Manchester United 4-3 Real Madrid - UEFA CL 2002/2003 [HD]

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23 April 2003 | UEFA Champions League | Quarter-final, 2nd Leg
United had lost the first leg 3-1 to Madrid at the Santiago Bernabéu on 8 April. A Raul double plus a Luis Figo strike was answered by a Ruud van Nistelrooy finish which grabbed Ferguson’s team a precious away goal.
David Beckham, whose relationship with Sir Alex Ferguson had waned since the manager kicked a boot at his head following an FA Cup defeat to Arsenal two months before, was dropped to the bench in favour of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.
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Máté Tóth
Máté Tóth Hace 45 minutos
2:40 several players colliding within a few seconds, yet no one is rolling on the pitch afterwards, must be older footage
MrKh4Ot1k Hace 48 minutos
Standing ovation for fenomeno at his best!
boo boo
boo boo Hace 9 horas
This game was basically barthez vs casillas. One awful and one phenomenal.
алексей фатехов
Золотое время европейскОго футбола!
You Lex David
You Lex David Hace 16 horas
Raúl Zapata
Raúl Zapata Hace 17 horas
Uno de los mejores juegos que me ha tocado ver. Que clase de equipos!!!
S S Hace 18 horas
Ronaldo was really incredible player..
Hanes Wara
Hanes Wara Hace un día
Solskjaer finishing is so bad. He was so over rated.
dikiş makinası
dikiş makinası Hace un día
dikiş makinası
dikiş makinası Hace un día
Roy Hu
Roy Hu Hace un día
all star
all star Hace un día
Ole was quite good tho 😂😂😂
Alfa Omega
Alfa Omega Hace un día
Ahhh the good old days... Amazing players all over the fucking pitch!!
Sparta Suplementos e videos
Se o real madrid não tivesse um goleiro igual ao que tinha na época, tinha levado vários gols!! E um matador como Ronaldo.
yassin ramazan amin
yassin ramazan amin Hace 2 días
لەو یاریییەدا فێرگسۆن بە بەرگریکارەکانی ووتبوو لە هێرشبەرە قەڵەوەکە مەترسن ئەوە بوو ڕۆناڵدۆ هاتریکی کرد
Bebora George Baker
Bebora George Baker Hace 2 días
Good updates from Uefa
Alptekin Aktürk
Alptekin Aktürk Hace 2 días
bizim izlediğimiz futbolsa bu ne, bu futbolsa bizim izlediğimiz ne?
Alex B
Alex B Hace 2 días
1:51 1 star weak foot , Roberto Carlos...
Penta campeão do mundo
Se Ronaldo não tivesse saido o real Madrid tinha ganhado esse jogo
Oscarin Lopez
Oscarin Lopez Hace 2 días
Liverpool wouldn’t be undefeated in the prem with this Man U
Li Lin
Li Lin Hace 2 días
十七年之后再看还是感动不已, 奔跑的是我的青春啊!
Nur Prasetiyo
Nur Prasetiyo Hace 2 días
Masa dimana ketika dua Monsters (Leo 10 n CR7) masih kanak kanak . . . .eh masih dibawah umur
Jakob Banuchi
Jakob Banuchi Hace 2 días
United could’ve went to the next round had Ole put ATLEAST one of his shots away 🤦🏻‍♂️😂 he missed 2 sitters this match and a 1v1 😓
Santiago lP
Santiago lP Hace 3 días
símplemente Nazario. el mejor 9 que vi
Pedro Santos
Pedro Santos Hace 3 días
Maybe if this players are playing today, the most cheep value like 60M € , and now you see players like Cancelo ,João Félix, Bruno Fernandes and more be selling for that prices
Amine Faradarim
Amine Faradarim Hace 3 días
We never see again so much legends of sport in the same match... Everyone was a Big Star... Wawwww 🙏
สราวุธ แต่งตั้ง
Pedro Ocampos
Pedro Ocampos Hace 3 días
Que equipaso los dos.. Alguien viendo febrero 2020
Natnat OllieLouis
Natnat OllieLouis Hace 3 días
Free boogie bando he got birded off
Duvi Orleo
Duvi Orleo Hace 4 días
Debankan Mukherjee
Debankan Mukherjee Hace 4 días
There has probably been no one more dangerous inside the penalty box than Ronaldo Nazario, and there has probably never been as deadly a combo of crossing and free kick as Beckham.
Van Hanz
Van Hanz Hace 4 días
beckham freekick is amazing
Foreman George
Foreman George Hace 4 días
Good old days
Gabriel Rodriguez
Gabriel Rodriguez Hace 4 días
Buena época con jugadores de leyenda, no solo para sus equipos sino para el fútbol mundial, jugaban con pasión más q por dinero
Arnab Paul
Arnab Paul Hace 4 días
This is pure Love 😍 😍... An eyewitness 💕 #Ronaldo♥️❤️
IRFAN HADI Hace 5 días
why did david come late?
Travis Rabble
Travis Rabble Hace 5 días
Is this where he scored goals from halfway line?
Ying Naphaswan
Ying Naphaswan Hace 5 días
Alex Donny
Alex Donny Hace 5 días
Kwaza Zabolaza
Kwaza Zabolaza Hace 5 días
The best goalkeeper in the world is casillas
Kamil Plonski
Kamil Plonski Hace 5 días
Solkjaer missed so many good chances. That first goal by Ronaldo what was that positioning by barthez
Aitch Hace 5 días
Solskjaer was the reason united lost this
Diego Magno
Diego Magno Hace 5 días
Como Helguera jogou várias temporadas em um dos maiores clubEs do mundo.
Occult stigma
Occult stigma Hace 5 días
This team was ridiculously good
Griten Goyary
Griten Goyary Hace 5 días
Why Beckham was not starter in such a game. Sometimes egoistic decision do ruins the match out come.
ปราชญ์สุรา บรรเลงชีวิต
โรนัลโด้ R.9 เบ็คแฮมR. 7 ผ่านมาจะ20ปีแล้วหรอ ยุคนั้นสุดๆ
Amar Hadžić
Amar Hadžić Hace 5 días
Who is here after City got banned from UEFA Champions League, ahahah GGMU, Manchester is Red
alan murphy
alan murphy Hace 6 días
Untied today would get thumped 😢 look at that team tho then
Maximo Exponente
Maximo Exponente Hace 6 días
Este partido me quedó en la memoria que partidazo
彭枨烨 Hace 6 días
Amazing Ronaldo
Virgil Nanaquewitung
Jason James
Jason James Hace 6 días
I just want to travel back to past time during 1990 to 2011...these were the times we had the best moments in football...Especially football fans enjoyed watching football durng these times...Nowadays it is more like invoving big money...I don’t like it
Alfredo Ladino
Alfredo Ladino Hace 7 días
roberto carlos el jugador mas sobrevalorado en los comentarios... jajaja pobres, idolatrando a uno que siempre fue ahi nomas
Александр Куликов
Алле где наши ? Вы че янки ану давай на Русский
Martz Jertz
Martz Jertz Hace 7 días
Barthez was horrible.
Dean Moore
Dean Moore Hace 7 días
Cr9 was lile messi/ronaldo in one when fit and pre injury And he hardly trained wtf
Marcell Gyetvai
Marcell Gyetvai Hace 7 días
I loved that MU!
Marcell Gyetvai
Marcell Gyetvai Hace 7 días
And that Real too! Legendary age!
CEO of Crime
CEO of Crime Hace 8 días
bro Real Madrid had 4 player's that we can put in a discussion if their the GOATS Cassilas Roberto Carlos Zidane Ronaldo only...
Oscar Rodriguez
Oscar Rodriguez Hace 9 días
This game was the real champions league !!!!
Supreeth N Shekar
Supreeth N Shekar Hace 9 días
The shot power in R9's 1st and 3rd goal is insane.
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