Making The SMALLEST Slime In The World! How To Make DIY Miniature Food Slime

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You guys loved my previous video where I spent 24 hours in a bounce house so today I decided to spend 24 hours in a squishy pit!! I have never had this many squishies in my life before and it was actually so much fun and surprisingly comfortable! Let me know how you think I did and what other challenges you want me to try! Love, Wengie
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8 dic 2018

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Wengie Hace un día
Which slime was your favorite? Check out my BTS (behind the scenes) of my 🎄Christmas Song🎄 esvid.net/video/vídeo-yXhHjBk2wBc.html It was so much fun to film so check it out if you wanna see what it looked like in real life 🤗🤗
JiKookMin Shipper
JiKookMin Shipper Hace 2 horas
Oh.. I thought she ment Bangtan for a sec
Dragon Soul
Dragon Soul Hace 2 horas
Please make a tutorial on how you dye and style your hair and hair extensions 😍💗
Wengie the Soda look so good i hope you can mack Edible spda slime
The Muffin Man
The Muffin Man Hace 2 horas
you guys are fuc*ing overated
_Aaron892 Hace 2 horas
Rip yt rewind
Rabbit Raider
Rabbit Raider Hace 2 horas
How is this 1st trending 🤔
Luke Helmholz
Luke Helmholz Hace 2 horas
#1 on trending. You go wengie!!!!
JiKookMin Shipper
JiKookMin Shipper Hace 2 horas
#1 on trending! :3
new mukesh sports mukesh
L Ok suber
Dragon Soul
Dragon Soul Hace 2 horas
Please make a tutorial on how you dye and style your hair and extensions omfg. 💗💗💗
_Spam _
_Spam _ Hace 2 horas
how old is wengie again?
Hehehe hohoho
Hehehe hohoho Hace 2 horas
Fuckin hell
Emora 59810
Emora 59810 Hace 2 horas
I saw this notification actually a while ago, and decided not to watch it since I was busy. *BIG MISTAKE* Now it’s #1 on Trending! 😢🦄
Baby Taco
Baby Taco Hace 2 horas
Congrats for being number 1 trending
Turkish Mapper
Turkish Mapper Hace 2 horas
When the #1 trending video actually sucks
Zinkkyy Hace 2 horas
What a waste of resources.
Fox X
Fox X Hace 2 horas
Why is this #1 on trending!?!
Blue nose
Blue nose Hace 2 horas
Star bucks one
Yenimatics Hace 2 horas
#1 trending woow
alejandro cano
alejandro cano Hace 2 horas
Give me a like if you think those are so cute.
Rachel Stone
Rachel Stone Hace 2 horas
1st on trending
1,000,000 subscribers with no videos
*That moment when you make the worlds SMALLEST slime*
Yomaira Robles
Yomaira Robles Hace 2 horas
The unicorn starbucks was awesome!!!
Malaya Broadwell
Malaya Broadwell Hace 2 horas
When i was first watching this and there were no hugs I was astonished but there were hugs at the end so I'm happy
1,000,000 subscribers with no videos
*that moment when YES but NO*
image one
image one Hace 2 horas
I LOVE the Nuttela!
Lamise Zeid
Lamise Zeid Hace 2 horas
I am a huge fan of wengie and slime like if you are the same
The Wood House Boys
The Wood House Boys Hace 2 horas
Your hair! 😍❤️
Helen Gupalyuk
Helen Gupalyuk Hace 2 horas
Did u just say a slime R.i.p me
nastymoni Hace 2 horas
how is this higher than the trailer lmfao
foxgaming -also animations for you
No.1 on trending :o
Jenna Griffin
Jenna Griffin Hace 2 horas
Lol how’s this more trending than Avengers 4, but it doesn’t matter cuz I LOVE Wengie
420 Subscribers Without Any Videos?
*sometimes i like my own comment to make me feel better*
•Trey Moultrie•
•Trey Moultrie• Hace 2 horas
All these avengers fans are mad at this
Kiara's Toys
Kiara's Toys Hace 2 horas
Coo!! 😍😘
Skylar Universe
Skylar Universe Hace 2 horas
Good job getting first on trending
The Muffin Man
The Muffin Man Hace 2 horas
Me: OMG Finally the trend of slime is gone * Looks what 1 on trending* Me: 😑-🔫-❌
Aleesa Golubev
Aleesa Golubev Hace 2 horas
Love u Wengie
Liah & Lauren
Liah & Lauren Hace 2 horas
Why are so many people being so rude about what's trending!!! If you don't want to watch wengie make slime then you can click on another video!!! I think that her miniature food slimes are cute and she probably put a lot of thought into this video (like she does with all of her videos😊) and really in the end if she likes making slime videos then she'll probably keep making them so then this channel might not be for you! Leave wengie as the beautiful happy pink unicorn she is!!!😘😘😘💖💖💖🦄🦄🦄 Ilysm wengie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Blue Rose
Blue Rose Hace 2 horas
0-0 It’s #1 trending rn :oo
morgan lee
morgan lee Hace 2 horas
QuickSlimKim💨 Hace 2 horas
#1 on trending
alejandro marchelly
alejandro marchelly Hace 2 horas
Family friendly that what this video is #1 in trendings
Jay Ash
Jay Ash Hace 2 horas
I’ve never tried Nutella *fight me*
makeup tutorial
makeup tutorial Hace 2 horas
Check out the vid i just posted sub like and share and can i get a shout out that way my channel can grow thx love your vids💖
PuppyGirl XD
PuppyGirl XD Hace 2 horas
OMG you could make a mini slime world! You could make these little dolls to go with it. That would be great merch.
Ariel Carvelho
Ariel Carvelho Hace 2 horas
It’s number one on trending :o
K_flower Hace 2 horas
I love your videos sooooooooo much!!!
In Out By
In Out By Hace 2 horas
BTS army
Rebeca Delgado
Rebeca Delgado Hace 2 horas
Yay 1# on trending!!
pozok mc
pozok mc Hace 2 horas
MrHardcoreJustic Hace 2 horas
I’m 24 years old... what am I watching! Can’t stop
Typically Soda
Typically Soda Hace 2 horas
How’s this number 1 on trending??😂🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Randomest_ Hace 2 horas
Why is this number one on trending?
Df7 7
Df7 7 Hace 2 horas
To much effort for me
aj calderon
aj calderon Hace 2 horas
Today is My Birthday,Can I Have 3 Likes
Adriana's Life
Adriana's Life Hace 2 horas
Who loves Wengie's new music video!!! Me: I love it!!!💝
dragonchaos98 98
dragonchaos98 98 Hace 2 horas
Wtf is this on trending
MOIST Hace 2 horas
Why is this in trending
Cheecky Trends
Cheecky Trends Hace 2 horas
1 on trending
Lucie Wynn
Lucie Wynn Hace 2 horas
I don't like filigree slime
Deana Leighton
Deana Leighton Hace 2 horas
Your number one on trending! This vid is number one! Rn
Ckimlover 26
Ckimlover 26 Hace 2 horas
CONGRATULATIONS wengie for getting #1 trending
Yaquta Shirazi
Yaquta Shirazi Hace 2 horas
Why don't u do a giant slime video instead of a miniature slime video
Ava Jordan
Ava Jordan Hace 2 horas
I have a question, do you listen to nightcore Wengie, if not you should I'm really Into sad song at the moment
Michelle Burback
Michelle Burback Hace 2 horas
So cute please make more
Hannah I
Hannah I Hace 2 horas
Wengie I love your channel but don’t you have another channel specifically for slime videos? I’m kinda getting bored of the slime videos
Hello Hi
Hello Hi Hace 2 horas
So many avengers’ fans are triggered by this 😅
Lil PUMP Hace 2 horas
ESvid did an oopsie
Jay Ash
Jay Ash Hace 2 horas
Ava Jordan
Ava Jordan Hace 2 horas
Click this, it will turn blue, its magic 👇
Space Duck
Space Duck Hace 2 horas
Number 1 trending???? Tf????
Catherine :D
Catherine :D Hace 2 horas
Didn’t the slime trend die tho...?
Oğuzhan Ergöl
Oğuzhan Ergöl Hace 2 horas
aNa sKm bu video neden trendlerde
Cara Cat
Cara Cat Hace 2 horas
Omg YOUR #1 ON TRENDING well done 👍🏻🥰🥳🥳🥳🥳
Aplus_Nerd Hace 2 horas
When you think ESvid is fixing itself, then ESvid Rewind comes out then this.
Sarah Kitzmiller
Sarah Kitzmiller Hace 2 horas
If I had to chose it is star bucks
Travis Giacomo
Travis Giacomo Hace 2 horas
I lost faith in humanity
Chante Asmr
Chante Asmr Hace 2 horas
OK I love slime. Maybe I'm a big kid, but who cares not me because I will love slime for life. Yessssss
Saniya Perry
Saniya Perry Hace 2 horas
Love 😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙
luna Hace 2 horas
she said “try not to eat it right now” SHE EATS the SLIME
Just Emily
Just Emily Hace 2 horas
Small youtuber!sub for a sub?
Can Munzur
Can Munzur Hace 2 horas
Anand Seth
Anand Seth Hace 2 horas
6:18 feels like doll hand
Anna Garza
Anna Garza Hace 2 horas
#1 TRENDING!!!!!!
Mari And Lilly
Mari And Lilly Hace 2 horas
Midnight Arctic
Midnight Arctic Hace 2 horas
I can’t decide too! I LOVE EVERYTHING!!!!
Ella B
Ella B Hace 2 horas
How is this 1st on trending and not avengers, ugh
Mick Br
Mick Br Hace 2 horas
Oq q eu to fazendo da minha vida? Kkk
Gacha Potato
Gacha Potato Hace 2 horas
*One on trending* *YASS*
HotGamerChica Hace 2 horas
If you see this I hope you have a great and happy day today ❤️💖💋
Payton Carlsgaard
Payton Carlsgaard Hace 2 horas
I love my little Nutella container I got it at target for $1 and I ate it all and filled it and ate it again
Emzy_love101 Hace 2 horas
TardisIn1963 Hace 2 horas
Really shows how ESvid's trending system is broken
JZee TV Hace 2 horas
How did this get on #1 trending
galaxykittens forevergames
#1 on trending?
Benwgraland Hace 3 horas
You’ve never been on trending nice first time your still a dumbfuck
Hayleigh Sinclair
Hayleigh Sinclair Hace 3 horas
I love you so much. It would be so cool if you noticed me
Annastar41 Hace 3 horas
0:41 **Uses knife without supervision** **re-kills slime trend**
Alexa Liwag
Alexa Liwag Hace 3 horas
No offense but shouldn't Avengers be #1 on trending?
Tolga Bedir
Tolga Bedir Hace 3 horas
check my youtube channel.
Alyssah Stroud
Alyssah Stroud Hace 3 horas
Congratulations on being on the trending list 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉
Niyah's_ World
Niyah's_ World Hace 3 horas
Congrats on trending #1
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