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Mario does some big brain online trends
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15 feb 2022






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Comentarios 14 872
Saul T. Nutz
Saul T. Nutz Hace 5 meses
Never thought I’d be entertained by life hacks until now.
Phobia Hace 2 meses
When its smg4 prepare to be entertained.
XD_man Hace 2 meses
Laali Liippi
Laali Liippi Hace 5 meses
PlZ part 2
Foxy plushie boi
Foxy plushie boi Hace 5 meses
@Rahim Haideri yeeesssaa
BTG gamer
BTG gamer Hace 19 días
2:40 made me laugh so hard, milk came flying out of my nose (no cap!!!!!!)
adrian lobo-lucio
adrian lobo-lucio Hace 15 horas
NMenard88 Games
NMenard88 Games Hace 20 días
3:38 made me laugh so hard
Ultimate lava demon
Ultimate lava demon Hace 23 días
Mario picking the broom up at the end was to high level for life hacks
siuman0807 Hace un mes
Compared to these guys, Mario actually IS a genius.
Thu Van Pham
Thu Van Pham Hace 25 días
Did u just copy and paste the top comment?!
ColinSuperstarYT Hace 5 meses
I love how Mario is still mature enough not fall for the stupid life hacks
Sandra Zamorano
Sandra Zamorano Hace 7 días
Sandamali Rajapaksha
Kaisa Hörkkö
Kaisa Hörkkö Hace un mes
Monke Hace un mes
7:47 Mario's Final Spaghetti Form 😂😂
safwan the awesome boy
6:17 Mario's face is just hilarious
Zincible Z Fide
Zincible Z Fide Hace 2 días
2:40 the rare moments of Mario actually thinking it's dumb 😂🤣 Edit: They should do a side story if what happened to Chris'parents on 4:17 unless this is made for shits and giggles 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂
Onat Mimari
Onat Mimari Hace un mes
The dino part actually killed me from laughing 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Ftuj BYNG Ctze.🌟
Ftuj BYNG Ctze.🌟 Hace 8 días
Gtfesawo cuh 2:05 hzj
GibsterBoy5 Hace 5 meses
I’ve always thought Life Hack channels should be classed as a federal offence. Personally, I think Mario has proof for this.
Olisicle Hace 5 meses
Wow that was really cool
Jasmine Rivera
Jasmine Rivera Hace 18 días
When was Mario ever good at drawing?
Colleen Jones
Colleen Jones Hace un mes
Mario‘s probably one of the best drawers on earth
sheeesh Hace 16 días
Dude watching your videos always makes me feel happy like the part where Mario was chasing the raptor and saying 'come here fishy fishy' had me dying I really love your content and also the part where mario threw smg4's phone into the microwave had me short on breath 😂😭
Олег Повар
Олег Повар Hace 28 días
6:20 that "wow that was really cool" got me laughing out loud very hard
The PogMan
The PogMan Hace 5 meses
Rare footage of Mario actually being smart, by showing the audience how life hacks are very dangerous.
Σάμι Ζενέλι
@trux the destroyer 8es
Spooderman Hace 7 días
Person— Hace 10 días
4:36 is just too weird that @SMG4 maybe made a little to good on it so yea
Daniel Gallegos
Daniel Gallegos Hace 4 meses
To be fair Mario is really dumb because to my knowledge the rice one really works, and Mario went out of his way to mess it up by using a microwave instead
Michael Latner
Michael Latner Hace 5 meses
Especially that money one, mario paid a much higher price than what he was hiding in that zuchinni.
JACEplayZStuff Hace 3 días
i like how he makes the mona lisa by accident and then he deserves an A
Dreams Gaming
Dreams Gaming Hace 25 días
"Mama-Mia...if only there was some way to hold a broom properly" *Proceeds to figure out how* *Also proceeds to become a god*
AydenPlayzGames Hace 28 días
That dinosaur part got Me laughing so hard 😂
Byron Ortega
Byron Ortega Hace un mes
I loved the last part when Mario thinks of using his hand
Kirby Hace 5 meses
At this point it's impossible for Mario to not do something absolutely hilarious in a video
Tyrell Forrester
Tyrell Forrester Hace un mes
1 K th like Praise me
I mean like, wtf is this 3:43
Victoria Roberts
Victoria Roberts Hace un mes
Mario goes 20mil iq
The cat boy
The cat boy Hace un mes
Yeah I think
Gamerdude 122
Gamerdude 122 Hace 6 días
Mario. Ascends to genius level, then video ends.
RafaPlayzRBX Hace un día
"Mom. Can We Have Life Hacks" "No We Have Life Hacks At Home" Life Hacks at home:
Хан Игроман
"Mom. Can We Have Life Hacks" "No We have Life Hacks At Home" Life Hacks at home
Inferno65 Hace un mes
4:47 Who else thought he was gonna try that with Yoshi?
Faisal Kh. AlKhalidi
this is the funniest thing i’ve seen today.
Isaac the Monke
Isaac the Monke Hace 5 meses
I love how he just breaks down the more and more ridiculous and impractical the "life hacks" become
the man
the man Hace un mes
0:32 well technically the place where mario was supposed to hold was underneath since it was a shotgun but if it was a pistol it actually could work
Mango 2 🇺🇦
Mango 2 🇺🇦 Hace 13 días
2:16 i guess he got an A+ on art class
Nerexu Hace un mes
6:18 i love how the smg4 took dani "wow that was realy cool" words from reddit
Crash party 1611
Crash party 1611 Hace 3 horas
If Mario's f was from an art test he would've been able to make up for it with that.
MLgamings Hace 5 meses
I love the new "Mario does things" series. It feels fresh and has the same chaotic energy as old SMG4 videos.
Fluttershy74 Hace 22 días
@Athaya Ahmad Yusron I rotate my house 🏠 🙃 🙂 😤 😑 🤪 🏠 🙃 🙂 😤 😑 🤪 🏠 🙃 🙂 😤 😑
duck347 Hace 4 meses
i vove your vodo
Master BEEGMAC Hace 5 meses
@tnt master I agree, although those older memes is what brings a lot of the older fan base back on his channel.
pikmin comidy
pikmin comidy Hace 5 meses
@Marc Esteban yes
Maria Diaz
Maria Diaz Hace 26 días
The best funny video I've ever heard 🤣
Gemma Lucas
Gemma Lucas Hace 2 días
The dinosaur part got me laughing so hard
Cullen Morris
Cullen Morris Hace 14 horas
mario:paints light to green cars: kaboom mario: 'dances'
100 subs by end of month
Smg4 is the definition of meme
Team Blue Toad
Team Blue Toad Hace 5 meses
I seriously can't get enough of these "Mario does things" videos.
Cool Mario Bros!
Cool Mario Bros! Hace un mes
hey toad
Pikachu Hace 4 meses
Same I watch smg4 with my dad and we laughed a lot I just need to say watch smg4 more y’all
Devilrasad Hace 4 meses
Yes i do agree with it
piggy and pibby gacha life
@johalo kujuimpostors
The Dumb Roblox Player
3:54 me when I accidentally wet the bed
Dimitar Dimitrov
Dimitar Dimitrov Hace 21 un día
Mario is actually a genius.
Lily Rodriguez
Lily Rodriguez Hace 4 días
Fun fact: this is the 1st SMG4 video I've watched and so I didn't recognize anyone. So I called people different things then I do now SMG4: the cameraman The 1st time I ever saw him was him recording Mario Melony and SMG1 were assumed to be side characters as I only saw them once or twice Other people shown in the video I either didn't notice or didnt really care about.
B-DUDE Gaming
B-DUDE Gaming Hace un día
6:35 Ah yes a medic using the widowmaker, one of the engineers best weapons.
Deniz Lits
Deniz Lits Hace 5 meses
Life hacks are definitely something that can be either good or BAD. (depending on whether it's beneficial or not etc.) You showed us very clearly how it would look like. Thanks SMG4.
Goldjoni Hace 5 meses
you are right. For example: if there is a lifehack from 5 Minute crafts, its bad.
CanadianHumanM Hace 13 días
His British accent is literally the best
White Winter Productions
4:59 made me laugh so hard 😂
njlzuniga Hace 14 días
LOL he is TOO funny and me and my bro can't stop laughing at him🤣
Confusion Hace 12 días
The Car Window:I Am Not Cutting That! The Fruit Ninja:*Look Of Pure Superiority*
Louis Rosales 2 (SHORTS)
7:32 I declare this as marios smartest moment. He finally uses 1% of his brain
Jon Hace 2 meses
Still more than 5 Minute Crafts will ever use.
☆IndahAnimates Hace 2 meses
*that was only 1 perce-*
Ryan Brown
Ryan Brown Hace 5 meses
@Apple Juice Girl #1! If you say so.
JT’s Awesome Video Games and Toys
“And that’s why all the dinosaurs are extinct.” He says to a bunch of dinosaurs.
Jihad Otts
Jihad Otts Hace 25 días
5:02 made me die of laughter
LemonSlice Hace un mes
Just came back after a few days! 5:17 is where I laughed when I got back!
Conthegamer Hace 26 días
4:30 it is spaghetti day my dudes
Calmisland Dragon
Calmisland Dragon Hace 5 meses
Now we can officially say "SMG4's version of Mario isn't even dumb enough to do this," whenever we make fun of dumb life hacks, with proof.
Harvey Roderick
Harvey Roderick Hace 5 meses
Me when i get ready to bring out my shotgun on garrys mod 5:45
nemo Hace 16 días
Mario makes me laugh 24/7
Munchbank Hace un mes
3:19 ok, this actually made me burst out yelling "why am I laughing at this"
MemerEarl Hace 5 días
I am literally laughing so hard that my mom is freaking out
cullen gaming
cullen gaming Hace 24 días
3:17 was so wholesome and funny
Deano MOOD
Deano MOOD Hace 5 meses
Glad to see Mario addressing these atrocious life hacks
Not the Rock
Not the Rock Hace 5 meses
Olisicle Hace 5 meses
Wow that was really cool
Not the Rock
Not the Rock Hace 5 meses
John Frewin
John Frewin Hace 15 días
This video is so funny that I laughed so hard haha
Chicken Nugget
Chicken Nugget Hace 2 días
i can't stop laughing when i watch this video
akiprox7_Trollge and Trollface
Liefahack for mario: If you nuke the entire planet there is no one to bother you. (Def works)
Intense Terreria Fan
2:35 is the only "hack" where even people with negative 10000 iq knows this is dumb Even Mario knows how dumb it is
Mewtwo557 Hace 5 meses
The one time Mario is actually smart and he teaches audiences the dangers of life hacks.
🗻Sakura Tree🗻
🗻Sakura Tree🗻 Hace 4 meses
WOW that was realy cool
A something
A something Hace 5 meses
Wow that was really cool
Olisicle Hace 5 meses
Wow that was really cool
Takoda Burdue
Takoda Burdue Hace 28 días
Yoseph Araya
Yoseph Araya Hace un mes
let's admit it guys, we have a clear winner 1:42
{Sita_draws} Hace un mes
I feel like me and Mario has the shares the same brain cell.
NUGGET Hace 21 un día
Wow that had my friend and I nonstop laughing
Donut Burger
Donut Burger Hace 5 meses
Mario technically is not using the life hacks improperly. Also, I love the fact that even Mario knows when "life hacks" go too far.
30th Century Senpai
30th Century Senpai Hace 22 días
@maddy kirschke wrong
maddy kirschke
maddy kirschke Hace 22 días
i know right lol
30th Century Senpai
@Random guy no
Random guy
Random guy Hace un mes
30th Century Senpai
Sonic and Tails vibes
Sonic and Tails vibes Hace 21 un día
the dinosaur running away from Mario cracked me up!
mc Donald ruby
mc Donald ruby Hace un mes
the dinosaur one got me 😭
Megan Lane
Megan Lane Hace 28 días
Bro, I literally died of laughter
Wilton Ginman
Wilton Ginman Hace 20 días
2:27 when you accidentally recreate the Mona Lisa, it’s appropriate to give yourself a good grade
Viet273VN Gaming
Viet273VN Gaming Hace 19 días
A+ be like
Boldbruh 19
Boldbruh 19 Hace 5 meses
I like how at one point SMG4 just stood there recording. He knows where to find comedy gold.
Donut Burger
Donut Burger Hace 5 meses
@The 3 Luigis SMG4. Good point.
The 3 Luigis
The 3 Luigis Hace 5 meses
@Donut Burger and who paid lakitu to record?
Donut Burger
Donut Burger Hace 5 meses
@Edward Lim Not the entire series. Lakitu sometimes records.
Edward Lim
Edward Lim Hace 5 meses
man's been the cameraman since the entire series
uno thaddeus B. delos Santos
im dying of this video😂
Crystal_fox281 Hace 21 un día
I love it when it showed him with the paper eyeballs it’s super funny how Luigis like dead
Safari Cat
Safari Cat Hace un mes
Random lady: throws dart and accidentally breaks wall so she takes off dart board and replaces it with a picture frame. SMG4 Mario: burns down a whole house and rams his cart in it. He then sees his actions and puts a picture frame on it. He then dances saying “ Yeah!” Mario is a chad confirmed.
LemonSlice Hace un mes
Very chad move
Veny Plays
Veny Plays Hace 11 días
Marios wise words “I think my brain just commit suicide”
Mann of Dober
Mann of Dober Hace 5 meses
SMG4 just casually confirming Whimpu's non-existence by grating him out of reality.
trux the destroyer
trux the destroyer Hace 5 meses
Lol, poor wimpu
Olisicle Hace 5 meses
Wow that was really cool
gamerprogramboi Hace 17 días
3:40 smg4: enjoys the show. smg4: *looks at mario cause he making too much noise* mario: slurping something in his pants. smg4: *looks away creeped out.
Little Kaiju
Little Kaiju Hace un día
[1:05] a wise man once said: "...i think my brain just committed suicide"
Kirklynn Trotter jr
Kirklynn Trotter jr Hace 14 días
Always made me laugh
Link the Hylian Champion (Backup Account)
Plot twist (possibly): That melon is part if Melony's family.
SPIDER-DAN Hace 5 meses
I love how Mario does these hacks in such a hilarious way. This short really made my day. Thanks again SMG4.
MDL Demon
MDL Demon Hace un mes
2:15 Mario Paints The Mona Lisa Instead Changing The F He Got Then Puts An A+
Cinder Skeete
Cinder Skeete Hace 6 días
7:45 Mario is finally smart!
I'm Board
I'm Board Hace 27 días
6:14 this is how I feel every day
Marco Hace 2 días
nice Mario gained 3 braincells at the end nice job Mario!
Nic Waples
Nic Waples Hace 5 meses
Mario is like the Jaque Clueso of SMG4. Seeing SMG4 staring in horror at Mario drinking out of his pants is the funniest thing I've seen all month.
Light Bulb
Light Bulb Hace 5 meses
Same here lol
Sonic Chanel 3
Sonic Chanel 3 Hace 5 meses
Six Cuphead
just a fnf fan But can’t play ir record
bruh he didn’t even know why u out ketchup in book snd I dint either
rr888 Hace 5 meses
I lost it at that
Ham Hace 5 meses
it was pretty funny
the krofts channel
the krofts channel Hace un mes
I think it's funny in the intro that after the cars crashing Steve's just laying there in a minecart
Definitely not maiar
Definitely not maiar Hace 22 días
This part made me laugh 7:21
Patrick Cole
Patrick Cole Hace 7 días
Until you have the Lego death star on your feet got me dead really funny video good job
gissel_4585 Yanez
gissel_4585 Yanez Hace 13 días
4:48 This Reminds Me Of The Dipsy Chase From Slendy Tubbies
Moss dude
Moss dude Hace 5 meses
Compared to these guys, Mario actually IS a genius.
Abbie Hayes
Abbie Hayes Hace 3 días
I wud agree
XPey Hace 6 días
@Ma. Teresa Vargas Albert Einstein
XPey Hace 6 días
i agree that Becuase Mario knowed that Putting ketchup doesnt work bc you can put a paper for remember page.
فجر الصانع
فجر الصانع Hace 12 días
so funny
Conor Wogan
Conor Wogan Hace 21 un día
Couldn't have been truer
Gabo Gaming
Gabo Gaming Hace un mes
1:50 Luigi: Hey Mario! Mario: 👁👁 Luigi: *Passes out*
☆Piggy animations☆
Wow these hacks are so useful! Idk why my house is burning tho
Sonic the Hedgehog
Sonic the Hedgehog Hace 28 días
1:05 Mario- "I think, my brain just committed S U C I D E-."
Chasethemarioguy Hace 8 días
5:25 how am i puting random numbers in this and geting the best parts lol
Giacomo Ciogli
Giacomo Ciogli Hace 5 meses
Everytime i watch one of these "life hacks" vids, my brain just turns off by how stupid they actually look... Thank god Mario (and Smg4 of course) is here to turn it back on with some good ol memes.
eyeloveanime07 Hace un mes
I think I've lost brain cells rather than gained any
kids entertainment channel
And you put golden mario pixle in your nam
kids entertainment channel
How to put smg4 characters faces you put,
Rismatul Fitri
Rismatul Fitri Hace 5 meses
Wow that was really cool
Olisicle Hace 5 meses
Wow that was really cool
FoxYooTooz Hace un día
How Mario doesnt pay his taxes be like:
Toei Sonic
Toei Sonic Hace 4 días
-WĪLLĪÅM ÅFTØÑ- Hace 23 días
Imagine that the life hacks Mario did actually works 😂😂😂😂😂
curly hair kid
curly hair kid Hace un mes
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