Marvel’s The Punisher: Season 2 | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

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Back on the job. Back in the fight.
Season 2 of Marvel’s The Punisher debuts exclusively on Netflix January 18.
Watch Marvel's The Punisher on Netflix: www.netflix.com/title/80117498
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Marvel’s The Punisher: Season 2 | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix


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10 ene 2019

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Isaiah Guerrieri
Isaiah Guerrieri Hace 7 minutos
FUCK YEA!!!!!!!!!
Anthony Argueta
Anthony Argueta Hace 13 minutos
damn dont get me wrong,season 2 was fairly decent,but they played us with John and jigsaw working together which ain't cool
Richard Andrews
Richard Andrews Hace 57 minutos
Am I the only one that fast forward thru the jigsaw threads? I think the character ruins the show. Not a fan of the cop(Medonie?) either.
Dalton evans
Dalton evans Hace un hora
Wow, billies (jigsaw) scars are really.... underwhelming.. i expected his face to be barely recognizable but he looks fine in this trailer. Those scars are nothing, hell even the joker had worse scars than him and this guys character is called jigsaw due to the way the scars disfigured his face. Especially with how graphic this show is, i am kinda disapointed by his look. I googled it an apparently they are using so little is because they think less is more and the character is more damaged on the inside (mentally and psychologically) as opposed to the outside. Because that makes perfect sense.
Grimy Gamer
Grimy Gamer Hace 2 horas
*Shane Walsh is still alive ...*
Nirvezz Hace 2 horas
They need to keep Turk.. Turk needs to be in the marvel movies too getting shit from anyone haha
BlackN Yellow
BlackN Yellow Hace 2 horas
The only bad thing about season 2 is that terrible And annoying Amy. ( Giorgia wigham) very poor actress.
John Stinson
John Stinson Hace 2 horas
I love you Stan Lee!God love ya too!
LucasMonteiro26 Hace 2 horas
Hoooly shiit, I need to see this
Pierre Poitras
Pierre Poitras Hace 2 horas
.... Another boring Netflix show. Drama drama drama followed by more whiny characters. Stop making gritty half ass "real world shows". Just go all out and make a Punisher movie. John Bernthal is great and the action scenes are fine. But stop with the shitty side plots with pointless characters. Cut it down to 3 episodes and get the story rolling.
Sandjah Hace 3 horas
The only non Sci-Fi TV show I like
Daniel ndiwe
Daniel ndiwe Hace 3 horas
Anyone know the song?
Nikki Movie Reviews
Nikki Movie Reviews Hace 4 horas
I just had to review This on my channel 😎Let's Do This 😎
cristo urbina
cristo urbina Hace 4 horas
netflix why canceling the punisher idiot
Olle Ahlstedt
Olle Ahlstedt Hace 4 horas
Jason Crisp
Jason Crisp Hace 4 horas
So they straight away stuffed the look of Jigsaw
[Cold Steel Builds]
[Cold Steel Builds] Hace 5 horas
Just finished watching season 2, very disappointed.
Vito Crow
Vito Crow Hace 5 horas
Best fucking tv series EVER on NETFLIX and not only there... I WANT 3 SEASON!!!!!!!!!
Power Puff
Power Puff Hace 5 horas
I hate you Netflix.....I love you Netflix.....uuughhh how am I supposed to binge watch this and get everything done???? Decisions Decisions Decisions...
DunnoLad Hace 5 horas
the misleading advertising of jigsaw and pilgrim working together really pisses me off
BRODA #InstantKlasyk
Anyone else catch on to the Russia buying congress/religious nazi man narrative? Lmao shit is too obvious anymore. Also..jigsaw looks like he got in a fight with a cat. Why are characters looking at him like hes some monstrosity? He still managed to be a pretty boy even after getting his face completely mangled in s1. Good season but corny nonetheless.
The HaLE VirUS
The HaLE VirUS Hace 6 horas
We can all say we were there before Disney destroyed Marvel...
Emilio Ginóbili
Emilio Ginóbili Hace 6 horas
bob smith
bob smith Hace 6 horas
Boring trash. This was worse than Ironfist.
John Wick
John Wick Hace 7 horas
I'll say that the guy who plays Arkin in the collector movies should get a damn oscar for the most dead eyes ever ....the dude in every scene he is in has the same look and is at dead as it gets and its awesome ;) he rly stepped up his game !
Mayank Jain
Mayank Jain Hace 7 horas
Damn that's lit. I would totally love to see hallway Devil cameo.
N gate
N gate Hace 7 horas
soon as they bring romance, and kids into this, im gone. looks like might be a soap opera show..
MusicGuitar Hace 7 horas
I'm glad I never watch trailers for Netflix show because I watched the whole season in less than 2 days This show is awesome, season 2 is even better than season 1
N gate
N gate Hace 7 horas
i down,loaded about 6 ep and they all had a guy narrating it, for blind people. fukn annoying. when they dont tell u this!!!
Jose Valentin
Jose Valentin Hace 8 horas
Holy Shit! Just watched the first episode of season 2 and the bar fight was insane. Great fight choreography. Best ass-kicking bar fight I have ever seen. The icing on the cake was Janis Joplin "Me and Bobby McGee" as the fight music. Fucking Brilliant.
Eu Sou o Miro
Eu Sou o Miro Hace 8 horas
Tá sensacional mano
Cirilla Fiona Elen Riannon
Que Tesão de série
Supernatural Hace 9 horas
Season 1, best show on Netflix, best marvel show! Season 2, back where we left off! Get binging. Billy & Frank 😱
A Channel
A Channel Hace 9 horas
DON'T CANCEL!!%$¥?£*\
The Mastema
The Mastema Hace 9 horas
After 13 hours watching the second season, i can absolutly say...brilliant... and please netflix do not cancel the very best series ever... for the third season get ma gnucci as the main antagonist or something like that!!
Christopher Lairson
Christopher Lairson Hace 9 horas
They definitely need to cancel this show. He sucks as punisher. Lmao
Kris Norge
Kris Norge Hace 10 horas
Does anyone know the name of the soundtrack of the last scene in season 1 episode 6 where we see Russo on the docks with his Anvil crew boarding a ship, he's waiting and then he gets into an SUV and it is revealed he is in league with Rawlins ?
its Graaze
its Graaze Hace 10 horas
Two favorite things AIC and the Punisher
Hail Zod
Hail Zod Hace 10 horas
Does anyone know if this is on the UK Netflix?
Kevin P
Kevin P Hace 10 horas
Great series ... finished season 2
Md Istiak Ahmmed Akash
Imagine This show in PG13. No blood no extreme violence no hash words..
Corinus Richen
Corinus Richen Hace 11 horas
Just watched the whole thing. It was fucking great, couple gripes here and there at first, but definitely up there with Daredevil as a show that deserves to not be cancelled.
Uddesh Mukherjee
Uddesh Mukherjee Hace 12 horas
Torrent bitch
Ernesto Romo
Ernesto Romo Hace 12 horas
I been waiting for this soooo baaaad...love the beginning...fucken awesome start
Hunter Campbell
Hunter Campbell Hace 13 horas
Last night I watched him BEAT a guy to death with a sawed off shotgun
Favian Zm
Favian Zm Hace 14 horas
Episode 3 is fcking crazy
Manuel Garcia Durand
Manuel Garcia Durand Hace 14 horas
Does anyone know the name of the lola bar band?
Pauline GAROT
Pauline GAROT Hace 14 horas
Hate You
Hate You Hace 14 horas
Antifa is the punisher xD
Shreyash Anand
Shreyash Anand Hace 15 horas
He deserves a better set of enemies
MoonMan Hace 15 horas
It's kinda strange that people don't realize why netflix is canceling the marvel shows. I guess people are unaware of the disney streaming service going live this year? Why would disney want their shows on another streaming service? Duh.
super saiyan
super saiyan Hace 16 horas
I would love to see Bernthals punisher and Jackmans wolverine to team up and tear bad guys up, just one scene. Just thinking about it gets me harder than a session on pornhub.
Kalsaur Wolf
Kalsaur Wolf Hace 17 horas
this series is amazing, i love it soo badass
Pikachu Hace 17 horas
Just finished watching season 2. Hats off to best netflix series after daredevil.
Faheem Gulzar
Faheem Gulzar Hace 17 horas
Alice in Chain's would!!! Finally some good music. Lol i was headbanging to music as i saw the trailer.
Herman Lenana
Herman Lenana Hace 18 horas
The story line is good but it sucks how in most combats he gets his ass handed to him and only wins by luck.
Matt A
Matt A Hace 18 horas
In memory of Stan Lee, “rest in peace.”
Tlatotoctli Hace 18 horas
i just watched the first fight paused, an came here to comment i had an orgasm...jigsaw scars sucks
Ankush watts
Ankush watts Hace 18 horas
In episode 7 i guess. He took off a bad guys thumb to open his iphone 6/7. Thanks to god it wasnt iphone x or newer.
Dan Dubb
Dan Dubb Hace 14 horas
Why? I never owned an I phone
Jaws8u Hace 18 horas
Anyone else just come here hoping they came up with another way to inventively replace drums with gunshots like they did with that season 1 trailer and metallica's one... this is fine, but that first season's trailer... Damn.
ᄆᄆᄂᄆᄆᄂᄋ Hace 19 horas
썐척 너무심함 졸작예상
Andrew Allen
Andrew Allen Hace 19 horas
Just watched the first minute of season 2.
Pikachu Hace 17 horas
I just finished watching it
Vortiac Hace 19 horas
The Punisher always gets the best songs
xvid Hace 20 horas
lets goooo season 2!!!!!!!!!!
abizit gill
abizit gill Hace 20 horas
I have stretch marks worse than jigsaw's scars
Jason X
Jason X Hace 20 horas
God damn what song is that?
corey heaton
corey heaton Hace 8 horas
Alice in Chains - Would
Simply Free
Simply Free Hace 20 horas
This is the first Marvel release since Stan Lee passed away. This is for him!
EnderTiger 101
EnderTiger 101 Hace 20 horas
Wow jigsaw looks disfigured...... Yeah that scar looks disfigured to me
Muhammad Ismail
Muhammad Ismail Hace 20 horas
Nickmercs anyone?
Lucifer Morningstar
Lucifer Morningstar Hace 21 un hora
I finished season 2. It was amazing, now I am waiting for season 3 lol.
TheIconicVigilante Hace 21 un hora
Anybody else already finish season 2?
NJ223Gaming Hace un hora
The only thing I didn't like about Season 2 is how they completely sidelined Billy the entire season.
jrvbamafan1 Hace 4 horas
Yep....binged watched it all day yesterday and the last 3 episodes today
Fad Le
Fad Le Hace 7 horas
Done. The ending was bloody top!
Pikachu Hace 17 horas
Fail Zero 19
Fail Zero 19 Hace 21 un hora
Season 1 - 10 Season 2 - 8 It's hard to live up to season 1 because it was so great because it was something fresh, because no one even remembers the movies except for the Dolph Lundgren one back in the 80's. So introducing Frank Castle made the show, along with all that espionage shit with Micro.
Shootsant Hace 21 un hora
Alice in Chains!
Ploy Jh.
Ploy Jh. Hace 21 un hora
Billy looks too damn good after what happened...come on now 🤦🏻‍♀️🤣
Michael Arts
Michael Arts Hace 21 un hora
You know what I think would be awsome, what if they introduced ghost rider in one of the seasons, it would fit in really well since both of them have the perfect amount of gore and violence, it would be amazing to see the punisher fight the ghost rider, they both have the same goals, punishing the people who do bad things in the world, but would the spirit of vengeance see castle as innocent? It could be a battle of morales, and we could get to see both view points on what they call justice
Foreal 77
Foreal 77 Hace 21 un hora
“How very male of you” “Alt-right” “Smile” “Archaic idea of chivalry” “men are cruel”? What are you Gillette now? Also Amy is dumb af and that ending was shit.
Alvaro Miranda
Alvaro Miranda Hace 22 horas
It's usually up to those who renew the rights or license of the series but it's good to watch the next series when it's available for its awesomeness...
Justin Case
Justin Case Hace 22 horas
Bring back luke cage asap ✔
Sunny Desai
Sunny Desai Hace 22 horas
I am not in danger I am the DANGER. -Walter White
Sunglare Hace 22 horas
The bad guy is a neo nazi. Yawn.
Murat Şahan
Murat Şahan Hace 22 horas
ParrotMan01 Hace 22 horas
Punisher season 1 was shit, what makes this season any better?
ybkin Hace 22 horas
Dude, I know you all complained about his scars but he actually looked fuck up as shit in the show
Dog King
Dog King Hace 23 horas
I hope Marvel/Disney keeps this guy as Punisher.
YRN Zayne
YRN Zayne Hace 23 horas
there gonna have to... they have no choice nobody would watch that shit
ricardo brito
ricardo brito Hace un día
3 episodes and probably the best TV out and I seen it all...
Hugh Jazz
Hugh Jazz Hace un día
Jigsaw doesn’t look pieced together as much as I would of hoped
Sykokiller Hace un día
About time something good comes back to Netflix.
saikox Hace un día
um excuse fucking me? THATS NOT KAREN 1:55
Donald Duck
Donald Duck Hace un día
Billy Russo dies in the last episode
lightning hood
lightning hood Hace 13 horas
+Donald Duck I know because I watch beginning to end
Donald Duck
Donald Duck Hace 17 horas
+lightning hood he dies in last episode
lightning hood
lightning hood Hace 22 horas
Dude I watched it start to finish but you can't spoiler the show it came out just today
ALL OUT Hace un día
Just finished watching season 2. If you liked the first you'll love the second. Didn't disappoint.
Provin Ripon
Provin Ripon Hace un hora
ALL OUT just a bunch of white men shooting each other
NJ223Gaming Hace un hora
The thing I didn't like about Season 2 is how they completely sidelined Billy. I wanted him and Russo to go at it again.
Jan Kubát
Jan Kubát Hace 2 horas
I mean, the very last scene is just huge tease for season 3 :D
Yajo 89
Yajo 89 Hace 3 horas
This season has way less action the main villain is pretty cool just this whole pathetic 'alt right' arc doesn't make any sense. Dude has a tattoo of the iron cross (something the German army and luftwaffe still uses) like its a nazi symbol. Leftist Americans cant tell the difference between a swatstika and a iron crosd a symbol invented half a a century before nazi's even existed. Besides the alt right is active on the internet not in parlement or real life lol the writer must be Jewish
ALL OUT Hace 6 horas
+Eric Zetterlund lol really? If you aren't liking it by now I doubt you will like the last few episodes left.
S Dew
S Dew Hace un día
serie is too slow.... omfg season 2 - episode 1 should start fantastic, but it is slow as hell,with too much music, and drama (filler) scenes...i kept skipping forward!. than finally a fighting!, a toilet room fight scene finally!!, and than its a stupid. dumb idiotic fighting scene!!, that one woman took atleast 3 hard blows 1 of them straight on the nose, but dont seem to bother her too much!, a well trained male hitting a woman full power in the face, nope! she can fights, "its but a flesh wound" (monty phyton)... and than the bouncher gets 1 hit (the big black dude in the bar) from the punisher and he goes KO straight to the ground!.. what a absoluuuuuuut garbage!!!!... what happend to the 1980s punisher??... maybe this is a nice serie for millenials but when you are used to 1980s punisher its utter garbage!!!.. how many people need to get punched or stabbed in a american bar, before the girl behind the counter grabs her shotgun??, well i have no idea, but when you watch season 2 - episode 1 it will take a while, atleast the bouncher needs to get stabbed 3 times, 1 guy broke hes back, and the punisher stabbed a other guy to death!, not too mention a few broken ribs and noses, and than!!, after all that, she grabs the shotgun.........ooh yeah and after a few shots, and a few clips of submachineguns no cops show up!, cause you know america, no one has a cellphone or america has no cops......LOL what a grabage!!!!!!!!!!!
C K Hace 21 un hora
Yeah I loved season 1 of the punisher but already I'm disappointed in the first episode of season 2 I agreed 100% on what you said and not to mention the cheesy ass villains and their shitty acting. I'll continue watching and hope it gets better
hubertgreen Hace un día
looks good. Who is the priest?
lightning hood
lightning hood Hace 22 horas
I forget his name but he is part a family that uses Christianity to justified they crimes
Gurt McDirt
Gurt McDirt Hace un día
Aside from the main characters in each series, the rest of the cast is a big ol' pile of doody... Well, except for Luke Cage, that guy was like watching a garbage truck attempt a Shakespearean sonnet. Love the comics, wish people would stop jumping on these nostalgia hype wagons though. (edit: Scott Glenn is still a badass)
Nicholas Campbell
Nicholas Campbell Hace un día
marvel is getting ready to start putting their shows on the upcoming disney app instead of netlix and this very well could be the last netflix season since they dropped daredevil and luke cage and iron fist and defenders. That being said im glad it looks like they are going out in style. This season looks wild
Unknown XoXo
Unknown XoXo Hace un día
To the people bitching about billy his face not being fucked up even more I watched the first 5 episodes today and gotta say The script for Jigsaw is brilliant Just love how he is struggling in his own mind and the acting is also just perfect At the end jigsaw is not about his face and looks Its about his mind being a jigsaw puzzle I think the face of this show suits better then in comics in the show you really feel sympathy for Billy even after all he’s done you still kinda feel sorry for what is going on in his head
Oyama Toayei
Oyama Toayei Hace un día
They can cancel DD IF JJ LC, BUT they cant cancel THE PUNISHER!!.... can they ?
lightning hood
lightning hood Hace 22 horas
Disney can and they most likely will
Kira Hace un día
Please don’t fuck it up
Olivia-Kay Kenny
Olivia-Kay Kenny Hace un día
Give us frank and Karen for gods sake
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