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The conflict ignites in a brand-new trailer for Marvel's "Captain America: Civil War," hitting theaters May 6! ► Subscribe to Marvel: bit.ly/WeO3YJ
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10 mar 2016






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Comentarios 80
PSYCHODRAMA Hace un hora
André Luis
André Luis Hace 13 horas
I am really happy Iron Man is dead
Nestor Peralta
Nestor Peralta Hace un día
2016:Hey everyone
Sharifur Pervez
Sharifur Pervez Hace un día
This film is a masterpiece. Perhaps my favourite, but I think it’s tied with endgame
Mel Hace un día
-Still team iron man? After all this time? Me: Always :)
Chandramouli Sarkar
Chandramouli Sarkar Hace 2 días
For Captain America being a National Icon he is an Outcast/wanted guy 90% of the time
Rodrigo valenzuela
Rodrigo valenzuela Hace 2 días
2020, cuarentena, sigo cagado 🤣 🕸️❤️🖤
Comrade Ma YS
Comrade Ma YS Hace 2 días
I'm from future the America is in civil war now
Oyeyemi Mujeeb
Oyeyemi Mujeeb Hace 2 días
Still here watching this trailer after these years
Error Error
Error Error Hace 4 días
Comment from the future Anyone watching this trailer after Avengers 5
Lee marvin hitchman at INSTAGRAM
Who’s watching while Americans ARE AT CIVIL WAR ?
Lee marvin hitchman at INSTAGRAM
Buddy Darius “Very Go(o)d.”
Loch .e
Loch .e Hace 2 días
Buddy Darius what God
Buddy Darius
Buddy Darius Hace 4 días
Yep, and it's all orchestrated and staged, just like the plot of this movie, and NO ONE is listening. The only hope America has now, is getting right with God.
DTRAIN X Hace 5 días
Man when times were simpler
Adam Moore
Adam Moore Hace 6 días
HTF is this a Captain America movie? It’s about The Avengers.
Loch .e
Loch .e Hace 2 días
Because cap is still the main character
NinjaEfor YTッ
NinjaEfor YTッ Hace 6 días
Back when Disney Infinity was still a thing
Carlos Magallanes
Carlos Magallanes Hace 6 días
This movie was the peak of all marvel
TheBigOunce69 Hace 7 días
There is nothing to spoil in this movie
Jackmann 321
Jackmann 321 Hace 7 días
Who agrees that the first civil war trailer was better than the second one?
ok Hace 7 días
my friend: u still watching the old marvel movie trailers? me: i can do this all day
Spoøkay Hace 7 días
0:16 spiderman isn't with them yet in the trailer lol
Shubham Karkhanis
Shubham Karkhanis Hace 8 días
Ah! the Spoiler-Man.
Tyrus Copley
Tyrus Copley Hace 8 días
united we stand, divided we fall
Tyrus Copley
Tyrus Copley Hace un día
@demon dog 666 nice choice
demon dog 666
demon dog 666 Hace un día
@Tyrus Copley Thanos side
Tyrus Copley
Tyrus Copley Hace 8 días
who's side where you on?
Goku Ninja Universe 15
Steve: Save Howard! Tony: WHY DID YOU SAY THAT NAME!
Bruno Díaz Way
Bruno Díaz Way Hace 8 días
lols_fo_life Hace 8 días
The trailer: -Iron-man and Caotain America are having a school fight. -Rhodey is gonna die. -Welcome Black Panther -Spider-man: hEy EVeRyoNe.
The Boys
The Boys Hace 10 días
This was so much h y p e
counscience now
counscience now Hace 11 días
During the airport fight, Drax was eating popcorn and remained invisible by practicing his trick and enjoyed the Avengers fighting 😂😂😂😂
Anonymous Hace 11 días
They only missed Thor and Hulk to make this movie Avengers: Civil war
Nicholas DelPrete
Nicholas DelPrete Hace 12 días
Casey Loi said "DCEU over MCU" - Casey Loi 2020
Guy Guy
Guy Guy Hace 11 días
Plot Hace 12 días
Time flies fast... It's been already four years, can't believe it...
lk m
lk m Hace 12 días
Unpopular opinion: Captain America is the worst "super hero". Like he has no strench, he can't lift a car properly. If he gets shot, he just dies, that's it. He's just a normal person who is a little more fast and strong. He's just as easy to kill in battle has some random dude.
Loch .e
Loch .e Hace 2 días
So basically Batman is worse because atleast caps super serum gives him above average strength, it takes away his ability to get tired out and it lets him out run cars
Beatrice Mambali
Beatrice Mambali Hace 13 días
i didnt even know then gave away black panther 0:39
Jorge Becerra
Jorge Becerra Hace 13 días
From My Perspective And My Opinion I Prefer Captain America Civil War 2016 Rather Than Avengers Infinity War And Endgame .
SUPES Hace 13 días
Who's still here in 2020?!
Nishant panchal
Nishant panchal Hace 13 días
Seeing this now gets a diff feeling
The limo Driver
The limo Driver Hace 14 días
I don’t care what you say this is the best mcu movie and that’s a fact
RazorGames Hace 15 días
It's good until 1:35 Then it's just like. Wow
I will Subscribe To You For No Reason
captain america: civil war(goo vs good) The Avengers 1 2 3 4 (good vs bad)
neta cohen
neta cohen Hace 15 días
“i know we’re not perfect” lol yes you are
Mk gaming
Mk gaming Hace 17 días
So i am here watching all the marvel movies and trailer in lockdown😢. This trailes giving me goosebumbs
Margarita Navarrette
Margarita Navarrette Hace 17 días
I wish tobey maguire spider man was in the movie
stoned petal
stoned petal Hace 17 días
imagine ms marvel is captain marvels previous daughter from his alternative reality because she was frozen and saved from slavery
The Mad Titan
The Mad Titan Hace 18 días
Still the *best* MCU film alongside Infinity War. It's the best written, has the best character development, character subtext, plot, and drama packed into one emotional package.
The Mad Titan
The Mad Titan Hace 17 días
@Locutus Same here, Infinity War, Civil War, Winter Soilder are the MCU gold standard imo.
Locutus Hace 17 días
yup..i agree, IW and CW are my 1/2. After that it varies between Winter Soldier and Ragnrak
Frank Fernandes
Frank Fernandes Hace 18 días
how they removed spiderman from 2:08 ?
Lyra Hazel
Lyra Hazel Hace 17 días
I wonder about that too pls someone explain
Siddik Basha
Siddik Basha Hace 19 días
I am biggest fan for ANT Man
Warknight Xl216
Warknight Xl216 Hace 19 días
Looking back at this trailer during 2020 COVID-19, I still love it, especially Spider Man’s entrance/superhero landing. I was filled with joy that one of my favourite superhero characters has joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe at last. Captain America Civil War in my opinion is still the best blockbuster movie/comic book movie along with others favourite movies I love.
Henry. Hace 19 días
One of the best trailers ever made. Period.
Amrit Raj
Amrit Raj Hace 20 días
My most favorite MCU movie. Filled with emotional nuances, subliminal moral conundrums, political undertones. Questions the limits of authority Superheroes should be allowed to possess. Loved it how Zemo targets the Avengers from within making them tear themselves apart. The severe turmoil of losing his family to collateral, that drives Zemo. Love the catharsis T'chala undergoes in the end. Russos did a terrific job with the action sequences as well. Effortlessly shows the pandemonium of human society that not even Superheroes can be immune to. It's deeper than any other Marvel movie. To each his own
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne Hace 3 días
Well said buddy
The Mad Titan
The Mad Titan Hace 18 días
100% agreed. It's still the most mature and best directed MCU movie.
MANI RATHNAM Hace 20 días
02:15 to 02:21
Janay Hace 21 un día
I woulda sided with iron Man
Musthafa 786
Musthafa 786 Hace 21 un día
ethan DuBose
ethan DuBose Hace 22 días
man my jaw dropped when i saw spiderman in the trailer for the first time. it was dope
Saggyy Gautam
Saggyy Gautam Hace 22 días
1:57 Goosebumps 🤩
柯偉倫 Hace 23 días
serve Hace 23 días
honestly cap originally never wanted to be part of the avengers
Loch .e
Loch .e Hace 2 días
No one really did only Thor was okay with joining them
George Hace 23 días
Who know The soundtrack?
Jith Mathew
Jith Mathew Hace 23 días
The best MCU movie till date. The story and the Marvel characters blended perfectly in this one.
KonohaRamenNoodles Hace 23 días
Still my favourite MCU movie. The first inclusion of Spider-man with the Avengers felt like a validation for the entire MCU.
Infinity Gauntlet
Infinity Gauntlet Hace 23 días
2:07 - 2:10 It’s crazy how they could they were able to take Spidey out of that shot.
Ryan Tesone
Ryan Tesone Hace 24 días
Throwback to when Spiderman broke the internet.
Crazy Gamer TR
Crazy Gamer TR Hace 24 días
My fav MCU movie
Shubham Karkhanis
Shubham Karkhanis Hace 25 días
Bucky should've talked to tony instead of the fighting in the end
cosmic byte
cosmic byte Hace 25 días
Then they call this movies as BVS 2
Josh Cooper
Josh Cooper Hace 26 días
Love this movie
jackson bhat
jackson bhat Hace 26 días
Ohh ESvid sends me this recommendation after 4 years of release....
Spiderman Pitbulls5
Spiderman Pitbulls5 Hace 26 días
Hugh Jass
Hugh Jass Hace 27 días
I kinda wish they saved the Spider-Man reveal for the movie. Imagine how great that would’ve been.
The Mad Titan
The Mad Titan Hace 18 días
Rubén Isak Saldaña Echeagaray
I know it was a huge spoiler if it wasn’t on the trailer the audience will get like when thor arrives to wakanda or cap lifts mjolnir
Omar Yehia
Omar Yehia Hace 28 días
Loch .e
Loch .e Hace 2 días
Thor was out in space and hulk was in sakar
EmberTheatre Hace 28 días
This whole fight should have been settled over Steve and Tony’s best friends both having the same name
Sreeparna Dutta
Sreeparna Dutta Hace 28 días
Everyone say Avengers Assemble
13. Hace 29 días
Seeing spiderman in cival war vs his solo movies is just disappointing
Antony D'Andrea
Antony D'Andrea Hace 29 días
I can't believe they got so many of them on a "standalone" movie.
Gday Osandu
Gday Osandu Hace 29 días
4 year anniversary😊
spidey's whatsapp status
Whenever I see spidey's entry it gives me goosebumps ❤️❤️ still after 4years
sibi kumar
sibi kumar Hace 29 días
You couldn't live with Iron Man's death. Where did that bring you ? Back to the trailers.
The Golden Wolf
The Golden Wolf Hace 10 días
Akbar Stark
Akbar Stark Hace un mes
Civil war looks nothing after endgame
Jordan Jennings
Jordan Jennings Hace un mes
One of the worst trailers I've ever seen from the part that there's SO MANY SPOILERS! The explosion, Rhodes falling, spider man, black panther. This is why I don't watch trailers and try to go in as blind as possible!
yogie ramdhani
yogie ramdhani Hace un mes
I can watch this all day (lockdown days 31 year 2020)
Rohail Aamir
Rohail Aamir Hace un mes
While the movie is great, i gotta say people who say "Marvel is comics accurate" and point to this movie are plain false. This movie has certain thematic similarities to the Civil War story but overall has nothing to do with it. Marvel is rarely accurate but what they are is faithful and i think its important for us to make that distinction and know that comic accuracy isnt the key ingredient for making comic book movies successful. Whether they are faithful or not, thats up for subjective opinions but dont think comic accuracy is what makes a movie good, or that marvel does it alot
BascoHD Hace 29 días
Roli SM ok
Yondaime Axel
Yondaime Axel Hace un mes
Lucky to all people who watch it in cinema
Sarah Kim
Sarah Kim Hace un mes
Tony:sometimes i want to punch your perfect TEETH
Terrill Goodwine Jr
Hercules Battle of the planets Quantum and woody
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