Mark Ruffalo Reacts to Being Compared to Noah Centineo

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Mark Ruffalo shares what he thinks about everyone saying Noah Centineo looks like a younger him, and he reveals how much trouble he got into for Avengers spoilers during his last appearance.
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Mark Ruffalo Reacts to Being Compared to Noah Centineo

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Comentarios 100
Baden Oanil
Baden Oanil Hace 2 horas
With braces on and sink at the bottom of the pool.. 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Eddie Lopez
Eddie Lopez Hace 17 horas
Omg yes
Tala Habern
Tala Habern Hace 2 días
Mark is too humble. He looked like an awkward teen in that photo but look at other pics when he was a little bit older. Boy was handsome.
Secret Anonymous
Secret Anonymous Hace 2 días
Noah in MCU? Coming soon.
Binibining Christine
Maybe Noah can play young Hulk hehe
Mark lee's seagull
Mark lee's seagull Hace 4 días
He’s so wholesome
Ec Lair
Ec Lair Hace 4 días
Am I the only one who thinks that Luke Kirby resembles Mark Ruffalo more than Noah? 🤔...
Jose Mari Morante
Jose Mari Morante Hace 6 días
Shittt young mark ruffalo looks so much like rex orange county
EmEm valencia
EmEm valencia Hace 7 días
Waaa. MARK, Youre the best! 😍😍😍
Shaira Baldimo
Shaira Baldimo Hace 7 días
Idk but i just love Mark Ruffalo. Really ❤❤
f9nineteen Hace 7 días
Mark looks WAY better
nic ole
nic ole Hace 7 días
the way he covered his mouth when they started talking about endgame hahaha
Darlene Varquez
Darlene Varquez Hace 7 días
They should not compare him with Noah lol
Ange Natal
Ange Natal Hace 7 días
Mark Rufflo "Sit there and be beautiful" 🙌😂💙
Haha Lala
Haha Lala Hace 8 días
mark is so cutee 😍😍
OOF Hace 8 días
Noah Centineo is a trash can compared to Mark stop this
PassTheLimit Hace 8 días
I'm just switching back and forward between Mark Ruffalo's and Noah Centineo interview, like uh hurmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!
Mädchen des Mondes
Mädchen des Mondes Hace 8 días
uh honey he’s gorgeous
kate torres
kate torres Hace 8 días
He's too precious
Mia Hace 8 días
ily Mark
erin ;
erin ; Hace 8 días
i love mark.
Alfredo Hernandez
Alfredo Hernandez Hace 8 días
No wonder I was like why dies he look so familiar!!!
Ria Mae Tacneng
Ria Mae Tacneng Hace 9 días
Mark: I'd go swimming and sink at the bottom of the pool. 😂😂😂
Kaila Meehan
Kaila Meehan Hace 9 días
as a teenager now, i would probably have a crush on teenage mark ruffalo.
Rmercury Hace 9 días
Noah is NOT good looking sweetie, he looks like he belongs in bobs burgers
Raura Forever
Raura Forever Hace 9 días
uuuuuuhhhhhhh they do not look alike or sound the same in any way
RosiePosie Hace 9 días
Omg they sound a like 🤭
TheeBabyDollJenny Hace 9 días
Damn, he could get it in every which way he wants it. 🤤💦😻
Arami Lugo
Arami Lugo Hace 9 días
I love him so much ❤️😍
Kimberly Michaela
Kimberly Michaela Hace 9 días
YO they really do sound the same
Expecto Patronum
Expecto Patronum Hace 10 días
Aurora Vivienne Rietveld
I didn't notice how facially similar Noah Centineo is to Mark ruffalo before this video ...
sinnersol Hace 10 días
Wow he hates himself... SAME!
DreamImpossibleThings Hace 10 días
omg young mark looks even more like noah
!? Hace 10 días
This interview makes me unconfortable, idk why
charro028 Hace 10 días
Mark is just divine!
Amber Hace 10 días
They do sound alike
Alex andra
Alex andra Hace 10 días
helena b.
helena b. Hace 10 días
mark is much more beautiful and smart than noah centineo next
Mae Maeda
Mae Maeda Hace 11 días
Noah and Mark sound alike
Akanksha K
Akanksha K Hace 11 días
I thought the same ! When i saw 13 going 30
А. И.
А. И. Hace 11 días
He'd be like: I don't wanna be IRON MAN Mom: ...... Mom: get out of my house
chloudovech Hace 11 días
i just love him
Jo jo
Jo jo Hace 11 días
whuuut? it should be Noah being compared to Mark
JO Johnson
JO Johnson Hace 11 días
Black panther be like get this man a mirror
Kelsey CoCa
Kelsey CoCa Hace 11 días
Mark Ruffalo is gorgeous now and then
Bryanna Packston
Bryanna Packston Hace 11 días
Why am I so thrilled to know I’m not alone in thinking this
Marinaa Camaj
Marinaa Camaj Hace 11 días
i love mark so much
Rux Covers
Rux Covers Hace 11 días
I died at the braces 😂😂😂😂
Kidominh Hace 11 días
Noah is 22
Ciara X
Ciara X Hace 11 días
Am I the only one who doesn’t think they look similar at all lol
Lizzie Ramii
Lizzie Ramii Hace 12 días
1:54 💀
Kail Raider
Kail Raider Hace 12 días
I'm 19 and I prefer mark💟😂
finch Hace 12 días
David Dobrik also look like Mark Ruffalo
Krupa Thakur
Krupa Thakur Hace 12 días
0:36 Anybody triggered from how jimmy cuts Mark off sksksks
Amy & Teddy R
Amy & Teddy R Hace 12 días
Dude Jimmy Fallon has literally no self awareness .... he always interrupts his guests whenever they talk it’s sooo annoying!!!!
puddlemini Hace 12 días
Noah Centineo is a pretty boy, but iconic Mark Ruffalo is on the terrorist watchlist for his activism. Cannot touch that.
Amanda Juarez
Amanda Juarez Hace 12 días
eleana Hace 12 días
uh no
Siddharth Sarwate
Siddharth Sarwate Hace 12 días
Stop makin him hulk at the show. 😂
Anushka Banerjee
Anushka Banerjee Hace 12 días
They definitely sound similar!
Marlon Goulding
Marlon Goulding Hace 12 días
Mark will always be attractive 😍🔥
Jenna Panda
Jenna Panda Hace 12 días
Dang Noah is gonna be hotttt lol
Demi Oladapo
Demi Oladapo Hace 12 días
Spoiler Alert: Hulk is so hot in avengers endgame.
Demi Oladapo
Demi Oladapo Hace 12 días
Tf. You is hot... Mark. You is hot. You is that good looking
emily caldera
emily caldera Hace 12 días
Have both of them on the show at the same time and guess which one is saying what and Jimmy has to guess which one and if he gets it wrong there’s a punishment
Austin Powers
Austin Powers Hace 12 días
He is so humble
Tracey Claver
Tracey Claver Hace 12 días
"I could just sit there and be beautiful." 😂😂😂
darling c
darling c Hace 12 días
Noah could never lmao.
Eca Hace 13 días
Noah wishes. Lol Young mark ruffalo is cuteee
Charlotte Orterb
Charlotte Orterb Hace 13 días
**I think the RED HEADED CHICK FROM JURASSIC PARK...looks like Julia ROBERTS!!
Mikayleeツ Hace 13 días
Noah continent is not as good looking as everyone is saying.....I mean, why does he keep getting casted for the main love interest?? He’s not that good of an actor? And he’s not that attractive?
JAsparklefret7 Hace 13 días
I loved Mark since 13 going on 30❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Miché _
Miché _ Hace 13 días
Protect Mark at all costs
Stranger Resuello
Stranger Resuello Hace 13 días
Mark sweetie...
JJ X Hace 13 días
shoot mark can still hit me up🥰😙
Nokie Mitra
Nokie Mitra Hace 13 días
I am crushing more on Mark Ruffalo than Noah ❤❤❤
Alia Rizvi
Alia Rizvi Hace 13 días
Ruffalo is way more handsome...
_GoldenBunny_ Hace 13 días
*Googled mark young photo* OMFG
BubblesM Hace 13 días
oooh yeah their voice is so similar! but I think noah looks more like brendan fraser 😊
BOMBAexpress Hace 13 días
Jimmy: are you aware about the comparison... Mark *wondering and thinking what the fuck* Also Mark :doing the exact fucking face as Noah
이윤경 Hace 13 días
How old Noah Sentinao is??
nicole797 Hace 13 días
I love Mark R!!!! Yes, I said that from the very beginning, Noah looks and sounds like him!!!! 🤣🤣🤣Love Noah for that! Omg he was so awesome in End Game!
Charlotte Orterb
Charlotte Orterb Hace 13 días
Stela Kau
Stela Kau Hace 13 días
He has such a sweet face omg
Jennifer Pohl-Johnston
I had to do a search because I wondered if they were related. Now I know. They'd be wonderful in a movie together.
Paulina De La Torre
Paulina De La Torre Hace 13 días
y’all really wasted his time bothering him about noah centipede smh
k. arias
k. arias Hace 13 días
no offense but Mark has nothing to envy to Noah😂
Zara Mage
Zara Mage Hace 13 días
I never even noticed.. thank you ✨
Go Fry Yourself
Go Fry Yourself Hace 13 días
Ew,can people not?Mark is waaayyyyyyy better than Noah.
Aliah Tactuk
Aliah Tactuk Hace 13 días
Mark you’re handsome asf wym? Man when he was on 13 going on 30 that’s when I fell in love tbh.
antonieta campos
antonieta campos Hace 13 días
I actually think mark is cute
Olivia C
Olivia C Hace 13 días
Mark Ruffalo in 13 going on 30 is what Noah centineo thinks he is 😂😂
Jacquelin Isidro
Jacquelin Isidro Hace 13 días
That’s America’s ass 😂 That’s all I could think about when someone mentions Chris Evans
Melissa Leon
Melissa Leon Hace 13 días
Awh I Love Mark Ruffalo!!!
Asper Kin
Asper Kin Hace 13 días
Young mark is still cute ☺🤷‍♀️👌
mouza alw
mouza alw Hace 13 días
Mark and noah? Mark wins
itsahairflip3 Hace 13 días
Mark rufflao is my all time fave!! Definitely my fave avenger too!! He’s a babe
Deanna D
Deanna D Hace 13 días
I love him so much cause he’s such a sweetheart. And Mark please, as Jimmy said, you are THAT good looking. ❤️❤️❤️
mariana arbesu
mariana arbesu Hace 13 días
he’s so adorable
sydsterc Hace 13 días
Awww mark was adorable 😂😂
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