Can Cotton Candy Become Cotton Candy?

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Today we're taking some cotton candy, dissolving it in water, freeze drying it, then seeing if we can make cotton candy with the freeze dried cotton candy remains.
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22 oct 2019






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Comentarios 2 126
Potato Chip
Potato Chip Hace un minuto
Can you freeze dry marshmallow fluff then blend/crunch it then up it into the Cotten candy Machine
Grant Hill
Grant Hill Hace 27 minutos
I saw grants pic r.i.p
Amber Sims
Amber Sims Hace un hora
that's disgusting i love it lol
Kamri  D
Kamri D Hace 4 horas
I can’t understand how these people like cotton candy so much🤢
FlightMode Style
FlightMode Style Hace 10 horas
He looks like santa 9:45
Raddleton_Security Hace 18 horas
Me: About to sleep. ESvid: "Can Cotton Candy Become Cotton Candy?" Me: Okay, I don't need sleep, I need answers.
나혼자안산다 Hace 22 horas
so cool
William Nieves
William Nieves Hace un día
But it's already cotton candy...
Wagner Rodrigues Alves
Well, that sounds just like making cotton candy with extra steps
Ryan The Cyan
Ryan The Cyan Hace un día
From cotton candy to sonic candy
jliu1313 Hace 2 días
Ricola works well
Vaughn Hale
Vaughn Hale Hace 2 días
Aliana Kilchester
Aliana Kilchester Hace 2 días
Them: "wow we can make cotten candy, by making cotten candy, freeze drying cotten candy, crushing up cotten candy and then making cotten candy. Me: ok so to make cotten candy you have to do all of that when you can just do the very first step? And also who has a freeze dryer?😂😆
Xiana Rodriguez
Xiana Rodriguez Hace 2 días
*I used the cotton candy to make the cotton candy*
Joshua Ivey
Joshua Ivey Hace 2 días
Can you make Cotten into Cotten candy?
Jack Ermis
Jack Ermis Hace 2 días
Amy Schultz
Amy Schultz Hace 2 días
Yall should mix a whole bunch of flavors then do this all again
Astaynik Hace 3 días
Brian Impromptu Brushwood
DAIYAN RAZA Hace 3 días
how will it taste if you mixed every cotton candy both in powder and in cotton candy form
Betheny Tomseth
Betheny Tomseth Hace 3 días
So fun! Would you mind posting a link to this particular cotton candy machine, please? I'm looking for one to get my son for his birthday. Thank you!!
Steve Gaming
Steve Gaming Hace 3 días
can you make cotton candy with bubble gum?
Luke Aiken
Luke Aiken Hace 3 días
This has to be the most random random to ever random
Aleysha Kluver
Aleysha Kluver Hace 3 días
Can you flavor sugar then make it cotton candy? Butter, cheddar, pickle, fruits, veggies....and cinnamon, ect....
jocelyn ackerman
jocelyn ackerman Hace 3 días
Video idea cotton candy ice cream
FiestaRodan Hace 3 días
You had my curiosity *But now you have my attention*
Galactic Wolf101
Galactic Wolf101 Hace 3 días
...what has youtube become?...
Roxann West
Roxann West Hace 3 días
Cotton candy oh boy I love it !!! But doesn't love me with ADHD ....but worth staying up all night with a sugar buzz lol 🤣!!
ChocoRose Vlogs
ChocoRose Vlogs Hace 3 días
“oh no i love it”🤣🤣
Jemima JJ
Jemima JJ Hace 4 días
Can you freeze dry corn flour mix with water and see what happens???
richard hocking
richard hocking Hace 4 días
If you not done it already get some hot chilli powder and mixed it sugar so fine that sugar is coated with the chilli powder and see if it makes candy floss
Kento Kamizuri
Kento Kamizuri Hace 4 días
Diabetes is my best friend
That german guy Germany
I would eat fifty gallons of Cotten candy (I have weight issues)
Albina Shakzoda
Albina Shakzoda Hace 4 días
You guys should have blended it then put it
MrPotato Hace 4 días
I miss when you used to almost burn your hands off
Cameron Seymour
Cameron Seymour Hace 4 días
Twice cottened
lil toys 21 love
lil toys 21 love Hace 4 días
Kelly and Nate should be a thing SHIPPP
Conor Winterburn
Conor Winterburn Hace 5 días
Looks like Blue Aqua from breaking bad
ohdaniboiii Hace 5 días
Are Cheetos just freeze dried cheese you should try freeze dried cheese/cream cheese/ spray cheese etc
skull face33
skull face33 Hace 5 días
Yesss Brian brushwood is awesome
Annabell Graff
Annabell Graff Hace 5 días
Can you use Cotton candy to dye a shirt
Never using this account again :D
One word.... *DIABETES*
Payce Yeomans
Payce Yeomans Hace 5 días
Next on the King of Random "can you make your own insulin??"
velazquez armouries
velazquez armouries Hace 5 días
unintentional collab with the modern rogue
I_Don’t _Care_Who
I_Don’t _Care_Who Hace 5 días
This makes me want to eat cotton candy now
Aditya Hace 5 días
Is that water or acid that's my question
Xridion360 Hace 5 días
4:13 wow, so smooth!
Jennifer Grim
Jennifer Grim Hace 5 días
Looks tasty
Nick Is Bomb
Nick Is Bomb Hace 5 días
Wait..... can you make cds ( 💿 ) into cotton candy (No Nate you can’t eat that)
Nick Is Bomb
Nick Is Bomb Hace 5 días
Nobody: Literally no one: Tkor: cAn YoU makE coTToN canDY wiTh CotToN CandY
charlos 360
charlos 360 Hace 2 días
Shawna Walter
Shawna Walter Hace 5 días
How many times could you do that until it stops working?
Zy Tax
Zy Tax Hace 5 días
You guys could make a a candy shop
j0zart Hace 5 días
Clark Bono
Clark Bono Hace 6 días
Try fruit flavored lifesavers and starburst in the cotton candy machine.
gabriella penton
gabriella penton Hace 6 días
You still have the blow up couch from using it as a floaty on the river
Luan Lepeco
Luan Lepeco Hace 6 días
you gonna get diabetes
Cindy Y
Cindy Y Hace 6 días
I jus want to jump into da screen and eat all of it
CloudyS_319 Hace 6 días
Bob Sheepbob
Bob Sheepbob Hace 6 días
Candy foam... I smell a business opportunity
yash Nene
yash Nene Hace 6 días
Can recycled cotton candy become cotton candy? How many times can you recycle it?
Likhit Reddy
Likhit Reddy Hace 6 días
i was studying and now i'm binge watching these videos
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