Making Custom Nail Polish Colors feat. Simply Nailogical

Safiya Nygaard
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So a few months ago when Cristine was in Los Angeles for VidCon, we decided to drop by the Orly Color Lab in West Hollywood to mix up some custom nail polish colors (with a bit of adult supervision)! We got to make a custom nail polish for each of us as well as mix up a 3rd frankenpolish consisting of all of their polishes together! What do you think of our three shimmery creations?
You can check out Cristine's collab video here! esvid.net/video/vídeo-OLwLcYHPqKQ.html
And Cristine's channel here! esvid.net/u-simplynailogical
You can check out the Orly Color Lab here!
Check out Erin Robinson's Orly Color Lab video here! esvid.net/video/vídeo-7Nrm3Nh9RiA.html
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7 nov 2019






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Safiya Nygaard
Safiya Nygaard Hace 12 días
HELLO FRIENDS!! so sorry for the delay here, we're in the last couple of weeks before our wedding and i am quite literally running around like a chicken with its head cut off. hope you enjoy this lil video!! which polish color would you wear?? xoxo, saf
Jessica Stehbens
Jessica Stehbens Hace 7 días
DragonWithCoffee Hace 9 días
ShadowSan Hace 11 días
I did it
Omega_Instinct Hace un minuto
You could name the polish “Mauve me, mauve me, say that you mauve me!”
rileigh Hilyard
rileigh Hilyard Hace 10 minutos
Can you please refill the “Berry Me In Lipstick" pleaseee I really really want to buy it
suckmyseokjin Hace 26 minutos
The Hangul (한국어 - 네일 칼라) on the side of the bottle says Nail Colour if anyone was wondering
Adwen Davies
Adwen Davies Hace 42 minutos
Miek Reen
Miek Reen Hace 51 un minuto
I realy like the name mauvenstein
_r0niee Hace 58 minutos
name idea: “i like to mauve it, mauve it”😂
brookelynne vacca
brookelynne vacca Hace un hora
You should call it "Franken Mauve" to go along with the Franken theme.
Ramona Chronis
Ramona Chronis Hace un hora
Name: Franken-Polish
Courtney Crouse
Courtney Crouse Hace un hora
ALL those colors scream Andy Warhol
Kitty Cat
Kitty Cat Hace un hora
A potential name could be "Ms. Mixalot".
Spill The Tea Sis
Spill The Tea Sis Hace un hora
tragedy Hace 2 horas
her voice is so satisfying
Em R
Em R Hace 2 horas
Mauve-einstein. Would be the perfect name for this.
White Masked Monster
*Mauveistical* *please look dis Saf*
weird #n0pE
weird #n0pE Hace 2 horas
Maby mauvi theater
Gachagirls Bff
Gachagirls Bff Hace 4 horas
Maybe frankenmouve?
TayTay Church
TayTay Church Hace 4 horas
You should name it FrakenMauve
Keira Bramley
Keira Bramley Hace 4 horas
Dominate the mauve, is my shade name
J Kue
J Kue Hace 4 horas
Frankenstein mouver
SpazzyPaz Hace 5 horas
Mauvie Star?
a Hace 5 horas
Missed youuu safiyaaa
Olivia Latham
Olivia Latham Hace 5 horas
How about you mix your bronzer blush eyebrow products or something else for a new video or maybe a wedding video
Fvck Off
Fvck Off Hace 5 horas
They work together cause they’re like muted versions of the primaries
M N Hace 5 horas
You should do a makeup decluttering video
Sarah Muller
Sarah Muller Hace 6 horas
Anyone else feel like the ladies at the Orly store acted nice but deep down were a little annoyed by what was happening? lol
Cassidy Wong
Cassidy Wong Hace 6 horas
those look like the colors that simply used in the steam off video for her test swatches
Astrid Flare
Astrid Flare Hace 6 horas
You should call it berry me in polish like how you named your lipstick 💄 Berry me in lipstick 💄
Amelia Leach
Amelia Leach Hace 6 horas
They should've called the yellow one Benana.
Emma Kloppers
Emma Kloppers Hace 6 horas
Monster Mauve (like franken polish but monster mash together)
MRs Xpanda
MRs Xpanda Hace 7 horas
Mauverlous Get it ? It is easy... Like the word marvelous... Ahhh nevermind 🐒
Lamar Shaker
Lamar Shaker Hace 7 horas
In my country we say mauve as purple Lol. 😂
Victoria Walker
Victoria Walker Hace 8 horas
Lipstick Name #3: The Franken-Mauver Lipstick!!! :3
Ben m
Ben m Hace 9 horas
The mover of polish :*like the mother of polish*:
Mandie Grunewald
Mandie Grunewald Hace 9 horas
Simply Mauvelous!
teaspoon cubing
teaspoon cubing Hace 9 horas
Mauvestien's monster
randomfreckleylassie _
Hmm maybe "Deeply Mauved"
LittleMissPinny Hace 10 horas
I watched this video a week ago, and I just right now woke up in the middle of the night with this in my brain: “Mauvelous”
It’s Amina The Drama Queen
All the dislikes are the colors Cristine and safiya didn’t choose.....
Patrick Horgan
Patrick Horgan Hace 10 horas
Ana Lamaj
Ana Lamaj Hace 11 horas
Kris Edwards
Kris Edwards Hace 11 horas
I ended up coming here with my sister after this video came out and it was so fun!
Katy H
Katy H Hace 11 horas
Mauvie Night
william archibald
william archibald Hace 12 horas
How about call it Franken
zeba's channel
zeba's channel Hace 13 horas
add the name frankestin mauve plz
ly nx
ly nx Hace 13 horas
Franken' mouve?
SaraAnn Green
SaraAnn Green Hace 13 horas
bitch Hace 13 horas
nail polish colour: fucking terrible. because why not?
antonia nolasco
antonia nolasco Hace 14 horas
Frankin orla
Katherine Rose Art
Katherine Rose Art Hace 14 horas
I'd just name it "Mixed Berry"
Raquel Kline
Raquel Kline Hace 14 horas
Just Mauvalous!
Allie H.B.
Allie H.B. Hace 15 horas
Did anyone else notice Cristines nice peach 🤷🏼‍♀️
Danny Young
Danny Young Hace 15 horas
'Frankin Mauve' seems like it would be a nice name
Who mauved my cheese
Katie Mac
Katie Mac Hace 16 horas
Mauve over haters
Roby Jafari
Roby Jafari Hace 16 horas
how about FRANKEN ORLY
Hannah Silver
Hannah Silver Hace 16 horas
I'd probably wear the teal! Maybe you could call the franken-polish "Mauve-ational"?
Ashar WASIM Hace 16 horas
I like move it move it name for polish
Winter Moon2008
Winter Moon2008 Hace 17 horas
s e r i o u s l y x psycho
how about frankenmauve
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