Maroon 5 crash a real wedding Maroon 5 Sugar- video by Love & You video

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Maroon 5 Crash a real wedding to film their music video for single- ''Sugar'', video by Love & You video. Wedding at Carondelet House in Los Angeles.






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Lakshan De Silva
Lakshan De Silva Hace 2 días
What we said was . No ma how hard we Try to overcome it . Look like i did't give up . Some Changes. but still life is not yet finished .Energy can't create or destroy in this dimension.
Mrs.Italy D
Mrs.Italy D Hace un mes
This made me smile! I wish them the best from here until eternity!
Yukina Stanley
Yukina Stanley Hace 2 meses
Just realised this is the same place as where Safire Nygaard and Tyler Williams got married last year
Staci Hemeon
Staci Hemeon Hace 2 meses
Pretty sure this is where Safiya got married
Abe Ron
Abe Ron Hace 3 meses
The girls boobs is so small and microscopic...
Claude Roxborough III
awesome!!!! maroon 5 you guys rock!!!
Big Styx
Big Styx Hace 4 meses
I don’t know if it’s crashing when one in the couple know about it.
Johnry Barrameda
Johnry Barrameda Hace 4 meses
Ohh...my why am i *crybaby* always... when I remember those happiness.
Robert Neville
Robert Neville Hace 4 meses
Just plain fuk stupid video
Twan S
Twan S Hace 4 meses
What’s this bgm sing
love and you studios
Sunday Morning by Maroon 5
V P Hace 5 meses
This video is so well done: short, tasteful, informative. What a great wedding, and a nice surprize by Mr Levine and his band. And congrats plus wishes for lifetime of happiness to the wonderful couple.
love and you studios
Thank you so much for watching the video and for your nice comment!
Zeek Design
Zeek Design Hace 7 meses
love and you studios
Thank you!
Morris Anderson
Morris Anderson Hace 7 meses
Sorry,did I miss the reveal of the band when the curtain came down,,or was there none,,
Prince Ladia
Prince Ladia Hace 7 meses
are u blind
ChrisTopher Hace 8 meses
I wonder why they edited out the surprise moment? That was the coolest part.
Heather Mefford
Heather Mefford Hace 9 meses
*Wonderful couple wonder clip, thanks for sharing!*
Melody Cox
Melody Cox Hace 9 meses
The happy groom has moves!
Brian Cullen
Brian Cullen Hace 9 meses
Feels superficial (US)
Dody Jatnika
Dody Jatnika Hace 10 meses
Lucky man
Aahel Chatterji
Aahel Chatterji Hace 11 meses
Ooo 6th Dec is my b'day!!!
Jerry Yandow
Jerry Yandow Hace 11 meses
the reveal is missing best part not there
A True Love Official
The wedding itself was already lovely. It became awesome when Maroon 5 crashed and sung at their wedding. Congrats!
Wilhelm Ávila
Wilhelm Ávila Hace un año
Tammy Rossitto
Tammy Rossitto Hace un año
He could've let us hear what Maroon 5 was singing.
ToNy Nguyen
ToNy Nguyen Hace un año
1:50 guy on the right look like the HR manager in the Office (Toby Flenderson)
Paul Fan
Paul Fan Hace un año
hahhah, where did that come from
Zavier Hace un año
Good thing my parents never got married 😅🙃
Kevs H
Kevs H Hace un año
I can't just take away my eyes to the person who wedd them. He's so attractive.
Eileen Chambers
Eileen Chambers Hace 26 días
Yep you're right
Eileen Chambers
Eileen Chambers Hace 26 días
Lmao you made me rewind to have a look I had my eyes on Adam lol
B Fischer
B Fischer Hace un año
Congrats Ryan and melline
Bomo Soepardji
Bomo Soepardji Hace un año
So it was a real wedding in the video?? I didn’t kniw that 😃
love and you studios
Yes the band did actually 'crash' a couple of real weddings that night. We were the videographers at this wedding.
julisii Hace un año
4 years
Punnarooth Srimongkolsilp
Thomas G O'Neill Jr
Thomas G O'Neill Jr Hace un año
What an Amazing Couple!!!!
Raiyc Hace un año
2:48 My Granpa
Denny Yoo
Denny Yoo Hace un año
She has an amazing personally.
R K Hace 4 meses
'and' she's gorgeous !
Yun Ju Chu
Yun Ju Chu Hace un año
That must be one rich family to afford Marroon 5 :) Ah, Asians in America :)
Cindy Jones
Cindy Jones Hace un año
Well your to Chris now why didn’t you tell me.
Mestrezinho das Loterias
Ok...lets Go watch sugar again..😀
Shawn Chamberlain
Shawn Chamberlain Hace un año
Great Video.....Honestly! Buttttt…….where's the performance???
love and you studios
Glad you liked the video! This edit is a highlight of the couple's wedding day. Maroon 5 was a surprise and we wanted the video to show the wedding day and not their performance. You can watch Maroon 5's video of "Sugar' to see the performance.
Frances Smith
Frances Smith Hace un año
Love the decor and everything about this wedding so beautifully done
raffa Hace un año
from italy..you are the best...wedding
Don't mess with our Fandom
I'll never forget this video
Martina Harmatová
Martina Harmatová Hace un año
Marron five
Dean Routh
Dean Routh Hace un año
Vid sucked !!
love and you studios
Why do you think the video sucked?
nirvana in my pocket
Their vows were super adorable...😊
alonelylamb Hace un año
the vows :')
KS Lim
KS Lim Hace un año
very touching
Conny Davis
Conny Davis Hace un año
Ich want a wedding Like this for me
Phillippa Berry
Phillippa Berry Hace un año
You all have the personality of a brick
gary meschede
gary meschede Hace un año
That’s was real nice 👍
Chia-Li Sung
Chia-Li Sung Hace un año
so fake...the song wasn't the same
love and you studios
I'm not sure if you know much about the music industry but you the record label has the rights to the song "Sugar" and since their wedding was back when the song "Sugar" was just released we couldn't use it in their wedding video.
Mt vta
Mt vta Hace un año
Where the wedding crash part?
R G Hace un año
Joseph Cordero
Joseph Cordero Hace un año
Left in tears of joy!
JaRod 13
JaRod 13 Hace un año
what is the name of the background song?
Rebecca M
Rebecca M Hace un año
I’m not a crier but this made me cry
Osaka Channel
Osaka Channel Hace un año
Valerie Paulsen
Valerie Paulsen Hace un año
Very sweet. They look happy and uninhibated. God love them.
Valerie Paulsen
Valerie Paulsen Hace un año
Whoops. 1:19 looks like a nasty greeneyed monster.
HMTWORN Hace un año
tony Hace un año
how beautiful was this.........WOW!
Nhi Thao
Nhi Thao Hace un año
This is so great awwww the couple is so damn amazing and dedicated! Why did people dislike such a beautiful piece of happiness!
Katherine A
Katherine A Hace 2 años
Cutest couples
Hush Whisper
Hush Whisper Hace 2 años
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MJ12 Hace 2 años
What the fuck is this shit!
youtube1992 Hace 2 años
God bless you and your families!!!!! Much health for all of you!!!! 💒👏🏻💒👏🏻💒👏🏻💒📿💒👏🏻💒👏🏻💒👏🏻💒👏🏻💒📿💒👏🏻💒👏🏻💒👏🏻💒📿💒👏🏻💒👏🏻💒👏🏻💒📿💒👏🏻💒👏🏻💒👏🏻💒📿💒👏🏻💒👏🏻💒👏🏻💒👏🏻💒
arnis pocs
arnis pocs Hace 2 años
This is fucking obnoxious wealth.
jase0063 Hace 2 años
Wish Maroon 5 still played music like this....
Sakib Tamboli
Sakib Tamboli Hace 2 años
Happy union of Ryan n Bella... 💝 Of the cutest names I've known....
Jancer Ramos
Jancer Ramos Hace 2 años
whats the title of the background music
nashi nash
nashi nash Hace 2 años
Don't think Trump & his deplorable horde would like this video bec of multi culture, multi racial & multi ....just too much multi...for them...
redhotn blue
redhotn blue Hace 2 años
Neil Patil
Neil Patil Hace 2 años
i have never seen an asian girl marry a black man.
Victoria Guerrero
Victoria Guerrero Hace 2 años
Congratulations!! God bless u!!!
1DayAtATime Hace 2 años
They didn't crash shit. They were hired. Money talks.
love and you studios
Actually they did crash the wedding. We were the videographers and the only ones that knew the band was going to show us was the groom and the manager of the venue.
Cb bb
Cb bb Hace 2 años
True love
David S
David S Hace 2 años
Cute kids? As long as they take after her - he's punching well above his weight, though good luck to him...a massive schlong gets you a long way in life - I know!! 😁😁😁
jaya tissa
jaya tissa Hace 2 años
The whole event was so beautiful.
Vivat_In_Aeternum Hace 2 años
I don't understand why Western media and propaganda praise divorce so much. A long marriage with children is the most beautiful thing that can ever happen to someone. As a grand parent, see your grand children play in the garden and still be with the person you love and married 50 years before.
Icyblue260 Hace 2 años
tomorrow's their anniversary :3
Dedy Rajagukguk
Dedy Rajagukguk Hace 2 años
Cool & Nice...
Tai Nguyen
Tai Nguyen Hace 2 años
2:35 "Comonnn, comonnn. Marry one get one freeeeee. Comonnnnn. Oooooooooh. Let's goooo"
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