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Things have gotten a little twisted in the Multiverse…
All new episodes of Marvel Studios’ #WhatIf are coming to Disney+ on December 22. Unwrap one episode every day for nine consecutive days as our gift to you!
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14 nov 2023






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@Angel_Dust_Official Hace 19 días
This show is theoretically the only marvel show that can run for many seasons. As long as the writers keep coming up with different ideas then we should be in for a treat.
@jeanshortswag Hace 19 días
Unfortunately, it was already announced that it's coming to an end. I think season 3 is going to be the last one. I agree though, they could've kept this going forever.
@davidvasko957 Hace 19 días
Plus there’s hundreds of comics from different with different storylines to adapt. But I’d rather a live action marvel zombies show over more what if tbh
@reichenbach3200 Hace 19 días
Different and good
@user-dg3vr2kw3o Hace 19 días
​@@jeanshortswagI'd like to see What if Wolverine was The Winter Soldier
@macroxela Hace 19 días
​@@davidvasko957Marvel Zombies will be its own show now, not part of What If
@KiddoToonsHindi Hace 12 días
I love how this trailer gives us just enough to get excited without giving away the whole plot. Well done 😍😍😍
Hell nah KiddoToonsHindi is here 💀
@mageeaaron2624 Hace 8 días
Agreed! 🙏🏽💪
@jokerpandroidc9807 Hace 6 días
the is the new altron (frindlier) at the end with watcher
@jalobsterman6475 Hace 6 días
Bro I saw these guys on the inside out 2 trailer
@henryvs Hace un día
This show has a plot?
@axelgoldfarb3243 Hace 15 días
I am so glad Strange Supreme is coming back. He was definitely the most interesting character on the show quite literally carried his team. I'm glad they're expanding his story
@itsh7311 Hace 9 días
His universe is gone. What is there to expand
@thestudymaster01 Hace 6 días
​@@itsh7311maybe it's not since loki was giving life to multiverse maybe its back now
@VivekYadav-ds8oz Hace 5 días
@@thestudymaster01 As far as I've understood the Loki S1 & 2, it's that they have always existed out of time. Anything that happens in Loki would be like it had always been the case since the beginning of the MCU. So IMO his universe died as a result of one of those multiversal shenanigans (Incursions etc.), and would remain as such. Remember, Loki didn't save the multiverse, he gave it a second chance.
@VivekYadav-ds8oz Hace 5 días
@@itsh7311 It's not the universe that makes the character interesting. The new Loki we've been following for two seasons is from a branched timeline. To us, he's practically a brand new character. Yet I'd be hard pressed to find someone who doesn't like him.
@thestudymaster01 Hace 5 días
@@VivekYadav-ds8oz well we never know I think it's better for that universe to stay destroyed too though.
@ChiththarthanN Hace 17 días
The anthology format of "What If...?" is truly brilliant. It allows the show to explore the vast and ever-expanding Marvel multiverse without getting bogged down in the complexities of continuity. Each episode is a self-contained story that can be enjoyed on its own, making it easy to pick up and drop at your leisure. And yet, there's an underlying interconnectedness to the series that keeps you hooked and eager to see what happens next.
@cunningsmile4166 Hace 16 días
Ask yourself one question. Where would you like to see Team Coulson appear in a What if...?
@bainwaw9403 Hace 12 días
Like Flashpoint Paradox?
The first season of what if it was weird seeing so many different ways Tony Stark could have died. He was like the Kenny of this series.
@amarawinchester963 Hace 15 días
This animation is so unique I love it! I wish we had more animated movies that look like that
@the_pro_gamer5801 Hace 9 días
Invincible is worth a watch
@CampDeMamp Hace un día
Really? There's been animation like this since Iron Man Armored Adventures. It's actually a run-of-the-mill, ho hum animation style these days. It looks terrible.
@thorinwoods2642 Hace 19 días
This looks extremely good. It looks like they are doing their own stories as well rather just pulling from the films. The 1602 and 1980s Avengers teams look like they could be the best episodes.
@airrider-jk9ik Hace 19 días
well, i think its twisting the movies the 80s avengers definitely seem to be fighting cosmic powered young peter quill and the 1602 verse seems to happen because cap hits the time stone in the infinity gauntlet, especially since 1602 cap is holding one of those vibranium shields
@manuelorozco7760 Hace 19 días
80’s Avengers makes me wish we would see Howard Stark’s Iron Man
@CosmoLav Hace 19 días
It looks like a big improvement compared to s1. Probably What If s2 is going to be the best thing from Marvel's 2023.
@flame.6375 Hace 19 días
Hell…yes Black panther
imo they should stop putting partial efforts into stuff like this. You know what would be better than the 1602 episode of Disney +'s What if is bound to be? A full length 1602 cartoon. Marvel has a goldmine of stories and they keep piecemealing tiny bits of it into a increasingly boring generic blah. They're not going to improve on Neil Gaimon here.
@NeedForMotivationn Hace 18 días
I did not expect neither Shang-Chi or Hela to appear in What If. Cant wait to watch them all
Odin ,Wanda and suprem strage:are we a joke to you😂😂😂😂
@tylerprime9555 Hace 3 días
​@@vidhyaranikanoje9678we've already seen those characters but okay
@KomediTulisan Hace 18 horas
and yes Odin, we can see how powerful he is actually in a fight
@supersonicheroes Hace 15 días
I love this series! 9 days straight instead of one episode a week is going to be even better!
@Dremzamusic Hace 5 días
@Superion74 Hace 16 días
I really love Strange Supreme's story in What If? I preferred it over Multiverse of Madness, because in MoM Dr. Strange felt more like a supporting character.
@spaodor4261 Hace 16 días
you should watch Chainsaw Man or Zom100 bucket list of the dead
@tylerprime9555 Hace 3 días
​@@spaodor4261tf does that have anything to do with the conversation and why are you spamming this.
@abhayjain5330 Hace 3 días
Me too but I think the issue to make it in live action is our earth is doomed and that they can't do.
Also Strange supreme fight with regular Strange was a lot better than Doctor strange vs sinister strange.
@braedenshrimpton741 Hace 19 días
9 days straight... A literal dream. I really hope this show is supported for many more seasons.
@alexfischer7876 Hace 19 días
Even though there are infinite possibilities in the Multiverse... _the human creativity, however, may not be so infinite._ They have to come up with new ideas and coherently realize those - and eventually, the creativity fizzles out with time. As much as I would like those "many more seasons", every show has a limited life cycle. Eventually, even _The Simpsons_ and _South Park_ will end.
@TylerClarke5736 Hace 19 días
More like 9 weeks but only one day per week now that’s a long way for each episode
@DarthScott Hace 19 días
@@TylerClarke5736 bro did NOT read the description 💀
@DarthScott Hace 19 días
@@TylerClarke5736 bro did NOT watch the last view seconds of the video either 💀
@ALX_6.11 Hace 19 días
​​@@TylerClarke5736bro just going straight into the comment and NOT even watch the whole clip 💀
@daleozwald6161 Hace 16 días
✊🏼 Right on Marvel for the Native American/Indigenous representation, Mirage, Warpath, America Chavez and Namor reimagined as Aztec. Look forward to the new character. And possibly seeing Warpath's brother, Thunderbird, or Forge on-screen.
This has the potential to be better than the justice league...So long as the idea keeps coming, we will never stop watching
FINALLY!!! this was one of my favorite Disney+ shows. They should do more shows like this cause this is built for Disney+!
@zyxelztrife2408 Hace 13 días
Please let there be a Season 3 after this~! I want to see more of *What If…?* ~!
@tari6085 Hace 13 días
S3 is already in production.
@Qwazin Hace 18 días
I really like the multiverse concept used here as a device to tell self-contained anthology stories. In the main timeline the multiverse sometimes feels like it takes away from the stakes of an interconnected media universe, but I would happily watch 10 seasons of these standalone stories that play around with exploring already established characters.
@foxpro3002 Hace 18 días
Screw it, the sacred timelines gone to hell, I want to see what other events happen in the multiverse.
@MarvinPowell1 Hace 17 días
The Multiverse is only good when it's not actually canon. You'd THINK Marvel and DC would've learned this after several retcons and "crises."
@Qwazin Hace 17 días
@MarvinPowell1 Right? It's like that one-off story about what it would be like if Superman landed in Russia and became a communist. It's delightfully exciting exploration of a character in relation to what we already know about him, but if it was canon you'd be entirely missing the point.
@Qwazin Hace 17 días
@foxpro3002 I think DC was onto something with Joker and The Batman in terms of completely ignoring the idea of interconnected continuity and just telling a story the filmmakers wanted to see. The whole "cinematic universe" was a narrative experiment/gimmick that reached it's climax with Endgame and there's really no need to keep trying to recapture it. If anything I feel like it's holding a lot of comic book movies back.
@lenaahibubs4048 Hace 17 días
Yeah, honestly with the concept of the multiverse I really wish they explored longer individual stories, they cut off the episodes too short
@pubgkings8733 Hace 17 días
Finally old vibes are coming ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
@jaydun6106 Hace 18 días
i REALLY love their animation style and art direction with this series
@GreenHammers Hace 14 días
i love this show because it inherently gives you a ton of goosebump moments if youre a marvel fan. Like already knowing that was Peter Quill if he didn't leave earth is just a simple but amazing premise.
@Flamethrower677 Hace 18 días
(Spoilers for Loki season 2) I’m hoping that there’s some sort of interaction between the watcher and Loki from the end of season 2 with both of them watching over the multiverse
@eixd3396 Hace 17 días
Oh sh-- spoilers Edit: didn't want to spoil loki, The watcher is more of an observer and loki is a time keeper now
@Nichelleadelll Hace 15 días
but in the first season the watcher was able to interfere and not just watch. So that only makes this more complicated because to what extent can loki also interfere if at all
@Theology.101 Hace 13 días
It doesn't really matter if Loki does or doesn't intervene. Everytime he does that, he's making a choice and thus a new branch is formed - which he wouldn't kill. For everytime he interferes, he is also not.
@rawebhead Hace 9 días
Wait , what ? Loki ?
@Savage-- Hace 15 días
The first season was outstanding, can't wait to see whats next.
@albertorojas4278 Hace 15 días
*What If...? (S3)* is also in production.
@jaceastwood5361 Hace 19 días
I love that we get a show that runs on pure vibes and feels comic-y. Unless everyone involved has a breakdown then they cant ever possibly mess this up
@pokesupergamer2008 Hace 18 días
The trick is, everyone's already had a breakdown and this is energised by pure 'ignore Kevin's calls because he's gonna cancel us if we pick up' paranoia
@YeshuaLovesYou. Hace 18 días
Hebrews 13:5 NIV - Keep your lives free from the love of money and be content with what you have, because God has said, “Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you.”
@pigster117 Hace 18 días
@@YeshuaLovesYou. Don't bring that crap up in a logical discussion.
@sfvguy132 Hace 18 días
Disney: "Hold my beer!"
@Gasfiend Hace 18 días
I mean, they messed up plenty in season 1. Stands to reason they'll be back on it again this time around as well.
@pasindugimhan6404 Hace 17 días
And this is the marvel we all wanted ❤
@ethanlandry821 Hace 17 días
Finally something actually worth watching on Disney plus
@jakewell8069 Hace 16 días
It's great to see Strange Supreme return! My absolute favourite from season 1
@gcntech9071 Hace 17 días
I really wish for a Star Wars What if series too!
@ProfMeerkat Hace 15 días
I really want a Star Wars What If. This looks great.
@thephony1651 Hace 19 días
I love What If as a concept and also as a way to see the old heroes again without messing up the main MCU timeline too much.
@tjwillson Hace 19 días
except you can’t forget that some of these timelines could theoretically survive to secret wars and merge with the primary set of characters we’ve been watching for years… becoming live action in the process.
@thephony1651 Hace 19 días
@@tjwillson This is true. I just mean we don’t have to retroactively fit new stories into the “sacred timeline” as it is right now.
@METHALAKA Hace 19 días
plus Iron man is coming back
@kateglitter1413 Hace 19 días
Technically thanks to the multiverse it is canon.
@the-dark-side. Hace 19 días
lol like the timeline has ever been consistent since Feige took over in 2019 lol
@B_NOIR Hace 17 días
Looks fantastic ❤
@kendalldejeus5647 Hace 10 días
Yo!! I mean, S1 was awesome! 😍🤩😍 Now this S2 looks even better!! I can’t wait!!
@albertorojas4278 Hace 10 días
*What If...? (S3)* is also in production.
@AngelOlivares2000 Hace 16 días
New stories everything changes I love it for what's coming 🎉❤😅
@Krmiby Hace 15 días
That's what Marvel should take advantage of by making standalone multiverse events and go crazy with ideas.
@teej143 Hace 15 días
WOW! The music, the animation, the dialogue! Let's go!
@XGamer123 Hace 19 días
Love how we don’t have to wait a week in between each episode. This is going to be great!
@Boomer72O Hace 19 días
1st ep drops Dec 22nd, the rest weekly
@jlou6234 Hace 19 días
​@@Boomer72O it is stated that the episodes will be released per day
@flame_zzl Hace 19 días
@@Boomer72O no it's literally written that for 9 days straight from the 22nd there will be an episode a day
@Amuzic_Earth Hace 17 días
This is the only Marvel content nowadays that I will not just watch but will keep coming back for.
@civic443 Hace 15 días
This show is great way to experiment ideas and put them into film after audience response. They should do it often
@SingTingz31 Hace 14 días
Marvel Animation is where its at these days. This and Spiderverse are what superhero media should be like!
@ns645 Hace 17 días
Yes. More Darcy. This is the best!
@thegamebrewery8129 Hace 13 días
What if.... Some ideas from this truly amazing series are brought more often to the movies from the MCU? I think it would be a (much needed) contribution.
This show could go on for 10 seasons and as long as each idea is new, no one is gonna complain.
@zoser595 Hace 19 días
God, I wish
@l30ng62 Hace 19 días
Some sadly are... something about not liking the episode titles
@balu2567 Hace 19 días
wait some women will spoil this show too
@Jake-Lockley Hace 19 días
​@@balu2567not this time blud, this looks promising to me
@Kai-ln9zp Hace 19 días
@@balu2567 bro you kinda sounding like incel
@trungdungdang5363 Hace 18 días
This MCU show is really very good and amazing. I hope the next seasons of this show will continue to come up with good ideas and not disappoint viewers.
@morganyoung3557 Hace 17 días
I am so excited about this, not only are we getting new stories it looks like characters like Strange Supreme and Captain Carter are coming back who were both really good characters.
We needed a new season of What if so badly fr fr finally I'm do glad this is coming back lol.
@albertorojas4278 Hace 9 días
*What If...? (S3)* is also in development.
@bignelly9476 Hace 17 días
I happy to see this series back. And it looks like the animation has gotten an improvement as well.
@sfssoim8289 Hace 13 días
I’d actually pay for more of this. Please don’t stop
@tari6085 Hace 13 días
S3 is already in production.
@IanBoggs Hace 19 días
@susovan801 Hace 19 días
Yes we will bro besides watching your videos 😅😅
@user-io1vk6md8v Hace 19 días
I like that pun
@Mr_Seals Hace 19 días
I bet that this comment will become popular in a day or two
@pokerations Hace 19 días
what if you voice acted
@kodagodasisira1895 Hace 19 días
Hahaa u got us
@sanketdabade Hace 17 días
Greatest Marvel show!!!❤
@lilnell2k Hace 15 días
Loved season 1 and this looks extremely good
@albertorojas4278 Hace 15 días
*What If...? (S3)* is also in production.
@judeezus Hace 15 días
The animation looks insane as always im so looking forward to this
@navshahi171 Hace 17 días
The best that Marvel can offer for now.
@JHVZ23 Hace 6 días
If nothing else in this season is good (which I doubt), I'll be happy to see Hela (Kate Blanchett) again. She was amazing in Thor: Ragnarok and is arguably a dark horse candidate for the best villain in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
@Cometstarlight Hace 19 días
Now this is an MCU project I can get behind. Doesn't take itself too seriously while still building up an intriguing story in the background. Not to mention it allows for some amazing scenarios. Good deal, guys.
@JohnSmith-bw6pv Hace 19 días
i hope this is satire or that youre under 12..
@jonathanrynjah Hace 19 días
​@@JohnSmith-bw6pvmaybe you're 9
@tofu_golem Hace 19 días
You just described most Marvel material.
@brokengamer9675 Hace 16 días
Love how Jeff Goldblum will play his characters in any format (video games, movies, tv shows, animated tv shows etc...)
I would like to thank Marvel Studios for making this the best Christmas ever!😘😍😍😍
@mi_hunna Hace 14 días
0:49 I love how it’s changed colour to a slight green since now Loki is in control of the multiverse
@loganpike-dn4ot Hace 4 días
No he’s not, he’s in control of the timeline of his universe, which has multiplied into multiple, so it’s his own little multiverse, not the one we see here.
@SasiKala-zj7rc Hace 4 días
​@@loganpike-dn4otcan you elaborate
@edwardness7497 Hace 4 días
@@loganpike-dn4ot multi-multiverse? multiple multiverses? like pluralising a pluralised singular... like sheep... sheeps...
@leonartha03 Hace 16 días
i gotta say the What if scenario looks more fun than the live actions.
@DevilOfRoses Hace 15 días
What If was easily one of the best of the Marvel shows, if not the best, excited for this new season.
@iamlupaz9528 Hace 17 días
Finally something from Marvel that gets me excited
@adz4528 Hace 7 días
I can’t wait for S2 I loved S1 so much especially Strange Supreme
@noahberry5482 Hace 15 días
An episode a day is so awesome!
@daywalker3735 Hace 2 días
the first season started off slow to me, but by the end I was absolutely blown away. Can't wait for this
@GokUzumaki Hace 15 días
Got Goosebumps. Those Shang Chi duo trying to fight THE Allfather Odin himself was very epic as well as funny. Know your places puny mortals (Well technically those two are immortals too) Edit:- and i am SO glad that the Sorcerer Supreme is Back
@Cinogard Hace 19 días
Now this season has a lot of potential, seems they learned their mistake that this show wasn't really something that you anticipate each week due to each episode being unique and a complete different story so now being released every day should really help with that
@TheKasaan110 Hace 19 días
Episode everyday is smart
@ziadehb Hace 19 días
i prefer episodes coming out weekly, so no that wasn't a mistake. It allows people to be on the same page and give you something to talk about and something to look forward to throughout the week. Have you ever considered that you can just wait until every episode of the season is out to binge it if that's what you prefer?
@youngleon25 Hace 19 días
They doing this as a gift tho
@rejachemno Hace 19 días
Nah. You're wrong. It was good either way
@hamsterrwrld6767 Hace 19 días
​@ziadehb just because you prefer weekly doesn't mean the rest of us do to. And half your points don't even make sense. After each episode people are gonna be talking, everyone will be on the same page still. 🤦‍♂️ a full week of new Marvel content sounds good to me and everyone else 🤷
@woosh1342 Hace 18 días
Dr strange is the best thing they've done in what if..making him the mc was absolutely the right choice...him popping in here makes sense more than the shitshow that was the marvels
@Whiteytheripper Hace 14 días
This is looking a lot more expressive and artistically stronger than the first season. Unfortunately we know that the studio were crunched like hell and this likely got hammered by the writer's strike so I can only pray that it's of a higher standard than season 1 and not a panicked rushed daily release schedule to avoid a subscriber drop off after the first 4 episodes if they were weekly
@tari6085 Hace 14 días
The release was delayed 8 months by the studio -- the season was supposed to start March 2023, so it has probably been finished since then.
@GregBoydGritchu Hace 7 días
Super excited for the Native American hero that appears at the end of the trailer. She's Akwesasne Wolf clan, my family descends from the Akwesasne Snipe clan. I find it really cool that Marvel has developed this character and approached the Akwesasne to ensure that she's as accurate as possible to their culture.
@brendansmith5529 Hace 2 días
Do you know if she's a pre-existing hero from the comics and/or what her story is?
@GregBoydGritchu Hace 2 días
@@brendansmith5529 she's a new character. Marvel created her just for this. I don't know what her story will be.
@brendansmith5529 Hace un día
@@GregBoydGritchu ooh that's kinda hype, hope it'll be good! Really liked season one so I'm optimistic. How were you able to tell she's Akwesasne? Is it the markings/dress?
@user-zo8ks9ey2u Hace 12 días
Man I love MCU. This show is really promising🎉
@stephanieesparza5019 Hace 16 días
This trailer looks epically amazing.😄 I think it's gonna break global records from this new season. But we'll see how it will goes.😊
@DOOMStudios Hace 19 días
What if…? Season 2 and Deadpool 3 are my most anticipated MCU projects.
@nintendofan6499 Hace 19 días
@DOOMStudios Same bro I loved what if season 1!!!
@ErikCrash1 Hace 19 días
@batu7486 Hace 19 días
@drume Hace 19 días
What about Echo
@ahmadmohammed4313 Hace 19 días
Add echo , X men 97 , spider man fresh men year , Agatha : Darkhold Diaries and Marvel Zombie into the mix
@maxreizenson07 Hace 13 días
I love What If it’s so cool with all the different Universes with different stories
@coreywright2352 Hace 13 días
Yay! I love this trailer! I am so hyped for this season! The concept of ‘What If…?’ is so awesome!
@saksham0465 Hace 14 días
Awesome! I've been eagerly waiting for the release of "What If...?" Season 2. The return of the multiverse brings with it an incredible story and top-notch animation. I absolutely adore it. Following Loki, this has become my favorite Marvel series to watch.
@darkness5019 Hace 17 días
I like how they didn’t basically show the most important parts or basically give away everything like most trailers do now and days
@AngelaMHerrick Hace 15 días
Yes! More Scarlet Witch!
@Dathaniel Hace 19 días
9 episodes in 9 days is honestly amazing, I love the idea of dropping content like that. A good mixture between keeping the hype and spreading out the content
@kassaken6521 Hace 19 días
yeah, weekly releases makes me want to subscribe somewhere else until the whole season is finished. Like, I'm watching Gen V on Amazon until Loki season 2 finishes.
@taskendeer Hace 17 días
I love the daily episodes instead of weekly, that's gonna be fun
@enchantedchoco Hace 16 días
love it.... can't wait!
@chazjohannsen Hace 14 días
I always loved T’Chaka’s Black Panther outfit. None of the nano-tech BS, and instead more regal and traditional flair.
@franckrichard8077 Hace 18 días
Ok, as long as it's as entertaining as the first season, I am IN !!! Happy to see Steve and Tony again .... and Captain Carter !!!!
@paulcogdell9286 Hace 10 días
I can't wait!!!! Been waiting for the new season
@TimeBucks Hace 18 días
I love how it's keeping the nature of the show
@pranabbera5857 Hace 18 días
@user-zw9ur3qc6w Hace 17 días
@pushog5781 Hace 16 días
@LuchiaSangma-rd1ok Hace 16 días
@nazrulstore-qg2kf Hace 14 días
Of all the things I did not expect this year (which at this point is not much), What If…? Season 2 releasing was pretty high up on that list. Probably the best Early-Christmas surprise I’ve experienced.
@Just_Kanji Hace 17 días
The fact that this looks more interesting and exciting than any tv show or movie we’re getting is insane to me.
@blackmanscoop313 Hace 10 días
This is one of the reasons why I think animation is superior to live action. They aren't bound by our own technology and physics to create.
@jensoals5270 Hace 17 días
The Darcy and Happy interaction with a Die Hard meme reference was hilarious! Of course Captain Carter will unite other characters together. Awesome voice actors. Gonna be great.
@Poundy5 Hace 10 días
I love what...if? soo fun using the multiverse in a good way
@warriorbard Hace 19 días
I LOVE that they are releasing the episodes advent calendar style. Something to look forward to each day!
@January5131 Hace 19 días
Me too! I have ZERO patience and if one of the episodes isn't really my thing, I only have 24 hours (give or take) until another one drops. I love it! I'm just nervous about the sparse number of projects releasing in 2024.
@saierwe Hace 19 días
@@January5131 Me too! I only watch series that release all episodes at once, cause if I like it I can watch more episodes at once! and I love this one, probably the only marvel thing I liked since wandavision, cant wait! and in 2024 we got deadpool! yess!!! as it's only one movie in 2024, they can focus to dont mess it up! I have hopes!
@dr.simonius609 Hace 19 días
I thought they release them all on december 22?
@LuckyOwI777 Hace 19 días
@@dr.simonius609 No, that's the start date. Then they will release 1 episode a day, for 9 days, like it said in the trailer
@dr.simonius609 Hace 19 días
@@LuckyOwI777 Oh thanks I missed that
@rebeccaly Hace 17 días
words cannot describe the excitement I have for this. I’m sooo hyped. I got goosebumps watching this. What If…? has been one of my top favorites, if not my favorite Disney+ series. Let’s gooooo 😮‍💨😮‍💨
@LookAtThisRock Hace 17 días
Looking forward to season two. I like that, even though it's a series of What If's, they all seem to connect in some way or another through The Watcher. Just like Ultron and Dr Stranger kind of were the villains of Season 1.
@pokechannel9758 Hace 3 días
Dr strange was not a villain.
@LookAtThisRock Hace 3 días
@@pokechannel9758 Yes he was, did you miss those episodes?
@pokechannel9758 Hace 3 días
@@LookAtThisRock he was the villain only in the episode in which he went on the quest to bring back his love. Afterwards, he understood his mistakes and helped watcher in saving multiverse from Ultron. Moreover, he was not even a perfect villain as his half self was still fighting for rightfulness.
@LookAtThisRock Hace un día
@@pokechannel9758 Yeah, that's why I wrote "kind of" the villain in the comment. But I think, re-reading my original comment, I could have been a little more clear about that. My bad.
@pokechannel9758 Hace 21 un hora
@@LookAtThisRock it's relative. If we talk about dr strange from his universe's perspective then he was a villain as he destroyed the whole universe but if we talk from multiverse's perspective then he was the hero as he needed to achieve supreme title to combat Ultron which was a bigger threat as otherwise it would had destroyed many universes. So him destroying his universe and then getting guilt driven was actually a sacrifice there. I was talking from the multiverse's perspective as at last all the stories finally connect there and it was the most important ep of what if saga.
@Divergence Hace 8 días
The one series I hope doesn't get messed up.
@scarlet_wanda33 Hace 17 días
WANDA LOOKS SO GOOD😍😍😍 the trailer makes season 2 look more interesting than the 1st season!!!
@chrikke Hace 13 días
I hope Marvel makes a show or a movie about the multiverse being in danger. It would be very creative
@matdilisio Hace 19 días
Please don't ever stop making this show.
@Frey-Doh Hace 19 días
Please, I hope they make at least 1 episode that’s actually based on an actual comic story line & not some neutered PG stories
@amanuelyishak4930 Hace 19 días
so true@@Frey-Doh
@amanuelyishak4930 Hace 19 días
IDK how people don't like What If its my favorite marvel show
@TheyCallMeDio Hace 19 días
​@@amanuelyishak4930literally the best Marvel animated series ever. People only hate it because of the "animation is for kids" bias. Like wtf is wrong with them. By that logic, South Park should be in Disney channel without filters
@rainiercollis8983 Hace 18 días
This looks incredible and will definitely make up for phase 4 current status!
@somu.22 Hace 17 días
The trailer itself is so thrilling, I'm super excited for the 2nd season, this might be the only series where audience won't get bored off...
@viktorlyovochkin1812 Hace 16 días
Hope the season 2 will be as great as the first one.
@VedemnMotors Hace 17 días
its the only show thats keeping everything together!
@trailmixgang Hace 16 días
Honestly, a good show at the least. Really experimental. Also, love me an anthology series (kind of sad we don't see them more in Hollywood). Hopefully, Season 2 as a good of an episode as Season 1 Zombie episode.
@_rauk Hace 19 días
I am so thrilled to see Strange Supreme again! I loved his story in the first season.
@daboiirojay1973 Hace 19 días
same i started the trailer and was praying that he shows up
@user-gf3nq6eb7o Hace 19 días
It was so dark and sad
@MrWickHaHaBobayega Hace 19 días
Righttt for me he was a must for this what an incredible character
@robertdullnig3625 Hace 19 días
Better than any of the evil Stranges from the movie.
@paradoxvexal Hace 19 días
It’s gonna be mid
@luizz18 Hace 17 días
A truly remarkable series.
@akukhaelzhensem Hace 17 días
The only Marvel Studios show that is worth for multiple season
The Immortal vs Omni Man
Broma a mi novia XD