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The conflict ignites in a brand-new trailer for Marvel's "Captain America: Civil War," hitting theaters May 6! ► Subscribe to Marvel: bit.ly/WeO3YJ
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Hazib Latif
Hazib Latif Hace 4 horas
1:36 "I'm not the one that needs to wash their back" lol
Muhammad Ridzwan bin Rusli
Anyone 2019 here?I just want to tell you WHY
Dalek Caan
Dalek Caan Hace 20 horas
0:21 closest thing we had to time travel. Flashbacks
ISAAC CLARKE Hace un día
Every1 was hyped about spiderman coming back to MCU
Romir Tripathi
Romir Tripathi Hace un día
Watching this after Endgame
Aldi Darmawan
Aldi Darmawan Hace un día
HeavyMetalFists 2018
Arа Sawa
Arа Sawa Hace un día
"I was wrong about you. The whole world was wrong about you" 💔
DP 178
DP 178 Hace un día
i like how the sokovia accords just disappeared in infinty war and endgame
JDavidBA26 Hace un día
Nostálgico el quiebre de los Vengadores y su división de ideales.
Black Widow
Black Widow Hace 2 días
I can do this all day.
Nggon Ku
Nggon Ku Hace 2 días
Why is it that the Ironman man died and Captain America so the old is making the sprafe and not cry anymore continuously a continuing Avenger end game
Mark Ordonez
Mark Ordonez Hace 2 días
Spider-Man is the best
Rif Eleven
Rif Eleven Hace 2 días
GalaxiZ / Brawl Stars
Why. Do. You. Recomend. This. To. Me. ESvid?
John F.
John F. Hace 2 días
I still remember that this was like "BLOWING MIND" in 2016, I'M so sorry for the kids who didn't born in our times.
parth 10
parth 10 Hace 2 días
Some don't see the trailer after the movie.... But not us !
phillyjt3 Hace 2 días
I remember when I first saw this preview in the theater like “HOLY SHYT! THEY ARE GONNA FIGHT EACH OTHER?!” 😮😮
cielo514 Hace 3 días
did anyone came here to see peter's *_hey everyone_*
Carl ghhg
Carl ghhg Hace 3 días
We Don't Care When You Have Watched Endgame And What Year You Have Watched This Trailer
COCA COLA :D Hace 3 días
Eddy Spider
Eddy Spider Hace 3 días
Who is here after watching SpiderMan Far From Home trailer 2 ?????????
xXkir40katolic40Xx Hace 3 días
Who is here after Endgame?
Chris Corley
Chris Corley Hace 3 días
AVENGERS: CIVIL WAR (2016) repackage concept would be cool for five AVENGERS movies in a five movie set. ☕ _c.
Pj Kokkovas
Pj Kokkovas Hace 3 días
I remember three years ago I was doing homework and my kid brother told me to check this trailer on youtube. I insisted that I was busy but he convinced me. And after totally freaking out when spidey showed up, I think it brought us closer as brothers
Pj Kokkovas
Pj Kokkovas Hace 6 horas
+Raof Ridzwan Yeah it was basically our home version of Loki's redemption from Ragnarok
Raof Ridzwan
Raof Ridzwan Hace 6 horas
Brotha look at this traila You : shuddup loki
The FrenchFryGuy
The FrenchFryGuy Hace 3 días
I feel like the movie would have been even more better if they didnt show spiderman in the trailers. Everyone would have been even more surprised
Sai Kiran
Sai Kiran Hace 4 días
I got into marvel just because of spiderman hype in this trailer.
Luke Faulkner
Luke Faulkner Hace 4 días
My dream is to write music for Marvel someday...
larz 435291
larz 435291 Hace 4 días
+Gordon Macpherson why not? he's actually good..
Gordon Macpherson
Gordon Macpherson Hace 4 días
you'll never make it
Chiến Hà Công
Chiến Hà Công Hace 4 días
Hello I'm Tú I from Vietnam I can speak English
Mr. 13
Mr. 13 Hace 3 días
Alright...that's enough
roni cevans
roni cevans Hace 4 días
Evelyn Cure
Evelyn Cure Hace 5 días
Soy yo la unica que no puedo dejar de repetir el momento en q sale Spider-Man ? ....joder es cool 😍😍
Michael De Santa
Michael De Santa Hace 5 días
Still here after ENDGAME
*THE THUMBNAIL* _It's the same pose when cap wield the ""............"_ "You know what I mean Avenger's Endgame Viewers"
Ayush Sharma
Ayush Sharma Hace 15 horas
Yeah that was amazing The answer is - *****n***
Wendo Da Boy
Wendo Da Boy Hace 5 días
I didn't they just call it Avengers : Civil War
ShiFT TriiCky
ShiFT TriiCky Hace 5 días
Eye its spoiler man
Alexandrumarian Nedelcu
Brainwashing by Marvel Cinematic Universe
johanes adi nugroho
johanes adi nugroho Hace 5 días
2016 : iron man vs capt "I can do this all day" 2019 : capt vs capt "I can do this all day" " yeah, I know, I say it every battle"
sharkage !
sharkage ! Hace 5 días
spiderman was the biggest super hero to be brought in
Nithish Royal
Nithish Royal Hace 6 días
Anyone 2019?
lia rah
lia rah Hace 6 días
Why don't they name it Avengers: Civil War?? Can someone explain lol i think i live under rock or something
lia rah
lia rah Hace 4 días
celiciagoes oohhh i understand now thank u
celiciagoes Hace 4 días
Because it's from Cap's pov. At the center of it is his best friend, Winter Soldier
Tom Trinh
Tom Trinh Hace 6 días
I remember being so hyped to watch this movie because I feel in love with caps character after winter soilder and how good it was and normal now we got alien ships flying monkeys everywhere
JKP Hace 6 días
The video that made the internet go ÇržŸ
Rick Sanchez
Rick Sanchez Hace 6 días
The Russo brothers changed the game.
Sarthak Jagtap
Sarthak Jagtap Hace 7 días
Watching this trailer after endgame
Viz Hace 7 días
We love you 3000
stify uh
stify uh Hace 7 días
Nobody ESvid : *puts all of MCU Trailers in everyone Recomendations*
AlbertNeedSkills Hace 7 días
This Where Tony Became Very Humble
That Randy
That Randy Hace 7 días
1:16 it looks like Bucky shot rhodey
That Randy
That Randy Hace 7 días
2:18 me when 53 girls in a hot tub and no boys
Ayes 96
Ayes 96 Hace 7 días
Spiderman stole my heart since civil war
Famous SONGS
Famous SONGS Hace 7 días
cap really sucks
V R Hace 7 días
This movie feels so different compared to the rest of the MCU movies
δργδΞr VιrαtЖθωδhίќ
*If You think your bad captain America is your dad*
anthony sarnataro
anthony sarnataro Hace 8 días
Capt's shield ...I wonder if it was reforged with Thanos' Double War Blade and Vibranium. Or a Uru Metal and Vibranium composite.
Mathialahan Gobigan
Mathialahan Gobigan Hace 8 días
I here Date : Sunday, 12 May Time : 2:35PM
MirulOnTheWall 93
MirulOnTheWall 93 Hace 8 días
The only Marvel movies that introduced 2 superheroes at a time. And getting hyped because of it.
M.A. Restyawan
M.A. Restyawan Hace 8 días
Still can't believe this was actually 3 years ago really
JaC _M
JaC _M Hace 8 días
I thought its Captain America Civil War part two LOL!
Gerard LopezZ
Gerard LopezZ Hace 8 días
I don't care what people say... I love this Movie so much!
oof oofster
oof oofster Hace 8 días
Man I miss the good ol'days
Conker The Squirrel
Conker The Squirrel Hace 8 días
My gosh how spoiled we are
Mufazzal Mansoor Ali
Here after watching Avengers Endgame. Marvel has come a long way from since this. Thank you Marvel for entertaining us and giving such lovely films. Love you 3000 !!
Ketan Das
Ketan Das Hace 9 días
*Hey Everyone*
Matt PlaysPUBG
Matt PlaysPUBG Hace 9 días
Captain America or iron man which side you at?
Samyak Gadepalli
Samyak Gadepalli Hace 9 días
my favorite marvel movie!
marvellous A8
marvellous A8 Hace 9 días
2016 - he is my friend , So was I 2019- you trust me I do Epic lines
Mr. G
Mr. G Hace 6 días
marvellous A8 I’m pretty sure he says that in 2023 because of the 5 year time jump and then go back in time
Bulls mano sm
Bulls mano sm Hace 9 días
We are in endgame now........but the journey is end.........😮😮😮
Anshul Karkera
Anshul Karkera Hace 9 días
They should have saved Spider-man for the big reveal.
가현 Hace 9 días
2:07 so few people
The Sorcerer
The Sorcerer Hace 9 días
"I could do this all day" "Yeah i know"
Roux Bestz
Roux Bestz Hace 9 días
War between the greatest heroes.
justinbieber team
justinbieber team Hace 9 días
i love cap🔥😍
ÀrdirÁ 313
ÀrdirÁ 313 Hace 9 días
Manoj Kumar
Manoj Kumar Hace 9 días
Picking project teammate be like
Noa Holmes
Noa Holmes Hace 9 días
Avengers 2.5
Zehra Ahmed
Zehra Ahmed Hace 10 días
I love you 3000
Steve Nigel Stark
Steve Nigel Stark Hace 10 días
Rewatching every marvel movie, who's with me? 😭😍
peru vaigala
peru vaigala Hace 9 días
Me 😓
Vansh Gandhi
Vansh Gandhi Hace 10 días
If peter said tony that " I love you 3000" at the end i could not stop crying.....
School kid
School kid Hace 10 días
Anybody from.....after the ironman death (endgame)✨
XCaliber Hace 10 días
I still remember how pumped i was seeing spiderman.. Wait! I Don't feel so goo...
sam 96
sam 96 Hace 10 días
God it feels good to watch those old trailers in 2019
David Balcita
David Balcita Hace 10 días
Captain America had the best trilogy among the big three
Tech Burning
Tech Burning Hace 10 días
After EndGame
Oscar Veloz
Oscar Veloz Hace 10 días
still so great. the spider man intro will forever be iconic.
Buchanan Games
Buchanan Games Hace 10 días
Team Cap
Afnan J
Afnan J Hace 10 días
- I Can Do This All Day - I Can Do This All Day -Yeah I know I know
HAx74 Hace 10 días
Omair Khan
Omair Khan Hace 10 días
Why does this keeps Coming in my Recommendation After Avengers End Game!!! Why!!! I thought we had witnessed the End of an Era!
Mister Negative
Mister Negative Hace 10 días
Who here after ENDGAME.
Santosh Naranapatty
Santosh Naranapatty Hace 11 días
Pausing at 1:37 makes me tear up, WHY ENDGAME WHYY??
Sanchit Chandra
Sanchit Chandra Hace 11 días
Watching in 2019
POKE'MON FAMILY Hace 11 días
Any one After Watching Endgame
Noah Christensen
Noah Christensen Hace 11 días
“I love you 3000”
Aydin The Blazer
Aydin The Blazer Hace 11 días
Week after endgame?
Clutch Enzo
Clutch Enzo Hace 11 días
When I saw this for the first time I was so Hyped for Spider man
Tsm_trayyyez Hace 11 días
Who's here from endgame?
Icakie E
Icakie E Hace 11 días
2:00 *Cap now* : I know, I know
Brian Eife
Brian Eife Hace 11 días
Were you team Cap or Iron Man?
Zeyad Niamat
Zeyad Niamat Hace 11 días
After Endgame.....YT gonna recommend every previous marvel movie trailer. Whatever it takes!!
Nazik Adam
Nazik Adam Hace 11 días
Tony Stark
Mr. Wong_97
Mr. Wong_97 Hace 11 días
If civil war never happened, we would’ve never lost in infinity war
Black Widow
Black Widow Hace 11 días
Endgame was amazing but civil war is still my favorite movie
Black Widow
Black Widow Hace 5 días
+sharkage ! Yes dumbass
sharkage !
sharkage ! Hace 5 días
Black Widow
Black Widow Hace 7 días
+UnkillableNoob Playz because i can idiot
UnkillableNoob Playz
Why would you like endgame if you Died
Nithin Prasad
Nithin Prasad Hace 9 días
Agree. But at the same time I think comparing them is not a great idea as well .
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