Making an unpickable lock. Calling locksmiths

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How hard could it be to make an unpickable lock? Turns out pretty flippin hard. After I recovering from the mental and physical turmoil of getting this thing made I called up a locksmith to see if they would be able to pick it. A fun time for all involved.

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25 nov 2020






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Stuff Made Here
Stuff Made Here Hace un mes
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Joseph Sa
Joseph Sa Hace 4 días
Send it to the lock picking lawyer
CommanderWolfyX Hace 7 días
Sorry about the late reply but its possible to make a tool that will memorise where a pin set and do it for each and then execute and open it Hard for yours but not impossible
James Tschetter
James Tschetter Hace 8 días
Seeing all your stuff here and the brilliant mind behind it is pretty cool I have to admit. I want to put u up to a challenge. See if u can make an automatic braiding machine. Doesn't matter if its fully mechanical or if software is involved, its totally up to u.
Brandon Kepley
Brandon Kepley Hace 9 días
have LockPickingLawyer try to pick it
laughy jacky
laughy jacky Hace 11 días
So when could this happen?
TransperentWolf Hace 15 minutos
Another cool thing for making those zigzags in the core for the key would be a wire edm
Rob Smith
Rob Smith Hace un hora
It didn't take long at all to find a Lock picking lawyer reference in the comments.
Fosres str
Fosres str Hace 2 horas
Luke skywalker lookin ass
Luke Baehr
Luke Baehr Hace 2 horas
Send it to the Lock Picking Lawyer
Jacob Watson
Jacob Watson Hace 2 horas
Send it to the lock picking lawyer
Jeyson Serafini
Jeyson Serafini Hace 3 horas
8:38 Locksmith: "Another one"
Jeyson Serafini
Jeyson Serafini Hace 3 horas
"I finally ran out of ways to do it wrong, and I cracked it." Gotta love this guy
Binford shirt makes me happy
Ale Blanco
Ale Blanco Hace 3 horas
You heard the dog! Send that lock to LpL
Dito Hace 3 horas
0:21 solid burn.
FluxMedal YT
FluxMedal YT Hace 4 horas
Lock picking lawyer
Javier Ascanio Aliño
Who else saw the Wikipedia page explaining hi pick your nose in 4:41
Jousten Hace 7 horas
the locksmith has a coke nail lmao
Moham Dah
Moham Dah Hace 7 horas
Everybody gangsta until he locks himself out of the house
saywhatnow comon
saywhatnow comon Hace 8 horas
You should have the lock picking lawyer try he has a ESvid channel I haven't seen a lock he couldn't pick he gets sent all kinds of locks from all over the world I really don't think there is a lock he can't pick he is the best of the best of any body is gonna do it it's him
Anastasia Klyuch
Anastasia Klyuch Hace 12 horas
what if ee put magnetic trash inside and wiggle a magnet around?
Quinn Musielak
Quinn Musielak Hace 12 horas
12 X 10^26
Fabian Segundo
Fabian Segundo Hace 13 horas
This guy looks like he’s in a band called The Black Keys
Nicholas Yager
Nicholas Yager Hace 15 horas
Man I would love to see the lock-picking lawyer have a go at this.
Antoine L
Antoine L Hace 16 horas
I really enjoyed your video until you talked about locks that does not require a key. Especially RFID locks because most of them are not secure and some of those smart locks are even working with wireless technologies like bluetooth or wi-fi that and this opens a whole new world in terms of bad things that could happen. I would be glad to add more explanation to this if requested.
demosharry Hace 16 horas
send it to LPL
Melissa Inwood
Melissa Inwood Hace 18 horas
You should sell this like i mean its almoust impossible to unlock this is a $100,000,000 idea
MrDoubleU Hace 18 horas
POV: your trying to see if the lock picking lawyer got the lock yet
The Big Picture
The Big Picture Hace 19 horas
Dillan Herner
Dillan Herner Hace 19 horas
I found a locksmith that specializes in picking locks. Is that their job LOL
oscar Hace 20 horas
did he send it??
aleksander Okonek
aleksander Okonek Hace 20 horas
The perpetual condor ordinarily concern because hoe electronmicroscopically divide under a uppity airmail. young, three band
Xyb3r Anims
Xyb3r Anims Hace 21 un hora
doing this is like making a redstone contraption on minecraft
GabakUSA Free computer training
LPL did you get the lock ? were you able to pick it ?
Richard Smith
Richard Smith Hace 21 un hora
Did you send the original to the LockPickingLawyerlawyer?
Zara Hoffman
Zara Hoffman Hace 21 un hora
“As an easily manipulated man” 🤣
CactoMan ツ
CactoMan ツ Hace 22 horas
“i found a locksmith that specializes in picking locks”. that killed me 😂
No Memes 4 You
No Memes 4 You Hace 22 horas
When is lockpickinglawyer gonna do this
Gaben Vlogs
Gaben Vlogs Hace 23 horas
Please send it to lock picking lawyer please
Agent Smith 24k
Agent Smith 24k Hace 23 horas
A simple spell but quite unbreakable
HellScythe Necromance
HellScythe Necromance Hace 23 horas
You should have called the Lockpickinglawyer
Randomfully Wonderful
Randomfully Wonderful Hace 23 horas
This dude eat salmon, don;t ask me how I jbiw
Ehsan Heydari
Ehsan Heydari Hace un día
All DJ Khaled needs to do is break the door and he's in!
stijn de bruin
stijn de bruin Hace un día
send it to the lockpicking lawyer. i have never seen him fail at opening a lock
Scott Clark
Scott Clark Hace un día
You can make a lock with a two space key with more pins after the first 1/4 turn where you must insert the key further or pull it out depending on the lock design. 1000000% unpickable
RIPing PUMA Hace un día
Can we get a link to the video when lpl posts it?
MEIN ACCOUNT Hace un día
when there are more ads in the video than pins in your lock...
6eggsinmybrain Hace un día
please for the love of God, send this to LPL
RMF_AndyPlayz Hace un día
The Lockpicking Lawyer is typing...
Nolan Cummings
Nolan Cummings Hace un día
This makes lockpicking in TES: Oblivion look easy
matthewwizardify Hace un día
Lock picking lawyer pls
Lucas Barbosa
Lucas Barbosa Hace un día
I had never heard of this fool before ESvid recommended this video. To make things more interesting, he should pledge to delete his channel and never post to ESvid again if LPL picks his lock in under 60 seconds.
UserGuest 8392
UserGuest 8392 Hace un día
u would make millions selling this lol
pizzaishot Hace un día
It is the complexity that makes it a good lock. Bad locks can be picked by a child with lockpicks.
Gabriel Flamerich
Gabriel Flamerich Hace un día
8:38 Me: Oh fucking really
Addison Swayney
Addison Swayney Hace un día
You're going to have to block the lpl from unlocking your lock in the first place, no magnetic flaws and a strong material
Ryan Hace un día
LPL be like "opening un-pickable lock with orange juice container"
ngcoralmountain Hace un día
Yes send it to the lock picking laywer XD
thomas reddick
thomas reddick Hace un día
Yes, still waiting on your lock being sent to the Lawyer. Please. Update. Thanks...
HauntedPurpose Hace un día
Yes send it to the lockpicking lawyer
Ari Alvaradres
Ari Alvaradres Hace un día
The hungry learning conspicuously plug because refrigerator macropharmacologically perform concerning a natural doctor. glamorous, accessible airship
Kazuto Kirigaya
Kazuto Kirigaya Hace 2 días
send it to the lawyer pls
Trenton Ghorley
Trenton Ghorley Hace 2 días
Your wife is awesome
MythicSlayer Hace 2 días
Unpickable lock v.2? Lock picking lower pointed out some flaws to improve upon
Bob Entius
Bob Entius Hace 2 días
How is it going with your cooperation with the lockpickinglawyer?
TN Eclips
TN Eclips Hace 2 días
I bet you could sell these,get you times worth
Donovan C
Donovan C Hace 2 días
Why did this randomly give me anxiety half way through the video
yo mama
yo mama Hace 2 días
Why use lockpicking when can use shotgun
JJL90 Hace 2 días
Did the locksmiths know how the lock work before they tried to pick it? Because obviously if you encounter a completely new style lock you probs don't understand how to pick it. But once you know how it works you can come up with some maybe even an easy way to overcome the security.
DMF Hace 2 días
Still waiting for the lawyer to go at it.
Ryan Hace 2 horas
Yeah I wonder how long it'll take
Hacker Ink.
Hacker Ink. Hace 2 días
What drawing tablet is that what drawing tablet is that
cjthebomb551 Hace 2 días
Now make a non brakeable door now
Mika Hace 2 días
4:39 "Nose-picking" article😂😂
osmiumOs76 Hace 2 días
Hi Shane, it's really incredible to see your video. I had exactly the same idea while watching the videos from LockPickingLawyer ;). I already 3D printed a model from my version of the lock and I'm currently re-constructing it to be able to build it in metal. It is a bit different from your design but the basic idea is exactly the same. I sent you an email ...
Nir as
Nir as Hace 2 días
send it to locksmith lawyer already
kw350 Hace 2 días
Did you send it to LPL already?
Noobtube Hace 2 días
You "Ran out of ways to do it wrong"
Noobtube Hace 2 días
4:41 Why. Why. I don't think that Wikipedia article is relevant
Misusaki Hace 2 días
Its easy if someone just break the dang door instead
Pieck Hace 2 días
So no one's gonna talk about the top monitor? 4:40
Michael mark Tubman
Michael mark Tubman Hace 2 días
The dramatic cheek developmentally argue because banjo kelly surprise as a well-groomed billboard. historical, decisive wrecker
YouTube Censors Peace
If it wasn't for this guy's brain that woman would be out of his league. Lol good video.
The Prophecy
The Prophecy Hace 2 días
You should challenge the locksmith
will games
will games Hace 2 días
check out lock picking lawyer if you still think picking a 5 pin lock is impossible
End of the Show
End of the Show Hace 2 días
Titles video "Making an unpickable lock" Says in video "I don't think its unpickable" I'm not mad.
ChArg3D_Gaming Hace 2 días
James Bond: I accept your challenge
Issei hyouto ,
Issei hyouto , Hace 2 días
Lock snitch lawyer be like welp imma pick this shi no problem
[TAG] ,
[TAG] , Hace 2 días
Retina scanners be like😄
Kaden B
Kaden B Hace 2 días
now make a house out of them locks
bobbg Hace 3 días
1/8" drill bit. History.
Usama Shafi
Usama Shafi Hace 3 días
DaddyDimmuTV Hace 3 días
I need this to be on the locking lawyer!
Sachin Kainth
Sachin Kainth Hace 3 días
Guys, definitely do send it to the Lock Picking Lawyer.
Tristan Zimolong
Tristan Zimolong Hace 3 días
cant they just unscrew the lock or if the person isnt home just cut a thing in the door and forcibly remove the lock
Enlighten Hace 3 días
Pretty sure burglars are just going to break the door now lol
BT - 09RV 933303 John Fraser SS
Tyhe main question is why doesn't every lock have this
XxDudeman1738xX UwU
XxDudeman1738xX UwU Hace 3 días
Send it to the lockpicking lawer
chendestroyer Hace 3 días
4:40 lmao is it just me or do i see nose-picking on Wikipedia in the 2nd monitor
Some random Person on the internet
I was scrolling through the comments to see if someone saw that
Alpha_Wolffe Hace 3 días
Send it to the lock licking lawyer
Pequin1000 Hace 3 días
Impressive work.
Dravon V
Dravon V Hace 3 días
LPL been real quite since this came out
Javonta Bell-Humphries
Call lockpickinglawyer he can help ya
Ləv Yərˈself
Ləv Yərˈself Hace 3 días
@ 1:42 I want to believe this guy could easily make a device to locate the G-Spot.
Willard Jr
Willard Jr Hace 3 días
You should send this to lockpiking lower and see if he can pick it
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