MAMAMOO - Starry Nightㅣ마마무 - 별이 빛나는 밤 [2018 SBS Gayo Daejeon Music Festival]

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28 dic 2018






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Comentarios 823
ThatsMichele Hace 4 horas
Looking forward for their concert here in philippines.
just me
just me Hace 5 horas
Is this their concert? 😍 wow!!
Nakamoto Yuta's healing smile
Solar is so beautiful. Her beauty shines even tho she's wearing the most ordinary outfit and her hairstyle is ordinary too
Loc Truong thi
Loc Truong thi Hace 10 horas
Cai chi co lan da banh mat nhin thay ma chanh ma con mac do ho dung la con dien khong biet cong ty nao nhan no moi duoc dung la khong co mat no xau ma con cho con nho chang bi tam than
Bian Chang
Bian Chang Hace un día
I like how mamamoo gay moments is searched more than mamamoo gayo daejun.
23chow Hace un día
I love Hwasas’ skin color!! Shes glowing and sultry!!! Is it that her natiral skin tone or just tanned?? Because as to what I know, Korean beauty standards prefer white skin but Hwasa stands out !!!
Judy Ann Tolentino
Judy Ann Tolentino Hace un día
woah i'll definitely stan Mamamoo from now on 😍 all of them are incredibly talented and captivating 💓
toxxic grlsur
toxxic grlsur Hace un día
Sexualizan mucho a Hwasa
Wendy Castro
Wendy Castro Hace 2 días
My Queen Hwasa.
Phúc Hồng Võ
Phúc Hồng Võ Hace 2 días
byul taeyang
byul taeyang Hace 2 días
So damn powerful.
augustlilly Hace 2 días
Their studio albums don't do a lot for me but they are such a joy to watch live. Goddamn. I stan. Sometimes artists translate better in live format.
Tofu Hace 2 días
I like Hwasa she doesn’t give a fuck what everyone thinks
Skylover4646 cookies
I dont think their idols because their artist
tamaitai Hace 4 días
my gosh, #hwasa is soooooo wow!
Carat MooMoo
Carat MooMoo Hace 5 días
3:44 I see five mans dancing-- Ok I will stop :")
Mailen Valdez
Mailen Valdez Hace 5 días
Alto tango locooo 🇦🇷
Aliee lim
Aliee lim Hace 5 días
Hanh Dao
Hanh Dao Hace 5 días
"Mesh some noise" 🤣
ATEEZING ME Hace 6 días
No ones talking about Moonbyul having amazing vocals in the beginning?
Ms. Summer
Ms. Summer Hace 6 días
I stan a group like MAMAMOO! No one can beat there versatility, there presents on stage, healthy bodies especially Hwasa, their unique voices and etc. No one can beat them, they're one and only. 👑👑👑
Supreetha Devarakonda
Wait. How did wheein's hair grow so much from December. How does she have long hair in gogobebe
WinnielyGamer Hace 7 días
Where can I find this version?
Ilse Miranda
Ilse Miranda Hace 7 días
franchesesa aa
franchesesa aa Hace 7 días
I smell success this year for them 😘
angela nadine
angela nadine Hace 8 días
Hwasa is such a queen 👑
Marriam Hace 8 días
Blackpink could never
Miss Tyeer Yeow Sah
Miss Tyeer Yeow Sah Hace 8 días
Again, HWASA’s confidence level is superb!!!! Astig!!!! 🤟🏽 I just found out about MAMAMOO.. honestly, I was shookt.. I never knew Korea were hiding something precious.. this gg definitely deserves more popularity than other gg in this gen.. their vocals, stage presence, swag, fierceness are solid!!!👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼💯🔥
Refah Alajmi
Refah Alajmi Hace 10 días
OMG their voices are so soft ❤️👍🏻👍🏻☺️☺️😊
murti rahayu
murti rahayu Hace 11 días
Solar style reminds me of Sistar "Alone" concept. Can i get Mamamoo covering "Alone" please?
Sunaniflo Hace 12 días
What a remix, never been so overwhelmed by them 😍
anak rumahan
anak rumahan Hace 15 días
Like a sistar
Jirehlyn Ezra
Jirehlyn Ezra Hace 15 días
I love that they don't lip sync.
julia caramelo loca dos Toddynho
SUGA is sweet
SUGA is sweet Hace 16 días
why MAMAMOO always eats CDs
susanto suharyanto
susanto suharyanto Hace 16 días
I love hwasa now
Channn Hace 17 días
Ariba Faryad
Ariba Faryad Hace 18 días
stan talent stan mamamoo
I love how I didn't see one single hate comment on this video
Suzi Hace 19 días
i'm not a fan, but I LOOOVE "Starry Night" and i must admit that their vocals are so good!
Samy 001
Samy 001 Hace 19 días
quando mais criticam as roupas da Hwasa menos roupa ela usa KKKKK
abhinav M
abhinav M Hace 19 días
Solar is slaying that black dress !! She looks gorgeous!!
abhinav M
abhinav M Hace 19 días
Omg!!! I just love the way they mixed all the songs ... its lit af🔥🔥💥💫💦💨 They all look so good .. And such stable vocals ... I am in love !!!
Kovek Mirian
Kovek Mirian Hace 20 días
Moonbyul's wind flower rap 😍😍😘 I love it so muchhhhhh 💕
bich tran
bich tran Hace 20 días
sexy ko tot nha
Kem Chu
Kem Chu Hace 20 días
UNDERRATED PERFORMANCE!!! this is one of my fave live performance of them ever and they look so happy too ;__;
Agnel fedeliya
Agnel fedeliya Hace 20 días
mine was their mbc 2017 gayo it's legendary
sky rovski
sky rovski Hace 20 días
❤❤❤ mamamoo
Tumutova Darima
Tumutova Darima Hace 20 días
Любимки!!! Где вы!!!
Maria Hace 20 días
I got goosebumps when Moonbyul started rapping 😱
Maria Hace 20 días
They are so talented, they deserve the world ❤️❤️
Moon Jar
Moon Jar Hace 21 un día
Jolly Anne
Jolly Anne Hace 21 un día
zahra kim
zahra kim Hace 22 días
Queen of kpop
Ihsan Jw
Ihsan Jw Hace 22 días
Mamamoo is just like Sistar, they being sexy without even try it 👍
Faitheyy Sildo
Faitheyy Sildo Hace 23 días
Siti Adam
Siti Adam Hace 23 días
Camera werkin hard to not take Hwasa angles esp when she bends over
Carat Iz*one
Carat Iz*one Hace 24 días
Moonbyul is handsome that the guys
陈Asia Hace 24 días
These woman keep questioning my sexuality
Leslie Brian
Leslie Brian Hace 25 días
Queens...not even Blackpink can defeat them..
Isaac Veron
Isaac Veron Hace 25 días
Jay Hace 26 días
My queen's I'm back 💜💜💜
7u7 Hace 27 días
Taehyung Kim
Taehyung Kim Hace 29 días
Mash up in it Amasing
Gd Oppa
Gd Oppa Hace 29 días
They have best voice in all girl grups of korea My fav.
Claribel Diaz
Claribel Diaz Hace un mes
Hwasa is like a latina Singer!
Mary ann Claudio
Mary ann Claudio Hace un mes
I want hwasa will always wear like this though.love her so much
Funny week
Funny week Hace un mes
minh thich video nay
Muna Imad
Muna Imad Hace un mes
Best Girl Group For Me 💜✌
Sabby Hace un mes
Is it just me or does it seem like mamamoo has more female fans compared to groups like twice lol
Jay Hace 26 días
Lol it's a fact 😊
The fandom consist of 98% females
ishaa vkookie
ishaa vkookie Hace un mes
If it's up to me I'll give them the crown of the best and most talented kpop gg And make them the most popular both in Korea and internationally.. Cuz c'mon other gg who are more popular than them can't even come close to these Queens in terms of singing skills especially live and also stage presence Plz stan talent rather than just looks, popularity and agencies name😑
Nana Erviana
Nana Erviana Hace un mes
Those boys are really good looking😍
MJ GB Hace un mes
I really love and like hwasa!! She’s not the typical white, skinny and cutie idol! She’s a badass one, like Jessie mylove! And their skintone is on point! My queens!!!! 😭👏🏻🙌🏻👑
aisyah daulay
aisyah daulay Hace un mes
Moonbyul I love your style 🙆
aisyah daulay
aisyah daulay Hace un mes
Fourier Karen
Fourier Karen Hace un mes
So sooooooo perfect, My ladies!!!!!!
BA LL Hace un mes
MinionMaddox ARMYforever
They are really awesome!
Marie Maglasang
Marie Maglasang Hace un mes
Seriously all of them are bias wreckers!
ysabel rodrìguez espejo
Solar 😍😍
Alifaqil Sulthan
Alifaqil Sulthan Hace un mes
Terlalu terbuka
Tiara Yaddict
Tiara Yaddict Hace 19 días
Hun, they're mamamoo, they use mature concept,, if you're looking at gg who wore high school uniforms with miniskirt, go find them, tons of them btw,, lol
Once Upon A Blink
Once Upon A Blink Hace un mes
If Hwasa could please crush my skull with her thighs that would be appreciated
Stark Girl
Stark Girl Hace un mes
The haters are literally choking on their words because Queen Hwasa cares nothing for what they think 🤣
mamaxmoo Hace un mes
Why when HWASA speaks English it sounds so sexy. But when she speaks Korean it's normal
Dhee Javier
Dhee Javier Hace un mes
I love how they love their skin, body and color. Not being white-washed
underneath your shirt
Queen Hwasa be like : *let's literally burn the haters*
Michael Sampuroh
Michael Sampuroh Hace un mes
hwasa is my main bae. her confidence is lit and she never cares about criticism
Michael Sampuroh
Michael Sampuroh Hace un mes
moonbyul is a girl version of t.o.p. hahaha her bass sound rap is lit
Oyetolani Oyeleye
Oyetolani Oyeleye Hace un mes
Hello Moomoo! Fanmeeting with Mamamoo ■ February 23 - Jakarta, Indonesia ■ April 27 - Singapore Powered by Wowstar entertainment. For more info follow Mamamoo's Twitter page @RBW_MAMAMOO, Instagram page @mamamoo_official, and check the social media pages of Wowstar entertainment. Also, you'd easily find information on Twitter regarding these events, just tweet about it, tag the Mamamoo Twitter account and Moomoos would help you.
Oyetolani Oyeleye
Oyetolani Oyeleye Hace un mes
Hello Moomoo! Fanmeeting with Mamamoo ■ February 23 - Jakarta, Indonesia ■ April 27 - Singapore Powered by Wowstar entertainment. For more info follow Mamamoo's Twitter page @RBW_MAMAMOO, Instagram page @mamamoo_official, and check the social media pages of Wowstar entertainment. Also, you'd easily find information on Twitter regarding these events, just tweet about it, tag the Mamamoo Twitter account and Moomoos would help you.
HitStep08 Hace un mes
Hwasa can step on me and I WOULD apologize............
Lisa Mis
Lisa Mis Hace un mes
Почему у них такая отвратительная съемка, ну серьезно?! Когда нужно снимать спереди, они снимают сбоку, нужно снимать танец - снимают лицо крупным планом, и наоборот. Издевательство(
zoнa Hace un mes
Darya Scales
Darya Scales Hace un mes
No they didn't just attack me like that!! I love Mamamoo!!
Decane Matter
Decane Matter Hace un mes
Marley Bloom
Marley Bloom Hace un mes
"Let's all wear highheels and not tell Moonbyul"
neonchamber Hace un mes
seemingly without even trying they just mashed two of their hits and about a billion hearts... Mamamoo hwaiting!
Angelica Belir
Angelica Belir Hace un mes
Hwasa is so sexy damn 😍! Moonbyul she is so pretty !!❤ Solar is so Beautiful 💜!! Wheein is so cute !!!💟
Princess Hace un mes
Don’t mess up with Mamamoo 🔥
Luna Hace un mes
How much money do I have to pay to have Hwasa step on me ??
Melissa Avalos
Melissa Avalos Hace un mes
Hwasa es una hermosura
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