Manchester United 6-5 Chelsea 2008 Champions League Final All goals & Highlights FHD/1080P

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Manchester United 6-5 Chelsea 2008 Champions League Final All goals & Highlights FHD/1080P
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26 feb 2019






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Азамат Арынов
Вообще в этом матче Челси победитель он был лучшее чем Манчестр Юнайтед. Просто не повезло немножко.
Любовь Досяк
Liyema Vimba
Liyema Vimba Hace 2 horas
Oh jeez and don't forget tevez
Liyema Vimba
Liyema Vimba Hace 2 horas
This was the man it'd I liked with Ronaldo, rooney at his prime, ferninand the G.O.A.T defender and in fact the whole team was a killer
Bhabananda Baro
Bhabananda Baro Hace 2 horas
legendary kick by Drogba 6:15. those days players were legendary.hungry for goals and also they were very aggressive
Ngân Nguyễn Thị Kim
MU i love you 💕💕
Roger Fernandes
Roger Fernandes Hace 3 horas
John Terry 😂😂
Axl Lian
Axl Lian Hace 7 horas
Good gol ronaldo
Mowgli From the Jungle
I remember watching this game in Thailand with 30+ Thais all surrounded around a 30 in tv! This was my fav 🔵Chelsea🔵 team. I had the Drogba jersey on n everything while all the Thai routed for Man U. The blues should have won in regulation, off the post/crossbar twice! Great game, of course CR7 had to cry 😭😭😭😂😂😂⚽🏟️⚽
huỳnh Nhu
huỳnh Nhu Hace 7 horas
6 5 cai dmm
Trevor Deshane
Trevor Deshane Hace 8 horas
Imagine losing the biggest game of your life because of rain and wet cleats.
Awesome Videos 04
Awesome Videos 04 Hace 12 horas
Very serious defender's
JasonNickWalker Hace 13 horas
This was a special moment in my life. I watched this game with my father. We enjoyed it together.
Beler Gamingg
Beler Gamingg Hace 15 horas
Editan nih ,masa CR7 ada di MU
pdaniel8 Hace 16 horas
What a drama Terry slipping in the penalty ...
Jose Del Castillo Ruiz
Y los 11 goles ??
George Alves
George Alves Hace 20 horas
Rohan Desai
Rohan Desai Hace 22 horas
OMG can't believe this is 11 years ago...
xLeoR7 Hace 22 horas
esos si eran partidos !
ArrivalOf DOOM
ArrivalOf DOOM Hace 22 horas
shit game - quality of play is a joke
blooby dj
blooby dj Hace 23 horas
I dont even like football
Bijay Lakhaju
Bijay Lakhaju Hace 23 horas
Chelsea played so good unlucky
keila Rodriguez
keila Rodriguez Hace un día
Que equipazos tenian el chelsea y el manchester 👏
Aldair V
Aldair V Hace un día
Hola, soy de Perú
DrKleiner0815 Hace un día
Didier Drogba ist just a Matchmaker. Sad that he got red at this match.
Top One
Top One Hace un día
واو مباراة قتال 🙀
Junior Oton
Junior Oton Hace un día
Se aquelas bolas do Drogba e Lampard tivessem entrando, o titulo seria nosso com certeza. Bom Jogo
Guanhua Zhang
Guanhua Zhang Hace un día
cr7 is so fucking incredible !!
aa game
aa game Hace un día
93 is speed Joe Cole ini WE Ps2 😂
aa game
aa game Hace un día
2008 adalah masa keemasan sepak bola Eropa Bagi anak 90 an para pecinta Winning Eleven & PES Team apakah yg suka kalian rebutkan? Me : MU
Soligen Music
Soligen Music Hace un día
*Sigh*.. if it looks too good to be true...
Alejndro Alvarez
Alejndro Alvarez Hace un día
hací empezó la leyenda don míster Champions ssiiiiiiuuuuu
Jorge Daniel
Jorge Daniel Hace un día
Chelsea won champions years after
Martin Hinson
Martin Hinson Hace un día
Terry's tears still taste good today.
Josematiasdearaujojunior Junioraraujo
Chelsea mereceu o título jogou mais
Metro Bradsey
Metro Bradsey Hace un día
This commentator was terrible
Tiago Silva
Tiago Silva Hace un día
6x5 eu vi o vídeo todo achando q esse placar tinha sido no jogo aff
Fluid Clan
Fluid Clan Hace un día
Like= Manchester city Comment= Manchester United.
look at your god
look at your god Hace 17 horas
Coastcrawler Hace un día
Abramovich was able to buy a REAL football team. And what did he do, he bought Chelsea :D
Connor Follett
Connor Follett Hace un día
The defending in this game was superb.
Paguo Hace un día
This was football
Мухсин Хакимов
walter huacon
walter huacon Hace 2 días
Ah ese anelka un penal no puede patear bien
Phi Hùng
Phi Hùng Hace 2 días
OtaKira Miscrits
OtaKira Miscrits Hace 2 días
- *"Omae wa mou shindeiru"* - 8:35
thanh nguyen
thanh nguyen Hace 2 días
Cr7 Idol ;))😍
Desi Star Records
Desi Star Records Hace 2 días
These squads are my fav. For both MANU and Chlesea
new w
new w Hace 2 días
Miss moment
kinyua njeri
kinyua njeri Hace 2 días
Someone remind Barcelona what Scholes did in the Semi Finals that took us to Moscow! Someone tell Juventus we're coming!
Người Vùng Cao
Người Vùng Cao Hace 2 días
I cried while watching this match live. I was a student at the time. Waiting to watch football matches, we have used a lot of alcohol and bait is instant noodles
ST Hace 2 días
соснул челси
Rafa Pacheco
Rafa Pacheco Hace 2 días
This game was f intense! No babies and pussies in this game!
Massamba Diop
Massamba Diop Hace 2 días
L seul match où j'ai pleuré
Eddy carlos Santos
Eddy carlos Santos Hace 2 días
Esse é o pequeno Chelchea que perdeu para o gigante Corinthians
boog_masskwé Hace 2 días
Despite the disappointing end to that result, i just admire the fight of that Chelsea team. Also, its funny when pundits recall this game, they talk more about John Terry's slip instead of Anelka's miss which ultimately threw it all away.
BigTimeSpider Hace 3 días
8:35 Who's coming in for rooney......NANI!? ha anime joke
Nguyễn Doãn Nhân Vlog
Rất thích kênh của bạn,những video lôi quấn, mình đã đã xem rất nhiều video của bạn, và mình có thể nhờ bạn đăng ký kênh giúp mình dk không ạ cảm ơn rất nhiều
BigTimeSpider Hace 3 días
I couldn't even imagine being there. 1-1 90% of the time then BOOM.
John Oliver
John Oliver Hace 3 días
I really love watching the play when these giants are on ground.... amazing play...cheers.
Brent Crude
Brent Crude Hace 3 días
It just wasn't Chelsea's night. Hitting the woodwork twice during normal time. Terry unluckily slipping on the deciding penalty that could have won it for them. Football can be a cruel bitch sometimes. 😎
MrSatisfiction Hace 3 días
Chelsea definitely deserved to win, but its who blinks first penalties isn't it?
lucas roldan
lucas roldan Hace 3 días
홍성우 Hace 3 días
광고 씨바려나
Cristian FF
Cristian FF Hace 3 días
But can u see Ronaldo is the same player as before but now more like a machine goal still carrying his team the real goat!!!!! Messi needs his whole army to play at his best
Cristian FF
Cristian FF Hace 2 días
xAndesTraL still won🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️
xAndesTraL Hace 2 días
+Cristian FF and fucking choke the penalty
Cristian FF
Cristian FF Hace 2 días
Scaming Newt he scored the only goal for United u dumbassss use ur brain not ur mouth
Scaming Newt
Scaming Newt Hace 3 días
Ronaldo wasn't "carrying" United in this match
xAndesTraL Hace 3 días
you are delusional
Thiago Oliveira
Thiago Oliveira Hace 3 días
Narrador não coloca emoção no jogo. Narração brasileira bem melhor. Kkk
Renon Dias
Renon Dias Hace 3 días
Anelka is going to Galo !
yasin aldemir
yasin aldemir Hace 3 días
Türk varmı
shane o halloran
shane o halloran Hace 3 días
What a fantastic game of football, one of the best nights ever
canal esporte
canal esporte Hace 3 días
1:43 3:20 10:48
Vel Kor
Vel Kor Hace 3 días
Сумасшедший матч
Don Lucão
Don Lucão Hace 3 días
8:11.. Por isso o chelsea perdeu, anelka entro ;(
J'L PeREYra.E Hace 3 días
Cuando Ronaldo casi la caga esa fue su primera Chsmpions recién empedaba
Papay Hace 3 días
да было время люди в футбол играли ) а щас только все в деньгах и в основном времяни измеряется
Kadriddin Toirov
Kadriddin Toirov Hace 3 días
Like 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
krazyy Hace 4 días
Back when those 2 teams and the rest of the premier league just were epic! Miss those days...
Алексий Бурцев
One of the best football matches ever. Everybody was on there job
Bastian ota
Bastian ota Hace 4 días
March 2019
Bastian ota
Bastian ota Hace 4 días
Marzo 2019
Isco González López
Manchester united que buenos recuerdos
Josip Mihaljevic
Josip Mihaljevic Hace 4 días
Diplomatic Disgusting
I remember watching this when I was like 8 lmao I cried when Chelsea lost
Calm man
Calm man Hace 4 días
What a defense!
FRANK LITE Hace 4 días
Um dos melhores jogos de todos os tempos
luis franco ramos perez
Those football games was amazing Frank Lampard, Rio Ferdinand Balak, Scholes was incredible
Danillo Lopes
Danillo Lopes Hace 4 días
eu sou o comentário brasileiro que você estava procurando
Olavo Oliveira
Olavo Oliveira Hace 3 días
Eu nao estava mas tudo bem
Kaique Ferreira Honda
Chelsea merecia ter ganhado.
Кирпич Булыжников
опять воткнули абрамовичу!!!
Aryan Sharma
Aryan Sharma Hace 4 días
Two legendary goalkeepers..!!
Михаил Литвин
Русские есть)?
theodor wagner
theodor wagner Hace 4 días
What a crappy game. An endless series of balls thrown for a lucky head shot.
расул про
расул про Hace 4 días
Cristiano Ronaldo best fotboll player
1ceCold037 Hace 4 días
I miss these commentators compared to the dude that won’t stop screaming...
•FRAN Games•
•FRAN Games• Hace 4 días
El nivel de la defensa es sencillamente espectacular,un orgasmo audiovisual.
__ Mo
__ Mo Hace 4 días
I miss the old Manchester United so bad❤️
Manuel Morales Orozco
prajit khaomuangnoi
prajit khaomuangnoi Hace 4 días
0874337766 ค่ะ นะคะ
Usman Bilal
Usman Bilal Hace 5 días
Ronaldo in 2019 ... still the Boss
Shukri Faiz
Shukri Faiz Hace 5 días
xXGGGeorge GamingXx
xXGGGeorge GamingXx Hace 5 días
This is the weirdest click bait
it'X MaNi
it'X MaNi Hace 5 días
Luv uh رونالڈو
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