Mark Ruffalo Reacts to Being Compared to Noah Centineo

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Mark Ruffalo shares what he thinks about everyone saying Noah Centineo looks like a younger him, and he reveals how much trouble he got into for Avengers spoilers during his last appearance.
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Mark Ruffalo Reacts to Being Compared to Noah Centineo


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14 mar 2019






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Comentarios 753
MrunaalJ Hace 4 horas
Gahhh please! Mark Ruffalo is way, way better!
Porshia Stevens
Porshia Stevens Hace 5 horas
How the hell they even speak the same way?
chintastic Hace 9 horas
lmaao he’s totally fangirling 🤣
Captain Marvel
Captain Marvel Hace 10 horas
He’s so humble
Cynthia Borges
Cynthia Borges Hace 11 horas
He said he was 15 so he can do the comparison with Mark... but he knows he looks older than 15 🙄
awwwkitteh Hace 12 horas
They do have similar features! Mark is such a chill and funny dude
Jigglypuff Mssm
Jigglypuff Mssm Hace 16 horas
Such a chill dude
babs Hace un día
that's so weird cus actually Mark looks way more like the guy who pays Josh in all the boys I've loved before.
Lau H
Lau H Hace un día
I don’t know why but i feel like mark and Ashton kutcher have the same humor and kinda talk the same😂 i love them both btw
Unicorn Nina
Unicorn Nina Hace un día
We are all Mark let's face it
Ela Hace un día
Don't disrespect Mark this way
jana rühl
jana rühl Hace 2 días
Plot twist: Mark shagged up with Noah's mom some twenty odd years ago...🧐😳
DarkerThanBlack Hace 2 días
Trump has done a million great things. Sorry Marky, grow up. #maga #Trump2020
Alanna Meyers
Alanna Meyers Hace 2 días
Love Mark, hate Noah.
Eclipse _
Eclipse _ Hace 2 días
Idk why but I don’t really see the resemblance...
NIZIA1094 Hace 2 días
Mark Ruffalo is thousand times more good looking than that overrated guy.
malaha mustafa
malaha mustafa Hace 2 días
Tom Holland tho😍😍😍
Aubrey Graham
Aubrey Graham Hace 3 días
Jimmy:"Tom holland spoiled a couple of thing" Mark:"I LOVE THAT GUY!"
Unicorn Nina
Unicorn Nina Hace un día
We are all mark
Claudine Sabila
Claudine Sabila Hace 3 días
BabyK18316 Hace 3 días
That’s his long lost son!!!!!! Sounds like him yesss
Alexis Martyn
Alexis Martyn Hace 3 días
Is it just me, or does the 15 year old Mark Ruffalo look like Josh from To All The Boys I've Loved Before?
Hanbin's Choco cone
Hanbin's Choco cone Hace 3 días
Such a cutie😂❣
sym Hace 3 días
If marvel ever reprises the avengers they can definitely use Noah as the new Bruce banner. They both are too cute.
The Camaro Kid
The Camaro Kid Hace 3 días
Really no really did they have to make that comment about the president I watch late night for entertainment not to hear other people’s political views
Andressa M.
Andressa M. Hace 3 días
Ria 05
Ria 05 Hace 3 días
Mark Ruffalo looks alike Bollywood actor Abhay Deol
The Minimalist Woman
I never realized this but I totally see the resemblance now!
Leonora Prenga
Leonora Prenga Hace 3 días
mark ruffalo >>>>>>> noah centineo
David Hace 3 días
Who the fuck is Noah Centineyilo or whatever that is?
Z Hace 4 días
he is soooooo adorable 😭😭😭😭😭😭
Thesevenmemes Hace 4 días
jimmy and mark were in their world
Shams Sapte
Shams Sapte Hace 4 días
Raijinshi Hace 4 días
OK but when Noah spoke....I thought they were doing that piss take dubbing using mark Ruffalo's voice....but then......BUT THEN :O
Brittney Salas
Brittney Salas Hace 4 días
I work at a movie theater and I already know the Avengers is going to be a big hit!!!!🥵
Sarah Sunset
Sarah Sunset Hace 4 días
Patiently waiting for a film (hopefully a romantic comedy) where Noah and Mark play father and son characters. I mean even casting directors think so! It's gotta happen.❤
Yesly Barona
Yesly Barona Hace 4 días
Mark is so frickin cute
Alissa Delgado
Alissa Delgado Hace 4 días
What if when he was saying Tom H- he wanted to say Hiddleston and was rudly interrumped in vain
Spoon 271995
Spoon 271995 Hace 4 días
this comparison never crossed my mind! NOW ITS ALL I CAN SEE
Lane Hace 4 días
Should have asked if he was even in it lol
Natalie Hager
Natalie Hager Hace 4 días
he should definitely play noah’s dad
emma xoxo
emma xoxo Hace 4 días
"he's like human spoiler human machine" (Tom Holland) 😂😂
MrsHoranPayne Hace 4 días
mark is hotter
The H Factor Movie Vlogs
Queen Angelina Jolie
Lmao Mark, you are The Hulk. We all wish we were you.
MD Rivera
MD Rivera Hace 4 días
I mean the eyes are bigger for Mark but they do look a lot alike
The Crazy Fangirl
The Crazy Fangirl Hace 4 días
why would you compare him to noah centipede
jayashree samal
jayashree samal Hace 4 días
If mark and tom will do an interview together we will get the whole plot of the movie before even its released
letícia f.
letícia f. Hace 4 días
Mark is the cutest. I love him.
JNV Hace 4 días
sorry but noah aint as cute as yall hype him up to be
Sanjana Muthukrishnan
Mark's doing this bit about his mom's reaction to him taking his braces off himself and it's so funny bUT OF COURSE JIMMY HAS TO INTERRUPT HIM STFU JIMMY LET THE MAN FINISH HIS JOKE
Zena Hanna
Zena Hanna Hace 5 días
I would marry this man his the cutest person!!
Hussan Al-rubayie
Hussan Al-rubayie Hace 5 días
Mark Ruffalo looks more like Ralph Macchio from The Karate Kid
Aisha Rose
Aisha Rose Hace 5 días
I don’t see such a big resemblance but Mark over Noah any day.
Mary0505 barb
Mary0505 barb Hace 5 días
Mark is so amazing and adorable
PancakesAndWaffles Hace 5 días
The shade at Trump omg😂 ( It’s at 3:23 )
Natasha Hace 5 días
I literally can’t see the resemblance between Mark and Noah. Mark and Chris Sarandon look alike. And Mark is much more good looking than Noah.
A J Hace 5 días
Let mark talk!!!
TheSmileygirl90 Hace 5 días
Mark could totally play Noah’s dad!
Komal Kim Kevin
Komal Kim Kevin Hace 5 días
I'm literally the only person on this earth who doesn't find Noah attractive at all. Mark > Noah
princess Ann
princess Ann Hace 5 días
Mark Ruffalo is a grey fox 😘
Sonya Ritonga
Sonya Ritonga Hace 5 días
Thats a honest laugh
gp Hace 5 días
cmon doesn't he even know how hot he is? i don't buy it mark not even a little bit!
Corinne Seay
Corinne Seay Hace 5 días
They are both great and yes Noah sounds just like him!
sldmjd Hace 5 días
I think mark might have spoiled that Tom is in endgame....
Patrice Bailey
Patrice Bailey Hace 5 días
I don’t think they look alike but they definitely sound alike
Adriana Jarquin
Adriana Jarquin Hace 5 días
Who is letting Mark do Avenger press tour by himself!!!
Iky Creation
Iky Creation Hace 5 días
Why is Jimmy Fallon always laughing and agreeing, I don’t see any jokes coming out of his mouth I still don’t get why he is a comedian . He basically just talks to people and the audience are doing the show for him
Shazlyn Asyzreen
Shazlyn Asyzreen Hace 5 días
“who u want to be press with” mark : “ chris evan. i can just sit there and be beautiful”
Marjorie Ann
Marjorie Ann Hace 5 días
Ya know they do sound alike lol
Violetta Azul
Violetta Azul Hace 5 días
I love him... He's so precious 💕
Xandra Hace 5 días
The actual younger Mark ruffalo looks more like the other guy in to all the boys I’ve loved before
Selz1992 G
Selz1992 G Hace 5 días
2:54 I was like “NOOOOOOOO please”. I don’t want Mark to get in trouble with Marvel Studios
Lucy Pollock
Lucy Pollock Hace 5 días
Mark Ruffalo is awesome and all, but he's really not that good looking. Why do people find him so attractive? Have they not seen ANY of the other Avengers?
amy superstar
amy superstar Hace 5 días
*I’d go swimming and sink to the bottom of the pool* well that’s me cause idk how to swim but that’s Mark with braces😂🥵
amy superstar
amy superstar Hace 5 días
Really 15??😂
Austin Baker
Austin Baker Hace 5 días
He sounds just like John Mulaney more or less
Jade Brown
Jade Brown Hace 5 días
Noah is not 15😭😭😭 should’ve shown an older picture of mark to compare better bc They really are similar
Ama Jang
Ama Jang Hace 5 días
Mom does not care you're the hulk
Dee Ramone
Dee Ramone Hace 5 días
Quick mark, more movies before it's too late
ashxxhale Hace 5 días
Mark's in love with Chris and I ship it
Lupita VM SIEMPRE Hace 5 días
1:26 he actually looks like Israel Broussard when he appeared on The Bling Ring
Sam Ash
Sam Ash Hace 5 días
Someone make a movie with these two as father and son!
Peach Plastic
Peach Plastic Hace 5 días
3:28 : Tonight Show's censorship exposed. ☕
Shailly Verma
Shailly Verma Hace 5 días
i love how no one is talking abt how mark TOOK HIS OWN BRACES OFF
Alicia Leal
Alicia Leal Hace 5 días
He’s so funny
Laurence TPj
Laurence TPj Hace 6 días
I love him ...
ria fojas
ria fojas Hace 6 días
What if Bruce Banner and Natasha Romanoff had a son? Like, natural conception or since we’re dealing with sci-fi, artificially? Then it chould be played by Noah Centineo.
Rey Skywaka
Rey Skywaka Hace 6 días
Mark ruffalo >>>>>>>>> everyone else
Maxine Beth
Maxine Beth Hace 6 días
What about me and tom h- *NO! ABSOLUTELY NOT*
Mary J
Mary J Hace 6 días
MR still looking hawt AF.
A Hace 6 días
Mark is such a humble guy 😂❤️
Jeremy Barnes
Jeremy Barnes Hace 6 días
I love Mark
Adam Mankind
Adam Mankind Hace 6 días
I love Mark 😂 😂
Carla Portillo
Carla Portillo Hace 6 días
I love Mark Ruffalo 😁😁
Ariel Malsi Real
Ariel Malsi Real Hace 6 días
Hey Mark Ruffalo You Are Still AGE Anyway And That Is NOT Your Time Travel.
Shannen Granger
Shannen Granger Hace 6 días
Aw hes such a good and humble person! Hahah love him
Soumyaa Singh
Soumyaa Singh Hace 6 días
Hulk's missing son
Deborah Okere
Deborah Okere Hace 6 días
I love Mark, he’s so cute 😂😂❤️
danielly oliveira
danielly oliveira Hace 6 días
He could be noah’s dad tho
Marcia Francisca
Marcia Francisca Hace 6 días
Am i the only thinking that 15 years old Mark Ruffalo actually looks like Noah Centineo? 😏
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