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23 feb 2016






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Yassir Rossel
Yassir Rossel Hace un mes
Ah... The Trashcan.
Chris Zayachkowski
Chris Zayachkowski Hace un mes
Do you still own your late 2013 Mac Pro?
King Jeremy
King Jeremy Hace un mes
Why did she just call a trash can beautiful
2SlowMusic Hace un mes
got mine in 2014 and still going strong; loving it so much!
Myles Bryan
Myles Bryan Hace 2 meses
Apple just minified a pc and put it in a trash can
CarterPlays Official
video starts around 1:30
Lewis Bassett
Lewis Bassett Hace 2 meses
Who’s watching this after her unboxing the 2019 Mac Pro? 😂
Bryan Chavez-Lliguicota
Lewis Bassett me
林敬謙 Hace 2 meses
Bas De nooijer
Bas De nooijer Hace 2 meses
Almost 4 years later and we got the new one !
Nicholas White
Nicholas White Hace 3 meses
It looks like a trash bin
1,000 Subs With No Content Challange
iJustine: meet my new baby! Everyone: it’s a trash can.
RuneVisser Hace 7 meses
Its so funny watching this in 2019 now that the new mac pro is out 😂!
Joey G
Joey G Hace 7 meses
SappyJupiter37 Hace 8 meses
1:55 iT rEaLlY lOoKs GrEaT It’s a trash can.
Tech N' Stuff
Tech N' Stuff Hace 8 meses
The Mac Pro aka The Trash Can
mike Hace 8 meses
It looks like shet
TYler_ SChecter
TYler_ SChecter Hace 8 meses
That’s a nice water heater you got there!
Sarvar Hace 8 meses
Here after Mac Pro 2019 Cheese Grater
V. Sriram Sundar
V. Sriram Sundar Hace 8 meses
Lol 🤣
Jenna H
Jenna H Hace 8 meses
Who's here after the launch of the latest Apple $5000 cheese grater
DIY Decorations
DIY Decorations Hace 9 meses
It looks like a trashcan
the fuck you want
the fuck you want Hace 10 meses
Trash can mac
HanginWithMaGnomies Hace 11 meses
I’d do anything for one of these
TPzita Hace 11 meses
My God, I Love your shopping list!!!! Better, I Love the stuff you buy :)
Niko Ainala
Niko Ainala Hace 11 meses
apple is trash crapple
Little Bendy
Little Bendy Hace un año
Ooh A Trashcan Made Out Of Steel
Sal Lopez
Sal Lopez Hace un año
I used to hate you
Alex Nator
Alex Nator Hace un año
WHAT did she buy as a display for it what is the model it looks cool
dee douglas
dee douglas Hace un año
wheres mac os 11?
Garegin Asatryan
Garegin Asatryan Hace un año
I know it looks like a trash can, but to me it looks awesome. I'm not discussing just the visual aspect.
John Smith
John Smith Hace un año
When you said “little leg up,” I though your we’re going to put the dogs foot into the hole in the middle of the Mac Pro!
Ethan Lin
Ethan Lin Hace un año
That Jony Ive voice killed me...
CoolDerek100 Hace un año
More people say it looks like a trashcan more than water heater or the Mac Pro
Luca Caporale
Luca Caporale Hace un año
It’s a trash can. Lol
Are you drunk Yes 😞
Mason Potter
Mason Potter Hace un año
“Are you drunk???” “-a little bit”
Shehryaar Hace un año
Why aren’t android have stickers like apple
zaftra Hace un año
Looks like a peddle bin
Natalie Barclay
Natalie Barclay Hace un año
Love you ijustine But two MacBooks and a PC 😂
Youtube Acc
Youtube Acc Hace un año
0:10. Nope they still didn’t make another ome
Shehryaar Hace un año
It's not a water heater it's a computer
ALIAS Hace un año
how does apple manage to get such "trash" ideas... which people think are "lit" ? they literally made a trash can and she is in love with it? WOW!
Jasiek Polak
Jasiek Polak Hace un año
Congratulations you buy flower waze
Shehryaar Hace un año
Ultimate trash pro
Shehryaar Hace un año
Mac Pro huh?
Carter Janzen
Carter Janzen Hace un año
Can you inbox the Mac mini
NithinPaul Hace un año
I didn't know Justine reviewed trashcans !!
Vail Hace un año
What a Premium Trash Can
Sean O'Connor
Sean O'Connor Hace un año
what display do you recommend for it iJustine? Thanks
gamer topia
gamer topia Hace un año
It looks like a trash can
Chris Zayachkowski
Chris Zayachkowski Hace un año
A kick ass computer that I am proud to own! I even have the Apple 27-inch Thunderbolt monitor.
Cosmo123 Hace un año
Do u know Cristiano rolnaldo
Junior Aba
Junior Aba Hace un año
i still dream of it if its touch screen ?????
Techni World
Techni World Hace un año
It´s a trashcan
Stmvocaloid Hace un año
Excuse me IJustine, I watched this video and the only thing I could hear was the background music in really bad quality, I think there is something wrong with it, please get back to me as soon as you can when you find out the problem, thanks
Grey Hack
Grey Hack Hace un año
Looks more like a trash can
vicki spark
vicki spark Hace un año
i like you..u hv a beautiful attitude :)
Marquis Hace un año
maddie is a guy...
Zachariah Alwan
Zachariah Alwan Hace un año
What about 5K?
AndersonFlicks Hace un año
LOL @ at all these mac pro haters who can't afford one. Getting myself one next week. easy cop when you actually do production full time a make a decent living. plus not everyone has the time to build a damn pc or hackintosh. i grew up on pc but once i started making videos for a living getting a mac was a no brainer. so many clueless idiots in this comment feed who understand very little about CPU and computer systems. the mac pro is still a great product and even though the new one will be out soon, they won't have great support for it initially. you can do a shit ton of things on 64gb ram and at least 8 cores of processing even if it is a little outdated of a CPU
Mohannad Farhoud
Mohannad Farhoud Hace un año
Why you need this machine !!!!?????
PikArnau24🎬 Hace un año
I dont like apples, so im gonna buy an apple computer trashcan so its a 2 in 1 A computer and a trash
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