Mac Pro Unboxing & Second Impressions: The Power is Back!

Marques Brownlee
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2 weeks with the cheese grater Mac Pro has been rock solid so far...
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10 dic 2019






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Comentarios 15 680
Francis Rona
Francis Rona Hace 18 horas
Sexy Magic Keyboard Goddamn PC Monitor
RWL2012 Hace un día
2.5 GHz 28-core CPU, 384 GB of RAM (upgradable to 1.5 TB?!?!) and 32 GB of VRAM...? woah!!!
Ridley Coates
Ridley Coates Hace un día
If I got one with wheels it would probably roll away
Ridley Coates
Ridley Coates Hace un día
Hey Marques can I borrow it I have some cheese to grate
Zabs24 Hace un día
but the price...
felipal Hace 2 días
So will this be able to run far cry 5 on max settings with this?
Bike X The World
Bike X The World Hace 2 días
Love your channel. I‘ve bought a Mac Pro 2019 16 core with a Radeon Pro Vega II Duo rendered a few projects in After Effects and was surprised by its underwhelming GPU acceleration. Have you made similar experiences? Do you know any fixes?
Caelum Natura
Caelum Natura Hace 3 días
Some things never change 1. iPhone design 2. Wonderful unboxing experience of Apple's products.
Tan Chu Hong
Tan Chu Hong Hace 3 días
Good product, over kill performance, and amazing price. Wonder which industry need this PC, definitely not for gaming industry
Peter Scheibe
Peter Scheibe Hace 3 días
what is the issue with the apple stickers? I put them on my car if apple pays me for driving advertising around, otherwise I dump them back in the box it came with. So you bought this thing or it was send to you to test it and then return it, and the $1000 stand as well?
My Cat Deacon
My Cat Deacon Hace 3 días
But can it run Minecraft?
Sebastian Rasor
Sebastian Rasor Hace 3 días
The track that plays about a minute in is an instrumental from a recent Mr. J. Medeiros release, Rich Man Poor Man.
Katuyana ENG
Katuyana ENG Hace 3 días
Holy shit that looks so fucking cool and has so many cool features first I thought this shit looks so ugly but now man it’s amaizing i can’t describe how amazed I am
ChilledThunder Hace 3 días
I got a samsung ad for this lmao
Newcastle Utd 1892
Newcastle Utd 1892 Hace 3 días
Looks terrible, like a cheap electric heater.
terl terlot
terl terlot Hace 4 días
Wow that’s impressive but can it run Crysis?
Jerry Mancini
Jerry Mancini Hace 4 días
$34,548.00 lol
ijono Hace 4 días
the world ending, everyone's dying: aaahhhhhh mMarques: "so i've been dead for the past 2 weeks now, and here's what i think."
ClutchTjeff148 Hace 4 días
well... dbrand came out with a skin for the Mac Pro... maybe review lol
Dustin Engel
Dustin Engel Hace 4 días
I saw someone buy one of these from the Apple store a few months ago… he had to be escorted to his car by two security guards…
Ethan Logan
Ethan Logan Hace 5 días
I'm dumb but would it be possible to run a whole operating system off memory.
Lord Knight
Lord Knight Hace 5 días
He has more RAM than my storage.
Eswar sai Tej
Eswar sai Tej Hace 6 días
384gb of rammmmmmm reallyyyy i saw 64 gb ram pc upto now 👏for the people who buy this jewel
Trey Griffin
Trey Griffin Hace 6 días
WWDC= World Wide Dick Conference 😁😂
Derek Carter
Derek Carter Hace 6 días
This thing renders 8k video faster than we can actually watch the video
Mamidou moh
Mamidou moh Hace 6 días
why i'm watching this ?? i can't even afford that stupid mouse O__o ! i'm so poor :/
Power Play
Power Play Hace 6 días
I could by 2 rtx titans and a i7 or thread ripper that would out preform this easily.
EricTheDesigner Hace 6 días
why do no manufactures put hepa filters on the cases? I've been running hepa filters for more than a decade...
EricTheDesigner Hace 6 días
I love how apple makes their motherboards 180 degrees opposite normal mother boards
KG05 Hace 7 días
If you max it out on Apple website it comes out to over 54,000
Ekerette Ekpo
Ekerette Ekpo Hace 7 días
So, Apple makes a Mac Pro this awesome looking and you'd still have to plug in a mouse receiver to use the custom made mouse. How intuitive. 🤦🏾‍♂️ 🚶 🚶
Ekerette Ekpo
Ekerette Ekpo Hace 2 días
@I_D_O_L \WARSHIP My point reiterated. I expected more from such an "innovative" tech giant. Geez!
I_D_O_L \WARSHIP Hace 7 días
Right? And why such a limited amount of USB ports?
Sachin Rajput
Sachin Rajput Hace 8 días
No wires
I_D_O_L \WARSHIP Hace 8 días
$70K Cdn for the highest end pro. Which is, not in my budget.
saini 2g
saini 2g Hace 9 días
Now review 400$ wheels
Travis Johnson
Travis Johnson Hace 9 días
But can it run crysis
A.asghar Ahmadi
A.asghar Ahmadi Hace 9 días
Do you shoot in red ross?
Puneeth D
Puneeth D Hace 10 días
Mkbhd iam from india audio quality was extravagent
Wainaina Dennoh
Wainaina Dennoh Hace 10 días
Marques, can you please do a video about. Mac Pro vs Hot Lava?🤔
VIUS Music
VIUS Music Hace 10 días
Damn thing doesn't even come in black
415bryant Hace 11 días
I could listen to you talk all day. Just so knowledgeable on ever topic and videos you put out. You can tell that a lot of time is put into your videos and it is very much appreciated.
xrxxr xrrxr
xrxxr xrrxr Hace 11 días
gift regalame ESA PC por envio
xrxxr xrrxr
xrxxr xrrxr Hace 11 días
gift regalame ESA PC
Stoner Jesus
Stoner Jesus Hace 11 días
Maxime Lauzon
Maxime Lauzon Hace 11 días
Where is the actual reviews and all other video about it??
Adrian Chernyi
Adrian Chernyi Hace 12 días
Too bad that Mac OS Catalina has some serious problems with the Audio Bluetooth connection since its launch. It's practically impossible to use any audio wireless device. The connection keeps dropping every few seconds, minutes, hours..
Asmaar khan
Asmaar khan Hace 12 días
Bro in Pakistan and India no can buy this Mac pro
Asmaar khan
Asmaar khan Hace 12 días
Bro in Pakistan and India no can buy this Mac pro
Derek Wall
Derek Wall Hace 12 días
Not hating on Marques videos but i find him difficult to listen to from his rather monotonous voice
coroc sat
coroc sat Hace 12 días
Still not worth
Rudolf L.Stensen
Rudolf L.Stensen Hace 12 días
Hi Marques.Have seen many of your posts. They seemed very enlightening. Your new Apple WOW. Just a little envious :-) I would ask if you could not edit a video I recorded on a sunny day .. When playing video I see strange things.I call it. Observed moving objects. (new concept) When playing video at slow speed ,you discover even more details .. You will be surprised :-) If you want to help me edit the video I will be happy :-) I thank you. stensen @ mac . com
Zeljko Stanisavljevic
Zeljko Stanisavljevic Hace 12 días
2 usb ports, my Hackintosh is laughing. GPU-us is ok. I have one VEGA64. AMD Threadripper 3990X is the future.
Mr.AJWorks Hace 12 días
Azeez Reyad
Azeez Reyad Hace 13 días
*Is it worth the price*
sen X
sen X Hace 13 días
This is overpriced by thousands of dollars
UnNamed Beast
UnNamed Beast Hace 8 días
YANG SHEN Hace 13 días
Well you could say Apple tried to make the Mac *GRATER* again😂😂
ʟᴏᴡᴇʏ ʟᴏᴡᴇʏ
Plz do giveaway
Dhaval Anjara
Dhaval Anjara Hace 13 días
You spent so much money to just edit a 12 or 13 minute ESvid video stupid 😠😠😠
Techno Master
Techno Master Hace 13 días
At 6:30, say what you will about Apple's pricing tiers. But my goodness, they build beautiful hardware. Compared to the inside of my Dell desktop that Mac Pro is immaculate and well order. Bravo.
a4yster Hace 13 días
My storage server 2020: Pentium III 900, 256 MEGS ram on RAMBUS, 5 hdds, total 1.2 TBs. Still on Windows 2003. Gotten quite slow, but I'm too lazy to upgrade.
Anthony Rivera
Anthony Rivera Hace 13 días
1000 dollar stand? yea, fuck you apple.
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