MAMAMOO - Starry Nightㅣ마마무 - 별이 빛나는 밤 [2018 SBS Gayo Daejeon Music Festival]

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28 dic 2018

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TETA OPPA 1996 Hace 9 horas
Louie Sierra
Louie Sierra Hace 15 horas
slaying Hwasa.....I love the group anyway..
Eduarda Damiani
Eduarda Damiani Hace un día
Dani Hace un día
2:35 wow she can sing well even doing that
Sayed A.
Sayed A. Hace 3 días
Wheein has got one of the finest vocals in K-pop history (a shame that it's being absolutely wasted in RBW's hand). She is classy, elegant and chic. I love how she and MB never go over the top trying, they choose rather something slightly androgynous. it's so refreshing to see in an industry where females are used to dress either too cutesy or too sexy.
Luigi Fiorucci
Luigi Fiorucci Hace 3 días
MAMAMOO the QUEEN'S y'all!!!
LA SHORE Hace 3 días
They’re really Brown Eyed Girls’ protégés. I don’t think any group has come as close vocally other than SPICA which was severely underrated.
izaya kin
izaya kin Hace 3 días
No matter how many times I have rewatch this performance, this still got me goose bumps.
Kelly Russell
Kelly Russell Hace 4 días
5:24 confident vs panicked gay
Kelly Russell
Kelly Russell Hace 4 días
solars lip bite at 4:17 djhfkdjkfs
Misechen Shern
Misechen Shern Hace 4 días
Hwasa is natural beautyy
Fifi's Hell
Fifi's Hell Hace 4 días
Literally nothing in this performance was bad, I'm so glad they let Hwasa perform in that lingerie like outfit despite the shit she got for her MAMA outfit. If I can criticize anything, it'd MAMAMOO's Makeup artist for doing an atrocious foundation match on Moonbyul and Solar's face (ESPECIALLY SOLAR LIKE JUST LOOK AT HER NECK AND ARMS THEN HER FACE AGH), and I wish they'd make Hwasa's eyebrows look more thicker or at-least make the hairs look more realistic, but idk maybe Hwasa actually prefers it that way and no one else had a problem with that.
- Paige Płayz -
- Paige Płayz - Hace 5 días
They all have a,asking unique voices!
Papongs Hace 5 días
Hwasa always wear the sexiest and daring outfit. I'm livin' b*tches.
♪Canon Kire♪
♪Canon Kire♪ Hace 5 días
3:59 se hubiera visto mejor de frente :(
Summer Grace
Summer Grace Hace 5 días
Hwasa is going to light the stage on fire...holy hotness
Turki AlA dawi
Turki AlA dawi Hace 6 días
0:42 What fans say?
LaylaT6 Hace 5 días
Turki AlA dawi they are saying the fanchant with their real names: Kim Yong Sun, Moon Byul Yi, Jung Whee In, Ahn Hye Jin, Mamamoo
Maximus Orion
Maximus Orion Hace 6 días
That lingerie girl is sexy
Mwmm4747 Gaming lesson
I come here to wash my sin after clicking jennie (solo).. Plzz have mercy
hyuna na
hyuna na Hace 6 días
Hwasa Shakira
LaylaT6 Hace 6 días
I really love the outfits and arrangement on this stage it is also a really great performance
Sanika Hace 6 días
blank tae
blank tae Hace 6 días
Hwasa looks like a celebrity Whee In looks like YG's daughter Solar looks like a actress Moonbyul looks like a vampire
White Bunny
White Bunny Hace 6 días
Im legit crying I wasn't prepared hwasa someone save me pls😭😭😭😂💞
Multifandomer Kpop for life
ᴡᴇ sᴛᴀɴ 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Jennie’s Diamond Tank
Solar-shi! You are too sexy babe. Have mercy on me!
Jennie’s Diamond Tank
Best vocal group ever!
Kalia Lee
Kalia Lee Hace 7 días
Is Solar still married
Miyazaki 宮崎
Miyazaki 宮崎 Hace 7 días
O meu coração gay faz TUN TUN.
Roshni P A
Roshni P A Hace 7 días
It’s high time they are invited internationally! Guys they are real gems.
P K CS Hace 7 días
Hwasaaaaa love youuu
Mizz Merlinda Habbo
Mizz Merlinda Habbo Hace 7 días
small company or not, RBW knows how to show how talented their artist in a big way. Thanks RBW
chloe chloe
chloe chloe Hace 7 días
love you mamamoo😍😍😘
dimensionstars Hace 7 días
2018. The year MAMAMOO saved kpop.
yugyeom Gấu
yugyeom Gấu Hace 7 días
💚💚💚 oh my god MOONBYUL 💖💖💖💚💙💙
Aunty HT
Aunty HT Hace 7 días
There is nothing to be hate about Hwasa body,she is sexy with all her body and her skin😗😗
Vanete Marques
Vanete Marques Hace 7 días
Lindassss eu amo vcs ❤😍😘
I Mean
I Mean Hace 8 días
I started stanning them after seeing their MAMA performance, and I don’t regret in one bit
özge kılıç
özge kılıç Hace 8 días
two great songs and amazing vocals
Kim Seokjin
Kim Seokjin Hace 8 días
They are so underrated :((( GO QUEEEEENSSS
Solar Is My Bias
Solar Is My Bias Hace 8 días
Girls are on fire 🔥🔥🔥
lieus sandeo
lieus sandeo Hace 8 días
Came here straight after watching twice cute performace, and this is slayinggg
Yoongi Min
Yoongi Min Hace 8 días
ssi ra
ssi ra Hace 9 días
Best girl group of the century Thank you.
Uma V.I.P loka
Uma V.I.P loka Hace 9 días
Puta que pariu a whasa é linda demais 😍😍
andika sjioen
andika sjioen Hace 9 días
Tao Zhu
Tao Zhu Hace 9 días
I do not like solar eyebrow now it makes her not pretty and look like a Indian person look
000111 Hace 9 días
so you're saying Indian women are not pretty? wow.
Soo Jin
Soo Jin Hace 9 días
Solar = Classic Sexy Moonbyul = Innocent Sexy Hwasa = Bombshell Sexy Wheein = Vogue Sexy MAMAMOO = REAL TALENT
beyoncebaby 81
beyoncebaby 81 Hace 10 días
even tho I love hwasa but I think she literally copy beyonce a lot I mean come on the way she walks on stage lol she even talk like her using a husky voice lol
Marilyn J
Marilyn J Hace 10 días
Best vocals in Kpop
دينا احمد
دينا احمد Hace 10 días
hawasa has abeautiful body
lj Hace 10 días
These girls could wear a potato sack and I'd still be amazed. (It doesn't matter what they wear, it's just how they wear that charisma)
lj Hace 10 días
They just became my favorite girl group and I've only known them for what, 3 days?!
Emily Juliet Rosas Agular
Queen hwasa oh yes
Kam tst
Kam tst Hace 10 días
Yiren Wang
Yiren Wang Hace 10 días
Bảo Xuyến Phan Thị
Moonbyul is so beautiful
Mapuia Ralte
Mapuia Ralte Hace 10 días
just saw nothing but talent and confidence in Hwasa....she's Queen
Cherrie Isxm
Cherrie Isxm Hace 11 días
I love this stage so much My best girl group
Handy Dian
Handy Dian Hace 11 días
Best quality vocal
Paloma Lee
Paloma Lee Hace 11 días
i don't see what's there to complain about Hwasas outfit. ppls just need something to talk about to feel better. I guess it's these ppls first time watching a performance? cause I've seen WAAAY more provocative or crazy stuff that make Hwasas outfit a lot more conservative pff lol. GREAT JOB LADIES! 👏👏👏👏
Bow Down For the Queen
My gayness confirmed becoz hwasa's hotness
Luci Paradise
Luci Paradise Hace 11 días
They sounded GREAT! 👏🙌
find my soulmate
find my soulmate Hace 11 días
Queen's ❤️ thanks Hwasa did not change anything after the critics 👍❤️
Brianna Lyles
Brianna Lyles Hace 11 días
Hwasa got BODY okaaay *snaps*
Vanneza Armero
Vanneza Armero Hace 12 días
Not to compare, but I can see 2NE1 in every Mamamoo's live performances. Their stage presence is lit.
Diana Salvo
Diana Salvo Hace 12 días
Mamamoo is so underrated they are so so so god deserve so much more
Miss Kpop NightCore
Miss Kpop NightCore Hace 12 días
Hwasa coming out with a new sexy outfit slamming on them haters cuz they jealous of her sexy curves and beauty you go girl
army_ shipper
army_ shipper Hace 12 días
Rosiel San Gabriel
Rosiel San Gabriel Hace 12 días
Carpus Gabi
Carpus Gabi Hace 12 días
I discovered this group at MAMA 2018 where I was SO impressed... since then I started to follow them and here I am... becoming more and more impressed at how *TALENTED* are those girls in the same time *SO UNDERESTIMATE* like bro *wake up!* and LOOK AT THEM.. wish I had done that sooner.
andrea gayle
andrea gayle Hace 12 días
Sifra Udiata13
Sifra Udiata13 Hace 12 días
btter than YG girls
wahine_mana21 Hace 13 días
I’m kinna annoyed bc I wanna see that *PowerWalk* on 4:00 Tho I can still see on the side but just imagine if the camera captures it front 💁🏽‍♀️
dane gilliane
dane gilliane Hace 13 días
Wheeins partner in wind flower looks a bit like EXO kai. :/ (From afar)
zoro luffy
zoro luffy Hace 13 días
Hwasa y r u sooooo beautiful 😍 I love Ur confidence 😍😍😍😍😍
yanita chan
yanita chan Hace 13 días
Mamamoo performances are precious...
Sayu Blythes
Sayu Blythes Hace 13 días
All comments explaining stuff and no one's commenting how bomb the remix is???? esp @4:20 😍😍
Nor Habibah Yaakob
Nor Habibah Yaakob Hace 13 días
Our Yeba is slaying so hard. I'm so proud of her.😢
crockoaches Hace 13 días
When I listen to kpop nowadays, I simply thought "ah, they did their jobs and simply make a living". And mamamoo changes that. One of the kpop artist that made me think they are really an artist not just working as an idols
steven wilbert
steven wilbert Hace 13 días
Hwasa : no table, no problem Solar : no pole, no problem Mamamoo : no breakdance, no problem, remix instead
Selcan Güder
Selcan Güder Hace 13 días
im not sure about that outfit fits hwasa...
Malika Hace 13 días
doesn't hwasa have a tatto on his arm ?
Malika Hace 7 días
+ximena horvilleur oh hahaha thx, i just confused why it doesn't show
ximena horvilleur
ximena horvilleur Hace 7 días
Yes. Actualy she has 4 😊
Aj Untitled
Aj Untitled Hace 13 días
I showed this to my dog, now he is a dawg.
thilla nuuna
thilla nuuna Hace 13 días
I love hwasa 😍😘
MYG Dance Covers
MYG Dance Covers Hace 13 días
Queen hwasa out here wearing lingerine on stage. STAN MAMAMOO
Who tf filmed them? All the good parts they go and film it sideways. 😒 At 04:02 and many other parts too.
Logan Anderson
Logan Anderson Hace 14 días
If you think about it, MAMAMOO is this generation's B.E.G.: * Three vocalists that have similar range and skill * A sexy maknae * A fierce af rapper
Sayed A.
Sayed A. Hace 3 días
It's a shame that RBW is wasting her potential by not giving her enough solo or exposure.
Sayed A.
Sayed A. Hace 3 días
Wheein is actually one of the best vocalists in 3rd generation.
yanita chan
yanita chan Hace 13 días
Yes!!! I am agree! They remind me of B. E. G
Vette Latrioux
Vette Latrioux Hace 14 días
That was cool, that was hot, that was sexy that was sweet! Haters, stfu!
Vette Latrioux
Vette Latrioux Hace 14 días
I think they looked and sound amazing.
Dont sleep on Mamamoo
Dont sleep on Mamamoo Hace 14 días
My girl Hwasa remains unbothered after all these issues
R E Hace 14 días
After watching this it's decided. I'm *definitely* stanning them. They are so talented dios mìo 🤩
Phương Nam Nguyễn
Phương Nam Nguyễn Hace 14 días
i see Moonbyul, i like.
Audreycy Lee
Audreycy Lee Hace 14 días
Nice voice nice performance so sexy so cool!
Yuli Ita
Yuli Ita Hace 14 días
Queen never lypsync 😅😍
## ##
## ## Hace 14 días
Hwasa have amazing body and she have alright to show it if other girls cant take it then they should look themself at mirror and think where the wrong is and this shows how double standard this show is when mens can be without shirt why womans cant wear revealing outfits? GO HWASA U ARE AMAZING AND SO BRAVE❤❤
Denise Allem Soriano
Denise Allem Soriano Hace 14 días
I love moonbyul's hand gestures whenever she raps. 😍
Alka Gautam
Alka Gautam Hace 14 días
Omg who are they, they're amazing...someone tell me their names omg 😍😍😍😍😍
LaylaT6 Hace 14 días
Alka Gautam Moonbyul - rapper, also a vocalist, skilled at many styles and genres of rap Wheein - wearing the cap, beautiful honey vocals Solar - wearing the dress, leader, power vocals for days Hwasa - wearing the corset, sultry jazzy voice They are Mamamoo they are vocal queens who give amazing performances and they are also really hyper and funny. They debuted in 2014 with RBW a small company and worked their way to become one of the biggest groups in Korea despite coming from a small company. Their discography is very diverse they like to do all genres and they are true artists they do most of their own choreography and write on many of their songs. Their company is also a company with many talented people working there and contributing
taeyeon kim
taeyeon kim Hace 14 días
2:22 Best live
Mariel Olano
Mariel Olano Hace 14 días
Hwasa..so beautiful...
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