Marvel’s The Punisher: Season 2 | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

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Back on the job. Back in the fight.
Season 2 of Marvel’s The Punisher debuts exclusively on Netflix January 18.
Watch Marvel's The Punisher on Netflix: www.netflix.com/title/80117498
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Marvel’s The Punisher: Season 2 | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix


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10 ene 2019






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Alikhan Kidirov
Alikhan Kidirov Hace 23 horas
01:03 Ваня Нойз? ты чего тут потерял?
AliceInPantera Hace 2 días
Always good music in these trailers 🤘
Marwa Eld
Marwa Eld Hace 4 días
Can i watch directly season 2 ???
Lost [Daycore Audio]
Lost [Daycore Audio] Hace 12 días
Season 3 or I'm killing my happiness.
The Segastar show
The Segastar show Hace 13 días
I swear Disney cancelled all these Marvel Netflix shows.
P2D Hace 14 días
Alice in chains is so tight
Harley Flames
Harley Flames Hace 15 días
Alice in chains🤘
No I'm Not Changing My Name
The only show that actual did the Punisher justice was Daredevil. The standalone series was just a weird, watered down version of him. In other words. He's the Funisher.
Alexander Husen
Alexander Husen Hace 17 días
What's the song?
Mandy Whayt
Mandy Whayt Hace 22 días
Great show❤️ I really missed Lieberman in season 2 would’ve made a great team with Frank 💪🏻
hacchhik00 Hace 27 días
the amoount of blood he lost in last season....here we open blood bank with that 😅😅😅😅
amit sharma
amit sharma Hace 27 días
bring this show back
Ilhmkjhgybvcyl'cglb Homolocus a tuer
Quand saison 3 please
Heinrich Barbarossa
Heinrich Barbarossa Hace 28 días
The villain is a priest/pastor. Ever notice how Disney/Marvel love to attack and humiliate traditional culture? Thor becomes a bum, then a woman. Disney recently released its first TRANZ character and marvel is doing the same in comics. This is intentional erosion of traditional values and it is done on purpose to harm society. Shows not bad but think about the themes being promoted in the media you and your children consume. Oh (pilgrim) was also an evil Nazi...really? Not all traditional values are evil this is social engineering for men who enjoy action but won’t accept drag queens and other more blatant forms of indoctrination; however it will only lead down the line.
wilson fisk
wilson fisk Hace 25 días
How old are you? Not being rude just asking
Haseeb Yousaf
Haseeb Yousaf Hace 28 días
I'm not the one who dies kid, I'm the one who does the killing 🔥💀
rayan kushwaha
rayan kushwaha Hace un mes
This series is so underrated😓😓💯💯
XxBombingMasterXx Hace un mes
the best show ever we needs season 3 right now
Wyse Hace un mes
If this show wasn't axed at it's second season then The Punisher would have went on to be one of the best TV Shows of it's era.
AlexTheDarkslayer Hace un mes
What's the song?
ฬђเtє ฬ๏lŦ
we need season 3
Punisher kills people for revenge right?
rehan shaikh
rehan shaikh Hace un mes
I m not the one who dies kid,I m the one who does killing. That dailogue from castle is phenomenal 👌
Sim mary Santos
Sim mary Santos Hace un mes
Waths músic of trailer of punisher season 2?
Philip Prange
Philip Prange Hace un mes
200k likes on this comment and Netflix brings it back
MrNatig A
MrNatig A Hace un mes
Cant forget last amazing scene when Billy waits Curtis but Franky comes again.
Matheus Fernandes
Matheus Fernandes Hace un mes
I had never seen this trailer before, and I was amazed how they used "would?" in this trailer
MichaelMyers101 Hace un mes
Who's ready to petition to bring the show back???
Seif Hace un mes
Do Frank and Micro become friends at the very end of season 1?
CMovie Studios
CMovie Studios Hace un mes
I like this over season 1 honestly. Wasn’t a big fan of the conspiracy stuff.. i like punisher just being punisher
Some Random Guy
Some Random Guy Hace un mes
OMG why did you guys cancelled season 3 of the Punisher I really missed the series.
tdrb21 Hace un mes
Please Netflix more Punisher!! I’m a subscriber just for this amazing show
Paulo Denko
Paulo Denko Hace un mes
Jon is best actor , and he need more films
M4A1 Carbine
M4A1 Carbine Hace un mes
I clicked because I saw Shane in the thumbnail.
Michal Kossakowski
Michal Kossakowski Hace un mes
The best Punisher ever
abdul Khalid
abdul Khalid Hace un mes
Come on come on, come on!!!!! WHERES SEASON 3 ???? Everybody is waiting!!!!
Abdul Khalid
Abdul Khalid Hace un mes
its wierd but i like the character Pilgrim - he is a badass!!
Avinash Nayak
Avinash Nayak Hace un mes
Why Why Why it ended 😭
Kartikeya Gupta
Kartikeya Gupta Hace un mes
Please Season 3😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
LPapagim -4-
LPapagim -4- Hace un mes
The best series👌
Mr. Impatient ™️
Let me be. What I meant to be! Still hate Netflix for cancelling such a breathtaking show, doe 😒
Himanshu Dutta
Himanshu Dutta Hace un mes
make a movie
Anas hunter
Anas hunter Hace un mes
The season 2 was so boring but I still love you, Frank san
Christian Kiddy
Christian Kiddy Hace un mes
Could you imagine if he turned into cosmic ghost rider like he does in the comics. Damn that would be interesting.
M7MD GMR Hace un mes
We need third season
Marcos ó
Marcos ó Hace un mes
No Longer In Use
No Longer In Use Hace un mes
Bro, they should’ve NEVER canceled The Punisher
Shantanu Kaushik
Shantanu Kaushik Hace 2 meses
Why the punisher seasons not make in Hindi like a daredevil season all seasons
djmankiewicz _
djmankiewicz _ Hace 2 meses
I kinda wish this version of Would was available
Sharjeel Tariq
Sharjeel Tariq Hace 2 meses
Came here after watching Season 1 and TBH it had very SLOW story building. Is Season 2 that slow as well?
Funbe Cruz
Funbe Cruz Hace 2 meses
I'm not the one who gets canceled kid, i'm the one who cancels netflix
Taif Almuhandis
Taif Almuhandis Hace 2 meses
We need sessions 3 🥺
James Thong
James Thong Hace 2 meses
Elektra: Why did The Punisher gets to have his own spin-off MCU television show and I didn't?
David Ramos
David Ramos Hace 2 meses
I want a season 3, the punnisher is the best show on net flix and you toob
David Ramos
David Ramos Hace 2 meses
You tube
RAGNAR Hace 2 meses
This guy definitely carries more blood than a average man.
Fevzi Talip Akdoğan
ElChui69 9
ElChui69 9 Hace 2 meses
They have to do another season
Fajto Fajto
Fajto Fajto Hace 2 meses
Best Best Best !!!
James Thong
James Thong Hace 2 meses
Save The Punisher.
Hever Mora
Hever Mora Hace 2 meses
When You now spectacular spiderman cartoon season 3 was cancel too!
ALI EDRIS Hace 2 meses
Season 3 plz
Daniel Martino
Daniel Martino Hace 2 meses
Nice some Alice In Chains!!
Daniel Martino
Daniel Martino Hace 2 meses
Alice In Chains-Would
KUN RIT Hace 2 meses
Rahul Kumar
Rahul Kumar Hace 2 meses
Abe Hindi me dubbed kardo
Rick T
Rick T Hace 2 meses
The Billy Russo story ruined the Punisher. I want to see the Punisher more, I want to see Frank Castle share his philosophy while he kicks ass. Instead, I get Billy Russo and his lame sob story.
Toopy Hace 2 meses
I can’t wait for this to come out
Peter Paul
Peter Paul Hace 2 meses
Why tell me why!!! This is the shit!!!!!!
Alex Maurice
Alex Maurice Hace 3 meses
Whats the very start music the guitar at the very start?
Raj Sonkusare
Raj Sonkusare Hace 3 meses
We want season 3
modar aldihne
modar aldihne Hace 3 meses
bring him back netflix dammit
Lucezzz Hace 3 meses
Together with Daredevil the 2 best Superhero shows at the moment!
Gonçalo Sousa
Gonçalo Sousa Hace 3 meses
season trailer metallica and season 2 trailer alice in chains marvel has a good taste in music
James Thong
James Thong Hace 3 meses
Today is the one year anniversary of the cancellation of the MCU television show "The Punisher".
Peugeot Eddo'
Peugeot Eddo' Hace 3 meses
Oh yeah , Alice In Chains
TheM&M Channel
TheM&M Channel Hace 3 meses
I love the Alice and Chains “remix” in this
Primal gaming
Primal gaming Hace 3 meses
Man, I miss these shows
Steve Watson
Steve Watson Hace 3 meses
Billy is a little rat. How was that little maggot ever an operator? Frank would grate his face on a broken mirror the little D-Bag.
Zoeja Tv
Zoeja Tv Hace 3 meses
Mikey Liberti
Mikey Liberti Hace 3 meses
Hearing Layne Staley’s voice in the background is so haunting and I love it.
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