Mac Pro Unboxing & Second Impressions: The Power is Back!

Marques Brownlee
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2 weeks with the cheese grater Mac Pro has been rock solid so far...
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10 dic 2019






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Comentarios 80
Cristi Dontu
Cristi Dontu Hace un día
Apple sucks.
Mickey Joe
Mickey Joe Hace 4 días
Why aren’t series hardcore gamers using those PC
saint frac
saint frac Hace 2 días
Because Macs can't game.
Singham Gadhvi
Singham Gadhvi Hace 5 días
Can it run GTA vice city at 720p ?
im_ajrak Rocks
im_ajrak Rocks Hace 6 días
Most people in the comments are saying this is too expensive,but i think this is mainly built for huge companies or big editors or movie editors who need the performance and have quite abit of money.and not for normal joes like us but thats just my opinion.
Yummy Memes
Yummy Memes Hace 6 días
Why did this make me horny
Aiden Gaming
Aiden Gaming Hace 7 días
2:31 If my mom got it she wouldn’t take that wrap off XD
DopeCricket Hace 8 días
Why do you have a confederate flag
Xratzel Hace 9 días
i wish i had money to buy this
fredric Jacobsen.
fredric Jacobsen. Hace 9 días
Be Mac gå og legge seg.
DeepInDaSand Hace 10 días
for $15k i could buy the best gaming pc every with four monitors and still edit like a beast waste of money lol
Blessed Brute
Blessed Brute Hace 11 días
Save your time 1:07 thank me later
Boring Doggo
Boring Doggo Hace 11 días
Not gonna lie the Mac pro kinda looks like a cheese grinder
RylVlog Ph
RylVlog Ph Hace 12 días
so thats what we called "Mac" and Cheese
BandiPower Hace 12 días
Nah. I already gave a cheese grater at home
Thejas Praveen
Thejas Praveen Hace 12 días
Like dtokko
Rahal Pathirana
Rahal Pathirana Hace 15 días
MKBHD "Maybe you can put them on a car" ME: Struggling to buy a car, but definitely think bout a $50000 Mac Pro 😰
Kelvin watse
Kelvin watse Hace 15 días
Sick intro track
Crappy Angel
Crappy Angel Hace 17 días
holy smokes. over 300 GB of ram? thats like, almost a hundred more than my laptop which has 4 GB. also 64 GB GPU? what game are you even going to use than on?
Hugh Panton III
Hugh Panton III Hace 17 días
Or you could build a pc
blarg I
blarg I Hace 19 días
Me: just got an i9 processor MKBHD: hey so I've been daily driving Quantum Computing for about 20 years at this point.
Awesome Guy
Awesome Guy Hace 19 días
Is it just me or is the side of the Mac look like a cheese grinder
shankarr Hace 20 días
Is that made in china ?
CryoTemp VR
CryoTemp VR Hace 20 días
Why is the best mac pro you can get 40,000 usd. Like WTF Apple.
roscoe baram
roscoe baram Hace 18 días
becuase it has tons of ram and a good cpu
Rahul Kumar
Rahul Kumar Hace 20 días
when are you going to drop test for this????
aran amanj
aran amanj Hace 21 un día
No offense who ever buys the Mac Pro is a retard
flyvefisk4 Hace 19 días
aran amanj For average users it’s dumb to buy it, but it is a very powerful machine. So for a few people it is actually worth it.
Epic Doge
Epic Doge Hace 22 días
Marques stronk boi
Guilherme Vieira
Guilherme Vieira Hace 22 días
lol i saw this video today and i saw that it was posted on my 18th birthday >
Xxmario_gamerxX Hace 23 días
Can it run minecraft?
Logical_Systems YT
Logical_Systems YT Hace 23 días
What a nice cheese grater
Jacob 52
Jacob 52 Hace 23 días
Finally I can play Minecraft smoothly without glitches when I blow up 1 million tnt’s
WeRHipster Hace 25 días
Where can I find that wallpaper?
Daniel Hinkles
Daniel Hinkles Hace 25 días
Strip the spec back on it and run the rendering tests again... It would be interesting to see the difference.
Peter Vlčko
Peter Vlčko Hace 26 días
eye laser operation just couple of minutes and you are ready to go...
aeroambrose _
aeroambrose _ Hace 28 días
I'm Gonna cut off and sell my arm and leg to buy this.
DifferentRealities Hace 28 días
On the website I thought it was an overpriced 5000 dollar cheese grater from apple
existe_mas Hace un mes
A lot of people can’t understand y so much RAM RED RAW FOOTAGE And ARRI ALEXA RAW FOOTAGE they are the most Expensive and best Movie Cameras in the Market In other words if you work in the movie industry 384GB is Basic today
Benjx Life
Benjx Life Hace un mes
It doesn’t have rgb lights😤 not buying it
محمد نعمان أبوزيد
Thank you.
Cjon wickham
Cjon wickham Hace un mes
Mac pro 2019 buyer regret...apple switches to amd cpu or arms cpu. Apple says....sucker.
Cjon wickham
Cjon wickham Hace un mes
I rarely or not all use macs no more...forced to use macs education and creative arts in college...only option really back in day besides limited dell desktop. Now microsoft/linux and hardware options made big leaps in progress for creatives. Mac pro 2019 cost too much for most.
NeutralDice Hace un mes
384 gb ram? WTF is this beast?
Ringtone Beats
Ringtone Beats Hace un mes
Guys i need subscribers can you help me guys 🤟
luvv kawshik upadhyaya
How much price?
Fernandes Games
Fernandes Games Hace un mes
muito legal esse computador
Pijush Bhuyan
Pijush Bhuyan Hace un mes
Appolo Guidance Computer - I took humans to the moon with 2kb ram Mac Pro with 1.5tb ram - I'll be sending humans to planets in the other end of the galaxy Update - Wheels got Released : Guess what, I'll be landing with them too
Abhishek Dixit
Abhishek Dixit Hace un mes
how is the heat situation in there?
CORDEIRO ㅤ Hace un mes
Quem veio pelo flow?
Carter Tune
Carter Tune Hace un mes
Thumbs up if you would pay $40/hr to use this (remote acceptable)
MELLOW Hanan vlogzz
മലയാളി ലൈക്ക് ചെയ്
Samuel Andrade
Samuel Andrade Hace un mes
Jayuun Hace un mes
I dont see how this would be useful to the average consumer.
Sarim Mehboob Siddiqui
Hey Marques, I have a vague idea for what that USB port inside. It might be used as a DOM, a flash drive used to boot into the OS and then that OS is loaded into the RAM. This is what virtualization servers do. Maybe people might use this as a virtualization machine for very small businesses and stuff like that. Again, vague idea.
123abc Hace un mes
Just wondering if you really paid full retail. I get a discount though work so I can get the base model for something like $500 off.
Origami Artist
Origami Artist Hace un mes
Finally I can do something.
ASMR CAR GUY Hace un mes
Does it drive you to work?
Fabio Bernasconi
Fabio Bernasconi Hace un mes
One like, one GB RAM more
varlo Hace un mes
So anyways I started using my "tweezers"
Roberto Espinoza
Roberto Espinoza Hace un mes
now that's one sexy mother board!!!!
Aftab J.
Aftab J. Hace un mes
Me: oooooo I might buy that *looks at price*😰😰😰😰😰😰 Then just for the sake of it sees the most expensive configuration. THATS MORE EXPENSIVE THAN THE PRICE OF MY MOMS AND DADS CAR COMBINED BRUHhHh
Shiv Karthik
Shiv Karthik Hace un mes
Can you run crisis?.
Henry Cantarero
Henry Cantarero Hace un mes
What’s the price tho?
Henry Cantarero
Henry Cantarero Hace un mes
What’s the price tho?
Stay Alerted
Stay Alerted Hace un mes
Can you use any screen with the Mac Pro or it has to be a Mac Screen? And also,, is the Pro Display XDR a stand alone Mac or its made to be used with the Mac pro?
Zach B
Zach B Hace un mes
It’s a monitor. And yeah I’m pretty sure any screen can be used
Twin brothers GTX8SERIES
Mr.overconsumer your unboxing style is really worst. Alwaus 'URAVGCOSUMER'S unboxing style is awesome
Archilab - Architecture Lab
Completely useless ! you can have a much much more powerful machine with PC and and tens of thousands cheaper, yes tens of thousands.
Mirza Farhanullah Baig
Chrome system requirements Ram: 1.5 tb Processor: Intel 28 core xeon w Gpu : 4 amd vega graphic cards Space: 50 mb
Mirza Farhanullah Baig
Finally a pc good enough to run chrome
Ryan Febrian
Ryan Febrian Hace un mes
I bought this to play zumba
Virtual reality
Virtual reality Hace un mes
Me: Why do you not always point out flaws in apple products and try to make your point in favor of apple even if they do have some issues? Marques: Because they pay me for this 😎😎
Terribleee Hace un mes
I can literally buy a gaming pc, two monitors, a keyboard, a mouse, and a mousepad for less than what this costs
Terribleee Hace un mes
griffnuts I guess I’m an idiot but you’re just an asshole
griffnuts Hace un mes
Cool story. If you’re buying a Mac Pro for gaming then you’re an idiot. And if you’re comparing a machine like this to a ‘gaming PC’ you’re an idiot. Basically, you’re an idiot.
Gabriel Markeles
Gabriel Markeles Hace un mes
I want to get the wheels 700 dollars: Let me introduce myself
Michael Heider
Michael Heider Hace un mes
And you could have found somthing better for halve the money
jeff p
jeff p Hace un mes
What’s the life expectancy for this guy?
Stephanie Ortiz
Stephanie Ortiz Hace un mes
I need this in my life ASAP I have been rendering a minute and a half long video from After Effects for 3 hours and there's still an hour left. I have an hp laptop.
Moony Hace un mes
it is a Joke
hennybogan59 Hace un mes
WTF is this? I thought box servers went the way of the dodo. Is this for running 16 windows at once. Or maybe CAD/Cam systems industrially?
n k
n k Hace un mes
I've wouldn't have even unboxed it at the first place cuz I'm too scared of placing my fingerprints on such a beauty
Louis Cannington
Louis Cannington Hace un mes
World Health organisation: We have found a cure to Covid 19 Marques The day after the announcement : "So after two weeks , This is what i think
Robert Lawrence
Robert Lawrence Hace un mes
I would like you to test out how it would hold up if you shipped it to my house see if it would return to you
Nihil Sine Deo
Nihil Sine Deo Hace un mes
Most everyone, myself, included, watch ESvid on tablet or phone. Why would you invest time and money into creating 8K content that’s going to be watched on a 10 inch screen?! I know it’s sounds like a silly question, but I couldn’t help wondering.
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