Making the Best Trap in Minecraft 

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Minecraft traps are waaaayyy too easy to avoid. Eating a golden apple, wearing armor, and even walking around them is usually enough to beat any minecraft trap. So today I am going to engineer what I think to be the best and deadliest possible trap in Minecraft. And afterwards test it against the two most untrappable minecraft players from lifesteal SMP: rekrap2 and Parrot
Featuring the one and only: @rekrap2 & @ParrotX2
this video is actually a remake of one of my old videos that I think deserved more views and I didn't do it justice in the past. If you've seen that one then thanks for sticking around lol
➤➤ Twitter: WifiesWasTaken
➤➤ Discord: discord.gg/zAWUuWb
Castle in the intro: bit.ly/3OaPYbu
Detectors by MethodZz: bit.ly/3RJNzr1
Computer virus footage: bit.ly/3oben5Y
Music from Epidemic Sound EXCEPT
Aizen theme (Treachery): bit.ly/3zge14l
Low of Solipsism: bit.ly/3aNdLke
no money tho :(
(worth it)
This is a series called Minecraft VVSauce where I explore random features of Minecraft. Not Minecraft, but the water rises or Minecraft Manhunt but a more research based series dedicated to over-answering questions you never asked.


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19 jul 2022






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Wifies Hace un año
what's an elytra?
Counterclockwise Hace un año
Kiephie Hace un año
I dunno
Gusher Kid 27
Gusher Kid 27 Hace un año
Magnus Hace un año
@Kiephie hi
rekrap2 Hace un año
10/10 trap!
MC-Qasim Hace un año
No way first reply
Hectillion Hace un año
I feel with a few tweaks the trap would be completely inescapable
MC-Qasim Hace un año
Null Hace un año
Well elytra but yeah it’s creative.
Korok Hace un año
theyeeterg Hace 9 meses
While they were focused on the trap inside Minecraft they didn’t even consider the trap outside of Minecraft, while they were worrying about getting that diamond block a 1 megaton nuclear bomb was falling directly onto both of their houses, ah yes the perfect trap is one you could never see coming
FoxAnimations Hace 8 meses
Superkid5 Hace 8 meses
@FoxAnimations truly masterful
trix aree cubillas
trix aree cubillas Hace 4 meses
you had me on the first half ngl (since wifies said the exact same thing I thought you were just copying lol)
I am key
I am key Hace 3 meses
the best trap to ever exist wipes your enemies off the planet
Spir Hace 2 meses
BUT they can escape that 1 megaton nuclear bomb by using their ender pearl stasis chamber that they built in real life that teleports them to a different timeline where they are fighting v1 from Ultra kill and they steal there parry arm then use their second ender pearl stasis chamber to teleport back to the normal timeline WITH v1's arm (the feedbacker) and then they parry the 1 megaton nuclear bomb with the feedbacker and if its a blue flash then they use their third ender pearl stasis chamber to go to a third timeline where they are the main character of Noita and they cast omega blackhole and they also use the fourth ender pearl stasis chamber that is linked to the omega blackhole teleports it to the 1 megaton nuclear bomb, disarming and destroying the bomb along with the omega blackhole triggering the 5th ender pearl stasis chamber to activate, teleporting them back to their device, countering the trap once and for all. (unless you disable ender pearls.)
TheAdvertisement Hace un año
11:13 I'd love to note how genius the skulk shrieker there is. A skulk sensor will pick up any nearby noise and send a redstone signal. _But,_ it will only send a signal to a skulk shrieker if it detects a player made that noise. So it's impossible to set off this trap without being within range!
My channel is Died by YouTube
how did the shrieker actually play into the overall design of it
John Smith
John Smith Hace un año
@My channel is Died by ESvid ? They literally just described how the shrieker played into the overall design my mans
Magnet Hace 11 meses
@My channel is Died by ESvid ur so smart
Kagemusha Shien
Kagemusha Shien Hace 10 meses
Can they be taken by silk touch?
saskade Hace 8 meses
​@Kagemusha Shienyea
Overkill Hace 3 meses
I feel like Enderpearls would have been a safe move, but they could never suspect that an entire chunk would just be gone in the matter of seconds
True Form Oblivion
True Form Oblivion Hace un mes
Hear me out… elytra and rockets?
Supercarlover1 Hace un año
I once came up with a trap that uses the act of spawning in the End to trigger a redstone torch to despawn, detonating tnt inside an obsidian box surrounding the End spawn platform. It can't be dodged, and the trigger is impossible to disable if no players are in the End at the time. Enough tnt would make survival impossible too.
dude Hace un año
I made a trap that makes a 8x8 chunk hole in the ground with falling sand, and it drops into the void (If you don’t have a god computer, then the hundreds of thousands of falling sand blocks crash your game, and you can never rejoin) [and i made it in bedrock!]
dude Hace un año
Thats a great trap
Sebas Houpst
Sebas Houpst Hace un año
@dude bruh not even close to my trap I made in bedrock... It's a trap so strong... Almost no pc can handle it you can only handle it if you are like 100000 blocks away but still... The trap is so deadly the only ones with operator powers can make it and destroy it...
Sebas Houpst
Sebas Houpst Hace un año
I am talking about 2 command blocks... 1 is a repeating always active commandblock with the command: /summon ender,_dragon And the other command blocks is repeating and also always active and that command block had /kill @e[type=ender_dragon] and then there is spawning 1 dragon a second and getting 1 dragon killed in a second and then there are too many xp orbs and pc crashed
Rekdyoface Hace un año
@Sebas Houpst cringe trap due to needing operator commands.
James the Gaming Engine
Wifles... you're a lunatic. That trap was insane. I didn't even understand it at first. I had to rewatch it multiple times to even get a grasp on the logistics behind it!
Mite Hace un mes
chunk go boom boom
Lawrence Zhang
Lawrence Zhang Hace un mes
f'ing elyta and bedrock
YouTube Hace un año
you really put on your thinking trap here, it's incredible 🤯
JustAstick_ Hace un año
Ice Cube
Ice Cube Hace un año
hi ESvid
George Parker
George Parker Hace un año
Hi youtubr
pearl phosphophyllite
Why the hell is ESvid here-
11.Karakter Hace un año
what youtube has 5 likes?
TermoPlays Hace un año
People often forget the point of traps. They're supposed to be surprises. The reason these 2 are so good at not getting trapped is because they primarily play on the LifeSteal smp, where traps are intended and expected at all times. (Not to mention very poorly made with an obvious escape most of the time)
Drew Pool
Drew Pool Hace un año
Also remember that the rays cast only interact with the hurt box, which is on your feet. That's why you only need to place 1 obsidian in the end to stop the beds, and why 1 deep bedrock holes are pro-strat status.
Zack the slayer
Zack the slayer Hace 6 meses
the hurt box is your entire body
Pao234 Hace 8 meses
This guy practically engineered a Minecraft nuke
lego man
lego man Hace un año
There was a counter to this, it is elytra and fireworks but since nobody would suspect it would be a void trap then it is theoretically inescapable
Hugo S
Hugo S Hace 8 meses
I just want to say that I think it's a very smart idea and these videos are fantastic. there's so much effort in it, and you always have such bright ideas. keep it up!🥶
Sacred Hace un año
This trap is so crazy and complex it made my brain hurt. A+
pugglypugger Hace un año
Now remake it in lego
i am here!
i am here! Hace un año
it broke their mind the same it broke their feet
Zestful Builds Stuff
What is a Lego ESvidr here?
PiggyTune Hace un año
Are you the ESvider
PiggyTune Hace un año
I thinck you are go uwu
NgoWay Hace un año
brilliant trap, but couldn't they still technically escape using most conventional methods? Like if rekrap had an enderpearl, he could have easily pearled into a crevice created by the large tnt. Or if one of them had gained the slowfall effect, it could have been even easier. Brilliant execution of a chunk ban leading into a massive and intricate tnt pit, would love to see a sequel.
owu awo
owu awo Hace un año
imagine if they actually did this trap in an smp server
ErikRePico12 Hace 4 meses
Theological Monochromatic Bovine
Well that was probably the most elaborate trap ever
Zhijun Chen
Zhijun Chen Hace un año
12:41 I like how the mincarts literally go’s crazy and starts spinning
ARgamer Hace un año
Anzion10 Hace un año
They just went helicopter 🚁
SCP- 0963
SCP- 0963 Hace un año
Knowing all this and that Ivory, the best Minecraft escapist I've seen has not only beaten this trap but even used it against you just makes makes her video better.
Almighty Yeetyeet
Almighty Yeetyeet Hace un año
10:50 while parrot and rek were so focused on the trap inside Minecraft, they didn’t even consider a trap outside Minecraft. The whole time, a single seat twin engine supermaneuverable SU-35BM Flanker-E air-defense fighter was observing the 2 player’s houses irl, and was ready to initiate a strike on them. Foolish mistake for these so called “Deadliest Players”
D Mack
D Mack Hace un año
Ahh yes, the most based channel
Gratuitous Gore
Gratuitous Gore Hace un año
All hail Bosnian Ape Society
RisingLabyrinth Hace un año
i could see this becoming a copypasta like the going into f5 meme
Adolf Fischer
Adolf Fischer Hace un año
@RisingLabyrinth but then i have a very good idea I used f5, see using f5 can give me a whole new perspective and i forgor what's next after perspective
NotXeq Hace un año
This was an amazing trap i couldn't even think of this. Well played and thought of.
Reshy Hace un año
There was still a couple of ways out of this even without an Elytra. Quickly throwing two pearls to trigger the trap and depart the chunk within a tick or two. Bridge with obsidian which I don't think can be exploded or converted. Use Slow Falling to float into one of the caverns.
Jayant Vijay
Jayant Vijay Hace un año
He didn't say that they the victim should know the whole trap.. obviously if you know everything then you can escape anything
no one
no one Hace un año
you can put ancient debries that is moved by piston so you cant destroy it in time, set the nearby area with bubble column water so you cant ender pearl tp, and flying machine to block the surface from flying away
Reshy Hace un año
@Jayant Vijay Eh, even something as simple as an elytra, pearl or slow falling could have foiled it. Former two most people have on them at all times.
jbears Hace 8 meses
@Jayant Vijay but most player have the elitra on most of the time
Someone user
Someone user Hace 3 meses
The trap can be beaten by having a daylight stasis chamber. You simply join at night and are tp back to safety
Artfulcord Hace un año
That was so unnecessarily complex I love it
Gotta love to hate em
What was unnecessary about it ?
Kalaphant Hace 2 meses
@Gotta love to hate em He could've used the Trojan Horse Which is WAYYYYYYY simpler ;)
Dhea Mariesta
Dhea Mariesta Hace 5 meses
love how rek grabbed totems in both hands and was clearly shaking when the tnt exploded. great job with the traps!
Sofishticated Hace un año
I am amazed at how you could have thought of such an insane trap, the concept of kicking them before they reached the diamond block is great on its own but the execution might be the craziest thing I've seen on Minecraft, great job man
Игорь Ант
Игорь Ант Hace un año
It can be beaten with an ender pearl
ChaseLikesNachos Hace un año
People have used this method before, it’s not a new thing
gaming and editing  with veer
5th i guess
Bee_Fizz Hace un año
This feels like a fun history lesson.
Black Lotus
Black Lotus Hace un año
What about a half broken nether portal using update suppressors right over the void? As soon as you go through, you fall into the void instantly and it kills you through totems with almost no time to even react.
Zoeeos Hace un año
This is literally a cinematic masterpiece
Natural Violet
Natural Violet Hace un año
to prevent using an elytra to escape this you could destroy a ring of chunks around the trap chunk, and cover the walls in buttons. to prevent using rockets to fly out maybe have something that triggers like 3 anvils per block around the ring of chunks.
Chris G The Patriot
Chris G The Patriot Hace un año
Traps are evolving. They are becoming multi stage traps with backup routines to create a situation that is unpredictable. This is the revolution of trapping in Minecraft.
Yahiamice Hace un año
madlad actually sacrificed his whole video's monetization status in order to put some banger music. respect
NewTube World
NewTube World Hace un año
legend to end all legends, even?
BigBoy KenoB
BigBoy KenoB Hace un año
Jabibi Float
FatCatFroggie Hace un año
It was the Death Note music for me
KloverKhan Hace un año
its honstly sad youtubers cant use good music because of copyright
DarkSunday Hace un año
how 2 madlad
Shadetheprince Hace un año
Normally I'd think the Death note music was overkill but with a trap this thought out, you earned it
Isaiah Maljaars
Isaiah Maljaars Hace 5 meses
you could use calibrated sculk sensor for detecting footsteps so it only goes when you are close.(in the snapshots)
Conner Morgan
Conner Morgan Hace 9 meses
12:37 seeing the minecarts wobble around made me laugh
ricK Hace un año
i like how you are looking with the model to the items you explain, way more interesting to see its so nice :D
Herobrine Wither
Herobrine Wither Hace 6 meses
There was one way they could have escaped. If they thought of a void trap as a likely option they could have eaten a chorus fruit. I think.
CryoPlureodon2 Hace un año
Summary: the perfect trap is one that lures them into a false sense of security with a small, powerful-but-avoidable decoy. The mechanism must be sneaky enough that upon discovery they will think it's the main trap. However, there is a much larger secondary mechanism that creates a massive, inescapable trap while simultaneously rendering them unable to counter it while they otherwise could. Any remaining chances to escape are countered with the psychological effect of the trap, shocking them and slowing their reactions
Mr Night Prime
Mr Night Prime Hace un año
It can be counter via elythra or pearls
Kyne Purazo
Kyne Purazo Hace un año
Like Gromek999's ftw trap First some darts Next a Boulder Next even more Boulders covering the whole thing Your hp is expected to be low at this point Get suffocated by silt Die. The only way of escaping this is with tp
Astral Java
Astral Java Hace un año
@Mr Night Prime ya see they get emotional damage before they could even react this killing them via the void
Max E
Max E Hace un año
The vid was staged given the chance anyone would take an elytra or enderpearls
Edward Zweyer
Edward Zweyer Hace un año
@Max E The point is they only expect a skulk sensor landmine, not a huge void free fall. Who gets enderpearls or elytra for a landmine trap? Besides, those can be easily countered with a huge obsidian wall and ceiling mechanism, equipped with self destruct, so even those are counterable.
Oscar Davey
Oscar Davey Hace un año
With the complexity of the build it is a 9.5 out of 10 there are certain ways to stop elytras so I can see you with a lag machine or chunk bans outside of the pit so they could have a elytra and rockets so they would just delay death and tnt dupers of in the distance out of sight that fly over and break any bridges they make great work !!!!
Rosemary Hace un año
So I don't know much about minecraft mechanics, but I think it could be possible for you to still get it by using a fishing rod, should you have not thought about that yet. If you knew what was coming, you could probably stand right outside of that chunk and still pick it up with enough throws, since where the block was seemed to be close enough. As far as I know, you only seem to be hit by the trap if you're in the chunk, so staying out of it is most likely the best option.
livay liven
livay liven Hace 10 meses
wow... i didnt expect that. Nice trap but it seems really complicated, love ur content
Literally Nothing
Literally Nothing Hace un año
While this is an incredible trap that would probably work against every player, there is a flaw with it. This entire trap relies on them being within the chunk of the trap, so by simply shooting an arrow at the trap to activate the trap from outside the chunk, they would not activate the chunkban. Then, they would see the entire chunk start to explode, and run away completely unscathed. Correct me if I'm wrong, I probably overlooked some huge component.
Casual Satanist
Casual Satanist Hace 10 meses
I predicted the bookban but the destruction of the entire chunk, sealing their deaths on rejoin was straight up genius! I wouldve never predicted that.
DawnTear Hace un año
I’ve always wondered why trapdoors aren’t actually “trap-doors”
CannonSoup Hace un año
they should have trap-remix-doors so when you open it it plays dubstep
MrSharkFIN Hace un año
@CannonSoup If it's a trap remix, why would it play dubstep? lol Wouldn't it just play... trap?
CannonSoup Hace un año
@MrSharkFIN fair enough
JeffV2 Hace un año
I agree but listen to me, don't read my name.
MrObseqium Hace un año
@JeffV2 okay!
SpicyCubes12 Hace 3 meses
This guy puts sooo much effort in to his vids
Strøm Hace un año
Dear God... he mastered the art of trapping
Bilgi Paşa
Bilgi Paşa Hace 7 meses
Wifies, you forgot that blast damages are calculated to players FEET. I mean if they hit by rays to body except feet, they will take almost no damage. (Or half a heart)
oyceeidfk Hace un año
there’s also a detective mecanism that works by detecting a player that sucks up an experience points. but just like the pufferfish detector it can’t be placed too far from the target, so they can discover it by digging (but it may be too late for them)
Brandon Gentry
Brandon Gentry Hace un año
This is some next-level stuff. Kudos!
doctor4t Hace un año
I love how you went on those tangeants explaining simple traps, just to end up creating an absolutely unexpected behemoth of a trap. The complexity is amazing!
Beanbagblast Hace un año
MRPRO Hace un año
Yeah love channel doctor
Metal overlord
Metal overlord Hace un año
フリスクチャンネル thank you
Ricky Kolla ꪜ
Ricky Kolla ꪜ Hace un año
5th reply no wayyy big fan
Alan chen
Alan chen Hace un año
This was by far the best video ive watched in my whole life.
Cem Hace 5 meses
hmmm, I wonder if a perfectly timed ender pearl to safety could counter that 🤔
The ending had the most intimidating potato eating I’ve ever seen
chaotic Hace un año
Warden is actually not a bad idea, it runs the exact same speed (5.612bps) but you can outrun it by jump sprinting, but you can give a warden speed and it can 2 shot basically ANYTHING, no matter what armor you have (protection IV netherite), it will still 2 shot you and you can give it strength and invisibility. sometimes something simple can be deadly.
Nekominori nya
Nekominori nya Hace 9 meses
Damn this is smart and ngl im very impressed, on the other hand though, shooting at it with a tnt canon would have been the best choice
P46 Hace un año
Only thing this trap is missing is walls with stone buttons on the side along with a cobblestone generator which fills the roof in to prevent ender pearls and elytra
Bobe moment
Bobe moment Hace un año
some people are suggesting lag machines to prevent the elytra, i'd say use a ton of entities such as tnt minecarts, armour stands, regular minecarts, mobs, and also redstone lag machines.
Supercannonball 123
Supercannonball 123 Hace un año
This man has massive bond villain energy.
Lümmelflop Hace 2 meses
Amazing trap. I don't really understand why they didn't bring elytras and fireworks. Would have been the first thing I took because of fall damage. Or is this on an older version?
Andrew Hace 6 meses
1:16 You can still block clutch against buttons lol. It's quite a bit harder than against a wall of course but very much possible
BZR_Buzz Hace un año
You should have added a lag machine that drops their frames, so they don't even have a chance of flying out even if they had an elytra. It is a already amazing trap though, good job.
Superslim Anoniem
Superslim Anoniem Hace un año
Nah that depends on their pc and settings, which means that if they have entity rendering off there is going to be barely any lag. (Disabling entity rendering with tweakeroo or using a culling mod)
corvus Hace un año
@Superslim Anoniem u cant use any mods
PiNeAPplEPizZa Hace un año
They ca n use a ender pearl when they were falling down
Wifies Hace un año
that would've been great
Necrull Hace un año
then we need something for escaping with an ender pearl though
GG Hace 5 meses
Wifies will be remembered as a person who trapped 2 smartest minecraft players
Nikhil R
Nikhil R Hace 2 meses
He never gives up. That’s why he stands out.
ZombieHunter 2
ZombieHunter 2 Hace 5 meses
A good trap for a server would be one that tries to drop them into a pit, but it activates a lagger so harsh, that it causes the victims to be suspended in the air by the lag, & anticheat kicks (or even bans) them off the server for flying!
PapaSmurf Hace 7 meses
Casual player: Watches a 10 minute red stone tutorial to make a trap to prank their friend. Wifies: Spends months making a trap to dethrone two Minecraft pros for a 13 minute video
TinyTea Hace un año
this is overkill on so many levels and i love it.
TimeBucks Hace un año
so impressed by the mechanism
Falke Borg
Falke Borg Hace un año
Osmeli Montilla
Osmeli Montilla Hace un año
Morella Továr
Morella Továr Hace un año
Kishun gamer
Kishun gamer Hace un año
Dewangan Dev
Dewangan Dev Hace un año
I like this video very creative channel
CoffeemaC Lol
CoffeemaC Lol Hace un año
there’s a chance it could be stop but really love the idea of how complicated and probably required a lot of thinking👍
Curs3d Hace un año
Holy smoke! The amount of effort putting in this video is gigantic! Great work Wifies! You freaking killed it!
Kamrynn master chief  vs every one
Disc 11 and disc 13 both fit each other if you play them both at the same time it was like they were meant to be played at the same time try it and the deep dark one
ryan abraham
ryan abraham Hace un año
Awesome Video ! Keep up the good work !
Teckna19 Hace 3 meses
Another problem with the pit would've been that if they'd grabbed an elytra and fire-work rockets, so they could've propelled themselves out
Unknown Entity!
Unknown Entity! Hace un año
The Death Note OST was so perfect for this trap. Amazing job, Wifies. Would love to see more of your genius traps.
Shayer S. Utsho
Shayer S. Utsho Hace un año
AND the Bleach OST before it
Unknown Entity!
Unknown Entity! Hace un año
@Shayer S. Utsho Yes
Артём Мачин
Thats not a note... Thats a death sentence
Unknown Entity!
Unknown Entity! Hace un año
@Артём Мачин Yes, That definitely was a death sentence
Ancient𝕏 Hace un año
Sounds like a geometry dash song lol
MWTB Hace un año
to improve the trap, cap the entity limit so that ender pearls cannot be used, also for the elytra you could trap the end so that nobody could get in to the point where an elytra would be impossible to obtain.
XenoDragomorph Hace un año
Hey they give you advice for traps why not use respawn anchors? Where I'm going at is the overworld used for them in the overworld if you load up a respawn anchor over five it will explode and the blast is stronger than one TNT or End Crystal. I'm not exactly sure how this can work in a trap but knowing one of the best trap makers you probably figure it out
Roukey Hace 3 meses
They didnt think of pearls, u could throw the pearl out of the render distance , cuz if there is an explosion u can just escape when u want
Jordon1377 Hace un año
now add piston doors that close the void hole so the elytra wont get you up. And lag the player so by the time they load and react with their rockets they are already in the void
Prizmil Light
Prizmil Light Hace un año
While this seems inescapable, it is not inescapable enough for Ivory.
Henrique Santos
Henrique Santos Hace un año
Henry Hoekstra
Henry Hoekstra Hace un año
Wifies doesn’t go for the obvious, thinks smarter, and goes through the most unthinkable thing that would work
CCost Hace un año
yeah he doesnt go for the obvious because he clearly missed the elytra part
Urdu Stories
Urdu Stories Hace 6 meses
@CCost He still succeeded unlike you
CCost Hace 6 meses
@Urdu Stories what
I is Human
I is Human Hace un año
thats insane, no wonder it took you 3 months to work that out, that would be crazy to put together. Especially if you had to test and retry multiple times, thats just impressive
Josh Lefelhocz
Josh Lefelhocz Hace un año
My god, this is literally a Saw-level trap. Good job.
Ari R
Ari R Hace 7 meses
I love your videos keep up the good work😁
sinister is random
sinister is random Hace un año
We once thought that neither of the deadliest Survivorist Minecraft players could die. Wifies has proven us wrong.
Coincollector PH
Coincollector PH Hace un año
This man is a genius!!
SA Hace un año
The death note music made it even more insane than the trap it self was , you are a genius of thinking a trap which no one could have , hats off dude this video was amazing
miting twotch
miting twotch Hace un año
Mendel Hace un año
And also Bleach ost
le duck
le duck Hace un año
if yagami played minecraft:
Wifies Hace un año
Means a ton! Glad you think so :D
SA Hace un año
@Wifies :D
Local Homeless Man
Local Homeless Man Hace un año
Even though you can outrun the warden it's sonic blasts have an unlimited range, that can kill a player in netherite armor with protection 5. So making a trap with the warden is one of the best ways to kill a player. Edit: explaining this more you can make a skulk sensor trap to explode an area with hundreds of wardens to detect them using any item and killing them instantly before they can use enchanted golden apples.
27. Minh Quang Vo
27. Minh Quang Vo Hace un año
According to my experience, wardens make the worst trap possible for the effort of making them because of two main reasons: 1. They are EXTREMELY detectable, thanks to the Darkness effect, and if there are many of them, they are SUPER loud. 2. There is a HUGE window between when the player finds out and when he gets killed (unless he was right next to them.)
RandomPulse Hace un año
I’d say the perfect trap well in creative would be to just use world edit and just have it ready to deleat the blocks when they walk over them. Then if you can cover the blocks
Sippy - Roblox & Minecraft Adventures
no trap can be perfect since they could of flew out of this one and in your one they have options like place a water bucket on the side and then dig out with a pickaxe, eat a chorus fruit and tp back and many more
Abalos Boys
Abalos Boys Hace un año
Better version of that is to kick Player then set everything in like a 1000x1000 area to bedrock so when they rejoin they die from suffercation (kick to remove pearl stasis chambers) Or just /kill lmao
RandomPulse Hace un año
Well the reasoning is that it’s so sudden that they can’t do anything until you’ve already covered the blocks but yeah any trap usually has an issue
The Suop Star
The Suop Star Hace un año
@Abalos Boys but /kill doesn’t work on bedrock tho
ThornRose Hace 19 días
wish we had a map download of this masterpiece
Tozemo Hace un año
It is actually pretty easily escapable. Most player have an elytra and firework rockets with them so the my can easily fly out of the void after falling in
mrlancus Hace 7 meses
this man - hes a goddamn genius
Void boi
Void boi Hace un año
Although the trap is incredibly effective, if someone knew the exact contents of the trap beforehand or they just over thought this they’d bring an elytra and leave
MysticalSloth Hace un año
cami Hace un año
this is so random, but his voice is soo nice and satisfying to hear.
The goggle bros.
The goggle bros. Hace un año
Parrot and Rekrap2: asssumed to be the deadliest players Wifies: *Proceeds to create a technologiclly advanced trap able to destroy the most hardcore of players*
Adon Diklon
Adon Diklon Hace un año
Could you make a followup where you make it so even if you know this exact trap and try to disarm it, it would still get you? prob won't happen but after seeing ivory's video yk
z Hace un año
This is a god damn masterpiece.
That Guy
That Guy Hace 7 días
You’ve GOT my subscription. This was hilarious.
PRYRIN Hace un año
Theres no words to describe this. Out of all the traps ive made over the years ive never thought of using a chunkban, yet alone all the other mechanisms that activated. I dont know how anyone could think of this, This is absolutely Awesome
Fish King
Fish King Hace un año
I knew it was going to be book ban when you said a trap to end all traps as it was commonly used in 2b2t which would prevent players from joing back until it was disabled
NoahDplayzz Hace un año
dude towards the end i was like "oh, he made a crappy trap that works ok enough" no, u did ur goal and ddint clickbait. respect man
Emudaburd Hace un mes
I have no idea how you think of this stuff, its so amazing, great video