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Today, automating the milling machine's Z axis.
Tomorrow... the world!
Finally started hanging servos on the machine.

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NexonG. Hace 20 horas
I just love your videos. They're entertaining yet informative and funny. Keep it up and soon you will enjoy the beauty of the rainbow road of the millions.
Seconds Hace un día
I misread the thumbnail as "7-axis". Very disappointing. (🙃)
Martin Eastburn
Martin Eastburn Hace 2 días
I can't remember if you found the issue with the belt. I've watched these several times. Mind keeps pointing here. Is the belt too wide ? Rubbing the edges. Are the pulleys non-planar ? Just thinking. Martin
Menty Python
Menty Python Hace 7 días
ooow, ur talkin servos and closed loop, 2 words "marco reps"
MrGboard Hace 7 días
you're gonna wish you had z-axis ball-screw..., just saying.
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Rolltech Innovation Hace 8 días
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jsunit5 Hace 10 días
I like my universal-metric tools. They mostly work with most things.
Brian Clark
Brian Clark Hace 13 días
If you want parts fast you have to add another axis to your machine. I can't tell you how much time I've saved after I added a T-axis to my mill. Just be careful with that jog wheel dinosaur bites are nasty.
mq292 Hace 17 días
Hey Tony! I’ve got a challenge for you. Can you make the the $50 eBay drill press “cross slide vise” not suck? Respond and I’ll buy one and send it to you.
Rudá Bittencourt
Rudá Bittencourt Hace 19 días
For a noob. This question for use imperial cut tools in metrical dimensions parts is a joke, ok?
Martin Eastburn
Martin Eastburn Hace 19 días
Ha - nice video. My Servo's are 2 pound coffee can size with a resolver on the tail end. OS needs a home and then they work from there. I can place a ball point pen in the carriage (x, y) and draw a box that is solid. Down to the mil of accuracy. Run into anything and oops.... Home we go and away. Plasma x-y-z table. Old school. I have some servo (Airforce) that are 5 pound coffee can size - power but not speed. They were intended to control or read back distance angular movement. Now toys. Only wished the table was IOT devices. Such is life on the fast lane.
maarten bouwkamp
maarten bouwkamp Hace 20 días
hilarious, how much houres are in your day, 305,2?
JediSpaghetti Hace 20 días
thanks for makin'
Chanikya 17R1-302
Chanikya 17R1-302 Hace 21 un día
Tony please i want dimensions of various parts of parts that u build 3 years back mail me chanigrand100@gmail.com
Chanikya 17R1-302
Chanikya 17R1-302 Hace 21 un día
Tony please i want dimensions of various parts of parts that u build 3 years back mail me chanigrand100@gmail.com
Chanikya 17R1-302
Chanikya 17R1-302 Hace 21 un día
Tony please i want dimensions of various parts of parts that u build 3 years back mail me chanigrand100@gmail.com
cherry lee
cherry lee Hace 22 días
Shelly Ph: 86-13671843635, 2911282844@qq.com, Skype: linnaniu1
HuzzahGamers Hace 24 días
You make me smile and laugh so much! Thank you for adding some much-needed Levity in my life! I just Love you @This Old Tony !!
James Lee
James Lee Hace 24 días
Ray Ramono does maching?
Michael Eagan
Michael Eagan Hace 26 días
If you ever upgrade the relatively high friction z axis lead screw to a ball screw, won't you have to worry about gravity backdriving it when powered off, dropping the Z axis? Maybe reuse one of those clutches in an active open configuration?
Tamás L
Tamás L Hace 28 días
Is that spindle spins into one direction easily so the knee of the milling machine doesn't slide down?
The_ Joker
The_ Joker Hace 28 días
When AVE and This Old Tony come together you hear that old dial up sound.
Tim D
Tim D Hace 28 días
The old chisel aluminum in half trick.
Güray Kunduracı
Güray Kunduracı Hace 29 días
I'm dealing with servos slightly over a decade professionally and i strongly do not recommend servos for hobby router makers. So to say ethercat(or sercos or profinet etc) is be able to make interpolated motions, the fact is this can be possible with pro mechanics, not with hobby made routers. Servos are taking opposite force and assigns the gain. This process makes a waving (approx. 20-50ms) on the motor shaft. For not having that waving, you need 2x bigger motors and drives and tightest tuning adjustment possible for pro jobs. Step motors are much better for amateur routers, because step motors are blind and makes same steps in operations. Still brand new full automatic sewing machines are working with step motors. So sorry, it took too long.
Christopher Reeves
Christopher Reeves Hace un mes
Can anyone tell me where to find that metric boring bar?! I need to make a 25.4 mm hole.
Joseph De St Aubin
Joseph De St Aubin Hace un mes
Call me a doubting Thomas, but how can a servo know where it's at?
Susan Barbier
Susan Barbier Hace un mes
How do you tell a kid, “DO NOT TOUCH THE HANDHWEELS ON THE MACHINE. But if you do, you HAVE to tell me about it.”
Susan Barbier
Susan Barbier Hace un mes
Chairman Maho.
Hobo Sullivan
Hobo Sullivan Hace un mes
My knowledge of machining and the machines that do machining is pretty limited, but I know good work when I see it.
George Dennison
George Dennison Hace un mes
Is the cogged belt too tight? I added a cogged belt to the output side of the jack shaft/treadmill motor upgrade I did on my lathe, and the belt is noisy. I will go to a multi-v belt later, but on a CNC, you gotta have the cogged belt for timing, doncha? I learn more stuff about machining from the things you never mention/explain, than any othe way. WHen you chucked up that piece of metal to make the mount, a light bulb went off in my noggin'. I would have been trying to do that with the material stationary and the cutter moving. It seems so much easier to use the lathe, especially since I have a lathe, and building a mill. Thanks for all the things you do, but don't talk about.
George Dennison
George Dennison Hace un mes
How can I send you a video idea?
digitally feral
digitally feral Hace un mes
Wheres the Leadshine part list? I’m assuming you needed a Kingstar EtherCat driver?
This Old Tony
This Old Tony Hace un mes
not sure if you NEED one... you likely know more than me, but yes. KingStar in an Element PC.
Pedro G Cominal
Pedro G Cominal Hace un mes
@this old tony curious here, wont the lack of breaks means that intertial Z movement will run free? maho seens like a heavy fella
W.D. Callahan
W.D. Callahan Hace un mes
New here. What is maho?
James P.
James P. Hace un mes
The “23 minutes” scared me ha
Kimberly Jacobsen
Kimberly Jacobsen Hace un mes
2000 pounds I see what you did there 😉
MoLottes Hace un mes
Had an issue with imperial boring bars at work, turns out the dummies in the tool room couldnt tell the difference and just grabbed any ol boring bar. Freakin amatuers
GunsNgeeks Hace un mes
It’s a shame you lost that stock. Love your stuff, keep it up!!!
Buck Starchaser
Buck Starchaser Hace un mes
Clearly the problem with the noisy part is that it doesn't have enough grease... There's a zerk fitting plain as day, and absolutely NO grease gushing out of any joint.
Bobby Fehr
Bobby Fehr Hace un mes
Hey Old Tony. Do you have a link for those servos and EtherCat drivers?
Tinfoilhatnutcase One
I know you were probably just anxious to share your progress, however I time traveled to next week and noticed you released a nine minute video that does not teach me about ball screws. Which is something I'll probably never need to know. I was however disappointed that you didn't teach me for free.....
ervie60 Hace un mes
EtherCat is a fieldbus, used to communicate between components. Not just servo axis also I/O basically any EtherCat enabled component. So later easy to add I/O stuff, saves tons in time and cabling and commissioning! Encoders come in many shapes, if no reference point is needed at startup then use an absolute encoder. Servo motors never know where they are, by reading the encoder the drive knows where the shaft is. 2K for a 3 axis is a decent price for one-off application. Nice machine work btw!
Henrik Stromberg
Henrik Stromberg Hace un mes
There is quiet some science behind correctly pretensioning toothed belt. I think the heating of the belt is caused by improper pretension. You will need to calculate the proper tension for your belts with the manufacturer’s specs, add an adjustable belt tensioner to your brackets and borrow a device to measure the pretension. The good ones use a laser to measure the resonance frequency of the belt.
sokin jon
sokin jon Hace un mes
I "Z" what you did there! I'm pretty "X" ited for the next one, dunno "Y" though.
Jason Macomber
Jason Macomber Hace un mes
One word UCCNC
Miles Wasil
Miles Wasil Hace un mes
keep calm and wear a subscribe it’s the little details
Brilliant !!!
sokin jon
sokin jon Hace un mes
Hey I heard you talking about Arduinos, smile when you say that! Rock on TOT.
Sonny Turner
Sonny Turner Hace un mes
What brand of drill bits do you use
William Yohman
William Yohman Hace un mes
Let me be the first to recommend the six and 12 inch Ethernet cables from MonoPrice.com
Daniel Lind
Daniel Lind Hace un mes
Hold the phone, I can see gunparts from a mile away, and that wooden laminate stock. I have a degree in gunsmithing, yes actualy gun smithing, making stocks, parts, everything. And i would love to help you out if you have any projects going! :D
iced coffee
iced coffee Hace un mes
I just watch to learn the whitty one liners!
Bruno Antunes
Bruno Antunes Hace un mes
Are you sure you're not a Brooklyn Nine-Nine script writer?
William T. Musil
William T. Musil Hace un mes
Daniel Lopez
Daniel Lopez Hace un mes
Awesome stuff as always man!
Shawn Goldsberry
Shawn Goldsberry Hace un mes
That maiden flight stuff is scary. I got my butt whipped all over the basement by a quadcopter that had the motors wired backwards. BLDC AKA little 3 phase induction motors are a crap shoot.
Shawn Goldsberry
Shawn Goldsberry Hace un mes
Shawn Goldsberry
Shawn Goldsberry Hace un mes
Snakes don't really have parts but if I was to guess I would say it was his knee
Iceking007 Hace un mes
Hi Tony, Not sure what you have coming in the pipe (is that a machinist term?); But hay, how about some more horizontal milling?! Thank you.
thisishaggard Hace un mes
"Would you believe me.." haha
bilinas mini
bilinas mini Hace un mes
Your metal cutting shenanigans have spoiled me. Every time I watch a video where someone scribes a cut line, I expect a karate chop or knife slice or something to happen
LordPente Hace un mes
Tony, I've built lots of CNC Machines. Leave the leadscrew in, don't worry about converting it to a ballscrew. The reason for the ballscrew would be accuracy, but since the leadscrew has weight on it, it'll be fine. Move on to the next part, and don't worry about that 8-). Good luck.
LordPente Hace un mes
And the hot belt is because it's a little too tight.
Michael Cerkez
Michael Cerkez Hace un mes
Hey I heard you talking about Arduinos, smile when you say that! Rock on TOT.
Clockwerk Industries
Stoked to see this kind of CNC stuff! Been a viewer for years, always entertaining!
Clockwerk Industries
Honestly, go with the Z ballscrew. With all the other work you are doing here...dont skimp on that one screw =D just the 2 cents of a lowly viewer 😉🤣
Eric Thornes
Eric Thornes Hace un mes
Mate look on Adam savages lasted video on tested ESvid channel sbout his drill press. Alot of people are commenting that you and him should do a video together. Its in the replies of someone saying another person should do the repairs.
bilinas mini
bilinas mini Hace un mes
Maybe wrong Belt-Tension (and to small radius) is creating to much heat (deforming work), also there might be belt vibration. How "round" is the motorshaft running?
me here
me here Hace un mes
Now Tony... I saw that! Your chiseling skills do not match your karate skills... that was at least a millimeter off the mark!
Kathryn Caldwell
Kathryn Caldwell Hace un mes
Ok, can we get an entire video on chips? Good chips, bad chips, beautiful chips, bird nests, ...
A K Hace un mes
Now you can use the lathe to make another lathe
A K Hace un mes
hi sir, can you please teach me how to cut metal in ONE HIT like you show in the video? thanks
neejoy sola
neejoy sola Hace un mes
i just started learning how to cut aluminum with a chisel... its a lot of studying but i think i understand the concepts....
Cory Halvorson
Cory Halvorson Hace un mes
That subtle trailer park boys reference made me lol "We'll burn that bridge when we cross it" next thing you know tony will be telling us he's no rocket surgeon
David Parsons
David Parsons Hace un mes
I sometimes fall asleep watching TOT, it helps me sleep. Thanks Tony
Tyler B
Tyler B Hace un mes
On the bright side, if you burn out the Z-axis nut your next video can be on Multi Start Internal Threads. Muhahaha, the sheer evil of the notion.
neejoy sola
neejoy sola Hace un mes
How can I get ahold of you? I have some free tooling that I think you enjoy, no strings attached at all. I enjoy your videos
Curtis Newton
Curtis Newton Hace un mes
why the fuck would you need such a huge setup just to drive a couple of servos/step motors ???
beautifulsmall Hace un mes
Nice work. I've just Un-converted my cnc downham jig borer, it was just too awkward to do simple jobs and I made a little cnc that will do aluminium . You might consider having handles on the axes and a way to uncouple the motors . Love the chisel trick, I might try glass on the bandsaw.
David Mills
David Mills Hace un mes
I love your videos this one made me laugh several times pretty hard
Sicktrickintuner Hace un mes
Ask Jeeves, he still hasn’t answered me!
HUT8_NewZealand Hace un mes
Wait, ball screws give you a headache? Shouldn't that be a ball ache? Anyway, I found Clough42 very good with stepper motors.
Tim Hace un mes
Maybe wrong Belt-Tension (and to small radius) is creating to much heat (deforming work), also there might be belt vibration. How "round" is the motorshaft running?
dan westerberg
dan westerberg Hace un mes
where did you find te metric boring bar? .............lol
bill bergovoy
bill bergovoy Hace un mes
im going to guess the issue w the belt is tension, or type of belt. try adjusting the tension then check with the flir. see if there is any difference. and yes, I know the relationship between tension and slip/torque ability. there maybe different types of belts you can use. or, modify the gear to drill holes thru the teeth to allow venting???
Rodrigo Casta
Rodrigo Casta Hace un mes
Not that it has anything to do with this video in particular but you should do a collab with Linus Tech Tips. Also your videos are great. esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-TCMKqA3lCJg.html
thebarry Hace un mes
13:55 I think the sprag clutch and plastic bushing combination is to balance out the resistance while you're moving the head up or down...the plastic bushing provides extra resistance when moving the head down while you get no extra resistance(besides gravity) when going up. It might even keep it from freewheeling down. Love your videos, take care!
pointvicente Hace un mes
Any list of components to build a CNC with EtherCat? Only other vids on EtherCat are European. Seems pretty expensive but are there any other more inexpensive alternatives with EtherCat? Almost 2000 comments and not much discussion about this hardware. Interesting.
Bnf 27
Bnf 27 Hace un mes
Next u should machine parts for a gas motor I think that would be cool
BrownH2ORat Hace un mes
Tony, I'm in the long slow process of building a CNC Plasma cutter, The EtherCat system looks like the way to go, any Idea for a source?
aola wili
aola wili Hace un mes
I will believe anybody that still uses Sir Mix-a-Lot references .
aldodaniel1986 Hace un mes
How can I get ahold of you? I have some free tooling that I think you enjoy, no strings attached at all. I enjoy your videos
Dale Sparrow
Dale Sparrow Hace un mes
I'm a servo fan. Servos are superb'os
Hugo M B Martins
Hugo M B Martins Hace un mes
Love your videos! So cool! Thanks for sharing!
James Pinson
James Pinson Hace un mes
I have a hardness tester I would like to give to this old tony. Can you contact me?
aola wili
aola wili Hace un mes
belt that is more experienced and should know what to do with the heat when under a load.
Jordan Barnsley
Jordan Barnsley Hace un mes
Thanks TOT!!! helped me get through this week seeing things shaping up.... Thanks Man!
Tjaart van der Walt
12:29 ... Just use karate chop/ throw it.
ryan clarke
ryan clarke Hace un mes
TOT May be the teeth on the pulleys are jist not quite correct for th belt, resulting in too much wear and this heat. I have seen this before with toothed belt systems.
fpSmoker O
fpSmoker O Hace un mes
Love to see thats its coming together, no matter how it has to happen.
Marius Stavaru
Marius Stavaru Hace un mes
instagram.com/p/CDj38XMIvF9/?igshid=15xumuqfx44wz would love to see you make one
Altus Pienaar
Altus Pienaar Hace un mes
If you want smooth cuts with your imperial boring bar you should dail in your adjustments in fractions instead of decimals. It should cut perfectly smooth after👍. Or perhaps I have it the wrong way round, maybe it should be decimals...you will figure it out😉
Eric Powell
Eric Powell Hace un mes
Dang! That was awesome! What do you do for a living? Do you deal with this stuff daily or do you run a produce stand?
Chris W
Chris W Hace un mes
For those that aren't pretending not to know, the servos don't have batteries. They have a disk inside with lines on it called Gray Code. It's read by an optical sensor, and with it the computer can tell exactly where the motor is, without moving, at all times.
Wilbur Tiberius
Wilbur Tiberius Hace un mes
Tony I’ll be honest, and I don’t mean to seem rude, but I don’t believe that you centered that by eye within 1/10000 on the first try.
Matthew Crist
Matthew Crist Hace un mes
One day soon, you and AvE and other prominent hands of ESvid should get together. It would be epic!
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