Can Cotton Candy Become Cotton Candy?

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Today we're taking some cotton candy, dissolving it in water, freeze drying it, then seeing if we can make cotton candy with the freeze dried cotton candy remains.
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22 oct 2019






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4lpha Skullz
4lpha Skullz Hace 40 minutos
You guys have the same cotton candy machine I have
StormFlyer 657
StormFlyer 657 Hace 10 horas
Why was brain there
the nicotine niner
the nicotine niner Hace 17 horas
I wonder what there going to do with the moden rouge
Aleena Ly
Aleena Ly Hace 23 horas
“Today’s video is sponsored by rai-“ me:⏩⏩⏩
Rizzy Playzz
Rizzy Playzz Hace 2 días
I used the *cotton candy* to *create* the *cotton candy*
Gabriel Wolff
Gabriel Wolff Hace 4 días
Can I have some cotton candy
Watermelon Hace 6 días
Yeah.. gimme!! 🤣 gets me every time I rewatch it
Adam Metzger
Adam Metzger Hace 8 días
Try using just plain table sugar.
NightFury919 Hace 11 días
“Is that Raid Sha-“ ⏩Skip Skip Skippidy Skip
yingxia wei
yingxia wei Hace 12 días
This video is sponsored by Raid- Me: ⏩⏩⏩⏩
Alex Hace 14 días
Blue, pink and yellow The candy floss I'd pansexual confirmed
Sunny Luna
Sunny Luna Hace 15 días
I want cotton candy now
Mookid Hace 17 días
We may like cotton candy But we dont like rAiD sHaDoW LeGeNds
Nicolas M
Nicolas M Hace 18 días
how dense did that liquid become?
Creativity 24 7_
Creativity 24 7_ Hace 22 días
Is Calli Nate's gf?
ThatsMyNam E
ThatsMyNam E Hace 28 días
The Blue Sugar looks like Crystal Meth from the, very very great, Series Breaking Bad xD
Michael Pelkey
Michael Pelkey Hace un mes
I can think of a whole list of stuff that you can do like trying to making soy sauce cotton or even malic acid
Budgies Are the best
They are the Cotten candy masters and if you go there on holoween they will give you Cotten candy
SithGaming Roblox
SithGaming Roblox Hace un mes
Brian brushwood camio
Jason Hirsch
Jason Hirsch Hace un mes
Can you try the recotonifycation thing until it cant be recotinified
Galen Hace un mes
Experiment idea: Can you make cotton candy from freeze dried gummy bears or juice?
cait4610 cait4610
cait4610 cait4610 Hace un mes
2:13 be looking like bowl of windex
Alina Le
Alina Le Hace un mes
Can u guys recycle the cotton candy 100+ times please?
Moira Nash
Moira Nash Hace un mes
I wanna freeze dryer, but they cost like $3000 !!!
Angeline Chithra
Angeline Chithra Hace un mes
I can eat cotton candy.
Hoa Le
Hoa Le Hace un mes
Why is the thump nail looks so wired 😷
Rebecca Lilly
Rebecca Lilly Hace un mes
Make the biggest cotton candy ball
Tad Tolbert
Tad Tolbert Hace un mes
Save the time and skip to 5:16 ...(end of sponsor section)
Knathan Knathan
Knathan Knathan Hace un mes
I have neither one of those; but I do have some cotton candy though :)
AAnimatics Hace un mes
Cotton candy: Who are you? Double cotton candy: I am you but stronger.
person person
person person Hace un mes
i have an idea make cotton candy with the cotton candy u just made then take the cotton candy and turn it into cotton candy and take the sugar for cotton candy and put it on the cotton candy the use the cotton candy to make more cotton candy to make more cotton candy
Justhallow Hace un mes
Can you make cotton candy with cotton candy with cotton candy and cotton candy?
Krisha Coie
Krisha Coie Hace un mes
Me: Time to sleep its already 3:45 am "Can cotton candy make cotton candy?" Mom: colien time to sleep Me: mom can i just watch this video? Pls Mom:ok fine but only that video 4:04 am later Me:Eating cotton candy and watching a 1000 videos Mom: "Smashes my phone"
KeyStroke Hace un mes
Caramelized cotton candy?!? That sounds really nice! You should take powdered sugar and put it into a bag with different fruits (orange, apple, etc. Anything that won't go all gross in a day or two) to infuse it and then try to spin that into cotton candy.
Prickly the Pear
Prickly the Pear Hace un mes
They have created a new candy... *Candy Cotton Candy Candy*
Conner Brown
Conner Brown Hace un mes
Too should put sand in the cotton candy machine
Hannah Summers
Hannah Summers Hace un mes
"I'm not going to taste that." -Nate, never
AstralStarfruit Hace un mes
Can you Make cotton candy With Fun dip?
SCBeauty 1
SCBeauty 1 Hace un mes
So u guyes still have the inflatable couch from the couch surfing video
Zach Kingsberry
Zach Kingsberry Hace un mes
can eggs become cotin candey
fuk stick
fuk stick Hace un mes
lol nice spot for the game... its excakly were it should be forgotten under a couch somewhere never to be found and played
Moocow & Thumbs up emoji
They made Cotten candy flavoured Cotten candy?!?!?!
Fun Roblox Gaming with ya nigga
The way Nate was talking about raid is the way I feel about raid lmao .
Ryan Patey
Ryan Patey Hace un mes
2020 be like: Coronavirus, sponsored by Raid Shadow Legends
me just me
me just me Hace un mes
Raid shadow ledgends reminds me of dnd
Gladys chebet
Gladys chebet Hace 2 meses
can you make cotton candy with ice cream
Lemons and limes
Lemons and limes Hace 2 meses
They really like fairy floss 😅😂🤣
Shadow wolf playz and reactz
Can u turn rock candy into cotton candy
Isabella Waller
Isabella Waller Hace 2 meses
Damnit now I want a freeze drying xD
Gwendolyn Polk
Gwendolyn Polk Hace 2 meses
can you put a link in the discrption for a freeze dryer that does not cost $20,000 XD
Arthur rick roll
Arthur rick roll Hace 2 meses
I used the Cotton Candy to Make the Cotton Candy
Sofiedosi Wolfie
Sofiedosi Wolfie Hace 2 meses
Try raw cane sugar
FatUnicornHD Hace 2 meses
Hmm i wonder can pizza be pizza????
Drei Obsitue
Drei Obsitue Hace 2 meses
*Pinkie pie enters the chat*
prune eater
prune eater Hace 2 meses
The yellow one looks disgusting when you’re melting it
Latoya mcknight
Latoya mcknight Hace 2 meses
Worst Halloween Candies-5 Halloween Candies To Avoid how about using these. Candy Corn,Starbursts,Sour Patch Kids,M&MS,Red Vines
Waffle Artz
Waffle Artz Hace 2 meses
Janie Howard
Janie Howard Hace 2 meses
try putting hairspray in the freeze dryer
Kabir Khanna
Kabir Khanna Hace 2 meses
Carbonate the saturated solution and then dry freeze it
Kabir Khanna
Kabir Khanna Hace 2 meses
Knightonagreyhorse Hace 2 meses
Finally somebody grabbed the bull by the horns and figured it out. Long awaited video.
TobyLOLz Hace 2 meses
Can u recycle recycled cotton candy?????
Yoosung Kim
Yoosung Kim Hace 2 meses
It does sound less appetizing, that’s why I watched the video :)))
Val Forsdyke
Val Forsdyke Hace 2 meses
Would you try this but with store bought cotton candy?
theBLOX Cup
theBLOX Cup Hace 2 meses
Idea : Freeze dry Cotton Candy, Jolly Ranchers, Partly melted Ice Cream , Cupcakes, Whipped Cream and a M&M Candy Bar
Sophie Williams
Sophie Williams Hace 2 meses
So so satisfying
Antman 6819
Antman 6819 Hace 2 meses
0:00 the memes are true
Crazy Gamer
Crazy Gamer Hace 2 meses
Can the recycled cotton candy be recycle angin?
Spiyder Hace 2 meses
Ok, I’m done with my cotton candy, lEt mE rEcycle iT
Niku Shahbazi
Niku Shahbazi Hace 2 meses
I want to be Cali when I grow up
Matthew Hank
Matthew Hank Hace 2 meses
Try pop rock
Rajdqsalo_jelqzo_ 1911
Why don't you try to make an attachment for hard candie (werther's,joly ranchers etc.)
little Bro
little Bro Hace 3 meses
Try cough drop? What would happen?
KillProffit Hace 3 meses
0:50 Callie is dead
Blackstar the Polykin & PolyTherian
pan colored cotton candy
Littlepip Gaming YT
Littlepip Gaming YT Hace 3 meses
hmm, yes, the cotton candy here is made of cotton candy
Alleb Hace 3 meses
we've come full circle
icd_ gamer
icd_ gamer Hace 3 meses
It's eco-friendly!
heather strickland
heather strickland Hace 3 meses
Nate should be a professional cotten candy maker
Stick Mator
Stick Mator Hace 3 meses
Your make floor with floor, you make screens with screen and you make cotton candy with Read more
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