MARINA - Man's World (Official Music Video)

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MARINA - Man's World (Official Music Video)
"Man's World", available now! Download/stream: marina.lnk.to/MansWorldID
Written by MARINA
Directed by Alexandra Gavillet
Creative Direction & Story by MARINA
Song Produced by Jennifer Decilveo, Co-Produced by MARINA
Subscribe to MARINA: Marina.lnk.to/subscribeID
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18 nov 2020






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emily !
emily ! Hace 10 minutos
such a good song!
Katerina Christopoulou
κατα λαθος τους βγηκε βιντεο κλιπ κορε.υδρο.
Adrian N
Adrian N Hace un hora
Marina + Björk , it would be a glorious masterpiece
Blue Lives Matter
Blue Lives Matter Hace un hora
Breanna Autry
Breanna Autry Hace 2 horas
This song is so remarkable. My take on it is that Women are like walking Angels for Man. Women come in and think of the greater good, good for the community. We are very selfless. Man is driven by power and ego and thats why weve had War as long as we've existed. If we want Peace, especially World Peace. WOMEN we need to stand up, help each other, lead each other to the Peace we want in the world. "The planet has a funny way of stopping a fight" we are evolving so much as more than Self. We are tuning into our emotions and energies and the many wonderful traits our religions have, powers of the 5D and our ancestors help. We have to stand up and take our world back. "Mother Natures dying, nobodys keeping score"
Celia Ouach
Celia Ouach Hace 2 horas
The most underrated song
kittytrap Hace 2 horas
My favourite singer, love first album v. much. But if this mask and man hating propaganda shit is done with the new album coming....urggh, might pass on it.
Antonia Olaru
Antonia Olaru Hace 3 horas
Isn't she a goddess? ❤️
ItsVina X
ItsVina X Hace 3 horas
“Mother Nature’s dying” let me cry😭😭😭
Italo Anatércio
Italo Anatércio Hace 3 horas
Strawberry soda ❤
Italo Anatércio
Italo Anatércio Hace 3 horas
sokin jon
sokin jon Hace 4 horas
I’m so happy this song is so critically acclaimed already, she never got critical recognition for some reason, cuz she’s too smart for magazines👀👀👀
Bailey Chatterton
Bailey Chatterton Hace 4 horas
the 3K dislikes are the men
Rally Hace 4 horas
I love the song and the lyrics! Hope this song gets more views! 💜
Bailey Chatterton
Bailey Chatterton Hace 4 horas
Marina i needed this when i was thirteen wanting to be a teen idle
cry baby
cry baby Hace 4 horas
sokin jon
sokin jon Hace 4 horas
Manta-Ecuador, 27 de noviembre/2020, 11:08 a.m
fighting 101
fighting 101 Hace 4 horas
I like how her "feminist" is not limited to just natural women but also women by heart and soul 🥰🥰
Mirella Mirla
Mirella Mirla Hace 3 horas
GalvakzaMusic Hace 4 horas
I get that when a woman is trying to highlight the issues women face, it's really shitty for men to say things like "but men have problems too!" because that completely undermines the women's cause. BUT I will gladly object to the message of this particular song, because it portrays men specifically as the wrong-doer. There's a way to uplift women without shitting on men, ya know. I love Marina but... I'm a man, so it's MY world that causes you all your problems? Yeah, no thanks, I ain't taking the blame for that one, I got enough shit on my plate lmao.
Mel Leah
Mel Leah Hace 3 horas
that’s not the message of this song. individual men aren’t the problem, it’s our male dominated society she’s talking about that can be toxic.
henk kremer
henk kremer Hace 5 horas
Love this song! Brand New this week in TOP 40 www.hitzound.com
iamMTCHLL Hace 5 horas
Foofy Hace 5 horas
Forget spirit animals, Marina is my spirit soul!
Liisa Räntilä
Liisa Räntilä Hace 6 horas
Tobby Hace 6 horas
Patriarchy does not exist. But it's a good song.
Mel Leah
Mel Leah Hace 3 horas
Tobby ...ok
Lasertoad Hace 6 horas
I'd like to see a collab between Marina and Aurora. They are both forces of nature.
Adele Hace 6 horas
the power she holds is immaculate.
Alfredo Rimachi
Alfredo Rimachi Hace 6 horas
Marina no merece que sus canciones sean infravaloradas:((
Alexander Cortes
Alexander Cortes Hace 6 horas
Away from the song, what have we come to in society that man is viewed wrong, never would I say "I hate women" and it's what I hear so much coming out of women's mouths for men, we promote things that hurt us when people think it's right, when it comes to masculinity we try to change that to becoming more feminized, this is not progression.
Ana Olvera
Ana Olvera Hace 6 horas
Its that Aquarian Age energy coming upppp, we w'ont be living in a man's world anymooree!!!
Hunter Feliciano
Hunter Feliciano Hace 7 horas
honestly, women take the wheel ✋🏼😔
Angelo Sánchez
Angelo Sánchez Hace 7 horas
Manta-Ecuador, 27 de noviembre/2020, 11:08 a.m
björb Hace 7 horas
miss ma’am wrote a gay feminist witch anthem, something we never knew we needed
Erycina Hace 8 horas
marina really saved 2020
Muhammad Raihaan Musharraf
The Homosexuality is no unnatural.
Setareh Mariposa
Setareh Mariposa Hace 8 horas
I really love this Song and video I wish I could live in a world where it’s only woman. This song and video is very comforting
reynaldo tonolli
reynaldo tonolli Hace 8 horas
esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-JjPWL-23w-w.html CHER
vic psh
vic psh Hace 8 horas
Man's world Cheeks are rosy like a Boucher cherub I'm a strawberry soda, raise my lashes to heaven Stars in my hair running like a waterfall Clouds in the whites of our eyes, we saw it all Burnt me at the stake, you thought I was a witch Centuries ago, now you just call me a bitch Mother Nature's dying Nobody's keeping score I don't wanna live in a man's world anymore I don't wanna live in a man's world anymore Anymore Marilyn's bungalow, it's number seven In the pink palace where men made her legend Owned by a sheik who killed thousands of gay men I guess that's why he bought the campest hotel in LA then Mother Nature's dying Nobody's keeping score I don't wanna live in a man's world anymore I don't wanna live in a man's world anymore Anymore If you have a mother, daughter or a friend Maybe it is time, time you comprehend The world that you live in ain't the same one as them So don't punish me for not being a man Spring appears when the time is right Women are violets coming to light Don't underestimate the making of life The planet has a funny way of stopping a fight Mother Nature's dying Nobody's keeping score I don't wanna live in a man's world anymore I don't wanna live in a man's world anymore If you have a mother, daughter or a friend Maybe it is time, time you comprehend The world that you live in ain't the same one as them So don't punish me 'cause I'm not a man So don't punish me 'cause I'm not a man 'Cause I'm not a man
Güssinger Hace 8 horas
Why doesn't she stop eating? This way she doesn't need to live in a mans world much longer
LEEJCAFF Hace 8 horas
Yes , yes and yes ....
Katja Olsen
Katja Olsen Hace 8 horas
First time listening to this - and tears and astonishment. The connection between 1) the oppression of women and traditionally female values and 2) the neglect of mother nature by destroying the climate, is striking once you think about it. And so is the connection she makes between these two detrimental issues in current time and the way patriarchy and traditionally male values still rule. I hope as many people as possible will hear this song, and I hope a lot of them will take their time to understand.
Giada Hace 9 horas
Isaac Sharon
Isaac Sharon Hace 9 horas
this song is growing fast (compared to other singles) and i'm so happy for Marina, she deserves everything
Billy Bernardo
Billy Bernardo Hace 10 horas
since nobody's saying it ⌛⌛⌛
Billy Bernardo
Billy Bernardo Hace 10 horas
also, love the representations ❤❤❤
Lucho Pinelo
Lucho Pinelo Hace 11 horas
Seguramente los músicos, los que grabaron el videoclip y el tema y lo arreglaron todo sean hombres. Más que probablemente, más de la mitad de tus espectadores sean hombres, pero eh! vamos a echarle la culpa de todo a aquellas personas que hacen posible que me gane la vida sin tener que levantarme temprano ni desarrollar una labor difícil. Me pregunto qué sería de ti si realmente todos los hombres que desprecias te diesen la espalda. De qué te iba a servir ponerte delante de un espejo a sacarte fotos? 1:02 Lo único que había que hacer es trabajarse una letra y vaya puta mierda de letra: sencilla, superficial, simplista y sin trabajar en lo absoluto.
Mateo de la Vega
Mateo de la Vega Hace 5 horas
Si vas a soltar una opinión de mierda, al menos infórmate antes de hablar cruck, que la dirección y producción de tanto el vídeo como la canción corrió a cargo de un equipo de solo mujeres
abdessamad raouhi
abdessamad raouhi Hace 12 horas
Now we need song of " i don't live in woman's world anymore " .
Cheifcalled Hace 10 horas
Brendo Lucas
Brendo Lucas Hace 12 horas
GARETH WHAA Hace 13 horas
Mobbo J
Mobbo J Hace 14 horas
I'm pretty disappointed that she's fallen for the Hollywood/CIA/UN/China/USA Democrat propaganda. You aren't a victim Marina.
cymphoniqueofhearts Hace 14 horas
ShantiLives brought me here! Ciaooo Shanti
martin novak
martin novak Hace 14 horas
Don't like video ....camera angles doesn't do her favor ...it makes look older and make up also....song looks like she lives in her vulnerable emotional space, watching world from safe space, a bit unreal or too sensitive attitude to live in ....
Burcu Tekin
Burcu Tekin Hace 15 horas
Omg she has such a sensitive heart
Miriane Garcia
Miriane Garcia Hace 15 horas
Perfect Marina 💛
Jericho Hace 15 horas
😳 I can’t believe I stopped listening to her music
Mario Asael
Mario Asael Hace 16 horas
greenhouse ghost
greenhouse ghost Hace 16 horas
this song is so beautiful it made me cry. i love that she included a gay man in the music video too, celebrating femininity in every form
CloudyDaze007 Hace 16 horas
#1 in North Korea
wilma Hace 17 horas
Kayla Vital
Kayla Vital Hace 17 horas
i watch this every day for my serotonin intake
NightVibes L
NightVibes L Hace 17 horas
Why does it remind me a bit of Melanie Martinez
Ahmad R
Ahmad R Hace 18 horas
racist lyrics against Islam and Muslims. disgusting
Marina Fuckin Diamandis
Pls how is it racist its literally the truth
public embarassment
public embarassment Hace 18 horas
marina poor
Marina Fuckin Diamandis
3 million dollars poor
andrelegnani Hace 18 horas
Blue Hace 18 horas
My god this is SUPER POWERFUL!!!!!
Apricot Cat
Apricot Cat Hace 18 horas
Ugh her mind
达努佳 Hace 19 horas
i love that the guy is in a dress love it. Delete misogyny.
Iancharles Flores
Iancharles Flores Hace 19 horas
yes let's keep streaming #MansWorld goooo MARINA weloveu
Adam Haddad
Adam Haddad Hace 20 horas
LOL you better start building your space ship then...oh wait! ( ͡ ͡° ͜ ʖ ͡ ͡°) \╭☞ \╭☞
Daisy Hace 21 un hora
I knew I would hate it, damn
B M Hace 21 un hora
Ok Mrs perfect hourglass
Mark Joshua De Guzman
Mark Joshua De Guzman Hace 21 un hora
i wanna be part of this cult asap
333 Hace 22 horas
i only wanna live in Marinas World
B E Hace 22 horas
This is beautiful art. 🙂
Forte Piano
Forte Piano Hace 22 horas
Such a good song, melody, text, voice, video!!!! Bravo Marina!! Idea is number one and you got it! 👏👏👏
Larissa Reis
Larissa Reis Hace 22 horas
I love Marina, I just wish her lyrics were less political...
Aegyo_Girl Hace 23 horas
Just watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer and I realised Marina looks a lot like Cordelia (Charisma Carpenter).
Leo Suarez
Leo Suarez Hace 23 horas
My baby it's getting her 2 million views by the end of the week
AeroNevin Hace 23 horas
What a fantastic tune , Marina you are amazing , truly one of a kind. Someone please explain why THIS music from THIS artist is not super duper famous???
yuoop noke
yuoop noke Hace 23 horas
The clothes gives me a Hercules vibe
Patrick White
Patrick White Hace 23 horas
As Camille Paglia said, "if civilization had been left in female hands, we would still be living in grass huts".
izzytheworld Hace 23 horas
any other fans since primadonna girl? 🥺💗
parivh Hace 23 horas
suena excelente, pero cuando vi un barbon gay pensé q es otra de esos videos donde te quieren meter todo lo lgbt y feminazis xd x q todo se esta volviendo una competencia de lo feminista y machista. menos mal que no soy angloparlante me deja imaginar la letra.
yuoop noke
yuoop noke Hace 23 horas
Marina's lyrics are as beautiful as her voice
Eraia Staunton
Eraia Staunton Hace un día
I love this message
Ryan Edwards
Ryan Edwards Hace un día
love it!
Danna Michelle
Danna Michelle Hace un día
I love you so much queen😭😭😭💓
gregory paul bolaños romero
marina es perfección shirttttt
Emily Patricia Garcia Canals
Marina became the ultimate Greek goddess and surpassed Hera as the Queen of the gods
Metalstudmuffin Hace un día
I fucking adore you Marina, and all the humanitarians in the world ❤❤❤
Ana P
Ana P Hace un día
Everyone in this video is GLOWING
Simmerus Hace un día
She is literally drinking that strawberry soda from a closed bottle...
Nadia Carolina
Nadia Carolina Hace un día
Marina se merece lo mejor del mundoooo Change my mind.
Matheus Albuquerque
Matheus Albuquerque Hace un día
ESC Paris
ESC Paris Hace un día
does she want me to die?????? i'm so obssessed about this
herb villa
herb villa Hace un día
Powerful. Necessary. Beautiful. As always Marina delivers
Thomas Hace un día
Gonna take then f'ing forever to get down that hill like that 1:12
Miriam Józefczyk
Miriam Józefczyk Hace un día
She's better then Billie Elish change my mind
ishouldhelpthisGUY Hace un día
Marina's lyrics are as beautiful as her voice
Nicola Bianco
Nicola Bianco Hace un día
This is so good I wanna cry
Rare Pepe
Rare Pepe Hace un día
I'm a white dude living below the poverty line and jobless :( I don't wanna live in a mans world either
Luana Martins
Luana Martins Hace un día
woooow this is so beautiful
mel i
mel i Hace un día
best greek rep out there
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