Marvel’s The Punisher: Season 2 | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

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Back on the job. Back in the fight.
Season 2 of Marvel’s The Punisher debuts exclusively on Netflix January 18.
Watch Marvel's The Punisher on Netflix: www.netflix.com/title/80117498
SUBSCRIBE: bit.ly/29qBUt7
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Marvel’s The Punisher: Season 2 | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix


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10 ene 2019

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Comentarios 12 391
Ludyson Richard
Ludyson Richard Hace 3 días
3 temporada pfv nunca pedi nada netifrixxx
Galaxis Hace 8 días
I gotta give proprs to the writers on this. The detail of the plot is just rediculous. my god
Trevor Stevens
Trevor Stevens Hace 12 días
This is an absolutely amazing series the creators of this has done such Justice for punisher I'm beyond impressed
Rogerio Santos Da Silva
:Without Punisher Season 3 : Netflix Cancelled!
Pogan Laul
Pogan Laul Hace 15 días
Why the fuck does jigsaw still look pretty
Keanu Reeves
Keanu Reeves Hace 17 días
This and Daredevil were the only ones that didn't go all SJW. LC was pretty SJW to begin with. JJ became SJW in S2. And I wouldn't say Iron Fist is SJW, but its trash enough to be that. That bathroom fight scene, Frank not being race bent, the amount of guns used, the amount of likable white male characters, Frank keeping his patirotic, Military/police loving personality, and the biggest asshole(Brett Mahoney) in the show being a black guy, proves it didn't go SJW, which is surprising, considering its Netflix after all.
J.L. Sprinkles
J.L. Sprinkles Hace 17 días
*spoilers* I really thought John Pilgrim and Jigsaw teamed up in this season
Tommy Wiseau
Tommy Wiseau Hace 18 días
Kevin Byrnes
Kevin Byrnes Hace 19 días
Just imagine what would happen if Frank met Moon Knight
Mr007MASTERJEDI Hace 20 días
where can i find this version of would. i love this remix
H. H.alyani
H. H.alyani Hace 20 días
Just tow season?
santosh choudhary
santosh choudhary Hace 20 días
We want season 3
Vaishnav Pardeshi
Vaishnav Pardeshi Hace 20 días
please made season 3
The Foreigner
The Foreigner Hace 22 días
Ah man I just heard that netflix cancelled this series. That sucks. Season 3 would have been awesome. Netflix sucks
Kian M
Kian M Hace 15 días
I think they are doing a season 3 on hulu or Disney plus
Canal perfudao
Canal perfudao Hace 23 días
SEASON 3 ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️🤪🤪
Alan Page
Alan Page Hace 23 días
I hope Disney+ brings back The Punisher for a third season!!!
Vicky Semwal
Vicky Semwal Hace 26 días
Punisher the best and ever show I liked very much
TunisianoCA Hace 27 días
i didn't like the actor
K Z Hace 27 días
Oh feck yeah first trailer metallica and the second trailer has Alice in chains whoever done these trailers are genius.
Matthew Fasano
Matthew Fasano Hace 29 días
I don’t think this was as good as the first season, but I enjoyed it anyway. The plot with the new characters was a little weak, but Jon Bernthal was still on top form and the fight scenes were badass, which more than made up for the rest.
Shadow Hace un mes
the bank robbery scene is not in season 2 wtf
paraprog85 Hace un mes
Aw, Alice in Chains. Nice. Not going to watch the series though. *shrug*
Rafael Domingus
Rafael Domingus Hace un mes
Ersan Alkan
Ersan Alkan Hace un mes
Season 3 please!
punisher with alice in fucking chains if this isnt one of the best crossovers in history then what motherfuckers?????
MR_DEZ_510 Hace un mes
I love the original song but is there a full version to this song?
ZF Rainbow
ZF Rainbow Hace un mes
Im so pissed there aint no s3
John Johnson
John Johnson Hace un mes
For anyone confused. Season 2 takes place in an alternate dimension, where almost everything is like here in our dimension, but with small exceptions. For example, in this alternate dimension 80-90% of important figures and/or fierce fighters are female. Also, common sense never evolved in humans, therfor the ability to fight has severly suffered from this. That of course forces new combat tactics to emerge. Such as: The *Look like you're riding a dudes D, but with anger* move The great *Stare at the ground and wait for my turn to punch* tactic The *Taking off your belt and not have your pants fall down in an intense fight, for the sole purpose of blocking knife slashes to the wrist which really works, no trust me it does* Stradegy.
Umar Games
Umar Games Hace un mes
Please can you’ll bring the punisher back with Jon bernthul
TheRedPanda_x _
TheRedPanda_x _ Hace un mes
Season 3???????
Nort Hace un mes
My Dad was watching this before he beat my mom. Bitch had it coming tho. He's in jail tho :/
Nerdy Coconut
Nerdy Coconut Hace un mes
This and the season one trailer are two of the best trailers of all time
DominantCub 72
DominantCub 72 Hace un mes
Jon bernthal is THE punisher. No one else can play him like he can. Just like Charlie Cox is daredevil, Downey is Tony, jackman is wolvie and cevans is cap
Skipz Hace un mes
There bringing it back in 2 years
The Vigilante
The Vigilante Hace un mes
Gonna miss frank and Matt Murdock :(
Jarod Farrant
Jarod Farrant Hace un mes
And thus the punisher army grew 10fold and marvel gained many new fans.
Jaguar Hace un mes
Watched Season 1,2 In 2 Days.
The Saint
The Saint Hace un mes
Alice In Chains - Would.
Malik Rameez
Malik Rameez Hace un mes
I dont know why but I hated madani and all Russos scenes.. Skipped all of their scenes
Antonio Javelosa
Antonio Javelosa Hace un mes
Who's here after Daredevil Season 3 and cancellation
Ian Worley
Ian Worley Hace un mes
Rudra Hace un mes
shane vs rick in s3
Sean Couture
Sean Couture Hace un mes
John Wick and Frank Castle. The worlds most dangerous duo.
Diego Lopez
Diego Lopez Hace 2 meses
I’m not gonna watch anything on Netflix anymore since they cancelled this masterpiece to be honest I stopped watching Netflix a long time ago lmao
klloyd plata
klloyd plata Hace 2 meses
There is so many Father-figures in Marvel movies and TV shows such as Logan and Laura aka X-23, Peter Quill aka Star-Lord and Yondu Udonta, Tony Stark aka Iron-man and Peter Parker, and finally, Frank Castle aka The Punisher and Amy Bendix.
klloyd plata
klloyd plata Hace 2 meses
Happy Father's Day to Jon Bernthal's The Punisher because he is really the father-figure to Amy Bendix. I really like The Punisher web series because of the intense actions.
Johny Briones
Johny Briones Hace 2 meses
Why even cancel it
Fresh Prince of BW
Fresh Prince of BW Hace 2 meses
When hear his voice her and in interviews i wonder if and how they changed his voice cause it’s sounds so different
Shyam Kumar
Shyam Kumar Hace 2 meses
Is he shone from The walking dead actually I just finished this series in Netflix
Tevin Sewer
Tevin Sewer Hace 2 meses
I’m really hoping some other streaming service picks up this show, it’s fucking amazing
George Washington
George Washington Hace 2 meses
Ortiz Lock up Jim and George Dyer for murder. ROTC. Harvard.
D3LTAA55ASIN Hace 2 meses
Please...PLEASE can we get this trailer version of Alice in Chains - Would.
Eagle Eye
Eagle Eye Hace 2 meses
And to think that this shit happens in Queens where Spidey lives lmfao
Eagle Eye
Eagle Eye Hace 2 meses
Fun fact: Peter Parker aka Spider-Man lives just blocks away from the crossfire that took away Frank’s family
Fenris6 M
Fenris6 M Hace 2 meses
This show is amazing! Cant wait to buy the next season and watch!
Ivan Perez
Ivan Perez Hace 2 meses
3 temporada por favooor
The Revenant
The Revenant Hace 2 meses
Gerald Dimka
Gerald Dimka Hace 2 meses
I'm not the one who dies. I'm the the one that does the killing.
Gerald Dimka
Gerald Dimka Hace 2 meses
Amazing superhero series second only to Daredevil
Aung Kyaw Zin
Aung Kyaw Zin Hace 2 meses
I can't believe they cancelled this amazing show
ooo dans
ooo dans Hace 2 meses
Abiiii efsane yaaa
Risban Moosa
Risban Moosa Hace 2 meses
Why they r doing this " Netflix , cancelling all good shows, my first favourite was Daredevil that cancelled. N now the publisher ...
muneeb khan
muneeb khan Hace 2 meses
Alice in chains Would ❤️
Meme Team
Meme Team Hace 2 meses
0:09, your stunt double wants a raise
ZLanup Hace 2 meses
Season 3 please it was my favorite show
Starkiller 007114
Starkiller 007114 Hace 2 meses
All Marvel Netflix shows have been canceled for future seasons
PriestlyBlock67 Hace 2 meses
They should bring this show back and switch the writers and showrunners to whoever did DD S2
KenshoBeats Hace 2 meses
So yeah, cancelled netflix, not just because they cancel this specific series but because I can't enjoy series when chances are they will be cancelled. Too many series are being cancelled.
Edgar Allan Pie
Edgar Allan Pie Hace 2 meses
goosebumps were permanent during this video
AJ Flores
AJ Flores Hace 2 meses
They should have introduced Jigsaw on the next season (if there is another one) The blackmail/amy/pilgrim storyline just went dull and felt rushed at the last 2 episodes. Because the story is jumping between Jigsaw & Jon Pilgrim. They’re squeezing stories in a tiny bowl.
Shakozy A
Shakozy A Hace 2 meses
Whats the opening song?
Hasta La Vista Baby
Hasta La Vista Baby Hace 2 meses
Please bring the punisher season 3 pleaseee Netflix you son of a bitch 😂
the KĪCK AЯSE AussĪe 3.0
This show was good but hopefully that means he gets a movie and we finally get him in the MCU
gaurav sharma
gaurav sharma Hace 2 meses
It's a humble request. Please bring the Punisher season 3 Please please please please
Jalz Hace 3 meses
The Punisher : RUSSOOOOOOOOOOO. Billy :..... Stan lee : Don't make me come down there you punks.
Flaming Tomohawk
Flaming Tomohawk Hace 3 meses
Fucking hell, Why was this Cancelled!?
Tudi Hace 3 meses
Season 3 plsss
52footballoak Hace 3 meses
Bring back the punisher you no good people that hate good things.
Gist432 Hace 3 meses
Netflix has gotten more and more shitty stuff. Why the hell do I need them? Without the Punusher... fuck off.
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