Mac Pro Unboxing & First Impressions! $20,000 Beast!

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The 2019 Mac Pro is an absolute monster, my most expensive Apple purchase EVER. A marvel of functional engineering, watch me drool over it. I've been waiting for a true powerhouse mac for YEARS.
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18 dic 2019






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EverythingApplePro Hace 2 meses
To everyone saying I didn't buy the monitor; I did buy it + the stand, they just haven't shipped yet. It would be a crime to not have the official display.
TaswcmT Hace un mes
This computer and its official display are not equipment you buy unless you can make it pay for itself. ESvidrs are in the fortunate position of being able to make something pay for itself just by talking about it. I've never even heard about this channel before, yet it probably only takes a video or two to pay for this luxury computer. The ability to freely choose not to get the monitor is maybe not a crime, but it sure is a modern day privilege. For the rest of us, this is ten times too expensive to even consider.
Matt Foote
Matt Foote Hace un mes
Where do you get the Iphone X to SE2 housing?
Oscar Jimenez
Oscar Jimenez Hace 2 meses
@Brendan Lynskey it holds the Apple icon on it. That's all. You pay $6000 for a monitor with ab Apple on it
Brendan Lynskey
Brendan Lynskey Hace 2 meses
EverythingApplePro what does it do
Oscar Jimenez
Oscar Jimenez Hace 2 meses
@Ximena711 cause why not. This dude went all the way to buy the unnecessary monitor. Might as well push it all the wau
Rw1212 Hace 16 horas
Texas Tech
Texas Tech Hace 3 días
You could have gotten a tread ripper with 2 rtx titans and a custom water cooled loop for 20k but instead you buy a 20k cheesegrader
Noah Lahde
Noah Lahde Hace 3 días
$20,000 *slams on table*
Lukas Antonio
Lukas Antonio Hace 5 días
Md Mehedi Hossen
Md Mehedi Hossen Hace 8 días
Jayling Montes
Jayling Montes Hace 10 días
When you click only for the cat in the thumbnail 😂
tipoomaster Hace 20 días
More cat
Jessica H
Jessica H Hace 21 un día
All I want if I got that is to play sims 4 and have all the mods and scripts my little heart wants :)
Josh Forgey
Josh Forgey Hace 23 días
Funny thing I was thinking as I watched this like 20,000$ that’s only like 20 iPhones I’ve seen you break way more then that in less then 20 mins lmao just pulling your leg. Congrats on your expensive purchase. I’m excited to get my iPhone X jail broken I haven’t had an updated jb phone in a while. Hope to see some more jb videos.
Aziz hesari
Aziz hesari Hace 25 días
Me here with my beast gaming pc and monitor then my dad sees this video “Son, you will never buy a £20000 pc” “Dad, why would I?”
KingNewfyDog Hace 26 días
Im so poor i cant even touch one of the things without cutting my hand off
Reid Gloden
Reid Gloden Hace un mes
The most expensive computer of all on the market. Only filthy rich people can afford this kind of computer.
Cjon wickham
Cjon wickham Hace un mes
Too bad...apple is unethical immorale corp got in trouble for diy warranty and service issues not many shops 3% of market and small niche in production overkill for graphics video like youtubers...adobe products still industry standard in advertising video youtube graphics design cross platform but pc avid composer hollywood for film protools music 3d and engineering and business. Final cut logic pro garageband is pro use but not commercial pro use..neither davinci resolve yet. Pixar uses renderfarms...more polygons pixels more power cpu ram gpu psu..more money to buy. I rarely use macs...mostly pc. Macs...general video audio photo edit...pc got more do more multitask custom power more software and plugins.
viBassELx -
viBassELx - Hace un mes
I thought nobody gonna buy it for it's high price but yah there are a stupid people in this world
Jacob Hace un mes
Is this like an acquired taste? Cause all im seeing is an expenxive, over priced cheese grater with an apple on the side...
zBrianZ _
zBrianZ _ Hace un mes
Jose Licea
Jose Licea Hace un mes
biggest waste of money... could've built that entire system for 1/4 the price.. you spent 15k for a logo and 5k for an actual decent pc. lmfaooooo
IzayahminerYT Hace un mes
4:27 Did anyone see the cat Jump on the Mac Pro
Flamez YT
Flamez YT Hace un mes
Just casually had like 4 iPhone 11 pros just laying around 😂😂
Efe Oğuz
Efe Oğuz Hace un mes
vay mq adama bak
Creeper, Aww Man
Creeper, Aww Man Hace un mes
Literally a cheese grater
Slomo_Official Hace un mes
So you admit that buying the old Mac Pro was not a good price performance choice because it had outdated hardware and shitty performance. But now you bought another ugly overpriced piece of hardware that simply has its interior keyboard and trackpad painted black and doesn’t even allow you to replace/ upgrade every component in contrast to its competitors. For your use it is way over the top and the components are already outdated. So not much about future proof. This thing is top of the line at the moment. Hardware changes so fast these days that you won’t ever know how long it takes for the next big innovation. Do you know ? I don’t know. Who in the world would spend 20k on a workstation just for it to “look nice” oh I forgot... apple fans. Moral of the story still shitty price performance rate. Overpriced old hardware in a pretty packaging that is praised for having Velcro straps. That’s like praising Pringle’s for having a cap on the can ... it’s nice but not worth 20.000$
Slomo_Official Hace un mes
Imagine being forced to use only official apple service providers and no third party providers to repair and troubleshoot your hardware. Who will charge over the recommended selling price from the CPU’s manufacturer for its repair/ replacement.
Slomo_Official Hace un mes
Apple engineers: get applauded for designing a computer with handles and a box that has latches😂😂😂 even my case has handles and it is a frickin Corsair Vengeance C70 from 2012. OMG the Display can tilt 😱 might be a first for Apple but other monitors could do that for years now ever heard of vesa . Wow the monitor stand is so revolutionary. Yeah for someone who constantly rotates their display 360° and constantly assembles and disassembles and is unable to wrap a blanket around it for transport. By the way if those devices get shipped fully assembled with the graphics cards and all other modules already installed they make an even bigger mistake. All this puts an enormous force on the PCIE slots during transport and I bet that those devices are not handled with care. Due to their weight they would irreparably damage the slots. All other prebuilt pc manufacturers put expanding foam in sort of a bag between the components so that there is no chance of them bending, breaking or slipping out of their sockets, just no moving parts at all. All in all overpriced stuff with innovations that other companies already had.
This Is Cool
This Is Cool Hace un mes
Bruh it looks like a cheese grater 🧀
Sam Gaming YT
Sam Gaming YT Hace un mes
4:18 I love how the kitten is just wondering around the desk so cuuuute
Gaurav Ramasani
Gaurav Ramasani Hace un mes
Oh wow. The 12 core is actually a little bit underpowered. My iPad Pro goes up to 18000 on the multi core and about 5700 on the single core. If I’m wrong, don’t scream at me I’m just a 14 year old ☹️☹️☹️
Chris Hace un mes
Can you specify your exact specs for this machine?
Paul in Ireland
Paul in Ireland Hace un mes
The blind being robbed....
Miron Anca
Miron Anca Hace un mes
Nu e Cat
Suck my Lumps
Suck my Lumps Hace un mes
Aw dude you got the cheese grater? Nice man. Now we can get some cheese on these babies.
i suck at gaming
i suck at gaming Hace un mes
Where is the cat?
Morris Anderson
Morris Anderson Hace un mes
Awesome the Mac pro, Amazing and awaking website you have
David Kemp
David Kemp Hace un mes
2009: people spend $20,000 on a new car 2019: people spend $20,000 on a pc
ActiveNuni Hace un mes
I wish your cases were available on a Samsung galaxy a7
Michael Wemyss
Michael Wemyss Hace un mes
I hate apple. They know how to rip people off really well. Yes..... it looks nice but you could build something yourself for a lot less money.
Beat Jarl
Beat Jarl Hace un mes
Dude. It’s a cheese grater. It has to be 20k then
Max Falter
Max Falter Hace un mes
Is it possible to release cases for older IPhone models?
Amir Parla
Amir Parla Hace un mes
No iWeels? 😂
Shmack Boom
Shmack Boom Hace un mes
Looks like a cheese grater XD
Annana Laspt
Annana Laspt Hace un mes
Mine was 50k
Rafael Ojeda
Rafael Ojeda Hace un mes
This makes all Apple products look inexpensive
Rafael Ojeda
Rafael Ojeda Hace un mes
Where’s the part where you admit this ain’t it?
Jon Le
Jon Le Hace un mes
Nobody But nobody I’ going to kill this MacPro career with all my dusty hairs
Ezhan Ahmed
Ezhan Ahmed Hace un mes
I love how you take care of your animals, and how they go around your stuff, I always wanted to have it
Ricardo milos
Ricardo milos Hace un mes
La ralladora 3000
Jack Freedman
Jack Freedman Hace un mes
He acts like 5k is bad quality
Jack Freedman
Jack Freedman Hace un mes
Casual has 3 iPhone 11s sitting on the table
Theist Hace un mes
the cat even knows a custom built hackintosh is better than this trash.
mkenya mzalendo
mkenya mzalendo Hace un mes
1:16 silver not gold ..looool
Phantomx100 Hace un mes
holy shit do people seriously buy this overpriced crap because it's made by Apple?
Shamar Coke
Shamar Coke Hace un mes
It’s here to stay
Bruh moment
Bruh moment Hace un mes
Wonder if the case will actually grate cheese
tia poonia
tia poonia Hace un mes
And here is my cheese grater
Omega Hace un mes
I like it how he doesn't say WOW!!! Its crazy!!
Jean-Marc Fueri
Jean-Marc Fueri Hace un mes
20000$ and you only get 12 cores?
ImLarry Hace un mes
Apple can deadass sell a cucumber for like 1000$ and someone will buy it
Lamar Shaba
Lamar Shaba Hace un mes
The most expensive cheese grater 😂
C B Hace un mes
Could by me a new car with 20000k
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