Making Donuts - Ten Minute Power Hour

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Mystery Sax Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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24 jun 2019

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Comentarios 11 267
ohboi 123
ohboi 123 Hace 9 horas
Everybody gangsta till Dan puts his hair up
bluedawnflower Hace 12 horas
Willow angrily saying "Krispy Kreme's got NOTHING on me" is so iconic. We love her.
Father Hace 12 horas
Not to be NSFW but I would LITERALLY *_DIE_* for Willow.
2 - D
2 - D Hace 15 horas
Блинб,я Эрен по жизни. Даю приблизительный перевод его слов: -Когда мы уже можем их есть (пончики)? - Эрен,пожалуйста... - НО ЭТО ТО,ЗАЧЕМ МЫ ИХ ДЕЛАЛИ!
Lizzie M
Lizzie M Hace 18 horas
Grumps supporting the LGBTQ+ community and respecting pronouns makes me ♥♥♥
Kiwi- Melon101
Kiwi- Melon101 Hace 20 horas
If Kiss from a Rose isn'ot in Dan's new under the covers album ill be very sad
Carter C.
Carter C. Hace 20 horas
13:04 what song was that
Santos Bustamante
Santos Bustamante Hace 23 horas
I want a full cover of seal "kiss from a rose" from danny and arin
Nathaniel Hace un día
Has Ninja Sex Party covered Kiss From A Rose? If not, they should!
Imagine Wagons
Imagine Wagons Hace un día
Arin: Another buttplug looking thing Dan: Not everything has to go in your but... Willow: No... he's right
armawillo Hace un día
dan singing god save the queen instead of the star spangled banner makes my day
LunarMadness Hace un día
12:16 arin vioelntly beats dough to the brink of death
Kurliz Makara
Kurliz Makara Hace un día
Tbh I wanna know whag legend arin was talking about
Naief Alromi
Naief Alromi Hace un día
wait can a video be demonetized if it has dan mass murdering tiny creatures ?
Slushel Husky
Slushel Husky Hace un día
is willow trans?
Gilbertisok _
Gilbertisok _ Hace 2 días
Willow's a meme lord a no one can change my mind
• Prince Zomboツ •
_bone ape tit_
joshua wiley
joshua wiley Hace 2 días
Linda/Lidel Steini
Linda/Lidel Steini Hace 2 días
I love Willow and how throughout 80% of the videos you can just see her mentally going "jesus christ what have I gotten myself into, why did I agree to do this???"
NarcoBlue Hace 2 días
i freaking love when they break into kiss from a rose... true friendship
ChrisLin Hace 2 días
*clap clap clap* ғʟᴏᴡᴇʀ ʜᴏᴜʀ
jerry Hace 2 días
12:52 u welcome
duckswithteeth Hace 2 días
1:22 kevin price did not like that
EntityLvr Hace 2 días
the amount and variety of things that Arin puts in his mouth each show is astounding. Also, I have a rainbow version of that tiny cat spoon. Tiny cat spoons are awesome
Giana Busiel
Giana Busiel Hace 2 días
Tiny cat spoon!
jeepers Hace 2 días
Willow matches the Grumps' energy so perfectly. I would love to see her on a guest grumps episode. She's so funny! 💓
The bad habit
The bad habit Hace 2 días
Alright y’all calm the fuck down about willow lmao
Professional Loser
Professional Loser Hace 2 días
Theres this donut chain in my home state Louisiana called southern maid and it never really moved out of the state. There are a few shops in Texas and one or two in Mississippi. And every day they make new donuts in the morning and at 4. So everyday at 4 you can go there and you can get fresh donuts. If you're driving through I'd recommend it. They're literally the best donuts I've ever had.
Dragoon 4003
Dragoon 4003 Hace 2 días
What song were they singing?
Jackie B
Jackie B Hace 2 días
I appreciate the Grumps using her proper pronoun ❤️
Luke Croston
Luke Croston Hace 3 días
Dan humming the french national anthem pretending to not know the American one and then calling it god save the queen is a triple headshot
Tim Turtle
Tim Turtle Hace 3 días
Fruit flavored doughnuts made by fruit flavored people! I like it!
Molly Murphy
Molly Murphy Hace 3 días
I've had Willow for 20 minutes and I would die for her
Tiny Saucer
Tiny Saucer Hace 3 días
14:43 "This w- I was never great at this." "...Yeah, um..."
Tiny Saucer
Tiny Saucer Hace 3 días
Why is it that when Dan's ponytail moves to the top of his head, his arms look way less comfortable being at his sides Is it just me I love Danny with all my heart
Maisah PNG
Maisah PNG Hace 3 días
i’ve only known willow for 5 minutes but if anything happened to her i’d kill everyone in this room and then myself
Brooke Hinckley
Brooke Hinckley Hace 3 días
I want donuts now dammit
Andrés Mares
Andrés Mares Hace 3 días
Why are they calling willow a she? Just wondering
Andrés Mares
Andrés Mares Hace 3 días
Oh i see, thanks (the fact that i was expecting hate comments for my earlier comment is scary)
JohnTH Hace 3 días
That's how she prefers to be addressed
ImAweSamantha Hace 3 días
What would it take to get a full cover of 'Kiss from a Rose' from both Dan and Arin?
Elemaye Ooh
Elemaye Ooh Hace 3 días
I love Willow omg she’s amazing
iViscosity Hace 3 días
But... He?
Jackie B
Jackie B Hace 2 días
No, her. That’s the pronoun she prefers.
Elemaye Ooh
Elemaye Ooh Hace 3 días
iViscosity what?
Yuka Mochida
Yuka Mochida Hace 3 días
At 14:21 the way Arin says "nasty boy" makes me think he been watching jenna marbles :DD JENNA ON GUEST GRUMPS WHEEEN BBBBYYY
Commandercody49 Hace 3 días
My favorite part was when they were singing
Dane Maricic
Dane Maricic Hace 3 días
9:21 same reaction I had to tasting vanilla
Vic the werewolf
Vic the werewolf Hace 3 días
Equ3strianGam3r Hace 4 días
I'd like to try one of the blood orange donuts.
Babbling Soul
Babbling Soul Hace 4 días
Shtizzy Hace 4 días
She's trans, chief.
Babbling Soul
Babbling Soul Hace 4 días
I dont think women have 5 oclock shadows
Marina Soler Lloret
Marina Soler Lloret Hace 4 días
12:52 Just me or they should do a cover of this song? Just me? Ok... You guys are lying.
No Name
No Name Hace 4 días
Dan and Arin singing is just amazing i love it
Bio Nash
Bio Nash Hace 4 días
Willow was so fun and cute.
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