Making Donuts - Ten Minute Power Hour

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Donuts are our favorite and Cuties makes us happy. Maple for life. Cuties forever
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Game Grumps are:
Arin ► esvid.net/u-Egoraptor
Danny ► esvid.net/u-NinjaSexParty
Music from Stevia Sphere ► www.steviasphere.bandcamp.com
Mystery Sax Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License
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24 jun 2019






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Comentarios 12 381
Andrew Glenn
Andrew Glenn Hace 43 minutos
Damn,,, the grumps really just said Trans Rights 😍😍😍
Emily R.
Emily R. Hace 4 horas
Sometimes i rewatch this vid bc willow fills me with joy and love
Lane Boy
Lane Boy Hace 6 horas
I keep coming back to this episode because Willow was awesome and I miss her, and also because of that kick ass cover of Kiss From A Rose. Overall I think this might be the best Power Hour they put out
Flavor Crash
Flavor Crash Hace 7 horas
willow standing in the corner uncomfortable though
Hoot look
Hoot look Hace 10 horas
14:09 Not quite Danny boy, you might have not learned a thing about flowers of the Alpes but at least you know the Marseillaise 😁🐓
Rip Club Penguin
Rip Club Penguin Hace 18 horas
Our favorite chaotic duo
Hentai King
Hentai King Hace 20 horas
Holy shit everything makes sense now. Willow is trans, I was so confused
Thomas Smith
Thomas Smith Hace 22 horas
chaotic trio aside, dan's reaction to his first bite of donut was so pure
thunder walker
thunder walker Hace 22 horas
Twigpalm -
Twigpalm - Hace un día
"Today we're gonna be making donuts-" [ EXTREME MANIC JUMPING AND AIR-FISTPUMPS ] What a vibe
ComicalOrange Hace un día
I want willow as a guest grump, she'd be great! I know that'll probably never happen, though it would be cool if she was.
Jark Burden
Jark Burden Hace 2 días
Why is Dan so fuckable
*wheeze Hace 2 días
Dan's hair reminds me of those WW2 maps, it's just taking over everything
Kavaskon the Beta
Kavaskon the Beta Hace 2 días
Willow: Let’s see how well wisked in the potatoes are Arin: I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised Willow: Oh what’s that? *nothing is on the wisk* Arin: *deadpan face*
nice Hace 2 días
“Why... why are you doing it that way”
Russell de Jimmies
Russell de Jimmies Hace 2 días
“A light hits the gloom on the glaze...”
August Schroeder
August Schroeder Hace 2 días
Ok, from now on, whenever a 10-minute power hour is twenty minutes long, you call it a twenty-minute power hour.
Frip Omega
Frip Omega Hace 3 días
Dan 12 times 25 =300 not 3000
LinkHeroBow Hace 3 días
I loved when Dan sang 🥰
Pawn Hearts
Pawn Hearts Hace 3 días
Sup you beautiful bastards!
FirePuddles Hace 4 días
I will drive the 10 hours and 21 minutes to cuties to taste them cronchy bitches
Tristan Senf
Tristan Senf Hace 4 días
3 guys making doughnuts
Daddy_Dankness 96
Daddy_Dankness 96 Hace 4 días
Can we please have a 10 min flower hour were Danny just smokes weed for 10 mins straight
Connor Daniels
Connor Daniels Hace 4 días
This is so wonderful
Julia Hace 5 días
Pro tip: do NOT watch this while hungry.
Bittybun Hace 5 días
Willow is my spirit animal
girm yin
girm yin Hace 5 días
They mean 20 min power
Nicia Navarro
Nicia Navarro Hace 6 días
this is prolly the 271st time i've watched this and i still laugh at everything in this video. bless arin and dan and willow,, and of course tucker for this amazing editing that accentuates each joke. i love this video.
Elise Squires
Elise Squires Hace 7 días
Dan: *smacking sounds* ...Allie? Allie: I warned yo- Dan: you were right
0__0dx Hace 7 días
18:43 is the best part 🤣
For people being mean to willow because of her identification, she identifies as a female so don't be rude 😊
El Patatas
El Patatas Hace 8 días
I got the "kiss by a rose" joke like ten minutes later
Radar The Pat
Radar The Pat Hace 8 días
I’m going to adopt Willow even though she’s older than me. Nothing can stop me, not even Willow.
Shadow Wolf Army63
Shadow Wolf Army63 Hace 9 días
Plus..you two should make a band together
Shadow Wolf Army63
Shadow Wolf Army63 Hace 9 días
Hey all I heard was sexy and bastards
HotEmoToaster Hace 9 días
Dan and Arin: *energy* Willow: 😳
Jessica Chang
Jessica Chang Hace 10 días
"Krispy Kream's got nothing on me" - Willow. I love the thought of there being a doughnut rivalry between doughnut makers, and it's really hardcore.
itsyeboi indian
itsyeboi indian Hace 10 días
Glendon Grant
Glendon Grant Hace 10 días
"What is tare?" "It's set to zero, *haven't you ever sold weed?!* " I felt that lmao.
BeccaPekkaRekka Hace 10 días
Willow is an incredible sport
JustPickAlready Hace 11 días
oh sick death stranding just went live. ok ill watch this later
JustPickAlready Hace 11 días
I think he just called that guy a she. also I hate blood oranges. actually i think the only experience I have with blood oranges is a blood orange ipa and it was gross.
JustPickAlready Hace 10 días
@superkewlboy1 she sassy af tho
JustPickAlready Hace 10 días
@superkewlboy1 yeah i came back and watched more of it earlier and it wasn't a mistake they are definitely refering to Willow as she/her. Either transsexual or identifies as female. Is there a difference? I have no idea.
superkewlboy1 Hace 10 días
I assumed she was trans
Joyeux Roger
Joyeux Roger Hace 11 días
Dan: start singing la marseillaise Also Dan: wait no that god save the queen
J-DirtyGaming Hace 11 días
I’d pay more than I’m willing to admit for those two to make a full cover of Kiss from a Rose
Mx. Luna
Mx. Luna Hace 12 días
This is one of my favorite 10 minute power hours. Willow was so sweet yet sassy. She just made this whole episode so wholesome.
Mikey MineZ
Mikey MineZ Hace 12 días
Angel Doom
Angel Doom Hace 12 días
12:52 love hearing Dan sing honestly and they sound really good in a duet i was shook
Raptörs Hace 12 días
“No he’s right”
Izack Hayes-Mora
Izack Hayes-Mora Hace 12 días
WHERE IS KISS FROM A ROSE Under The Covers III Just came out WHERE IS IT ??? Edit: I found out it just got deconfirmed.
Zip Doodles
Zip Doodles Hace 12 días
Who else thought willow was a guy
Skintel N.Keychain
Skintel N.Keychain Hace 12 días
The 3 transphobes in the replies trying to be edgelords Ah, yes. Gender is Totally genetic. Free range genders picked right from the vine. Like, dudes. You know there are men, with XY chromosomes, that still have vaginas, right?? That still look like guys, right?? Don't assume you know what Willow has in her pants, or I'll assume all of u have pussies just because you act like one 🤷‍♂️
Damian Fox
Damian Fox Hace 13 días
I love that part when one of the Grumps went AHH
Hunter Original Ceiling Fans
Willow is a man.
Josh Hace 4 días
Maisie Stewart
Maisie Stewart Hace 13 días
This is by far my favorite 10 Minute Power Hour 😂
V.F.D. [Vicariously Feeling Demographics]
Dan: Donuts? HA! More like "DO NUT" Me in November: (Cries in Hormone, and Screams Internally)
Jesster TheFifth
Jesster TheFifth Hace 14 días
I sang along with Dan and Arin when they sang Kiss From A Rose by Seal. It was a glorious 3-part harmony. Willow's energy matched them so well!
Froggysis Hace 14 días
Dan: *makes smol seal reference* Everyone: 🙂 Me: 🤣
alex p
alex p Hace 14 días
Does anyone know what song that was they were singing I can’t remember what it’s called
alex p
alex p Hace 14 días
Nvm just remembered it’s kiss from a rose
MedsDen Hace 14 días
*sees all the transphobic comments* THIS IS WHY WE CAN'T HAVE NICE THINGS-
strechybÖi Hace 14 días
Don’t in the replies of the comments referring to Willow as she. It’s hard to watch. I don’t know why I did that to myself.
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