Making a Discada

Burning River Bushcraft
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A Discada, also known as a cowboy wok, is the ultimate outdoor cooking tool. Made from a plow disk, this improvised cookware is inexpensive, versatile, and bullet proof. Every camp needs a discada


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13 abr 2018






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Arlyn Helmuth
Arlyn Helmuth Hace 2 meses
I just found and got 4 -24 inch discs, can't wait to make me a few
ColtDeltaElite10mm Hace 2 meses
I make these all the time. Sandblasting them is the safest method to remove all the powder coat and rust. Never use smoke from a wood fire to "darken" the food surface of the disc. Seasoning it with lard is excellent, but the trapped burnt carbon from the firewood is a nasty carcinogen.
Rod Kutlaca
Rod Kutlaca Hace 3 meses
We do a same thing in Serbia 🇷🇸 and cook a lots of pork meat
Burning River Bushcraft
Interesting. This seems to be globally used. 👍
Tim A
Tim A Hace 3 meses
I forgot to add, when seasoning a discada, use about a 1/4 cup of regular table salt mixed with the lard, bacon grease or whatever. The salt keeps the smoke down and seasons the surface much better. Also, when cleaning the surface, if its really gunked up with stuck food on the surface, just boil water in it, pour about a half cup of salt and then get a clean dry rag with tongs and scrub the surface. It gets really clean and doesn't contaminate the surface, unlike soap does. Then a light coating of cooking oil, heat it up to where it barely starts to smoke, immediately kill the fire and , dry it with a clean cloth or paper towel and its ready to store until the next cooking session.
Tim A
Tim A Hace 3 meses
Bro....... I made two of these. I paid a local powder coat guy $35 for 28" disc to sand blast. Nice and clean. I used to take a rosebud torch to burn the paint off, but that became too hot and actually would warp the disc itself. Sand blasting is king.
mariel Hace 9 meses
Hello ,
Stuart Geller
Stuart Geller Hace 10 meses
I've never heard of this before. That would be something nice to make with my everlast welder.
1ironbelle Hace 11 meses
I'm making my own DIY Skottle and have a rusty plow disk that I put in a pan of distilled vinegar. I can rub my finger across it after 4 days and the rust rubs off and I see black steel. No grinding so no grinding off metal. I will leave it soaking for another 3 days and then take it to the carwash and pressure hose it clean to get the vinegar off. This plow disc was rusty AF and I don't own a grinder so I believe I will be able to clean it off with a wire brush.Thank you for this video. I live in So Cal so it took some doing to find a farm that had one for sale.
My Son's Mother
My Son's Mother Hace 11 meses
I'm wanting one of these, but not sure that I want a double punch on a man card. How many would that convert to on a woman card, lol?
Aspen Hill
Aspen Hill Hace 5 meses
2 x Infinity.
Sherman Hofacker
Sherman Hofacker Hace un año
What impurities are you cooking out?
Burning River Bushcraft
Rust, 60 years of farm crap. You can see in the video it smoked like a chimney till everything burned off.
Frank Dahlquist
Frank Dahlquist Hace un año
Well now it is time to clean n season mine after having it for 3 or 4 years
Mike Walton
Mike Walton Hace un año
double punch on the man card, ROFL
James Godfrey
James Godfrey Hace un año
All that messing around with the grinder and the drill should a just had some one sand blast it
Burning River Bushcraft
Use what you have
R B Hace un año
find a friend with a sand or bead blast booth, works great on reconditioning cast iron. just re-season and your good to go!!
stephen e
stephen e Hace un año
Discos are not used primarily in Nothern New Mexico. Damn near everyone South of San Antonio, TX has one and everyone in the rest of the state knows someone with one. They are used throughout the Southwest and Louisiana. A discada is the meal cooked in the disco. Good video, btw.
1075jdogg Hace 8 meses
He said northern mexico not New Mexico. But yeah everyone pretty much has one from California to Texas.
Burning River Bushcraft
South Africa and Sweden also. They seem pretty multicultural.
Luis Marmolejo
Luis Marmolejo Hace un año
i hope you go it my video my friend
Luis Marmolejo
Luis Marmolejo Hace un año
i won't two my friend pleas
Hector Cam
Hector Cam Hace un año
It's called a disco as in disc , discada is what you cook on it . 👍
Burning River Bushcraft
They go by a lot of names, but you are correct discada is the dish. Thanks for watching.
mexicalibc Hace un año
Usually in mexico we add a ring of steel at the edge of the disk so it can hold oil for fried chicken on the disk oh and add the thin potatoes to fry u will love it greetings from mexico. (2" thick the ring).at least
Burning River Bushcraft
The ring is a good idea. It's deep enough already to fry fish. To fry chicken I would have to keep the chicken rotated. Thanks for watching.
Jason w
Jason w Hace un año
I have one, I love it!!
OKBushcraft Hace un año
My inlaws made a huge hobo stove out of half a 55gal drum and set it on top. Feeding the fire through a square hole in the side. He made a paddle like spatula out of wood. Makes excellent fajitas.
cillaloves2fish Hace un año
BIlly The Kid
BIlly The Kid Hace un año
A few tips.. To season it use Cisco with salt and onions. Slice and cook the onions with salt and Crisco till they dark brown. Then discard onions, wipe down the Discada and your seasoned. To clean it use a little water, salt and a potato cut in half. Add water to the Discada with salt then rub the salt into the Discada with the potato like you would with a sponge. Then wipe off any grim with a paper towel and add oil to keep it from rusting. You also can buy a great Discada from Southwest Disk. They have the best price in Albuquerque! Also if you use the 15% discount code (jaxx10) from jaxx drinkwater and give him a visit on his ESvid channel and thank him. That would be great.. esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-vsNzRo5DwAA.html&sns=em www.southwestdisk.com
Archer41 Hace 10 meses
NEVER use Crisco REAL lard is cheaper and better for you! Crisco is man made shit.
Greg Laughlin
Greg Laughlin Hace un año
Fat camp approved. Haha. Nice job.
Keith Cronk
Keith Cronk Hace un año
Keith Cronk
Keith Cronk Hace un año
hammermantbg Hace 4 meses
Vinegar is a good idea but not great at removing paint....so stick to flap wheels
Burning River Bushcraft
Keith Cronk maybe it would work, the grinder is my speed.
Hunt Shack Wilderness Experience
Great idea It never ceases to amaze me how many great things are right under our nose and we dont see it until someone shows us. Then it is so obvious we wonder why we didnt think of it. subscribed atb
Burning River Bushcraft
Hunt Shack Wilderness Experience thanks for the sub
Campcraft Self Reliance
Ok now a video on cooking with it.. looks great.
Burning River Bushcraft
Self Reliant Mindset shot 2 vids already. Scrapped both of them. The wind noise has been unbearable .
AnOldManInTheWoods Hace un año
I like it! Thanks for sharing!
Black Hat Bushcraft
Black Hat Bushcraft Hace un año
That turned out beautiful Jamie! What an awesome cooking implement! Nice work.
Burning River Bushcraft
Black Hat Bushcraft thank Matt. It would go great with your pathfinder youth group.
Prepared Camping
Prepared Camping Hace un año
That's huge! Look forward to seeing you put it into action doing a stir fry for about 20 people! All the best from the UK Roo
Keith Cronk
Keith Cronk Hace un año
Linkless Tennessee
Linkless Tennessee Hace un año
Awesome I have never seen this done before
Burning River Bushcraft
I couldn't believe it the first time I saw it either.
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