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Welcome Lumies and Friends,
My name is Clair Summer. I am gifted with clairvoyance (seeing), clairsentience (feeling), clairaudience (hearing) and claircognizance (knowing) - and yes, my real name is Clair! This channel is dedicated to bringing you intuitive tarot readings for your heart and soul. I hope you enjoy it. Love and best wishes xx
General Reading: If this message doesn't resonate with you, feel peaceful and find the one that does.
DONATIONS - Offerings through the energetic exchange are warmly appreciated.
Legal Disclaimer: this video is for entertainment purposes only.
Group 1 = 01:45
Group 2 = 22:28
Group 3 = 44:32
Group 4 = 01:07:10
I am not offering readings at this time, however I recommend Oranum as a wonderful resource for trusted tarot readers and psychics. This is the service I personally use, however I do not recommend specific readers because I believe it is a personal decision, based on who you resonate with and your needs.
Oranum - bit.ly/2kEaVDX
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1. Sign up and get $10 dollars free - use this free time to to see if you resonate with the person you have chosen. If you don't resonate, then you haven't lost out.
2. Choose a reader with 5 star rating
3. Check the number to see how many readings they have done. Always opt for someone with a lot of experience
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Miss Marjorie
Miss Marjorie Hace 19 horas
#3 true 😊
Ilayda Mgl
Ilayda Mgl Hace un día
I will pray for you today. Thank you
Sul sur
Sul sur Hace un día
José Guilherme
José Guilherme Hace 4 días
3. Went through a very toxic break up in the beginning of the year, then met someone new, got madly in love and we had an intense summer fling, but he's not into commitment and it's already over lol (literally ended everything hours ago, but that's what was always gonna happen I guess), commenting just to see if the rest of the year resonates.
Soul of Legion
Soul of Legion Hace 4 días
Why i dont want to hear except from u.. u r so correct miss. Damn. Whatever pile i choose in all ur videos, ur words r healing my heart. Plz tell me this is gonna be happened.. btw i m a scorpio.. and i trust u
kallegra Hace 7 días
3/20/20-3 & 4
Joseph Carney
Joseph Carney Hace 8 días
I am the master of my own destiny since she became my ex
tiaraindaholivia _
tiaraindaholivia _ Hace 9 días
First, I wanna say that your energy is just beautiful and so positive. Picked number 3 and thankyou for the reading. You've been helping me a lot through my journey! Also I'm so excited for what will coming for me this year! 😍
Miss Deon
Miss Deon Hace 9 días
Pile 3 🙌 moving on.
Moe Mia
Moe Mia Hace 9 días
I chose #3 which talks about me letting go of a toxic relationship. It’s been 3 months since Ive been in a relationship? Also 3 months of no contact. So I don’t have anything to let go. I just want her back. Is number 3 meant to resonate with me?
Jeremy Brennan
Jeremy Brennan Hace 9 días
What do you think of understanding the real secrets laws of attraction using Mofedest Miracle? I notice a lot of people keep on speaking about Mofedest Miracle.
Bianca Prins
Bianca Prins Hace 11 días
This is so weird... I watched a reading back in November 2019 that said almost EXACTLY what this reading just said! I chose number 1 and I can’t help but be a little freaked out...
Rashmi Srivastava
Rashmi Srivastava Hace 13 días
for like 5 mins of reading i forgot tht is a general reading..i felt like she is talking to ME. 3#
I. Sonnenschein
I. Sonnenschein Hace 15 días
#3 thank you❤️ hope really that will manifested in my life 🤞🤞🤞
Tyeshia Hace 18 días
#3.....I’m claiming this reading 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽.....thank you 🌹
Vanaja Rangachari
Vanaja Rangachari Hace 19 días
Thank you 🙏🏆🦌 loved the details... great reading accurate 👌💐💓💓💯💃
m a r i n a
m a r i n a Hace 19 días
Pile 4. ♥️
Filipa Sousa
Filipa Sousa Hace 19 días
Seding Love to you
Filipa Sousa
Filipa Sousa Hace 19 días
3. My choice
Filipa Sousa
Filipa Sousa Hace 19 días
❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ thank you so much
Indie Hace 21 un día
Pile 3- being a libra, I'm a hoe for reciprocal love!
Daxx Vaughn
Daxx Vaughn Hace 21 un día
ThePerks OfBeingAJedi
ThePerks OfBeingAJedi Hace 23 días
“You’re not letting anything in that is unhealthy or unacceptable to you..” #3 🙏🏼❤️
Anisa Menur Maulani
Anisa Menur Maulani Hace 25 días
Group 3. Been a year since my divorce. Just met a new person and it's the first time I'm attracted to anyone in ... A decade? Lol. Let's see how this goes
ANKIT DABUR T.V Hace 26 días
Thank You
Raven Grey
Raven Grey Hace 26 días
Thank you, I feel uplifted and I needed this. I chose #1. I quit smoking back in October which was incredibly difficult and I am very proud of, but I did so by allowing myself to rely on food, especially sweets to temper my cravings, telling my self I’d deal with weigh gain after I succeeded. Well I thought I’d gain maybe 20 lbs. no, I gained 50. I am so unhappy and uncomfortable in my body. Just earlier today I went bra shopping and was just mortified at what I saw in the mirror. I feel like my chances of knowing passion are now slim to none and am very depressed but this video gave me some hope. I spent the last 6 months trying to figure out if my last gf was my twin flame or not and it has been very painful and confusing. I’m starting to feel now that she was in fact not, and that I am in fact about to meet someone new who is either a soul mate or a twin who will love me as I am. I really love the energy of your readings, you seem to be a very compassionate and sweet soul. Thank you.
Tasha O.O
Tasha O.O Hace 26 días
I’ve just watched this now, I felt connected to pile 3. My partner of 4 years ended to relationship on the 13th feb, we have a child but it wasn’t health and I do need to learn to accept that it’s over and concentrate on myself, learn who I am as I put so much energy into him I lost myself
MJC RA Hace 26 días
Roe Hace 27 días
#4 - too good to be true
Lauren Silha
Lauren Silha Hace 27 días
Yes! Amen!!
Brooke Horton
Brooke Horton Hace un mes
What is the best product or brand to discover making a difference in your quality life? I read many superb reviews on the internet about how exactly Mofedest Miracle can help you learning see some improvements in your life especially financially. Has anybody tried this popular law of attraction techniques that created by popular motivator?
Krishna Hace un mes
M. H
M. H Hace un mes
Gillan Lorna
Gillan Lorna Hace un mes
So true as soon as i let go of my toxic ex i have ffallen for someone else This was out the blue He is a dresm come true
Carol Cee
Carol Cee Hace un mes
I picked group #2 and every single word is spot on!!!!!! I’m blown away !
Nikka Derama
Nikka Derama Hace un mes
pile 3. my ex came back when i was close to moving on from him and our relationship and then led me on for a while then left me hanging again and begging. but lately, i've realised how toxic our cycle was and now i learned to stand by my own. your reading is so accurate and i can't wait to share the happiness i created within myself with a genuine partner. thank you claire😊
Grace Semple
Grace Semple Hace un mes
#1 and so true! I wish I had watched this a few months ago! I really could have used your wisdom about a month ago!
Grace Semple
Grace Semple Hace un mes
I met him and whoa it was unlike anything I’ve ever known. Then things fell apart... however the cards always say it’s not done. So I will wait and see.
Ricki figueira
Ricki figueira Hace un mes
Thank u
MR. J Hace un mes
How accurate is this? Some tarots tell me not to abandon my ex yet while some says it's toxic. While I was the toxic one til' i matured. It makes me really sad that my ex isn't the one.
Christina Andersson
Pile 2. He's someone from the past. We are friends but I'm hoping for more. It's going sooo slooow forwards. 😂😂 But he have some attraction for me so hoping it will be more than that,hope u are right but reversed then (the other person). 😉
Shrestha Saxena
Shrestha Saxena Hace un mes
Pile 3: highly accurate 🙈
holly who
holly who Hace un mes
This was so oddly specific. I heard in my head ‘ONE’ shouted before the video even started playing. Then #1 was so specific in terms of time and personality types. Thank you! Will come back here in the next two months if you were right - I’m open to the universe’s moves! 🙌
holly who
holly who Hace un mes
Oh and also... I’ve been crushing on a Taurus .... so that gave me butterflies when you said that 😅
odiiro Hace un mes
Group #3: Trusting my manifestation that love will come my way when least expect. As well to love myself. 2020 will be full of surprises.
Nothing Nobody
Nothing Nobody Hace un mes
Nicole Caroline
Nicole Caroline Hace un mes
I felt such positive and abundant good energies with my pile/reading!! Keep it up 💕
William Romkey
William Romkey Hace un mes
I am sorry but I will not take back my ex. I gave her every chance eight years ago but she chose to play games. I plan on building a life that I want and I want someone to help me build my empire not play games. I am trying to manifest stability after five years of chaos and losing nearly everything and everyone I love.
Aeukan Udompitisup
Aeukan Udompitisup Hace un mes
Dani K
Dani K Hace un mes
I love this😭
Becca Davison
Becca Davison Hace un mes
I chose pile 3 and it relates to me SO much. I’ve been involved with this boy since November 2018 and he always comes and goes, leaving me feeling rubbish and coming back a few weeks/ months later with all what I like to hear, making me feel special and then leaving me again. He controls my thoughts and I can’t move on because whenever I try he comes back and I keep going round in circles! I’m manifesting the will power to be able to be strong and move on :) thank you so much x
Виктория Романова
you are just amazing
Priscilla Poissant
Priscilla Poissant Hace un mes
Pile #3 just broke up with a draining guy , relationship of 4 years... « someone is going to come and want to invest time in you... »funny my ex used to say everything has to be an investment with me ... !!what is a real couple if not a real investment of yourself and time and getting each other better and smiling ..
Aggie Yeh
Aggie Yeh Hace un mes
Cards 3, it will be amazing year for me in 2020, thank you so much❤️ 2.9
Sarah Harm
Sarah Harm Hace un mes
@ 1:12 :54
Vanessa Maciel
Vanessa Maciel Hace un mes
I chose 3.
lininnoe lin
lininnoe lin Hace un mes
Group 2 = 22:28
Kim P
Kim P Hace un mes
I chose 3... Today is February 7, 2020. I will be back in September 2020 🥰
Katherine Reyes
Katherine Reyes Hace un mes
Pile #4 and I just lost a very dear friend a few days ago. He left from my side without a reason so I guess this is the void moment that you are talking about. Thank you for the reading :D
ursopostmodern Hace un mes
Pile 3 -- OMG. When you said Aquarius, Leo, Gemini and Libra energy. That was me and my ex...seriously today I realized that I wasn't ok with the way they've treated me in the past. Then I came here :) As always, spot on. Can't wait to see what this year holds!
Naomi Bergman
Naomi Bergman Hace un mes
Choose pile #4 and it connected... I have been burnt before, and I actually spent a lot of Sep-Dec in a void, not really making contact with anyone if it wasn't needed. But I am a loner, so it hasn't really bothered me that much either and I think that quality time by yourself DO really help one to figure things out and grow as a person. Took a trip w/ the family to Germany in the early January so when it comes to travel this reading was right. We'll see about the soulmate thing though
Debanjan Samanta
Debanjan Samanta Hace un mes
Prani Doh
Prani Doh Hace un mes
U were spot on with traveling and finding new love and I m really cautious about this coz I overthink a lot . This reading was accurate ,I m really amazed
A run
A run Hace un mes
4. U said there is a shift, especially location, related to job. I'm moving out of my Country to a new country than going back to the last country I was with for past 7 yrs. U r amazing. I just wish it was the person I was attached to emotionally but she ain't bothering me much and u mentions I will have let go of that friendship. Damn... Idk. Some readings last week, it gave me a good positive move that this girl is starting to open up to me and now she pulled back and I'm seeing this video now I'm rethinking shoukd I propose this valentines to her or just hold back cuz I felt beautiful last week and now back to void. Hmmm
Vicky Mugambi
Vicky Mugambi Hace un mes
Her voice is bliss
Erika Gehm
Erika Gehm Hace un mes
Hi piles 1 and 4 deeply drew me in. Bits of 3 were for me as well. I have been single for 2 years since I broke up. Dealing with shadow stuff. Trying to stop my cycle of dating men who are not right for me because of things that happened to me when I was younger.
Ana Hace un mes
I picked pile 3, third video with the same outcome, i am hopeful
Sophia Nequinto
Sophia Nequinto Hace un mes
Umul Banin
Umul Banin Hace un mes
I’m become a very negative person over year but tysm for clearing my thoughts a bit and pile 2 again and yes I’ll be positive this year hopefully GOD BLESS YOU BIG HUG 🤗
Yuki Yu
Yuki Yu Hace un mes
Thank you dear for honest and soo very true reading., stay with us. Cheers from group 3!
Debosmita Dasgupta
Debosmita Dasgupta Hace un mes
thanks for pile 1.. 🎶💝🎶💝🎶💝🎶💝🎶💝🎶💝🎶💝🎶💝🎶💝🎶💝🎶💅🎶💝🎶🍉🎶🍉🎶🍉💘🍉🎶🍉🎶🍉🎶🍉🎶🍉🎶🍉🎶🍉🎶🍉🎶💝🎶💝🎶💝🎶💝🎶💝🎶
monily Hace un mes
stan GFRIEND Hace un mes
lets see this yr 😂💖
Sienna Cowley-Grimmond
ive got to say i really resonated with the reading (#3), the first half about letting go i realises for me at least wasnt about a past romance but more about letting go of my past friendships and i realises that now, the rest of the reading made me cry if im honest cause i really have been waiting for someone to show me what real true love is.
Ema Hace un mes
Pile 4: i hope it comes true
kelly L
kelly L Hace un mes
#3 I hope so
Tila Damasco
Tila Damasco Hace un mes
Vers Hace un mes
Deck 2. Thank you. I've really been working on myself a lot
Eutie Nana
Eutie Nana Hace un mes
Eboli Hace un mes
I picked number 2, what a lovely light fun reading! I do know some guys who are sweet on me but they are well into the friend zone... I am mystified as to who it could be in the end, will be keeping an eye out 💕
Soja Hace un mes
I remember seeing a previous reading, sadly, it didn’t come to pass, my person is now dating somebody else. 😔 nevertheless, thank you for all you have done, i really appreciate all the love you put in your work. Oh well. It is what it is. I’ll have to let go of him. 😌
Angela Hace un mes
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