Making My Brother Think We Got KICKED OUT Of Our House

Dolan Twins
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I hired an actor to pretend to be our landlord and kick us out of the house... here's how Ethan reacted hahaha
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12 mar 2019

DolanTwinsKicked outlandloard






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Rohanna Apil
Rohanna Apil Hace 15 minutos
"Who is this man? Why am I hugging you?" 😂
Tyara Oliver
Tyara Oliver Hace 10 horas
The actor was so good he was annoying ME
Tyara Oliver
Tyara Oliver Hace 10 horas
6:13 why does it say 2017?
Ellie Clubb
Ellie Clubb Hace 10 horas
oh my gerd grayson with glasses is so hot
Katy Sue TV
Katy Sue TV Hace 11 horas
A+ for that guy's acting!!!
Haley sue
Haley sue Hace 11 horas
When gray put those glasses on tho? ;)
Neve Bucke
Neve Bucke Hace 16 horas
At 22:10 Grayson got up and I thought he was literally going to push him over look at how he grabs Ethan I'm not hating just thought it was so funny. I thought Grayson was going to start attacking Ethan.😂😂😂😂
nutella 444_555
nutella 444_555 Hace 18 horas
OMG they did an acting video but with all the pranks they did without having to break character is impressive
RaeRae_Danaé Lock
RaeRae_Danaé Lock Hace 22 horas
“ why am i hugging this man?”
M K Hace un día
Grays laughing when the pprank was finished is everything😂😍
Kayela Dew
Kayela Dew Hace un día
This was sooooo fucking good
Its_Skewa 12
Its_Skewa 12 Hace un día
‘ W-who is this man, GET HIM A F***ING OSCAR’ lol I started to cry laugh 😂 🤣🤣
My sister’s girlfriend is an identical twin and they can’t get into each other’s phones with Face ID lol
•Tropical Raven•
I love you guys so much i really hope that i can meet you someday. Ps.You guys should go to midland Tx
Rubi Lynn Nixon
Rubi Lynn Nixon Hace un día
Is it me or am i the only one who felt REALLY bad for Ethan...
Kira Lawton
Kira Lawton Hace un día
gray looks good in glasses dangggg
Lena Andjelkovic
Lena Andjelkovic Hace 2 días
Nobody: Not even a soul: Walt: 23:04
Funmi Hace 3 días
My heart melted while watching this even though I knew it was a prank. Good acting lmao
Sarah Madagan
Sarah Madagan Hace 3 días
Why do the pen and glasses can say this was recorded in 2017...
4lex 4lex
4lex 4lex Hace 3 días
Damn both pranks were amazing and intense
v a l e r y !
v a l e r y ! Hace 3 días
this was basically just the landlord roasting Mr.Kate😂💀
OhTheEyrony 0613
OhTheEyrony 0613 Hace 3 días
I "and I- oop"ed so many times during the prank part LMAO
Leya Chivers
Leya Chivers Hace 3 días
Ethan didnt even get mad when he "slapped" Grayson
officialbts_ _____
officialbts_ _____ Hace 4 días
Bro I thought that this video was back from 2016 because grayson doesn't have his beard, he looks totally different without his beard
10,000 subscribers without video challenge
10,000 subscribers without video challenge
Omg it was so weird seeing Grayson just by himself without Ethan at the beginning of the video
Makiko. Lifestyles
Makiko. Lifestyles Hace 4 días
more smarter???
Ailén Silvera
Ailén Silvera Hace 4 días
cause i'm like a ~genius~
Avery Fennell
Avery Fennell Hace 5 días
Honestly Graysons acting was pretty good!!!!!!
Ashley Maradiaga
Ashley Maradiaga Hace 5 días
This made sooo anxious😟 I kept stopping the video😱😟
Ashley Maradiaga
Ashley Maradiaga Hace 4 días
Haiden Miller it was very intense for me
Haiden Miller
Haiden Miller Hace 4 días
Why? <3
Kennedy Duncan
Kennedy Duncan Hace 5 días
wouldn't it be funny if when they actualy met the landlord, they got kicked out of their house.
Julia Elmosa
Julia Elmosa Hace 5 días
The spy camera vs the vlog camera is like android vs Apple LOL
Aris Papadopoulos
Aris Papadopoulos Hace 6 días
The pen has a better camera than my phone jez
Jamiie Pederson
Jamiie Pederson Hace 6 días
Who just slapped who?! Lmfao
cactus plant
cactus plant Hace 6 días
Jim Halpert who?
Angelina Vidal
Angelina Vidal Hace 6 días
*Grayson unlocks Ethan’s phone with face ID* *Awkwardly looks at camera* “ Well that was easy”
Christy 69
Christy 69 Hace 7 días
anyone else kind of wanted to see what Ethan would have done if Grayson didn't hold him back 22:09
Aly Girl
Aly Girl Hace 7 días
Omg!!!! This prank was soooo good!! That mans a good actor
Eseosa Oje
Eseosa Oje Hace 7 días
10 million 😁😁😁😁😁
Mel x
Mel x Hace 7 días
22:08 free slap reply
LaTtEs RuLe
LaTtEs RuLe Hace 8 días
Grayson goes and hugs the man he just had a fight with Ethan: WHO IS THIS MAN
None Of Your Business
I know this is all planed and its not real but i got pissed at the ‘landlord’
Brielle Hideaway
Brielle Hideaway Hace 8 días
Is anyone else watching this in June?
Mickayla Calcarame
Mickayla Calcarame Hace 8 días
I want to wear his hoodie🙃🥰
Maya Varma-Wilson
Maya Varma-Wilson Hace 9 días
Landlord: “I wanted to come, I wanted to talk to you guys-“ E: *you wanted to come and evict us?*
Shawn Hace 9 días
Why the hell is the pen camera dated 2017. Fake vid btw!
Holly B
Holly B Hace 9 días
Claudia Garce
Claudia Garce Hace 9 días
25:47 subscribed 5years ago but the dolan started youtube 4years ago
Claudia Garce
Claudia Garce Hace 9 días
2:29 😂😂😂😂
Trinity Moon
Trinity Moon Hace 9 días
I like how original and planned out this prank was. 😌 The landlord did incredible btw.
Bethany Potts
Bethany Potts Hace 9 días
Grayson: I’m taking to a f@?king pen!........that’s f@/king awesome! Me: 😂😂😂🥰🥰🥰
Akshita Chauhan
Akshita Chauhan Hace 9 días
Ethan’s reaction was so cute.... I love the Dolan twins😂❤️
Hessa Hace 9 días
Omg why are the comments in this video are funny af I COULDN'T STOP READING
George Michael
George Michael Hace 9 días
When grayson was scared Ethan would retaliate after getting slapped but he just watched it 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Dan Smith
Dan Smith Hace 9 días
On the pen it said 2017
Nur Amira Ahmadsha
Nur Amira Ahmadsha Hace 9 días
Gonna watch vids after 10M achievement
Temi Hace 10 días
So u can just get into ur twins phone......So thumb print is way more secure
can u fix the broken
can u fix the broken Hace 11 días
“Why am I hugging you?!?”
Trippy Olive
Trippy Olive Hace 11 días
so im currently watching the video and im on the part where he says he’s gonna get “slapped” so now im all up in the comments trying to see what ethan did 💀😂
lilkrazy 101
lilkrazy 101 Hace 11 días
Can't wait for E to get him back!
Artzy 101
Artzy 101 Hace 12 días
Idk what to say.... Just showing my love and support for the channel!!!❤❤❤
Gabba Hace 13 días
Ethan didn’t even flinch when Grayson got smacked 🤣 lol
Jasmine Masters
Jasmine Masters Hace 13 días
5:32 low-key Grayson looks good in glasses
C J Hace 13 días
Isabella Montes-Gonzalez
maybe them hidden cameras is what they use to record paranormal activity movies LMAO
ITZZZ KK Hace 13 días
If that was me and that was fr I would have went offff😂😂
Desiree Craig
Desiree Craig Hace 13 días
You legally have to give someone 30 days.
Numnum Rules
Numnum Rules Hace 13 días
Am I the only person who saw that the pen said "2017"
dome Hace 13 días
"Hey do you remember me? I held you when you were little" Me: 22:27
StarTrick Hace 14 días
24:13 cameraman’s head in window
sone yoongexo
sone yoongexo Hace 14 días
Noface Stranger
Noface Stranger Hace 14 días
nobody: Grayson: *cAn YoU pLeAsE bAcK uP???*
Natily Reid
Natily Reid Hace 14 días
Lmfao that was hilarious😂😂😂
I AmPokook
I AmPokook Hace 14 días
LMAO the way Grayson fell sooo dramatic 😂😂😂
dahlia rose
dahlia rose Hace 15 días
i just has four x men ads in a row
dahlia rose
dahlia rose Hace 15 días
Angelina Gunter
Angelina Gunter Hace 15 días
10:05 💯😍😍
Victoria Rodriguez
Victoria Rodriguez Hace 15 días
I think I’m laughing more at the fact that Kyle is laughing
Destiny-Latesha Jones
Destiny-Latesha Jones Hace 15 días
This was when Emma and Ethan hung out
Isabella Robles
Isabella Robles Hace 15 días
This is one of my favorite pranks that Grayson did on Ethan
Patshhi4 Hace 15 días
Walt was great !!
Patshhi4 Hace 15 días
Hey guys. I see that you are renting that house. I used to be in the finance business. I’m sure you have a tax guy. You may want to get with them to see if it would benefit you (tax wise) to own that house, or a house. Since you do a lot of your work in the house you could write off part of your mortgage to the business. You may even be able to write off part of your rent now. That was a great prank! Ethan, the stunned look on your face was priceless 😂😂
Sam’sbookieparadise !!
If I was there in a position of either Grayson or the fake landlord then I would laughed so bad in any situation!!! I don’t understand how Grayson and the fake landlord kept their straight !!!
Peachy Clouds
Peachy Clouds Hace 16 días
No u
No u Hace 16 días
I didn’t realize I was smiling, and my dad asked me this: *whats yo ass laughin bout?*
Jazmine McEwan
Jazmine McEwan Hace 16 días
That escalated and it caught me off gaurd and I knew it would happen Lmfao omg the way gray fell holy shit 😂😂😂
Finley Dalrymple
Finley Dalrymple Hace 16 días
“And then I’ll quickly start laughing, so eThaN DoeSnT aTtAcK”
mia burk
mia burk Hace 16 días
Darion W. Beats
Darion W. Beats Hace 16 días
someone edit acrylics onto graysons nails and raise the pitch of the audio at 0:49
Anaya Davies
Anaya Davies Hace 16 días
Who else saw that the pen cam said 2017
Ruby Watson
Ruby Watson Hace 16 días
Grayson suits glasses
Marissa Herron
Marissa Herron Hace 16 días
22:07 is around the slap
AeroXWolf :3
AeroXWolf :3 Hace 16 días
LMAO Ethan is like half-asleep, he talks with that "lazy" kind of voice 😂😂
Kaa SJ
Kaa SJ Hace 16 días
Protective grayson is fucking hot
Queen Potato
Queen Potato Hace 17 días
I still cant believe Ethma is gone😢😭
Mattie Gilsdorf
Mattie Gilsdorf Hace 15 días
@Queen Potato that doesn't mean that Ethma isnt a thing anymore. I was explaining to my brother what the sister squad was and I said, "No more Sister Sqaud, just Ethma + Grayson Bailey, or Dolan Twins + Emma" (I like to call Gray, Grayson Bailey, okay, I know his first name is just Grayson)
Queen Potato
Queen Potato Hace 15 días
@Mattie Gilsdorf Ethma is gone bc Emma quit sister squad
Mattie Gilsdorf
Mattie Gilsdorf Hace 15 días
How is it gone
Ruby Bagley
Ruby Bagley Hace 17 días
no one: not a soul: no existing person or thing: grayson: whats up pen?
Chaser 118
Chaser 118 Hace 17 días
Awwe E 😭💞
p recifus
p recifus Hace 18 días
ethan was so CALM like WTF these kids are well raised... ;)
greeneyes❤ Hace 18 días
this is the best prank on the channel so far! But i am worried for gray what ethan will do next since he seems more evil in his pranks...
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