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Markiplier takes the WIRED Autocomplete Interview and answers the internet's most searched questions about himself. Why does Markiplier have a pink mustache? Why can't Markiplier drink alcohol? Who drew his ESvid icon? Why did he need to have surgery? Mark answers all of these questions and more!

Check out more of Mark at his ESvid Channel: esvid.net/u-markiplier

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Markiplier Answers the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED

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*E* Hace 14 minutos
Here’s a manican , _ , __ | __ | /\
*E* Hace 13 minutos
Youtube fan
Youtube fan Hace 25 minutos
ShadowBlake Hace 36 minutos
The OPM hoodie is dope
Spy Crab
Spy Crab Hace un hora
“What is mafkiplier's real hair color“ Mark: “Here it is“ Blind people: *“Am I a joke to you?“*
PR124 Wannabe
PR124 Wannabe Hace un hora
Mark’s upload schedule should be 1 vlog a week, 1 sketch and 3 gaming videos. The man needs a break
RicktheCreator Hace un hora
Mark is the Keanu of youtube
PR124 Wannabe
PR124 Wannabe Hace un hora
Mark: exists Everyone: why did he/what is he/ is he?
Nicholas Stolyar
Nicholas Stolyar Hace un hora
Literally the Keanu Reeves of youtube
no brainsells dead meme 8881
when mark said he likes board games I thought oh marky boy getting old
just a zabuza and haku fan
I'm so happy after I saw him wearing a one punch man hoodie and idk why but I am
The art Potato
The art Potato Hace 2 horas
He’s a Cancer I researched it
Ryley Hace 2 horas
Im glad Mark chose youtube over college
Gal4xy Cat
Gal4xy Cat Hace 3 horas
Mark: I had heard 2 months later she passed away. Me: I AM SO CLOSE TO CRYING!!! This is not a meme I literally almost cried.
King_ Rares
King_ Rares Hace 3 horas
. . . . . *_E_*
FrostDiamond // Trash And More
Who is this markiplier dude? Tbh he just looks like red pewdiepie smh
strange artist
strange artist Hace 3 horas
It was so sad when you could tell Markiplier was getting upset...
F*** hmm that sound cool
Leah Tiemann
Leah Tiemann Hace 4 horas
This video really gives you a taste of irl Mark... The part with those poor kids passing away hit me hard :'(
craftite Hace 4 horas
This just gave me a new perspective on mark
BackPack 11
BackPack 11 Hace 4 horas
6:31 Markiplier: *has a heart attack* *someone calls ambulance* Markiplier: no its fiiine Markiplier: *has another heart attack*
Sekmet Hace 4 horas
Loved this so much, if you could can you guys do MiniiLadd
Clarice Inclan
Clarice Inclan Hace 4 horas
Mark: I really dont spend alot of money on myself Also Mark: *I AM A MAN WHO OWNS FIVE OVENS*
Sontiana Davis
Sontiana Davis Hace 5 horas
He’s such a funny and humble person. We love a king 💗
MikoyCreator Hace 5 horas
Eh alcohol is not all that its cracked up to be anyway. Gives you a buzz sure but you can live without it.
Mr. K
Mr. K Hace 5 horas
I remember why Mark really took a break, and I would want to let him know everything was going to be alright. Daniel is proud buddy. He'll always be proud.
Mr. K
Mr. K Hace 5 horas
Hamiltrash Schuyler
Hamiltrash Schuyler Hace 5 horas
Markiplier, your zodiac sign is Cancer ♋️ Your Birthday is June 28 and the sign for that is cancer
Thunderboy Loft
Thunderboy Loft Hace 6 horas
Mark: I like board games 🙃 Me: 😐 mark you have over 1000 videos of GAMING!
Not a Weeb
Not a Weeb Hace 6 horas
Remember how low Mark made his voice back in 2014
Gi Gi
Gi Gi Hace 6 horas
Shan2ZeReskew Hace 6 horas
What is Markiplier's *rips off tape* safe word with JackSepticEye?
Athalia Hace 6 horas
marks skin looks so good in this video but some of these questions really made me smile hes such a good person
Xavier Draws
Xavier Draws Hace 6 horas
i have never gotten sad cause of this series until now!!
Benjamin Cuartero
Benjamin Cuartero Hace 7 horas
excuse to get out of college: I do youtube
bad wolf
bad wolf Hace 7 horas
Mmmm chicken and dumplings at the same time its cracker barrel yasss
Brayden Peek
Brayden Peek Hace 7 horas
Your catchphrase is, "Hello there, I'm Markiplier..."
Merline Checo
Merline Checo Hace 7 horas
You can tell it hit him hard when that poor kid died.
Potatoe Thingie
Potatoe Thingie Hace 7 horas
"I don't know I'm not a pokemon"
Daniel Whitton
Daniel Whitton Hace 7 horas
I am zodiac any questions
Daniel Whitton
Daniel Whitton Hace 8 horas
Lol mine favorite cracker barrel meal is chicken and dumplings
Snow and thorns Catpanda1
I wanted to know his zodiac..
austin gore
austin gore Hace 8 horas
haha but it was kinda cool
mandavaler Hace 8 horas
"walking nightmare" immediate mcdonalds commercial 🤣🤣
Jackson Taylor
Jackson Taylor Hace 8 horas
I have a great Pyrenees’s two and I love her I call her a sheep
Jackson Taylor
Jackson Taylor Hace 8 horas
Mark I will make you some chicken and dumplings
big oof
big oof Hace 9 horas
This really shows how gentle and how nice of a person Mark is and I'm in tears
Entia flame
Entia flame Hace 9 horas
Do you think jacksepticeye can do this maybe you can ask him.
Itschlobro Hace 9 horas
Itschlobro Hace 9 horas
I'm conservative and I strongly respect him just out right saying his liberal more power to you man people shouldn't be afraid to share political views
Jorge Luna
Jorge Luna Hace 9 horas
He like a little Keanu Reeves
Alicia Rose Lokisdottir
Watching stuff like this breaks me so much. Mark has suffered so much in his life, but he has still managed to push through and make a difference in the world. He is such an inspiration and I love him for it.
Quya Luna
Quya Luna Hace 10 horas
OH neat, you're half Korean? O_O I'd been wondering! That's cool.
Quya Luna
Quya Luna Hace 10 horas
Your zodiac sign is Cancer.
Quya Luna
Quya Luna Hace 10 horas
This was posted on my 18th birthday ... wow.
Ahmed A
Ahmed A Hace 10 horas
He kinda looks like keanu reeves
gambling ghoul
gambling ghoul Hace 10 horas
Y'all his zodiac sign is a Cancer his birthday is june 28th
Jada George
Jada George Hace 10 horas
Mark: "why is markiplier the king of fnaf" Mark: um *BECAUSE I SAID SO.*
Dr. Creeps
Dr. Creeps Hace 11 horas
Mark is the next Keanu Reeves.
Fae Hace 11 horas
Markiplier? Why not your real name? 😂
Itz Ravage
Itz Ravage Hace 11 horas
*What is Markiplier’s net worth* Mark: Uhh, about $7.50 but there is others on Amazon about less then that *Next Question*
BlaineCraner Hace 11 horas
Delete this
Dominick Cook
Dominick Cook Hace 11 horas
UniQueAtWaR Original
UniQueAtWaR Original Hace 12 horas
What's markiplier favorite game? Mark:bOaRd GaMeS Inside of his head:"I am KING OF FNAF!!!"
Mya Magee
Mya Magee Hace 12 horas
Mark you are a cancer I searched it up for u also your birthday is the same as my friends happy early birthday this Friday im saying this on Wednesday
Sebastian The Goat
Sebastian The Goat Hace 12 horas
Please do Jacksepticeye now
Noah Sadek
Noah Sadek Hace 12 horas
Markipkier: “I had a tumor...” Me: *drops coke* *Hears rest of explanation* Me: “ooooooooohhhhh@
Noah Sadek
Noah Sadek Hace 12 horas
Dang it I meant “ooooooohhh” not “ooooooohhh@
Clarke Patterson
Clarke Patterson Hace 13 horas
Ayeeeeeee tumor buddy Except mine was stomach
Rikusgirl001 Hace 13 horas
He's so... pure.
Gagerooney 07
Gagerooney 07 Hace 13 horas
Mark isn’t afraid of maniquins he played lots of games with maniquins
Jovan Dučić
Jovan Dučić Hace 14 horas
Did you notice that sign changes when he is talking about something
Queen Thictoria
Queen Thictoria Hace 15 horas
That moment when you and Markimoo got the same favorite food 🤯😮
Maria Kafkarkou
Maria Kafkarkou Hace 15 horas
Omg mark is probably the one in this world that would do this for charities 😭😭
Brady Crabb
Brady Crabb Hace 15 horas
I’m not a fan any more
Talereaper Hace 15 horas
wow this got dark quickly..
Gamerboy Hace 15 horas
Can I cry now
BloxxingSloth Hace 16 horas
Surprised the question "what happened to Yamimash and Markiplier" wasn't on this.
That Gay Furry
That Gay Furry Hace 16 horas
I have trypophobia as well. Hear that guys! Mark likes to eat mEaT.
Lolabit22 18
Lolabit22 18 Hace 16 horas
Wait what Why not fnaf Why fnaf king Whyyyy
Unknown Gachatuber
Unknown Gachatuber Hace 16 horas
when he said afraid of mannequins, I realize it now why he was a bit of knocked out at the hello neighbor game.
ssj blue vegito20
ssj blue vegito20 Hace 16 horas
Look at my profile picture........ Thats how fu@%#ed you are(😅)
Ray Hace 16 horas
I'm a Leo
Sammy Corrine
Sammy Corrine Hace 16 horas
I just wanna be his friend! He seems like the purest soul. The world needs more people like this
Kittykat Gamrgrl
Kittykat Gamrgrl Hace 16 horas
Who drew Markiplier? 5 minutes later And so I did a 48-hour charity Livestream
s p i n n i n g
s p i n n i n g Hace 17 horas
HI. im MaRkIplIer.
Hopeless Human
Hopeless Human Hace 17 horas
Man I'm surprised this guy ain't dead since he had a tumor and other things like the tissue that was attached to his intestines. Idk man.
Adriana B.
Adriana B. Hace 17 horas
His voice! Wow
Lars Meijer
Lars Meijer Hace 18 horas
[everyone liked that]
Blondie Hace 18 horas
8:04 The person is an artist by the name of MongrelMarie! She has a webcomic called Let’s Play.
jamie criel
jamie criel Hace 18 horas
Is markiplier liberal Mark: yea I’m pretty liberal Losses half his subscribers
Lunasent Hace 18 horas
He has such a big heart! We need more people like him! Hearing that he donates many of his proceeds to charities is beautiful!
Roberto La Barbera
Roberto La Barbera Hace 18 horas
Man, you can do an ASMR out of your voice XD
Polly Awsome
Polly Awsome Hace 18 horas
I LIGIT cried through half of the video!! Mark, you're a good guy to do those charity live streams!!
Simeon Koistinen
Simeon Koistinen Hace 19 horas
Simeon Koistinen
Simeon Koistinen Hace 19 horas
OBC Hace 19 horas
markiplier likes *M E A T*
Zane Mylrea
Zane Mylrea Hace 19 horas
"What is Markipliers Net Worth? *Flash back to Markiplier makes creme brulee* Mark: I AM A MAN WHO OWNS 5 OVENS!! Mark: There is a reason I am number 5 on Forbes highest paid youtubers
gacha potato
gacha potato Hace 19 horas
Why is markiplier king a fnaf "because I said so"
LEWD!? Hace 19 horas
Markiplier is *Unique.* Protecc him.
Mimi Wang
Mimi Wang Hace 19 horas
My name is Michelle I feel so honored
hellish Hace 20 horas
*Keanu Reeves's long lost son*
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