks
They gotta take a big risk if they make a movie out of it, if the movie turns into a success then they are rich but if the movie doesnt reach the expectation then they are either bankrupt or not gonna make a new one ever again
@nic3880 Hace 3 años
@@TartagliaThe_11th_McDsEmployee agreed But I do think it's a great idea if they cooperate with companys like Disney.
@user-te9lk8rm3y Hace 2 años
@@user-kg1by8ky1v i disagree, political will only ruin ther alliance
@genesissin6326 Hace 2 años
after downloading the video watch it on 0.005 speed stonks
@The-bq2ks Hace 2 años
@@TartagliaThe_11th_McDsEmployee I dont think they will go bankrupt if their 1st movie isnt up to expectations I dont think everyone will just stop playing their games and following their work
@zane9090 Hace 7 meses
I love how they can convey this entire roller coaster of emotions without saying a single word.
@voodoo5143 Hace un año
I love how not a single word was spoken and yet it's so emotional
@thewindisblowing7520 Hace 10 meses
This is my favorite animated short of all time. I wish we had the soundtrack for this... Everything about it is so whimsical and beautiful!
Imagine how much money supercell makes in order for then to produce such high quality animations like this
@Jazzin96 Hace un año
Yet another reason why the clash universe could have an official show/movie
@stutterzz4400 Hace 2 años
Just realized, not a word was said in the whole thing yet I understood and felt every moment
@dinkerbotl.7037 Hace 2 años
True, written stories are only understood by people who can, this is just images and everyone can understand.
@quangtruong8755 Hace 2 años
This is how Larry before he became the skeleton king.
@nadies2901 Hace 2 años
Hablo español y lo primero que intente es ver si habían subtítulos en español
@Waltuhonyoutube Hace 2 años
Some tome and jerry type beat
@Mr.Comedian42069 Hace 2 años
This is show don’t tell at its best
@yousufkhan1747 Hace un año
First ever Clan Capital reveal (that too a year ago) and no one noticed a single thing, lol. Gotta love Supercell.
@schizotrenuser Hace un año
Ikr it’s great
@Jarhead1975 Hace un año
I just watch this video again and noticed supercell probably planned it.
8:02 I can't imagine how big a normal Electro Dragon is compared to Larry
@ultimazilla9814 Hace 4 meses
Is that not a normal electro dragon?
@cheese4825 Hace 3 meses
​@ultimazilla9814 I think that's a baby electro dragon. Since in coc, the Electro Dragon is way bigger. The one we see in this video is the size of the one in CR.
@demonplay5515 Hace 7 días
Imagine elect dragon from Война кланов 😮
@user-qs3sn4wy3i Hace un mes
The Clash and Brawls stars franchise are my childhood and they are some franchises I always held close to my heart. Seeing a movie/series on netflix or other streaming platforms for brawl and especially clash would be fantastic. Since indie animations are now rising, it wouldn't be that farfetched seeing a clash movie or series.
@AniPulseyt Hace un año
Cant believe it's already been more than 2 years of this masterpiece being released.🔥🔥
@EnderStrategies Hace un año
2:48 bro has so many paintings of himself 💀
They are literally challenging Disney :)
@naufalfariz114 Hace 3 años
Actually,this animated is very smooth
@amreal2307 Hace 3 años
@@naufalfariz114 yeah no lag and its like 60 fps
@watermelon2485 Hace 3 años
@Jambertoot x to doubt
@thebeastly Hace 3 años
There actually better than disney
@thebeastly Hace 3 años
@Jambertoot true
I just realized the airship that they use is the same as the airship that brings you to the capital peak
@Tomdel Hace un año
The new air blimp to the mountains…they knew it the entire time 😳😳😳
@dajciemiwygrac Hace un año
honesty i'd really love to see some longer episodes. theese are so hillarious to watch! i love the style, quality, personality. everything!
@JustQuacked Hace un año
The fact not a single word was said, yet you understand so much.
@SMToonSurprise Hace un año
Imagine if they made a movie, I would even consider buying it
@geekedmfs Hace un año
Imagine copying comments 🤡🤡🤡
@feeBukkYT Hace un año
"consider" ?
@HemiGuy Hace 2 años
That King must be one hell of a winner…
@adammarch9604 Hace 2 años
@3rdassassin50 Hace 2 años
@blitzkrupp8583 Hace 2 años
@doodleboodle Hace 2 años
@barcaforlife5648 Hace un año
I wish more people would appreciate this video. COC never let me down.
@viscabarca4408 Hace un año
Underrated comment
@mr.massive7832 Hace un año
Same I really love COC lol
COC never run around and desert you
@sharpnessv1775 Hace 9 meses
@@mr.massive7832 ayo?
@therealestrx3707 Hace 2 años
I really want them to make a movie with this animation style, if I had the money, I would gladly fund it too.
@ArchetypalReaper Hace un año
Supercell is an billion dollar company it would be fairly easy for them if they want to such movie
@therealestrx3707 Hace un año
@@ArchetypalReaper Not quite, the animation alone would take a while. But the biggest problem is that they would most likely not rake in a lot of revenue, if not that, they might even lose money from making a movie, even with good marketing. The reason they aren't making a movie is because they wouldn't greatly profit from making one.
@ArchetypalReaper Hace un año
@@therealestrx3707 well yes it would take time and theres bunch factor that team has to deal with but i'd rather think optimist about the movie thing like even angry birds got success in movie industry so wouldnt coc also gain some success?
@therealestrx3707 Hace un año
@@ArchetypalReaper Well Angry birds has made over 30 games and a multitude of shows, so it makes sense for them to make a movie. Supercell on the other hand only had Clash-A-Rama and only 6 games, only 3 of those being Clash related. Also, the lost and crowned animation took them 2 years to make, now imagine a movie. To be fair though, they would probably have a much larger production team if they were to make a movie. While it could be possible that they make a movie, it's not really in supercells nature.
@ArchetypalReaper Hace un año
@@therealestrx3707 eh i guess what've you said is correct but i am rather suprised that lost and crowned took 2 years! But sadly new angry bird games are bad (expection is vr games) Rovivo used to make high Quality angry bird games like angry birds rpg, angry birds Go! And bad piggies now they only care about money rather than Quality
@sujal438 Hace un año
This is so good! They should really make a movie and the main character should be none other than HOG RIDER❤️
What about larry
@user-lo6iq2lu1g Hace 2 días
What about Rocky and Herk
@jeff3221 Hace 10 meses
To be honest, scrubbing dishes all day is a lot better than having to stand at attention all night long
@mr.unknown9324 Hace 3 meses
This is a Pixar level animated cartoon. The music, high digital animation, the plot and the funny scene. If somebody lied to me that it's Pixar, I would probably buy it.
@SuperQuesty Hace un mes
Absolutely colorful. 10/10
@viscaelbarca8007 Hace 11 meses
Years later and it's still one of the best games ever made.
@alwaysbarcelona457 Hace un año
Já passou da hora da Supercell fazer um grande filme sobre Clash of Clans. Seria épico
@thegeatestknag5142 Hace 7 meses
Honestly these are the most chill barbarians I’ve even seen 0:53
@deathbunny748 Hace 3 años
Fun fact witches are suprisingly great moms
@I.C.E.F. Hace 3 años
i love how they potrayed skeletons as their children lol
@dakshapatel8130 Hace 3 años
Who is the dad Wizard?😂
@dakinedezoe7274 Hace 3 años
@@dakshapatel8130 the staff
@user-cd9vg7ir6l Hace 3 años
@@dakinedezoe7274 The staff is very long and thick 😏
@itsdog6996 Hace 3 años
@@dakshapatel8130 giant skeleton is the father
@bendyschannel5116 Hace 8 meses
This was way to good for no reason
@ArslanTariqPK Hace un año
Awesome so realistic. Just rejoined this game after 6 years. and seen soo many changes and really loved them all. The whole Team is Brilliant ✓✨
@ClashwithOliver Hace un año
This is the reason why i play this game since 2012
@TheHookeDCoC Hace un año
Do you have any 2012 spare acc?
@ClashwithOliver Hace un año
@@TheHookeDCoC i have 5 (1 th14) and 4 th11😁👍
@TheHookeDCoC Hace un año
@@ClashwithOliver can i have a one please,,an old one with obstacle wheter they are rushed or maxed.JUST OLD ONE😀
@ClashwithOliver Hace un año
@@TheHookeDCoC sorry i play on all of them👍🥴
@TheHookeDCoC Hace un año
@@ClashwithOliver 🤧😢
@user-VeryStrange Hace un año
These shorts bring life to the game and makes the game more enjoyable in some way... Supercell is Awesome!
@Nowurr Hace 2 meses
we need a 2 hour movie because dang these animation are good
@TheSavageProdigy Hace 3 años
Dang the animators really outdid themselfs for this one...
There is a free “Storied Statue” available today on the Silver Pass of these two brothers with a floating and spinning crown above them. Looks cool 😎 unlocked in our latest vid also showing the new Pirate Queen skin! Is this the start of a pirate themed skin set I wonder🤔 and where is the party queen skin we were expecting 🤔
@atx470 Hace 3 años
Indigo Dragons Gaming party queen skin will come out next year with the 9th anniversary, following along from last years party warden and this years party king
@@atx470 of course! Thanks 😊
@WoupKe Hace 3 años
Yes they did
@Lolo-xw4lw Hace 3 años
What is this story really about tho?
@golden_tonk8169 Hace un año
7:28, top 10 saddest anime break ups.
@FluffyDoggie Hace un año
Legit some of the highest quality animation I’ve ever seen 10:24 also MINNI PEKKA
@BFSCN Hace 2 meses
this is actually amazing. from the sound design to the weight display. we need a clash movie now
@Ashton0718 Hace un año
I just randomly clicked on this video and realized the ship that troops left in at the beginning on the video is the same ship that takes u too the capital buildings in the new update!! And in the new loading screen it’s the exact same troops!! Really crazy I came across this the day of the update..
Still better then any other movie we have been getting nowadays.
@DrBot Hace 3 años
@legend_kurama8689 Hace 3 años
@legend_kurama8689 Hace 3 años
Je t'adore Dr Bot
@TheMaxime123321 Hace 3 años
Tu regarde mcfly&carlito toi ? xd
@antenmanakhelo6753 Hace 3 años
Spanish shall vanish under my tower which I hold the power
@noobpoob3889 Hace 3 años
@nowaybudd Hace un año
How can you dislike a masterpiece like something so creative and entertaining.
@jammybot2529 Hace 7 meses
A Clash movie would be amazing, this stuff is better quality than Pixar
@xbluedreamx Hace un año
There needs to be a clash movie, every cinematic cut scene you guys have made looks so good!
@prime4110 Hace un año
I think they should do more like this it’s nice and I love it
@I-love-goth Hace 3 meses
We need a clash royale movie bc this is just so well done.
@nikmrharrigan Hace un año
This animation is on a par with the best animations! Thank you.
En serio necesitamos una película de esto, es espectacular. QUE ESPERAN!!! 🔝
@thecall2312 Hace un año
Coc never dispoint us with their animation 🔥
@johncenagaming581 Hace 10 meses
Fr I LOVE coc
@supersproot4211 Hace 9 meses
​@@johncenagaming581 you like what?
@kevindi9411 Hace 5 meses
I love the skeleton at the beginning that had a lower jaw and was not even a royal guard lol
Believe me, if clash a rama returns then ESvid COC will be full of viewers
@hulaanmo9926 Hace 2 años
When your mom says bring your brother with you
@blze-jf7eb Hace 2 años
Hahaha good one😂😂😂
@impate Hace 2 años
@Systemicglee___ Hace 2 años
@Carlos Diazcruz It's almost clear ypu don't have a younger sibling
@iambatman6974 Hace 2 años
I mean, if you have a younger brother and he is lonely, surely your parents will say "Bring your brother to play with you"
@iambatman6974 Hace 2 años
@pakkeBestperson Hace 2 meses
The witch is such a nice mom
@user-uf3mb4cv4u Hace 5 meses
Larry is truly overpowered. In 11 minutes he survived poison, freeze, tornado, fire spirits, a rocket, and 15 seconds of lightning breath while in the mouth of an electro dragon. Not to mention he was flung around like a ragdoll the whole duration but still left unscathed
@jossjobin6621 Hace un año
its very nice!!!! Lets go for movie!!! PLEASE!!!
@joaquinnovoa2386 Hace 2 años
Man never thought the guards would ever get attention outside of the game happy to see that because I love the guards
@thedarkness8984 Hace 5 meses
First film i watch , this makes me so happy 😂😭
@lynn-annmeyer5901 Hace 2 años
10:23 mini pekka walks in with full stack of pancakes
@dimash8704 Hace 2 años
@celticpredator5986 Hace 2 años
@Egerit100 Hace 2 años
What if Mini Pekka is actually a skeleton with armor on. When the little skeleton put on some mini pekka armor and held the sword it fit pretty well
@jorden8470 Hace 2 años
@@Egerit100 cool theory
@fubuma534 Hace 3 meses
The amount of love displayed by these two skeletons is impressive considering how one of them doesn’t have a jaw
@Kiju_Is_Here Hace un año
bro there was so much care and love put in this video.
@trollface7116 Hace 10 meses
Basically when you’re offline the barracks will secretly make troops and send them to clash Royale arena
@toastbutfrench Hace 8 meses
This is better than most Pixar and Disney Movies nowadays
@googoogaagaayt Hace 4 meses
I love how the king only got slightly annoyed by the fact that his whole castle is burning down
@dano7782 Hace 3 años
these skeletons survived all that while having the lowest hp in the game
@natriciaglasgow982 Hace 3 años
@natriciaglasgow982 Hace 3 años
@@nighttune7157 h
@the_chaosofficial Hace 3 años
No. bats have the lowest HP. Skeletons are 2nd lowest. and 3rd lowest is Minions. If you are talking about Clash Royale.
@rural0kills22 Hace 3 años
Nah new buff skeletons have more health than golems now
@buildstonx9210 Hace 3 años
@@nighttune7157 its not xd its xD
@cat-vu7cm Hace un año
I laughed when I saw a mini pekka in the back when they were washing dishes
@DefNot.George Hace 10 meses
@tashiecarter6367 Hace un año
They should make a movie of this with talking looks really good the editing is amazing the graphics look good as well the sounds are like so satisfying
@ASH_official_69 Hace un año
Never thought skeletons can be tht much cute . Elder skeleton's caring and love for his younger brother makes my heart melt .. this cute skeletons remind me of baby Groot .. really a grat work by super cell .music cinametography story line everything is jst perfectly perfect ❤️
Clash should get a movie
@SpilpeProductions Hace 3 años
*larry, don’t touch that.*
@adrianmonthly Hace 3 años
@cartercravillion Hace 3 años
What did just say Larry
@rot2120 Hace 3 años
Should've more likes
@justaminute4657 Hace 3 años
Underrated :/
@peter93543 Hace 3 años
Oh yes that's Larry n his brother soo cute
@ArmoRBX Hace 3 días
This was better than every movie made last year
@viscabarca4408 Hace un año
My first mobile game and my most favorite, this will never die.
@user-kd2to7tl9z Hace 7 meses
2:25 The king Close The Door And then Suddenly It's Open Door It Self 😂😂
@lamt283 Hace un año
I hope one day we could watch a movie and a serie of this pleaseeeee
@franciscopena7424 Hace un año
Personalmente he dejado de jugar al juego hace 3 años y he vuelto ahora!! Estoy encantado con las actualizaciones, y más con las animaciones que hace este equipo que hace un gran trabajo!!
@user-yu3ig1le6e Hace un año
Supercell blocked my account
@magamerz Hace 3 años
clasher !!
@BobbyBoy1945 Hace 3 años
Wah MA Gamers Disini
@DanielLopez-yy3xg Hace 3 años
Wow 2 millons subs
@ardhinachannel8642 Hace 3 años
Abg ma gamerz ternyata pemain coc juga😂
@hapsiXD Hace 3 años